Thursday, October 30, 2014

MORT’s meandering

If you are thinking, ‘Crist’,
you are not thinking at all.

Crist loves the nation’s #1 Muslim, Obama – he really loves him. He
declares his love for Obama every chance he gets. He also loves Islam’s
$upport. He loves deviates, especially Democrat deviates. He loves to
wield political power and he surely loves the perks that go with being
Governor of Florida. He pretends to like blacks, Latinos and Jews but,
what he really loves about them, is their votes. So, he’s running his full
head of gorgeous white hair for the Governorship, again. Don’tcha get
it yet, folks?
What Crist loves most, is Crist.

Excuse me but, didn’t we already see this film – when Good ‘ol Charlie
Crist was Governor? And, precisely what did we get? Have we really
forgotten so soon how His Royal Laziness performed? Character?
Honesty? Integrity? Jobs? Economy? Industry? National Security?
Financial responsibility? Concern for Florida’s citizens? Whaaat?

Good ‘ol Charlie has proven that he is a habitual switch hitter. He
simply can’t help himself. He’s flip-flopped political parties. He’s flip-
flopped gender preference. He spins like a top. His concept of loyalty
starts and stops with that handsome, tanned image he sees when he
looks into his mirror. And, he looks into his mirror 24/7.

Were you actually thinking of voting for this self-centered, sophomoric
sop to vanity - to be the Governor of our wonderful sunshine State of


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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Vote for a Democrat Senate Candidate is a Vote for Harry Reid

Well, you say, Harry Reid is not on the ballot so why say that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Harry Reid? Here's why.

The Democrats for the past 6 years have been claiming that it is the “do nothing” Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, who have bottled up most of President Obama's agenda for purely partisan political purposes. It's funny that they never mention the fact that Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, has kept over 300 bills passed by the House from being voted on by the Senate. So, who are they trying to fool? You guessed it, the “low information” voter and the general public at-large. It is not the House that has bottled up legislation, it has been the Senate that has brought our legislative process to a standstill under the leadership (or lack thereof) of Sen . Harry Reid.

Also, over the past 6 years that Obama has been in office and in a position to appoint judges to the federal courts, a goodly number of left-wing judges have been appointed by our liberal President Obama. Each party generally appoints judges of a similar political bent to the courts, that's politics, but the judges appointed by Obama are very much attuned to the liberal/progressive philosophy of Obama and his fellow travelers from the left side of the political spectrum, almost exclusively, no bi-partisanship at all. Due to the fact that federal judges must be confirmed by the Senate, it is imperative that future Obama appointees not go through the “iron fist” of Majority Leader Harry Reid, who could if he remained Leader, by the Democrats keeping control of the Senate, would rubber-stamp more lefty judges, much to the detriment of good government.

Since the policies of Obama seem to be looked upon unfavorably by a majority of the public, the one way to prevent Harry Reid (and Obama) from doing more damage to our democratic republic is to vote for a Republican candidate to the U.S. Senate, so that the Republicans can gain the majority in the Senate to monitor the judicial nominees put forth by President Obama during his last two years in office. If Republicans control the Senate after the November elections, it will throw a monkey wrench into the Marxist/Socialist agenda of Obama and the Democrats. They will not have carte blanche to pack the federal bench with liberal(a/k/a progressive) judges, and legislation will then be acted upon by a Republican controlled Senate which Obama will then have to either sign or veto the bills that come before him, thereby putting the Democrats on the defensive and having to justify their actions in the 2016 Presidential election year.

From the most recent polls, it looks like the Republicans will be able to possibly gain the majority in the Senate and add to their majority in the House. It won't be easy because the Democrats have raised enormous amounts of campaign funds and are determined to try to stem a projected electoral slaughter this November by spending that money and by using a campaign predicated on the “politics of personal destruction”. It has worked in the past and they hope it will work again.

So, as our headline proclaimed, a vote for a Democrat Senate candidate is a vote for Sen. Harry Reid and for Obama completing his “transformation of America”. DON”T LET THAT HAPPEN, VOTE REPUBLICAN THIS NOVEMBER!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Obama's Knuckleheads

The present state of the union under Obama-cracy has been shaped by the clueless and
 the obnoxious knowledge deficient generation.

