Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our “Hamlet” in the White House!

One of Shakespeare's tragic figures was a character named Hamlet – a Prince of Denmark. This tragi-drama pointed up a character flaw of the main character, Hamlet, who had a tendency to think things through, so thoroughly, that it took him a super long time to make a decision. Procrastination was his weak spot. Does that sound like someone we know on the national scene today– does the name Barack Hussein Obama come to mind when describing someone who has difficulty making a decision?

It was a character flaw in Shakespeare's eyes and it is a character flaw in the eyes of many who have watched our President carry out his duties as leader of our country and the free world.

Look at his performance when he was an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted “present” over 130 times - he couldn't or wouldn't take a stand on many bills that asked for just a Yes or No vote.

During the campaign he said he would close Gitmo, that he would pull all troops out of Iraq during his first year, that he would walk the picket line if a union was “attacked” or came under fire etc., etc. None of these promises have taken place as of yet. What's his problem?

Remember in 2009 - 2010, during the debate over whether we should have a surge of troops in Afghanistan, it took him over 6 months to finally decide and still he only went for half the amount that his hand-picked generals asked for. Just recently, he proclaimed that Gaddafi of Libya must go (be removed from power in that country), but failed to act in a timely way in instituting a “no fly zone” and acted only after the U.N. voted to institute it thereby giving him cover for his hesitating in making a decision.

Our “Procrastinator in Chief”, during his signature program, “Universal Health Care”, left it up to Pelosi and Reid to craft the legislation along with only Democrat legislators and by excluding Republicans in the process, thereby avoiding the dirty work of trying to convince the American people to support it until it was finally passed , by only Democrat votes, and after the American people rejected it by a 60% margin, in the various polls. Does that show leadership?

A lack of leadership on Obama's part seems to be his signature “modus operandi” in conducting both his domestic and foreign policy agenda. We are becoming the laughing stock around the world, other countries no longer respect us as he vacillates on two sides of any issue. It seems like he is trying to please everyone, but winds up pleasing no one. He is making the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter look better in comparison.

It seems that Obama (and his wife) loves the trappings of being president (Air Force One, golf vacations and hobnobbing with athletes and Hollywood types, state dinners (except for our true ally in the Middle East, Israel) and picking final four NCAA winners etc. In addition to his being in a constant campaign mode, he loves to attend fund-raisers for Democrats even while major events are taking place, both at home and abroad, but avoids the responsibilities of being president like the plague. He will say anything that you or I would want to hear, but he'll do a complete 180 degrees turn around with his actions.

The phrase made popular by Pres. Harry Truman of, “The Buck Stops Here”, doesn't seem to affect Obama as the buck never gets there. We don't need a “Community Organizer” as president, we need a president who can make a decision – we don't need another Hamlet.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Mort's Meandering​s

I'm so very tired of the jingoistic cliches that seem to be the phraseology-of-choice and stock-in-trade of a majority of the sad-sack, run-of-the-mill reporter/journalist/opinion writers and political hacks, as they go about 'plying their trades'.

Okay. I admit to an excess of cliches just used to illustrate my point, which is - - How delighted I would be to read or hear about people who work for a living, without them being referred to as, the "hard-working middle-class".

All the poor folks I've known, at least those who had jobs, were 'hard-working'. And, everyone I've known who made it really big has invariably, been a 'hard-working' individual. So, if both the poor and the wealthy are acknowledged to be 'hard-working', doesn't it stand to reason and therefore shouldn't it go without saying, that the 'middle-class' (income-wise) would not, could not escape the necessity to work hard as they scrabble to exist?

To simplify:
Middle-class (again, referring to the rung they occupy on our society's economic ladder) must be presumed to fall into that all-encompassing category euphemistically known as,

'Speaking for myself' (another meaningless cliche' phrase) - I do so tire of being, 'all-right-all-the-time'.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Politically​ Correct Incorrecti​on

It's politically incorrect to protest against the invasion of illegal intruders,
radical Islamists and Chicanos (American citizens who want our southwest
turned over to Mexico); who have no intention to assimilate into the
American culture like so many legal immigrants, who passed through
Ellis Island and contributed of their own culture to enrich America, instead
of trying to taking over America by obliterating ours with theirs!

I will be considered a bigot for speaking up to preserve the Republic our
for bearers toiled and fought to form. I speak up because I love America
and they don't!

