Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Gov. Rick Scott a Crook?

To listen to the Charlie Crist and the Democrat Party ads on radio and T.V., they are charging that Gov. Rick Scott is a criminal (the same charges were made 4 years ago, and he was elected). Is that a fair and reputable charge to level at Gov. Scott again in this campaign?

First off, Rick Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA which was fined by the federal government, $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. The Crist ad mentions that, but never mentions that Scott was never questioned by the federal government and was never charged with a crime in that fraud case. Scott, at that time, said he had no knowledge of the fraudulent activity and said he would have acted to stop it if he had known. Scott was never charged with any wrongdoing.

Also in that ad by Crist, it mentions the fact that Rick Scott took the 5th Amendment 75 times in order to not to admit committing a crime in that fraud case.

Is that Charlie Crist ad true or not? Did Scott commit a crime and did he invoke his 5th Amendment right 75 times to avoid incriminating himself?

According to two prominent independent fact checking organizations,, and, they found that Scott was never officially asked questions by the federal investigator in the criminal case of Columbia/HCA and he was never charged with a crime. As to the 75 times that Scott took the 5th on July, 2000 (3 years after he left the company in 1997), it was in relation to a totally unrelated civil case between Nevada Communications Corp. and Columbia/HCA, with Nevada claiming that Columbia/HCA had violated the terms of a contract. It had nothing to do with the criminal case. Under advice of his lawyer in a deposition in the civil case, Scott exerted his 5th Amendment Constitutional right against answering questions in the pending case between Nevada and HCA. The ad in question, by Crist and the Democrats, does not make clear in which case Scott took the 5th. The ad implied that Scott took the 5th in the criminal case, which was totally and factually untrue.

So knowing the facts as they actually are, you could say that Gov. Scott was and is the victim of a knowingly untrue ad whose main purpose was to impugn the honesty and integrity of his character. This ad should be given “4 Pinocchio's” for outright deceit.

Vote for or against Gov. Scott on the basis of his performance in office, not on some deceitful ad put out by his opponent claiming that he is a cook. Maybe Charlie Crist was looking in the mirror?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are Our Prisons Fertile Ground for Recruiting Future Jihadists?

Are we stupid or what? Why do we allow a militant group of supposed clerics, representing Islam and preaching their theocratic political ideology, into our prisons to recruit society's misfits and law-breaking prisoners, in order to recruit future Jihadists who want to do our country and other western countries harm?

Most people who are serving time in prison are generally people who don't respect authority or the norms of good behavior, and are generally alienated from society. They, therefore, make a fertile group for the Muslim clerics to spew their anti-American (and anti-western civilization) agenda, to these generally unbalanced individuals who hate authority and who want payback to the society who has incarcerated them in prison. Many of the militant converts to Islam today got their training in our prisons and we let that happen. Are we stupid, or what?

No other religion, as far as I know, preaches a violent ideology as does Islam and it's clerics who are given access to these disgruntled inmates. Do we let leaders of the KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church into our prisons to preach their hatred? The answer is NO, so why should we give a free pass to these Muslim clerics who do preach hate against the U.S. and other western civilizations? Isn't that tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater?

I'm inclined to believe that the ugly head of “political correctness” has raised it's ominous specter in dealing with Islam. It seems it's O.K. to trash Christianity and Judaism, but not so with Islam. Members of Islam, around the world, are committed to carrying out heinous crimes in the name of Islam, and many so-called civilized countries turn a blind eye and refuse to clamp down on this inhuman behavior. Why? Europe, being very liberal in the past, have let hordes of Muslims, from Africa and the Middle East, re-locate into their countries with open arms, and now they are reaping the ill effects of that open door policy as country after country has had to deal with the chaos and disruptive behavior of these formerly welcomed refugees and immigrants. The Muslim populations have exploded and as a result they have started to exert themselves in disruptive ways causing chaos and sometimes violent confrontations with its citizens.