Unattractive individuals of mind and body that hang out in places like Starbucks, South Beach,
neighborhood watering holes and other venues they deem rocking, hoping it will make them
look cool. Actually the aura they transmit is laughable, thinking tattoos, five-o'clock shadows,
tank tops and bare midriffs, body piercings, crotchy short-shorts, baggy pants worn
plumber-crack style and partaking in cannabis makes them a part of the "in" crowd.
Emulating worm brains like Paris Hilton and all the other so called beautiful people
doesn't cut it.

Never before are so many young people so screwed up. The finger can be pointed at many
causes, mainly the media, in many cases controlled by perverts, misuse of technology, the
decline of morality and traditional family, Judeo/Christian values and an attitude of entitlement.

A recent example is not that of a child in a dire environment, but that of a teen age girl who is
 suing her parents to financially support her while breaking the rules of the house in a profane
manner. The causes I mentioned above inter-wine, creating the undisciplined, selfish generation
 who will inherit our country's future.

The first lady Michelle Obama a, appearing on the Today Show with Jimmy Fallon, referred
 to them as knuckleheads. The same knuckleheads who helped tip the scale for her husband
 in two elections. I'm being unfair to worms, because they are actually useful, enriching the
soil in many ways as well as being bait, unlike the useless morons referenced above.

Not falling far from that tree are people I know who surprisingly are intelligent and caring,
 but they somehow want to distance themselves from facts and information pertinent to the
workings of government that effects their lives. Because of this they want me to limit my emails
with only fun stuff. Because of the unpleasant condition our country has been placed in by the
liberal faction running  the country, they tend to shy away from bad news.

There has to be another word other than complacent to describe this attitude. What happened
 in Europe  in the 30's and 40's is not so far fetched from happening again. Speakeasies and
 the Roaring  Twenties mirrored today's  atmosphere of 'duh', oblivious of the deterioration of
 the quality  of life around them.

If the breakdown of the traditional family; emphasis for the rights of a few at the expense of
the majority and the unborn; restricting and banning items in our diet, but endorsing recreational
 mind altering substances; political correctness to stifle freedom of expression and allowing
executive orders that bypass congressional authority and the Constitution to preserve their
warped little world is going to be the legacy of Obama-cracy, I don't want to be the last
man standing.

We will be stuck in the mire again if the aforementioned dominate the poles in 2014 and 2016.
And the beat goes on!

Conservative article by George Giftos

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Gov. Rick Scott a Crook?

To listen to the Charlie Crist and the Democrat Party ads on radio and T.V., they are charging that Gov. Rick Scott is a criminal (the same charges were made 4 years ago, and he was elected). Is that a fair and reputable charge to level at Gov. Scott again in this campaign?

First off, Rick Scott was CEO of Columbia/HCA which was fined by the federal government, $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. The Crist ad mentions that, but never mentions that Scott was never questioned by the federal government and was never charged with a crime in that fraud case. Scott, at that time, said he had no knowledge of the fraudulent activity and said he would have acted to stop it if he had known. Scott was never charged with any wrongdoing.

Also in that ad by Crist, it mentions the fact that Rick Scott took the 5th Amendment 75 times in order to not to admit committing a crime in that fraud case.

Is that Charlie Crist ad true or not? Did Scott commit a crime and did he invoke his 5th Amendment right 75 times to avoid incriminating himself?

According to two prominent independent fact checking organizations,, and, they found that Scott was never officially asked questions by the federal investigator in the criminal case of Columbia/HCA and he was never charged with a crime. As to the 75 times that Scott took the 5th on July, 2000 (3 years after he left the company in 1997), it was in relation to a totally unrelated civil case between Nevada Communications Corp. and Columbia/HCA, with Nevada claiming that Columbia/HCA had violated the terms of a contract. It had nothing to do with the criminal case. Under advice of his lawyer in a deposition in the civil case, Scott exerted his 5th Amendment Constitutional right against answering questions in the pending case between Nevada and HCA. The ad in question, by Crist and the Democrats, does not make clear in which case Scott took the 5th. The ad implied that Scott took the 5th in the criminal case, which was totally and factually untrue.