If feeling animosity and antagonistic toward anyone who is subverting and
harming our way of life, which includes white supremacists and skin heads,
then that makes me a racist too, so be it! Color or religion isn't part of the
equation. My accusations are against the sub-cultured individuals fomenting
from these ethnic categories.

We tend to bestow blanket heroism to public service, citing 9/11, but there were
many other heroes that day. When in the military, the brigs were occupied by
more than AWOLs and drunken bar fighters. My footlocker was pilfered more than
once and it would have been ludicrous to search for the culprit outside the base.
It could only have been another airman from this base.

I'm sorry to feed more reason for liberals to shoot me down, but profiling is the only way we will be able to stop attacks on our national security. It's a known fact radical terrorists and south of the border illegals emerge from certain ethnics and religions. Not to acknowledge this is incompetence, political or down right stupidity This is true of many editorial boards who have negated many attempts by me to have other controversial opinions published. The other reason could be bias.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most everyone I know (mostly "evil" Republicans and Conservatives) are in favor of immigration - "legal" immigration but not "illegal" immigration. The USA is the only country in the world that has such an open immigration policy whereby we have accommodated upwards of 12 million illegal immigrants which has had a tremendous economic impact on our national economy and the economies of several of our states.

Most Americans celebrate the diversity that immigration has brought to our shores, since most all of us can trace our ancestry to some other part of the world. But, the big caveat was that most all our ancestors came into the U.S. "legally" and most assimilated into the mores and customs of our society. There was no press "1" for English, the legal forms were written in our "national" language of English etc. Today, certain parts of our country seem to be enclaves of a foreign country with business signs and the spoken language of the foreign country of its inhabitants more prevalent than our own. Little assimilation has taken place among certain groups.

Our immigration policies are not being fully enforced by our own federal government as are some of our big cities (Sanctuary Cities).You could say that we are condoning illegal immigration but we are, in effect, "insourcing poverty" as most of the illegals are uneducated and have minimal skills to offer. It seems that we have been chosen to be the social benefactor of poor people from all over the globe, at a tremendous cost of taxpayer dollars (as little as we have).

Instead of our federal government completing the border fence, which was allocated a few years ago, our government has brought a lawsuit against a sovereign state, Arizona, who tried to pass an immigration law fashioned after the federal law (which hasn't been fully implemented), but now it has been challenged by our own Department of Justice in court. In addition, 11 Latin American countries have joined in with our government to sue the State of Arizona. How ludicrous is that? Are we gluttons for self-punishment?

Why don't we face this issue head-on and explain to our Latin citizens that we favor immigration, but it's got to be on our terms not on the terms of others who want to flaunt our laws, because a country without secure borders is not a country, but just a way-station for all kinds of people, some of whom might not have our best interests at heart. It seems that there has been an uptick in drug smuggling, human trafficking, terrorist activity and latin gang-bangers. Not all the "illegals" are coming here to pick our crops, clean our homes, or landscape our lawns, some are coming here to do us harm and it must be stopped.

Many of our liberal friends have been clamoring to punish the businesses that have left the country (outsourcing), but turn an "appeasing eye" to the "insourcing" of illegal aliens who have caused us so much social and economic hardships. Yes, we should be compassionate and fair, but we shouldn't be taken for a sucker, that should be our modus operandi.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

No matter where you go in the world, the most exotic, safest, or congenial place ever known to man, there still is no place like home, like the good ole U.S.A.

I've just returned from an extended trip to a country that meets all of the above, but still has some major drawbacks as compared to the “exotic” United States. The country I visited was Costa Rica, the most stable country in Central America.

The U.S.A. has a major problem with illegal immigration, but so does Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country of approximately 5 million people with about 15 to 20% of the population that is illegal (mostly from the countries of Nicaragua, Columbia, and Venezuela). Consequently, the drug and crime problem has escalated over the past few years. It's a major problem.

Since the signing of a trade agreement with the U.S (CAFTA) a couple of years ago, exports and imports with the U.S. has increased which has helped boost the economy of Costa Rica. Commercial building has increased substantially, as foreign companies have set up shop in the country, but personal home building and sales of vacation property has faced a recession, just like the real estate market in the U.S. American, Canadian, and Europeans have not entered the home buying market since the financial conditions in their countries are not conducive for the people to invest in foreign real estate. They don't have the money to spend – does that sound familiar?

