Monday, March 28, 2011

Politically​ Correct Incorrecti​on

It's politically incorrect to protest against the invasion of illegal intruders,
radical Islamists and Chicanos (American citizens who want our southwest
turned over to Mexico); who have no intention to assimilate into the
American culture like so many legal immigrants, who passed through
Ellis Island and contributed of their own culture to enrich America, instead
of trying to taking over America by obliterating ours with theirs!

I will be considered a bigot for speaking up to preserve the Republic our
for bearers toiled and fought to form. I speak up because I love America
and they don't!

If feeling animosity and antagonistic toward anyone who is subverting and
harming our way of life, which includes white supremacists and skin heads,
then that makes me a racist too, so be it! Color or religion isn't part of the
equation. My accusations are against the sub-cultured individuals fomenting
from these ethnic categories.

We tend to bestow blanket heroism to public service, citing 9/11, but there were
many other heroes that day. When in the military, the brigs were occupied by
more than AWOLs and drunken bar fighters. My footlocker was pilfered more than
once and it would have been ludicrous to search for the culprit outside the base.
It could only have been another airman from this base.

I'm sorry to feed more reason for liberals to shoot me down, but profiling is the only way we will be able to stop attacks on our national security. It's a known fact radical terrorists and south of the border illegals emerge from certain ethnics and religions. Not to acknowledge this is incompetence, political or down right stupidity This is true of many editorial boards who have negated many attempts by me to have other controversial opinions published. The other reason could be bias.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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George McCafferty said...

When someone points out the obvious about our illegal immigration problem, they are called racists. What is racist about pointing out the burdens illegal aliens impose upon our country, such as burdens on our schools, our hospitals, our crime rate, and the jobs the illegals are taking from our own citizens? These are facts - why should saying that be called racist? The sooner we act in our own self-interest the better off we'll be, political correctness be damned.

Leslie said...

Well said. I too must be a racist bigot for feeling the same way. Gotta get a t-shirt!