Islam, being a theocratic political ideology, wants to take over the world and impose it's Sharia Law to all parts of the planet. What better way to get adherents than to radicalize the men and women in our prisons who are more prone to that philosophy of violence and hate? We must be able to monitor what is being taught or preached in our prisons so that no cleric can get carte blanche authority to fill the minds of these inmates with hate, so when they are released from prison they become Jihadist soldiers hell bent on causing mayhem and destruction in and on our society. Look at that crazed, Muslim convert person in Oklahoma who stabbed and beheaded a co-worker after he spent a couple of years in prison being converted. How many more like him are out there waiting to commit crimes in the name of Islam? Are we stupid, or what?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Obama is incapable of telling the truth and he has no compunction about lying. He will never accept even a smidgeon of responsibility or blame for either his rhetoric or his actions.  He will instantly claim personal credit for every success,  whether he earned it or not.  He can never be trusted.  He is a charlatan.  GOT IT?
This is the way he was raised; this is the way he was taught; this is the way he was indoctrinated; this is the way he has lived his life; he is physiologically incapable of change. He is a cowardly lion. He is well aware that he has no aptitude for leadership; he is a dyed-in-the-wool bully; a control freak and a classic Narcissist who can only function when he has the upper hand.  He cannot abide an opposing viewpoint. Is this a trash bag that is overflowing with fatal flaws, or what?  
He is a Muslim who follows the Quran's instructions to the letter, when it comes to deception and lying in order to gain a political objective, to protect himself or to further the concept of Islam's commitment to achieve domination over the entire world.  That is why he will never stand against Islam, regardless of how viscous or violent the radical elements (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS, etc) become, what atrocities they commit or what disgusting, inhuman acts they perform.
This is our President?  Plus, he has larded every nook and cranny of our Federal Government with incompetent toadies who reflect his failed policies and fully support his warped viewpoints.  I guess it could be said that, as a nation, we are being Pied Piped off a very steep cliff by this failed fanatic.
MORT KUFF   ©  8-13-2014

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Do the Rich Pay Their Fair Share?

To listen to the Democrats, the next worse thing to ISIS, the terrorist Muslims in Syria and Iraq, are the wealthy individuals in the United States of America. They keep harping on the erroneous fact that that the rich don't pay their “fair share” in income taxes and that they are greedy besides. Is it true that the rich don't pay their “fair share” of income taxes?

As former Democratic candidate for president, Al Smith (1928) once said, “Let's look at the record”. According to the 2010 non-partisan Tax Foundation report, the top 1% earns 19% of the gross national income and pays 38% of all federal taxes. The top 5% earns 34% and pays 59%. The top 10% earns 45% and pays 71%. The bottom 50% pays just 3% of federal tax. If that isn't “soaking the rich”, I don't know what it is?

It is true that during the almost 6 years of the Obama Administration, the rich have gotten richer and the poor and middle-class have remained stagnant or have lost income, mainly due to the run-up of the stock market, which the rich are heavily invested in. The spending policies and the regulatory policies of the Obama Administration, and the low interest rates of the Federal Reserve, have also contributed to this income gap. The only economically sound way to stop this difference in income differential is to get the economy stimulated with policies that will encourage entrepreneurship so that we can produce more jobs, and in return generate more tax revenue to the federal treasury, so that we can reduce the burden of taxation on the upper and middle-class taxpayers. The policies of the Obama Administration has not worked, for most people, and change is needed (not the hope and change “snake oil” promoted by Obama) to get us back on the right economic track.

But, this inexperienced president, and his lack of sound fiscal and administrative knowledge, seems to have a “tin ear” as to what is needed to get our economy booming again. The voters had the chance in 2012 to elect a real “money man” of integrity in Mitt Romney, but they bought into the lies and promises of our “Liar in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama. We are now suffering with that lack of electoral judgment of the voters. It seems the voters voted for him because he was black and not on the content of his character or his economic “smarts”. They might just do the same if Hillary Clinton runs in 2016.

This semi-Marxist/Socialist plan, espoused by our president, will further stagnate our economy. He preaches “income redistribution” by blaming the wealthy of not doing their “fair share”. My figures earlier put that attempt at political chicanery and falsehood at rest. Without the wealthy class paying the vast majority of the income taxes, we'd be in a much greater financial bind than we are in right now. Even the “evil” Koch Bros., as the Democrats like to call them, have a company that employs over 67,000 workers at better than average wages, yet they are vilified as being un-American by both Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and some have even claimed that they should be jailed. What, for being successful and wealthy? Are the Democrats that out of touch with reality or what?

We need many more Koch Bros., and other millionaires and billionaires, in order to get our economy moving upward like it should be going. The Democrats and the Liberals should stop demonizing the wealth creators for purely partisan political purposes.

So, the answer to this editorial's headline is - YES - the rich do pay their “fair share” and we do need more people to get a well paying job so that we can get out of this economic malaise that Obama has kept us in for 6 years. We should all strive to become millionaires and billionaires, as it would be good for our country and to the entire world. Instead of “sharing the wealth” by taking from the rich and giving to the poor (the Robin Hood syndrome) in the form of handouts and financial government “goodies”, in order to gain votes by the recipients at election time, we should be “sharing the opportunity” for all to succeed and achieve financial success. That's the American way.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Caution, Dangerous Driver

The greatest danger our country must cope with is Barack Hussein Obama.
His presidency has turned out to be a mockery of constitutional law, creating
nearly six years of blunder and scandal, because he is faking it; not having a
clue how to lead a country; let alone the greatest nation the world has ever
known in our period of time.