One of the major problems faced by Costa Rica (and most other Latin countries) is corruption. Three out of the last four presidents have or are serving jail time for corruption. The legal system is heavily bureaucratic, in other words, a nightmare, and the lawyers, in many cases, are untrustworthy and in many cases prone to commit unlawful acts (especially against “gringos”). If anyone is interested in buying property in Costa Rica, it should be considered a “crap-shoot” with the possibility of the investor losing his money. A comment I read, in the local English language paper, by an American ex-patriot said the following, “Bring two suitcases with you to Costa Rica, one full of money and the other full of patience”. How true!

Infrastructure planning by the Costa Rican public officials is another major problem faced by the people of Costa Rica. Just recently, China built a brand-new modern 35,000 seat national soccer stadium as a gift to Costa Rica (I wonder what strings were attached to this generous gift?) A major problem in the finished project is that they only made provision to park 400 cars in public parking. Can you imagine the nightmare that will ensue when a big capacity crowd tries to attend a big soccer game? The roads leading to the new stadium are congested now, so you can see the problem facing the neighbors and traffic officials on the days the stadium will be used. In addition, they finally completed a major highway from the capitol of San Jose to the Pacific coast. It should save the motorist about an hour for the same trip that existed on the old road a couple of years ago. One problem, the highway is only a two lane highway, one coming and one going, but when the big semi-trucks use the road, and travel up a hill in delivering their cargoes, the backups will be monumental. To spend 25 years in completion of this road project and not make it a four lane road, is the height of incompetency.

Another comment about Costa Rica that will boggle the mind is that
there's an absence of street signs and home and business addresses, all throughout the country. A first time visitor, who rents a car, will be excruciatingly flustered in trying to find a particular destination. I wonder who was the genius who figured that out?

I hope I didn't sound like the proverbial “ugly American” in criticizing another country, but I was trying to make the point that regardless of all of our “warts and pimples”, there's no place like home. God bless the U.S.A.

On a positive finishing note, the medical practitioners and the medical facilities in Costa Rica are excellent. The “Medical Tourism” industry is alive and well in Costa Rica and for good reason, people get great, quality medical services for a very affordable price as compared with the costs in America.

Costa Rica is a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ron Klein - All Wrong All the Time, Now and Forever

According to published reports, Ron Klein the former Congressman from Florida's District 22, has joined a lobbyist group and promises to be occupying himself with 'government advocacy'. Now, isn't that just peachy?

Just what we need - more government as advocated by one of the most radical leftist, most incompetent, most insincere and unprincipled mis-representatives to hold elected office in this area, since that icon-of-absence Robert Wexler, sucked in most of the residents of King's Point and Century Village.

When he served (?) in the 111th Congress, Ron Klein welcomed Keith Ellison (D-MN) to his House committee that was charged with oversight of government operations and veterans affairs. Ellison you might recall, was the born-Catholic who converted to Islam upon reaching the age of reason - now, isn't that just swell? He was the first Muslim (and God-help us, the last) to take the oath of office in the House of Representatives, with his hand on a copy of the Quoran. What a guy. And when questioned about his expressed approval of this creep (Ellison) to serve on his committee, Klein said that he'd checked him out and had no problem with him. No problem?

Well, as a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, I had a huge problem with Ellison having anything to say or do, concerning veteran's affairs. And, that big problem extended as well, to Ron Klein. As far as I've been able to determine, neither Klein or Ellison served a day in the U.S. Military. I would really prefer to see only men and women who have served at least one hitch in the uniform of one of our military services, be assigned to Congressional committees having oversight on veteran's affairs. I am however, sufficiently realistic to realize that this is unrealistic. But, there certainly ought to be one or two veterans at the very least, to sit on these committees. And, if we run out of veterans in the Congress, let's simply close down and disband our armed forces, altogether.

There is a distinct difference between civilian-oriented affairs of state and affairs having to do with the military. Without the benefit of having received training in one of the armed forces, it is simply not possible to fully comprehend the unique issues that confront either active-duty armed forces or our veterans. I cannot imagine two civilians who could be more unqualified to make judgements about the affairs of our veterans, than Klein and Ellison.

And now Herr Klein, who 'leaves the door open' for another run at elected office, presumably from District 22, is going to lobby 'government advocacy'? What in hell does that mean? Will he 'advocate' for more taxing? - - more spending? - - - how is that possible? Will he advocate for a larger Federal government with ever-larger grabs at power to regulate and control every aspect of our lives? Will Ron Klein who panicked while campaigning in the recent mid-term election against his challenger, the retired U. S. Army LTC. Allen West, and who publicized West's social security number and other personal family information - continue his unconscionable, inexcusable mis-use of such personal information against his targeted enemies? Why would we expect that this hyena could or would, ever change his spots?

