Thursday, April 30, 2015

Who is the Real Hillary Clinton?

With a campaign “war chest” of $2.5 billion (that's the Hillary Clinton's campaign goal), will Hillary be able to transform her Marxist/Socialist mindset to be able to embrace the more moderate electorate? While in college, Hillary wrote her thesis on the thoughts and ideas of the father of community organizing, radical Saul Alinsky, author of the book “Rules for Radicals”, which also was the textbook for Barack Hussein Obama when he taught a class on Alinsky at the University of Chicago.

She is campaigning on the idea that she is the champion of the poor and middle-class. Imagine a
1% er like Hillary trying to to be able to relate to poor and middle-class voters? That's like Chuck Schumer saying there are too many microphones in front of him. In her 25 plus years in the public eye and politics, what can she point to as her major accomplishments as 1st Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State? If they wrote a book listing all her accomplishments it would be one of the shortest books ever printed. Even her closest allies in the media and in the Democrat Party can't come up with any major accomplishments that she has had since her days as 1st Lady of Arkansas till the present, that would warrant her being our next president.

Do the American people trust her? Most recent polls taken show that more people mistrust her than trust her. That, in my opinion, will probably be the albatross around her neck if, as it seems now, she will be crowned as the Democrat nominee for president. She is one of the most polarizing figures in politics today. Her “laundry list” of scandals from the days of Bill Clinton's presidency till the dust up from her stint as Secretary of State, including Benghazi, the deleted e-mails, and the accepting of donations for the Clinton Foundation from countries with dubious human and woman's rights records, she seems to always be having to answer charges of being less than honest and transparent – it seems that rules apply to everyone else but not to Hillary (and her husband, Slick Willie).

Is she the moderate candidate she claims to be? “Let's look at the record”, as once presidential candidate Al Smith once opined. Here are some quotes uttered by Hillary over the years.

“We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good”; “It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few, and to replace it with shared responsibility, for shared prosperity”; “We can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people”; “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own in order to create this common ground”; “I certainly think the free-market has failed”; and “I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in the entire economy that they are being watched”. Are those the statements of a moderate or are they statements similar to those from the Karl Marx playbook? Will she be a continuation of the policies of the Obama Administration which a majority of people, who were recently polled, say that those policies are not working for the benefit of the average Joe in our economy? It seems that everything that should be up is down, and everything that should be down is up.

So with that projected campaign “war chest” of $2.5 billion, will she and her gaggle of political campaign operatives be able to soften her image and present her in a positive light? But, as the old saying goes, “You can't polish horse manure”, it will be a monumental effort of spin to overcome the obvious.

That's the real Hillary Clinton, and it's not a pretty picture. To all my friends, don't fall for the “snake oil” being offered for sale by the Hillary Clinton campaign. We can do much better than that.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Wayward Planet

Any question about what it's all about can only be evaluated in our view
 from earth. It troubles me because, it sometimes appears our creator has
a warped sense of humor.

What is the purpose of misery?

In my Christian faith, that question has not been sufficiently answered, and
with the other faiths, they have been and are the cause of much of it.

On the speck earth we live on as part of the universe, too many do harm to
 others. Except for Israel, many of the countries in the Middle East, the Sudan,
 Nigeria and other countries lacking human rights, are living in denial that they
 are contributors to the miseries of the world. They seem to have each others
back when attempts are made to improve the human condition, as witnessed
many times in the United Nations.

Then there is the accumulation of disasters of late. 239 victims in a missing
Malaysian airliner and another 295 shot down and killed by a Russian missile.

Nearly 300 lost in a capsized ferry, 41 plus souls smothered in a mud slide,
13 Sherpas buried in an avalanche; over a thousand deaths by infection from
the EBOLA virus inwest Africa. The raging terror by religious fanatics mutating
 from violent organizations in the name of ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH,
 al QAEDA , etc. These are not college fraternities.

Add Ferguson, Mo. to the brew of disasters, stirring the riot pot with Al Sharpton,
 good old Jessie, the New Black Panthers and liberal do-gooders portraying a six
 foot four, 300lb pot using thug and bully, Michael Brown as a choir boy, crying foul
for showing the surveillance tape without his alter boy tunic on, in the process of a
 strong arm robbery. The coddling of these under aged terrors, white or black must

Massacres occur every day in Chicago, Detroit, with New York creeping up due
to Mayor Bill deBlasio messing with stop-and-frisk law. Blacks murdering blacks
don't sell papers or increase TV ratings, or give charlatans a lucrative podium, or
 celebrities a platform to pontificate.

The President has offered the full auspices of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder's office to
 investigate this incident. Anticipating a fair and unbiased evaluation is not something
 I expect, judging by the Attorney General past record against whites, failing to
 prosecute anything they bring forth detrinental to liberal agendas, or refusing to
prosecute any white against black issues.

