Thursday, July 2, 2015

And Now We Have The “Gay Mafia”

First we had organized crime, then we had the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mafia, and then other assorted ethnic mafia's, but now we have a new player on the scene, the “Gay Mafia”, whose main goal in life is to promote the gay agenda and to destroy all who oppose it. These are the same people, who for years, have pleaded for tolerance of their gay lifestyle, but by their actions, over the past few years, they have become very intolerant of those who oppose their gay agenda.

With the help of the liberal media, liberal academia, and left-wing politicians, the militant gay population (the “Gay Mafia”) has raised its ugly head to punish all who oppose the gay lifestyle choices. They verbally harass people of faith who oppose gay marriage, desecrate their symbols, they demand the firing of people who promote “traditional marriage” and traditional lifestyles, they mock people of faith with in your face tactics of disrespect, and they organize boycotts of businesses run by people who do not adhere to the “gay orthodoxy”.

In the lead up to the latest Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize gay marriage nationally, this harassment and the instituting of boycotts have already put some small businesses out of business. How UN-American is that?

Of course, the people who generally believe in our time-honored traditions, have, for the most part, idly sat by while a lot of this behavior was happening without putting up a fight. The method used by this “Gay Mafia” is to single out and demonize certain individuals and businesses by using the terms like bigot and homophobia to bring shame upon them. This tactic is similar to what the “race hustlers” (Sharpton and Jackson) use by calling their opponents (enemies in their eyes), racists. The onslaught is very rapid and direct and the main stream news media generally plays up these views and personal attacks as a means of shaming those “offenders” to comply with their demands.

Just recently, many politicians have been cowered into complying with the demands of the “Gay Mafia” because they wanted to get elected or re-elected to political office. Even though the gay population is only about 3% of the total population, they have an enormous amount of money to divvy out (the gay community is one of the richest communities in the country), and with which to buy influence in the media and among politicians.

The gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court has given the “Gay Mafia” more incentive now to extend their crusade to tearing down organized religion, a major roadblock in getting the gay agenda fully accepted in society. I firmly believe that gay marriage was not the main thrust of the militant gays, it was just the foot in the door tactic of trying to get the general public (the straight population) to accept as normal their abnormal lifestyle. Little by little they are succeeding in their efforts.

The only chance we, non-gay, people can fight back against this attack on our culture and traditional values, is by electing politicians who believe that many of our values and traditions should remain and not thrown aside by the actions of a vocal and militant few (I call that the “tyranny of the minority”). We must elect a president in 2016 who will not fold like a cheap camera, like our present president has done on quite a few occasions, and that he/she will adhere to the Constitution, and who will fight to not transform our country into a Marxist/Socialist hellhole, and that goes for the presumptive Democrat nominee, that acolyte of the radical Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton. She must be defeated.

We must confront and fight the “Gay Mafia”, or the America as we know it, will not exist for our children and grandchildren. We can't afford to sit idly by anymore.

God bless the USA!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

O'bama at the bat

Not letting a good lie go to waste, President Obama and his minions are recycling, in spirit,
the erroneous slogan, " Hands Up, Don't Shoot," in his nuclear parlance with Tehran; hoping
to deter the Iranians from developing nuclear weaponry. It is believable only to someone
suffering acute naivety.

It is so humiliating presenting Barack Obama as the leader of our country to the rest of the
 world. Especially after hearing oratory from real leaders like President Ashraf Ghani from
Afghanistan, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

A giant basket contains six years of Obama blunders. If you dipped your hand into it today,
 you will have drawn the one where six notorious high level Taliban terrorists were released
 in trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who deliberately walked into the hands of the enemy. Our
troops suffered six fatalities attributed in the search to find him.

Despite warnings by the men who served with him, stating his absence was a desertion, the
President invited Bergdahl's parents to the White House Rose Garden, honoring him for his
 service; feeling smug about the whole dastardly deed. His partner in stupidity, National
Security Adviser, Susan Rice praised Bergdahl for serving with honor and distinction.

Obama was hoping the public would see it as him hitting one over the fence, but in reality,
he struck out again and his team is still in the cellar, batting zero.

When our Caspar Milquetoast president looks into the mirror, the image he sees reflected
 back at him is a Walter Mitty, not the dynamic Reagan-istic leader he imagines to be.

We are living with our head in the sand and tail between our legs in an Obamanistic era of
 shame, with assistance from the national mainstream media and their liberal endorsements
 for his agendas.

Just as ISIS is not junior varsity, Barack Obama is not a major leaguer.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ten Ways a Woman Can Screw Up a Relationship or a Marriage

Under the threat of being called a “sexist” (or worse), here goes. Yes, I know it takes two to have a meaningful relationship, but, being a male, I'd like to give you my take and observations of others as to how a woman can screw up a relationship or a marriage. Here's how it can occur.


#10 – Women will insist that the man must accompany them whenever THEY go shopping. Most men think it is a waste of time and effort to schlepp from store to store. Men usually go shopping to buy something they need, buy it, and then leave to go home. It's in the man's genes.