Sorry folks, Ron Klein is regrettably, one of those perennial pariahs who always seem to thrive in abundance on the political scene, much like cockroaches abound in the dark recesses of an unkempt kitchen. So, while he is still actively scampering about, doing his mischief - let's keep the spotlight following him. That way, we'll know where to aim the disinfectant spray.

As a staunch advocate of pest control, might I suggest that we get to work cleaning house in Florida's sub-tropical Districts 19, 20 and 23 ? What have we got to lose, except our freedoms, our fortunes, our way of life and our self-esteem as principled, Constitution-loving Americans?

Conservative Commentary by by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Ida May Fuller, the first recipient of a Social Security benefit check in 1940, paid a total of $24.75 into the Social Security fund. Her first monthly S/S check was issued in 1940 for $22.54, almost as much as she paid in. Over the ensuing 35 years of her life, she collected a total of $22,888. Her case is reminiscent of the early investors of a Ponzi scheme. They get paid off from the investments of future dupes (or victims).

Social Security, a well-meaning program instituted to help seniors during their non-working retirement years, has turned into a financial nightmare for the workers of today (not for the present retirees), who are paying F.I.C.A. taxes and not expecting to collect anything when they retire. The cost of the program has mushroomed over the years from its inception in 1935. Let's take a look.

Social Security benefits paid out over the years are as follows:

1940- $35 million

1950- $961 million

1960- $11.2 billion

1970- $31.9 billion

1980- $120.5 billion

1990- $247.8 billion

2009- $650 billion and rising.

You can see from those figures the the costs of paying benefits are going up precipitously and eventually the system will go broke unless some changes can be made.

The tax rate set in 1935 was 2% (1% by employer and 1% by employee) on the first $3,000 of earnings. Today the rate is $12.4% on the first $106,800 of an employees taxable earnings. In short, we've gone from a maximum dual contribution of $60.00 per year to a maximum dual contribution of $13,243, and it still falls short of the funding liabilities. In 2005, the Social Security trustees estimated that the unfunded liabilities were $8.5 trillion. It is now thought to be (in 2010), $35 trillion. It is heading for a Bernie Madoff type financial meltdown as sure as night follows day.

In 1935, the average life expectancy was 61.7 years and the retirement age to collect S/S was 65 years old. In 1940, the life expectancy was 62.9 years and 20 workers contributed to fund the retirees. In 1960, the life expectancy was 69.7 years and 5 workers were contributing to support the S/S retirees. In 2005, 3.2 workers were contributing to one retiree and the average life expectancy was now 77.8 years. So as the “pot” of retirees keep expanding the supply of investors (workers) is declining.

Next year, 73 million “Baby Boomers” will begin to retire which will cause the senior population to double in the next decades, while the number of employees will either remain constant or decrease. There will not be enough workers to pay for these new retirees unless we do something and soon. Just like the schemes of Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff, the pool of new investors (workers) will not be enough to pay off the previous investors and the whole thing will come tumbling down like a house of cards.

When the first generation of S/S recipients got back in benefits was far greater than what they themselves paid in. You could say they got something for nothing. The same will not be said for future retirees. They probably will get back nothing for something.

That's the way a Ponzi scheme works, with the first wave of “investors” getting paid with the money paid in by the second wave and on and on. But, like Social Security, a Ponzi scheme creates no wealth, but only the illusion that cannot last. Ponzi and Madoff went to prison, but our lawmakers get re-elected for doing the same thing.

President Bush back in 2005, with the recommendation of Democrats Daniel Patrick Moynihan and John Breaux, tried to institute a “partial” privatization of Social Security, but was shot down by the Democrats who demagogued the plan as being “too risky” and a boon to the Wall Street tycoons. The plan simply was that a person paying F.I.C.A. taxes would be able to put aside 4% of his contributions into a private account that he would own and be able to leave for his heirs when he died (today when you die, no more S/S checks will be paid to anyone - with the exception of some reduced benefits to his widow and minor children). The plan, as proposed, was optional and anybody who opted out for the present S/S setup would be able to do so. Any young worker today, with any economic common sense, would jump at the the opportunity, because over the long term, and even with the ups and down of the market, to choose a plan that would give him two or three times the amount of retirement benefits that he would receive now under the current benefit schedule would be a “no-brainer”. Politics won out again, and as of the present time, our Social Security system will be going into bankruptcy in a few short years leaving our children and grandchildren high and dry. What a shame!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Obama: The President of the United States of America and the Official Offender-in-Chief, has left no doubt about his submission to the tenets of Sharia law, or that he is totally compromised by the ideology and by the practitioners of radical Islam.