Professing the Obama and liberal intent is to make the world better by equalizing
 everything and everyone is the cause of strife and misery, because it creates
resentment by the haves and the have nots who didn't. Perhaps instead of redistributing
 wealth, work and responsibility should be distributed equally.

The lack of American leadership the past six years has emboldened our enemies
wishing us harm to challenge our Judeo-Christian ethic way of life, with intent to
destroy and replace it with a morally sick system they pass as as a religion. Where
 the civilized world rejoices life, these savages celebrate death. Their carcasses be
 buried in swine dung. An ironic connotation can be made by removing the "R" in
earth and placing a "D in front, spelling the word DEATH.

Conservative article by George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Chicken's are Coming Home to Roost

Remember when President Obama's minister/mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright said those words in describing why 9/11 happened? Well, you could say that those unfortunate words could describe the policies that Pres. Obama and the Democrats have tried to force down our throats against our will these past 6 plus years.

Look at what is and what has happened in our country since 2009. We have been saddled with that health care abomination called Obamacare, that has turned our health care system on its head while the people who now have to have health care are, in most cases, when no subsidies are given, are paying more in premiums and have to meet higher deductibles, while not being able to keep their doctor or the insurance company they had before. I guess we are finding out what's in this law now that it has been passed and signed. The results of those findings are not pretty.

Next, energy policies put forth by Obama, through his EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), have put quite a number of coal companies out of business with the resulting loss of many thousands of coal workers jobs in mostly depressed areas of the country. The EPA is now being accused of making the devastating drought out West much worse by instituting policies that protect the “fish darter” over the need for water by the agriculture interests which produces almost half of our fruits and vegetables. It's insane to say the least.

Another area where government policies have had unintended consequences, is in the area of the minimum wage. So far, the federal government hasn't injected itself in the raising of the federal minimum wage (although Obama and the Democrats are trying mightily to do so). Last fall, voters in the Bay Area cities of San Francisco and Oakland followed Seattle's lead and approved new minimum wage mandates ($15 an hour and $12.25 an hour respectively) for most businesses in the cities boundaries. Now, some of the bills have begun arriving, and some businesses can't pay them.

In research published by the Institute for the Study of Labor (Univ. of California/Irvine) found that each 10% hike in the minimum wage in Oakland has caused restaurants to raise prices by as much as 20%. Many fear they will lose customers to higher prices. Even the low cost Salvation Army is scrambling to find ways to keep their doors open in response to increased labor costs. Some restaurants, some that have been in business for many, many years, have already closed their doors and quite a few more might follow suit in the near future as these businesses try to meet the increase in payroll costs. If a company can afford to pay more in wages, and do so, I'm in favor if those increases were voluntary on the part of that business and it was not government mandated. The market should dictate labor compensation not the federal or state governments.

It's probably too late to save other Oakland and San Francisco businesses. But, it's not too late for cities like New York and Los Angeles to heed the evidence before following in their footsteps as the “chickens are coming home to roost” by inane liberal sponsored government intrusion into the free market.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

  Say, what??
Barack Hussein Obama - (a Christian name if I ever heard one, unlike those Muslims who traditionally name their kids, ‘Bob’ or ‘Charlie’) – just yesterday, he chastised ‘some’ Christians who don’t act like Christians.  But, he wouldn’t get specific, leaving that conversation ‘for another day’.   Say, what??
One supposes that it was his day to choose being a ‘Christian’ as opposed to the other 364 days of the year when he elects to be a Muslim as he was born, raised, educated, indoctrinated and influenced.  Remember when he went into rapture about how he loves the most beautiful sound in all the world, the Muslim ‘call to prayer’, five times a day?  Now, what good Christian could fail to appreciate that?  
Say, what??
President Obama is a self-designated Christian who doesn’t attend church, doesn’t exchange presents with his family at Christmas (so we’re told) and never spends  Christmastime in the always beautifully-decorated Presidential Mansion, the White House – preferring to vacation every Christmas in Hawaii. Say, what??
Yet, each year on a certain Muslim holiday when wearing of jewelry by Muslims is prohibited, he remembers to have his wedding ring repaired and his watch battery changed. Say, what??

He promised the most transparent Government, ever.  Can you say, ‘Obamacare’?  Can you say, ‘Secret nuclear bomb peace negotiations’ with Iran, our sworn enemy who continually shouts, “Death to America”?  Can you say, ‘Executive Order’?   Can you say, “IRS scandal”, “Benghazi scandal” or corrupt “DOJ”?   Say, what??

BHO has always professed that he takes the high-road when it comes to any interference in the affairs or election process of foreign nations.  Can you say, “Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Libya”?  And, can you say, “Benjamin Netanyahu’s election?  Say, what??