When I hear the President speak, or listen to his lackey butt smoochers,
I wonder if I'm living on the same planet as does the unemployed, or even
the ones lucky to still have a job, who see their payroll stub dwindling and
their hours cut to part time, and employee health plans eliminated,
or in dishevel with increased contributions and astronomical co-pays.
Career Armed Forces members pink-slipped in the battlefield, and a family
mourning their hero breadwinner who passed away because VA government
union member employees fudged quotas in the appointment calendar, so as
to benefit hefty bonuses.

In order to maintain and build on the Democrat voter base, poor minorities,
especially in the black community, are being cheated from conquering their
plight of poverty, because the liberal machine once in awhile, will throw them
a bone to chew on, telling them they don't have to work, because there's
more bones to throw at them as long as they have their vote.

On the planet I live on, I expect my leader to prioritize moral priorities that
stresses the importance of the traditional family. The President has one; but
 he and the First Lady have been mute about the 70% single parent
households  in the black community lacking a father and husband.

What happens in our community is trickled down from the top. Local news
sources often fail to tie national events with effect and influence it has on our
 immediate world. Every country has a border and check points at these
borders are for orderly passage between nations. The law as written is not
 carried out, because it is in conflict with this president's ideology. His lackeys
 will argue, he has issued fewer executive orders than any of his predecessors.
It is not quantity but substance that differentiates them. Many of his executive
orders are rewriting the legislation passed by Congress. For a former Harvard
Law School student under the tutelage of constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe,
and he was supposedly a law professor at University of Chicago, you'd think
 he should know better.

But alas, when you consider the shady, radical, subversive company he
associated with and who mentored him on his way up, you shouldn't be
surprised. Almost everything he stands for is a collage of poor judgment and
 those he picked who surround and advise him are an extension of his poor
 judgment. Giving the keys to the family sedan to your teenager without
instruction is irresponsible and dangerous. Voting into office an inexperienced
community  organizer by low informed citizens was irresponsible.

This makes the man behind the wheel, steering our country dangerous!

 Conservative article by George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Did Minimum Wage Workers Picket Fast Food Restaurants to Eliminate their Jobs?

That sounds crazy, but can you believe that that group of people can be so misinformed as to actually march to eliminate their jobs? Well, it happened. Just recently, protesters (or what might be called union rent-a-mob people), demonstrated in front of many McDonald's restaurants, around the country, trying to get the minimum wage raised to $15 per hour. Sounds good, right? Everyone wants to get more money for their labors, but are these people actually “cutting off their noses to spite their faces” as the old saying goes?

If they can convince the federal government (or many state governments) to arbitrarily raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and if it goes into effect, business will drop off and many layoffs will take place, mainly affecting the very people who are demonstrating for the minimum wage increase. Little do they realize that many of the people who went on strike will lose their jobs. You can't break the “economic law of supply and demand” without there being consequences, because demand will go down for workers if costs of doing business goes up.

A readily available fact that these “low information” protesters might not realize is that the vast majority of Americans who worked for the minimum wage or less in 2013, were 24 years or younger, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and only 0.8% (that's 8/10ths of one percent) were 29 years or older, who worked for the minimum wage or less. So, for the 2% to 3% of the workers, in the United States, who earn the minimum wage, they will be the one's hurting if the protester's wishes come true and we get a $15 minimum wage.

If some company or business wants to pay more than the minimum wage, more power to them, but it should be their choice, not a dictate by the government, because most every time the government gets involved in anything they have a tendency to screw things up, and so it is with increasing the minimum wage.

A worker should not be paid by the hour per se, he/she should be paid for the value they bring to the hour they work. Most people who work for the minimum wage or below, are generally low skilled workers and workers supplementing their income or senior citizens. Many young workers starting out in life, generally have little, if any, work experience in the job market or at a job. Most people starting out at the minimum wage don't remain at that wage level forever. If they perform their job well, they will graduate to a higher wage position in 6 months at the most. There are many of our most successful business people today, who once worked at the minimum wage sometime in their youth. Isn't it better to be employed at $7.25 per hour than to be unemployed at $15 per hour?

Very few people, contrary what the unions and liberal pundits might say, who work at the minimum wage, don't raise families on that wage, so the argument that workers can't sustain their families on the minimum wage is bogus and a political ploy to garner votes of the “low information” voters by seeming to be their benefactor, when in fact, they are doing them real harm.

If anyone is stuck at a job that pays the minimum wage, the answer of how to get a better job, and to crawl out of that low paying job hole, is to educate themselves, thereby making their future time worth $15 to an employer. Why would they expect the people who hire workers to just double their pay without having to cut costs elsewhere - by either cutting jobs and/or raising prices, which in turn increases inflation, which in turn means $15 now buys you what $10 once did. What goes around comes around

So, in conclusion, my advice to these protesters, is to be careful of what you wish for, it might just come come back to bite you in the butt big time by not even having a minimum wage job to work at after you priced yourselves out of a job.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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