He is apparently, a willing agent of the current generation of followers of Muhammud who have shifted into high gear in their effort to impose their ideology on the civilized Western world. His every action, as opposed to his obvious statements of pap & propaganda, seems pointed toward supporting the objectives of those who have insinuated themselves into every legitimate aspect of our society, in order to effectively achieve their nefarious goal of domination.

In his infinite wisdom (we're kidding about that, of course), Obama has ordered his hand-picked government operatives (I.e., Napolitano and Holder) to observe a whole new set of terminology in the official lexicon, that totally obfuscates such terms as - terrorism, Islam, Muslim, Jihad - or other terms that are traditionally used to describe the radical Islamist encroachment that has insinuated itself into our daily lives, here in America. These terms have been replaced with more 'acceptable' terminology that is government gobbledy-gook designed to effectively eliminate any recognizable references to radical Islam in government reports and official communications.

Obama's appointment of self-proclaimed Communists and acknowledged Muslims (so-called 'moderate' or otherwise) to positions of power with direct influence over the lives and activities of the citizens of this country, is completely unprecedented and wholly outside the traditional procedures of Presidential action. The placement of such activists who have not been vetted by the duly-elected members of oversight committees in either the 111th or the 112th Congress, flies in the face of all tradition and most egregiously, it is in direct contradiction to the specific order of our government as set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

The purveyors of radical Islam have a plan for forcing the submission of our nation to their will, And, they are diabolically clever in their use of the 'good cop-bad cop' technique for implementing their objective. They employ two versions of Jihad - 'violent' and 'stealth'. They apply whichever version appears to be most effective for a particular circumstance.

It is incumbent upon each and every Liberty-loving citizen of this nation to inform himself or herself in the tactics-of-choice being used by radical Islamist operatives in this country, who are seeking to attain their objectives through the use of these means. There are numerous groups of true American patriots who have organized to fight the increasing Islamic terrorism at the local level, by the misguided native-born weaklings who have been co-opted and newly-radicalized by relentless Islamist operatives. The radical Islamist practitioners of Jihad are superbly adroit at discerning the weak and impressionable among our younger population and cutting them out from the herd for training in the finer points of hatred and violence. It seems there is always a new crop of prison inmates; those who have low self-worth; those who have no propensity toward normalcy; and those who aspire to be recognized as 'really bad dudes' - to be selected for indoctrination and potential notoriety by mullahs, Imams and other assorted lunatics of radicalism.

The guise of using the Muslim religion as a foil for their real objectives, is radical Islam's tried & true tactic that harks back to the days of the Crusades. Surprisingly, it is still an effective technique when employed against the gullible and the guilty in our society.

Don't be one of the latter or you will contribute to our demise and you won't survive. Sorry to sound like one of the racist-rhyming-reverends we've all come to know and love, courtesy of the mainstream media that constantly provides them so much face time on TV but, if that's what it takes to get your attention - it is worth it.

Groups such as the Florida Security Council, Act! ForAmerica, U.S.Citizens for National Security and many others provide regular seminars, bulletins, video programs and printed documentation of the full-blown nationwide security threat that we face. Take the time to acquaint yourself with these patriotic organizations and others that you can easily access on the Internet - click on 'national security organizations' and go from there. Avail yourself of these materials and make it your business to get involved and support these groups and their noble objectives. Attend their local meetings. There is usually no charge for admission. The programs usually feature knowledgeable speakers on subjects that affect our very freedoms. Programs normally last for an hour or two. They are packed with revelations and with the latest information about the encroachment threat, the activities of CAIR and the dozens of other radical purveyors of Islamist misinformation, their outright lies and their insurgent activities.

Most importantly, you will be provided with information about how you can become involved in recognizing, monitoring and combating the threats to our way of life. It is time for all men and women of principle to inform themselves and take action.

We don't want to become victims of our own, "American Idle". Now, do we?

To quote that staunch conservative, Congressman Allen West, we must remain "Steadfast and Loyal".

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Can You Believe?

Some things are said and done that you say to yourself, can you believe that? Here are a few which you might have said, can you believe that?

* That the same sanctimonious, mostly liberal, people who condemned the Tea Party protesters for sanctioning and carrying "non-existent" inflammatory signs at their peaceful rallies, paraded around Madison, Wisconsin with actual signs depicting the governor, Scott Walker, as a Hitler, a Mussolini, and a Mubarak.