                    MORT KUFF   © 4-8-2015

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Law of Diminishing Returns

It seems that one of the great passions of the liberal Democrats is the idea that raising taxes on the rich will somehow even the “economic playing field”. One big problem, it hasn't worked in the past and will not work in the future.

There comes a point when if you “punish” someone for being successful by overtaxing and/or over regulating them to raise government revenue in order to fund social programs and “pet” projects, the opposite effect occurs in most all instances. In economics 101, that is called the “Law of Diminishing Returns” (in taxation, the point where increasing the tax rates do not produce the desired revenue, but actually generates less revenue than expected). Let's look at history. Starting in the 1920's, when Pres. Calvin Coolidge lowered the tax rates, to when JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush also lowered the tax rates, we have seen a subsequent boom in positive economic activity, contrary with what the naysayers (Socialists and Democrats) were predicting.

It might seem strange and incongruous that when tax rates are raised over a certain point, that the revenue that comes into the government coffers was less than what was expected, but when the rates were reduced to a “fair” amount, revenue soared. It was the the tax cuts proposed and enacted under Ronald Reagan that produced low inflation, low unemployment and the greatest economic boom in U.S. history, which continued on for the next 20 years. When Reagan came into office in 1980, federal receipts were $600 billion. In 1989, which was Reagan's last full budget, government receipts had shot up to $909 billion. But even with those increased government revenues, we still ran the government at a deficit. The main reason for that anomaly was entirely the product of Congressional “pork barrel” spending. They, the Congress, spent more money than the government took in in revenue.

It has been downhill ever since, especially since Pres. Obama, took office, as we now have over $18 trillion in national debt and it's still rising at an alarming rate. It is expected to reach $25 trillion in just a few short years. This could possibly result in what might be called a “government bankruptcy” (ala Greece and some other European economy's).

The Democrats continue to float the idea that it is “unfair” for someone in our society to amass wealth while others wallow in poverty. The Socialist tenet of “share the wealth” by taking from the rich (a/k/a the successful) and giving to the poor has “honorable intentions”, but in practicality, the unintended consequences have proved disastrous in practice. Pres. Johnson's signature legislation called the “War on Poverty”, is a good example of failure of government involvement in helping the less fortunate. Just the opposite has occurred as the poverty rate hasn't really improved in the over 45 years and $8 trillion spent on the poverty programs that were put into effect as a result of those programs.

So, the point of this editorial is that once you can reach the “point of diminishing returns”, it is downhill from there and the unintended consequences of these policies take over to make matters worse, not better.

The policies promoted by Pres. Obama and his Administration have not worked, even though he and and the Democrats are telling us that “everything is beautiful” economically. Too much government involvement has a tendency to stifle achievement as the incentives to succeed are diminished and many people will rebel, it is human nature. So, we must turn back many of those anti-growth policies that have reached the “point of diminishing returns”, and bring back the American spirit of innovation and incentives to succeed as the greatest nation in the world.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Bill Whittle Videos

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement to Hillary Clinton – 
I want a Woman President But Not You

This Video is the opening statement last night from Justice with Judge Jeanine.
The judge talked about Hillary Clinton’s upcoming announcement that she will
run for president in 2016. Judge Pirro  said: “I want someone who cares about
 us, someone who cares about the American people. Hillary Clinton is not that
person. She is only out for herself. It’s never her fault, it’s all about convenience.
She didn’t know. And in the end, what difference does it make?”

Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us by Bill Whittle

The question asked should be "is History repeating itself"? Look at what happened after
Chamberlain didn't take Hitler at his word that he was going to try to conquer Europe.
Now we have Obama who is not taking Iran at their word that they will destroy us.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

POGO's Quotation

Unfortunately no health plan provides congressional chiropractors to give backbone
to some of our elected officials.

In special need are some of the republicans who are allowing their adversaries to
walk all over them.Their spine seems to have been fractured by stubborn differences
that keep the wounds they inflict on each other from healing. It is as if they are
working against stabilizing conservative immunization against an epidemic of lies
being spread by the liberal democrat carriers.

Quoting Walt Kelly's comics strip character POGO, "We have met the enemy and he
 is us!" Republicans have to get out of IC after losing the executive office and Senate
 in 2008 and into rehab, preparing for the 2014 and 2016 elections.

In another quote from a speech made by Michelle Obama at her husband's 2008 victory,
"For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country!"

Countering her, you can quote me when I iterate, "For the first time in my adult life,
since the Obama administration took control, I am ashamed for my country!"

Every ethnic and racial group has its undesirables. Identifying them doesn't make one
a bigot, racist, homophobic or warrior against women. I have many times rooted for an
underdog, but I will never compromise intelligence by becoming a bleeding heart just
because one is an underdog and a jerk!

