Thursday, March 10, 2011


Obama: The President of the United States of America and the Official Offender-in-Chief, has left no doubt about his submission to the tenets of Sharia law, or that he is totally compromised by the ideology and by the practitioners of radical Islam.

He is apparently, a willing agent of the current generation of followers of Muhammud who have shifted into high gear in their effort to impose their ideology on the civilized Western world. His every action, as opposed to his obvious statements of pap & propaganda, seems pointed toward supporting the objectives of those who have insinuated themselves into every legitimate aspect of our society, in order to effectively achieve their nefarious goal of domination.

In his infinite wisdom (we're kidding about that, of course), Obama has ordered his hand-picked government operatives (I.e., Napolitano and Holder) to observe a whole new set of terminology in the official lexicon, that totally obfuscates such terms as - terrorism, Islam, Muslim, Jihad - or other terms that are traditionally used to describe the radical Islamist encroachment that has insinuated itself into our daily lives, here in America. These terms have been replaced with more 'acceptable' terminology that is government gobbledy-gook designed to effectively eliminate any recognizable references to radical Islam in government reports and official communications.

Obama's appointment of self-proclaimed Communists and acknowledged Muslims (so-called 'moderate' or otherwise) to positions of power with direct influence over the lives and activities of the citizens of this country, is completely unprecedented and wholly outside the traditional procedures of Presidential action. The placement of such activists who have not been vetted by the duly-elected members of oversight committees in either the 111th or the 112th Congress, flies in the face of all tradition and most egregiously, it is in direct contradiction to the specific order of our government as set forth in the Constitution of the United States.

The purveyors of radical Islam have a plan for forcing the submission of our nation to their will, And, they are diabolically clever in their use of the 'good cop-bad cop' technique for implementing their objective. They employ two versions of Jihad - 'violent' and 'stealth'. They apply whichever version appears to be most effective for a particular circumstance.

It is incumbent upon each and every Liberty-loving citizen of this nation to inform himself or herself in the tactics-of-choice being used by radical Islamist operatives in this country, who are seeking to attain their objectives through the use of these means. There are numerous groups of true American patriots who have organized to fight the increasing Islamic terrorism at the local level, by the misguided native-born weaklings who have been co-opted and newly-radicalized by relentless Islamist operatives. The radical Islamist practitioners of Jihad are superbly adroit at discerning the weak and impressionable among our younger population and cutting them out from the herd for training in the finer points of hatred and violence. It seems there is always a new crop of prison inmates; those who have low self-worth; those who have no propensity toward normalcy; and those who aspire to be recognized as 'really bad dudes' - to be selected for indoctrination and potential notoriety by mullahs, Imams and other assorted lunatics of radicalism.

The guise of using the Muslim religion as a foil for their real objectives, is radical Islam's tried & true tactic that harks back to the days of the Crusades. Surprisingly, it is still an effective technique when employed against the gullible and the guilty in our society.

Don't be one of the latter or you will contribute to our demise and you won't survive. Sorry to sound like one of the racist-rhyming-reverends we've all come to know and love, courtesy of the mainstream media that constantly provides them so much face time on TV but, if that's what it takes to get your attention - it is worth it.

Groups such as the Florida Security Council, Act! ForAmerica, U.S.Citizens for National Security and many others provide regular seminars, bulletins, video programs and printed documentation of the full-blown nationwide security threat that we face. Take the time to acquaint yourself with these patriotic organizations and others that you can easily access on the Internet - click on 'national security organizations' and go from there. Avail yourself of these materials and make it your business to get involved and support these groups and their noble objectives. Attend their local meetings. There is usually no charge for admission. The programs usually feature knowledgeable speakers on subjects that affect our very freedoms. Programs normally last for an hour or two. They are packed with revelations and with the latest information about the encroachment threat, the activities of CAIR and the dozens of other radical purveyors of Islamist misinformation, their outright lies and their insurgent activities.

Most importantly, you will be provided with information about how you can become involved in recognizing, monitoring and combating the threats to our way of life. It is time for all men and women of principle to inform themselves and take action.

We don't want to become victims of our own, "American Idle". Now, do we?

To quote that staunch conservative, Congressman Allen West, we must remain "Steadfast and Loyal".

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Ed Jones said...

Look what is happening to Congressman Peter King as he tries to offer a glimpse into the workings of the Islamist threat right here in our own backyard. He has been threatened, called a racist, and a re-born Joe McCarthy, all because he wants to shed light on a real threat to the USA by radical jihadists. Will "political correctness" neutralize Rep. King? Let's hope not. These hearings must go on.