* That our President who is anxious to condemn Israeli's from building settlements on their own land, is loathe to get involved in condemning the violence by certain countries who are anti-American in the Middle East?

* That our aforementioned President, who has claimed to be in favor of defining marriage as between a man and a woman (Defense of Marriage Act) previously, is now, for obviously political reasons, refusing to have his Attorney General move to defend the law as it stands? Is he the President or an Emperor who can pick and choose what laws to obey?

* That so-called "elite" ivy league students at Columbia University actually booed and shouted down a fellow student, a crippled Iraq war veteran, when he spoke up to defend the re-instituting of the ROTC program on campus?

* That two of the most egregious union thug leaders (Richard Trumka and Andy Stern) have been the most invited persons to visit the White House since Obama took office? Is it any wonder why Obama is so indebted to the unions in their disputes with the various governors? Does the phrase "money talks" have any relevance in that kind of behavior?

* That the price of gasoline goes up and up because of the turmoil in the Middle East, our President continues to oppose the drilling of vast amounts of oil and natural gas that is just sitting in our territory unexplored, because of phony environmental concerns? How high must the price go up before he sees the light?

* That our government is suing the State of Arizona for adopting an immigration law that mirrors the federal law because they are being overrun by invading illegal aliens?

* That most of the states in dire financial trouble all have state worker pension plans that are woefully underfunded because of settlements in favor of avaricious unions in return for turning out the vote and donating money to Democrats as a political payoff?

* That our congressman, Allen West, has held more town hall meetings in just two months in office than his predecessor Ron Klein held in his four years in office?

* That low-income people are prevented from choosing a private or parochial school for their children who were forced to attend failing schools, because of partisan political considerations and the fact that the Democrats are "joined at the hip" with the teacher unions and are opposed to vouchers?

* That we elected a man as president with zero experience as an administrator, as a businessman, and who had a history of associating with socialist-leaning, radical people who have backed him in his rise to become President?

Isn't that unbelievable?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

He is what he is

Obama is what he is and has always been - a rabble-rousing anti-American; a white-hating black-faced radical Muslim Chicago street organizer political hack, parading as an educated intellectual. He is not as he pretends to be. He is a Socialist through and through, who hasn't a clue about America or its history prior to his own birth. Nor, does he have any interest in understanding what or who we are, as Americans. He does not care; don'tcha get it?

This man is so steeped in anti-Capitalist ideology that it is imbedded in his DNA. He is incapable of acting in any way other than as he has been schooled to behave. He has been coddled and spoiled by those who still hold his puppet strings. They paid his way and have paved the way for this pleasant-appearing, fairly. articulate, light-skinned minority male to serve as the 'spokes model' for their Socialist-Fascist-Communist revolutionary agenda.

The more directly-related blame for his unfortunate ascendancy to the office of the President, lies with the majority of voters who propelled him into that vaunted position of power without the slightest concern for the consequences of their action or, for the glaring voids in valid documentation surrounding his lineage, background, education and personal associations. Only his inexperience seems to be a 'provable' fact.

Those who voted for him were taken in by their desire to see a member of a minority as president. They were duped by their willingness to buy into the hate-mongering assaults against George W. Bush and all-things-Republican, regardless of the facts. Their something-for-nothing mentality rendered them easy prey for all the tried-and-true rhetoric of Socialist class-warfare, the tactic-of-choice that is trotted out at every opportunity by the Democrat propaganda machine. Nothing new here.

Our economy is in total shambles precisely as planned by Obama's puppet-masters who have adroitly pulled his strings and those of his administration in order to deliberately bring about this chaos. Further, our national security has been so compromised by the bad guys behind the curtain and the willing dupes running rampant in this administration, that it is questionable whether we can remain strong enough to protect ourselves from the encroachment of radical enemies within our borders - and also, from our foreign enemies including the entirety of the UN, excepting Israel. And, it is painfully obvious that Obama can't wait for the Iranian bus to come along, so that he can throw our former ally Israel under it.

There is no way to save our America, until the cancer that is Obama and the infection that is the Liberal-Progressive-Democrat insurgency is cut out and totally destroyed. Am I saying that the Democrat leadership has to be totally destroyed? That is exactly what I am saying. It is so corrupt that it will require a total transfusion to rid it of its toxicity.

Does anyone have any doubt about the seriousness of the situation in which we find ourselves as a nation? If so, would that person please start at the top and read this, again?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011
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