#9 – Women think it is their job to tell men how to drive, what to wear, where to go (sometimes it is “hell”), what to eat, what to say and on and on. But, it is especially dangerous when the woman acts as a “back seat driver” in the car, especially when instructions or advice are not asked for.

#8- Women who mistrust the man's friends by constantly putting them down and criticizing them for no apparent reason other than being jealous of someone else (my evaluation).

#7- Women who constantly nag their man by torturing him like a nerve grating, contentious, non-stop dripping faucet of fault finding and finger pointing.

#6- Women who criticize their man in public by shaming him about something trivial or inane thereby embarrassing him in the eyes of others.

#5- Women who try to keep their man on a short leash like he still is under the control of his mother.

#4- Women who give their man a hard time whenever he wants to sit down and relax by watching his favorite athletic team on T.V. Most women just don't get it, and make life miserable for their man.

#3- Women who seem to take the advice of others in place of the advice their men can give as if their advice is not relevant. Inevitably, the advice given by others is wrong or misleading (especially when it comes to restaurants, friends and movies).

#2- Women who never apologize when she does something that hurts her man, but she expects an apology even for things that are trivial at best or even just imagined that she claims her man has done to her.

#1- Women who become “drama queens” in order to make the atmosphere tense, crazy, or completely out of touch of the normal situation at hand. Tears are used as a weapon, and it usually works.

And a bonus way: Women who will use sex (or lack thereof) as a form of punishment by saying “no sex for you”, unless her man admits he was wrong in the first place.

I'm sure women have their complaints about their men, for as I said before, it takes “two to tango” to live in peace and harmony in a relationship between a woman and her man.

I know what I've listed here will, in some cases, be considered “politically incorrect”, insensitive, or sexist, but it is what many men really think, but are afraid to voice their concerns or opinions for fear of retribution, real or imagined.

Observations by Chuck Lehmann

Who The Rachel Dolezal/NAACP Scandal Really Hurts.

Video by "Louder With Crowder"

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Marco Rubio and the NYTimes

As you may know, that beacon of fair-mined journalism, the New York Times, has been uncovering one "scandal" after another concerning Marco Rubio.

First, it was that he had 4 traffic tickets and his wife 10 over a ten year period. That alone in the "mind" of the Times should be enough to disqualify him from public office.

And then you had the fact that he used his personal money to pay off his student loans. How dare he do this! Every red blooded American, if you follow the Times philosophy, should default on his loans.

And then Marco Rubio bought a house again using his own money to put down a partial payment on the property. I guess the Times wants him use a government funding program to buy a house. How dare he do this with his own money. After all, if we followed the Obama philosophy of wealth distribution, nobody will have his own money.

And then we had the extravagance of his buying yacht which really turned out to be a fishing boat. I guess the Times' philosophy is never let facts get in the way when you are bashing anyone in the Republican Party.

Well, I guess the Times finally got it right about Rubio. Here is a video every voter should see about Senator Rubio. No doubt the Times will get a Pulitzer Prize for uncovering this deep dark secret about the Senator.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti

MRCTV (Media Research Center) looks into the latest NY Times piece on Marco Rubio.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

MORT’s curmudgeonly* meanderings

     We’re all about equitable solutions.
That sweet-faced, tousled-haired young chap who along with his older brother was responsible for killing and maiming Boston Marathon runners and innocent by-standers a couple years back, has been convicted and sentenced to death by lethal injection.  Good.
However, given the ratio of lawyers to real people in Boston and the suffocating  preponderance of God-fearing, decent, Goody-two-shoes Liberal Democrats who call Massachusetts home – and who keep sending the likes of the Kennedys, John Kerry & Barney Frank to Washington to keep things mucked-up – plus, the endless appeals available to convicted felons that have been duly sentenced to death – this piece of human flotsam from SomewhereStan-near-Russia, could conceivably live for eight or nine more decades before finally expiring of old age and an attack of convulsive laughter.  
What a miscarriage of justice and what a colossal waste of tax-payer money. I’ve given this matter at least a half-hour’s concentrated thought and have finally arrived at a curmudgeonly conclusion that I consider to be a rather satisfactory solution:
The Sovereign State of Massachusetts in its early days, made frequent and very effective use of an ingeniously simple device called, the Stock.  While the perp was seated behind this device with his head showing above it, his hands and feet were immobilized by being locked into openings in the heavy oak boards that formed a wall in front of him.  Certainly for those times and even in these politically-correct times, not an inhumane device.
Thus, the perp became available to the public for target-spitting, invective-hurling and the ever-popular, ‘stoning’.  Why not place the tousled-haired young chap in a Stock located in a public square every other day so that Boston Marathon aficionados while on their lunch hour, could ‘relate’?  And, and on alternate days, let him spend his leisure time in his private prison cell receiving medical attention and recouping as necessary.  If he lasts a week, Taxachussetts might well consider levying an entertainment tax on the hard-working middle-class - just to make things appear to have a flavor of ‘equality & fairness’.
                                                                                          MORT KUFF   © 5-15-2015
                                                                                               *cranky old codger

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