Barack Obama had no qualifications to become president of the United States. Much
of his past remains hidden and out of bounds to scrutiny. Skin color has never been a
factor in criticizing his many short falls and opposing ideology to mine, but racist
is a term used by those carrying his water in order to silence any criticism about
his many blunders and failures.

I am totally in opposition to Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid and House Minority
Leader, Nancy Pelosi the way they conduct their business. I personally find them putrid.
They are white.
How now brown cow?

Contributed by George Giftos

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

“Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave........”

The complete quote by Sir Walter Scott (an Eighteenth Century Scottish author) is, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

Doesn't that quote sort of describe the present-day politicians who are now running our country? No matter what party you are affiliated with or support, you'll have to admit that deception, and obfuscation are endemic as to how they operate in the pursuit of their political goals. Winning election or re-election seems to be the only major driving force behind many of our elected representative now in office - the public be damned.

It seems that all politicians are NOT in favor of excess government spending, but how come we still have excess government spending? It seems that all politicians are AGAINST poverty and for the poor people, but we have more poor people today than in the past? It seems that all politicians are AGAINST excess taxation, but why do they continue to raise our taxes, especially against the the job-producing entrepreneur class? Most all the politicians seem to be AGAINST all the excesses of government, but we seem to have more excesses than ever before. Is that the “tangled web” Sir Walter Scott was referring to?

In this, the worst recession and recovery since the “Great Depression”? We keep hearing from this Administration that we have turned the corner and that our economic situation is improving (how many “Summers of Recovery” will we be subjected to before we actually turn this listing ship around?). Is that a form of deception when it is stated that the national unemployment is at 5.5% (in real terms using the U-6 rate, it is really 11%), when our national debt is over $18 trillion and rising (which represents nearly 100% of our GDP), when home foreclosures are still at an all time-high, when real wages had declined 3.1% in 2011, when home prices have dropped by more than 10% nationwide, with just a slight uptick recently? To any impartial observer, the answer is a resounding “YES”, it is a form of deception to give these rosy scenarios when the facts tell a different story. No matter what the Administration says, you can't polish horse manure no matter how hard they try (or is it lie?).

During the run-up to the passage of the ObamaCare bill, in 2009, we were told of the many glorious things that were contained therein. Some of these claims were made by politicians, who hadn't even read the bill, which were outright deceptions (lies). They claimed that costs would be lowered, in fact they claimed that the cost of the bill was $970 billion, but just recently the C.B.O. calculated that the cost is now approaching $2 trillion and rising (therefore, what they claimed was not true), that workers could keep their present insurance coverage (many companies are now dropping coverage, ex. 3M Co.). They also claimed that coverage would be voluntary, but the person refusing coverage would be fined (now they call it a tax), and on and on.

Do we really need anymore verification of what Sir Walter Scott opined in the Eighteenth Century when he said, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”? I think that many of today's elected politicians (especially Obama) will find out that the electorate has finally figured out that they have been deceived by the very people they elected to represent them. Many were voted out in 2010 and 2014. The next step will be to clean out the rest of the House and the Senate prevaricators and vote in the G.O.P. presidential candidate in 2016. Thank God for any little miracles now, in spite of the Messiah's (Obama) policies, and for bigger miracles later on when our “Liar in Chief's” term is up!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

    Incurable mental disorders
Since the beginning of recorded history, the most incurable disease of the body and therefore, the most dreaded disease on the face of the Earth was Leprosy.  Modern medical technology has come a long way since man emerged from the primordial soup. Many of the dreaded physical diseases have been conquered and progress against others is being made every day.   
Progress against mental disorders however, not so much.  It simply has not kept pace.  Islam, in its current form, began in the seventh century and it hasn’t changed in its ideology or methodology, since.  Apparently, the only sure cure is in the termination of its hosts.  So far, death seems to work best.
Liberalism is a much more recent, but no less insidious phenomenon.  It appears to have been rooted in parts of Europe and is credited with spreading its process of rotting the morality of governments throughout most of that continent.
As the smell of rotting flesh attracts vultures and parasites, the smell of rotting governments apparently, has been irresistible to certain presidents of the United States, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt and advancing with giant steps under the tutelage of uber-academic, Woodrow Wilson – and perpetuated by other defectives until this very day.  
As Sickle-cell anemia is a hereditary blood disorder peculiar in a certain race of humans, so Liberalism appears to be peculiarly selective in its choice of relentless hosts – namely, Democrats.  
The only known cure to date, is to be found in voting booths all across this nation, with the exception of those that have been compromised by the illicit and intentionally corrupt activities of immoral perpetrators of voting fraud.
A fully-informed citizenry can avoid contracting Liberalism but, it takes desire  - and it takes involvement - and it takes work.   Lacking these, it is incurable.

MORT KUFF   © 3-28-2015

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