So knowing the facts as they actually are, you could say that Gov. Scott was and is the victim of a knowingly untrue ad whose main purpose was to impugn the honesty and integrity of his character. This ad should be given “4 Pinocchio's” for outright deceit.

Vote for or against Gov. Scott on the basis of his performance in office, not on some deceitful ad put out by his opponent claiming that he is a cook. Maybe Charlie Crist was looking in the mirror?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Are Our Prisons Fertile Ground for Recruiting Future Jihadists?

Are we stupid or what? Why do we allow a militant group of supposed clerics, representing Islam and preaching their theocratic political ideology, into our prisons to recruit society's misfits and law-breaking prisoners, in order to recruit future Jihadists who want to do our country and other western countries harm?

Most people who are serving time in prison are generally people who don't respect authority or the norms of good behavior, and are generally alienated from society. They, therefore, make a fertile group for the Muslim clerics to spew their anti-American (and anti-western civilization) agenda, to these generally unbalanced individuals who hate authority and who want payback to the society who has incarcerated them in prison. Many of the militant converts to Islam today got their training in our prisons and we let that happen. Are we stupid, or what?

No other religion, as far as I know, preaches a violent ideology as does Islam and it's clerics who are given access to these disgruntled inmates. Do we let leaders of the KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church into our prisons to preach their hatred? The answer is NO, so why should we give a free pass to these Muslim clerics who do preach hate against the U.S. and other western civilizations? Isn't that tantamount to yelling fire in a crowded theater?

I'm inclined to believe that the ugly head of “political correctness” has raised it's ominous specter in dealing with Islam. It seems it's O.K. to trash Christianity and Judaism, but not so with Islam. Members of Islam, around the world, are committed to carrying out heinous crimes in the name of Islam, and many so-called civilized countries turn a blind eye and refuse to clamp down on this inhuman behavior. Why? Europe, being very liberal in the past, have let hordes of Muslims, from Africa and the Middle East, re-locate into their countries with open arms, and now they are reaping the ill effects of that open door policy as country after country has had to deal with the chaos and disruptive behavior of these formerly welcomed refugees and immigrants. The Muslim populations have exploded and as a result they have started to exert themselves in disruptive ways causing chaos and sometimes violent confrontations with its citizens.

Islam, being a theocratic political ideology, wants to take over the world and impose it's Sharia Law to all parts of the planet. What better way to get adherents than to radicalize the men and women in our prisons who are more prone to that philosophy of violence and hate? We must be able to monitor what is being taught or preached in our prisons so that no cleric can get carte blanche authority to fill the minds of these inmates with hate, so when they are released from prison they become Jihadist soldiers hell bent on causing mayhem and destruction in and on our society. Look at that crazed, Muslim convert person in Oklahoma who stabbed and beheaded a co-worker after he spent a couple of years in prison being converted. How many more like him are out there waiting to commit crimes in the name of Islam? Are we stupid, or what?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Obama is incapable of telling the truth and he has no compunction about lying. He will never accept even a smidgeon of responsibility or blame for either his rhetoric or his actions.  He will instantly claim personal credit for every success,  whether he earned it or not.  He can never be trusted.  He is a charlatan.  GOT IT?
This is the way he was raised; this is the way he was taught; this is the way he was indoctrinated; this is the way he has lived his life; he is physiologically incapable of change. He is a cowardly lion. He is well aware that he has no aptitude for leadership; he is a dyed-in-the-wool bully; a control freak and a classic Narcissist who can only function when he has the upper hand.  He cannot abide an opposing viewpoint. Is this a trash bag that is overflowing with fatal flaws, or what?  
He is a Muslim who follows the Quran's instructions to the letter, when it comes to deception and lying in order to gain a political objective, to protect himself or to further the concept of Islam's commitment to achieve domination over the entire world.  That is why he will never stand against Islam, regardless of how viscous or violent the radical elements (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS, etc) become, what atrocities they commit or what disgusting, inhuman acts they perform.
This is our President?  Plus, he has larded every nook and cranny of our Federal Government with incompetent toadies who reflect his failed policies and fully support his warped viewpoints.  I guess it could be said that, as a nation, we are being Pied Piped off a very steep cliff by this failed fanatic.
MORT KUFF   ©  8-13-2014

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