Sunday, December 14, 2014


It has been said about President Obama that you can take the man out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the man. To some of his most avid supporters that is a slur against the president, but to any observant person who is watching what is going on in Washington, it is an apt description of what is actually happening. It seems like the lights are on in the White House, but nobody is home.

Back during the Presidential campaign in 2008, stories came out about the people who were associated with that obscure candidate out of Chicago called, Barack Hussein Obama. Most all of those personal contacts and friendships were with people from Chicago and with the notorious Daley political machine. The main stream media (except Fox News) pooh-poohed these relationships as meaningless as compared to the message “their” candidate was trying to deliver – meaning a total “transformation” of the United States of America, “ hope and change” were the words. To question him or his ideas meant that you were probably a “racist” and therefore not credible.

All of these nefarious Chicago relationships including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, an anti-Semite and black liberation preacher, Father Phleger, a radical Catholic priest, Bill Ayers an admitted unrepentant, domestic terrorist, Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who helped Obama buy his house, Louis Farrakhan, a white hating Black Muslim, Blago, the disgraced former Governor of Illinois, and his present and past close advisors in the White House, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, William Daley and Valerie Jarrett, are all on the public record as being close to him as he rose up the ranks in the Chicago political machine. What a motley crew of radical extremists? Many might be called “red diaper babies” (as they were brought up in a Marxist/Socialist oriented households). In addition, Obama is a disciple of the late radical guru, Saul Alinsky, whose home base, was also in Chicago. He was the author of the book, “Rules for Radicals” which Obama used in becoming a “community organizer”, an ACORN trainer, as well as being used as a textbook for his classes at the University of Chicago, where he was a “lecturer” in the law department (not a professor as has been falsely attributed to him).

Once Obama was sworn in as President, he continued to add more Chicago cronies and radicals to his Administration including Van Jones, an avowed communist, Cass Sunstein, a far-left professor, Anita Dunn, an admirer of mass murderer Mao Tse-tung, Kevin Jennings, a gay activist in charge of school safety, and a host of other leftist ideologues named as presidential czars with no congressional oversight whatsoever.

The way things “got done” in Chicago seems to be the modus operandi of the current Obama Administration. The heavy-handed process of do as I say, not as I do, and leave no prisoners, and to marginalize any dissenters in order to shut them up, is the “Chicago-way” and now seems to be the “Washington- way” of doing things. That’s the way Obama, and his minions, are going against Fox News, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Conservative groups, and the insurance Co’s, and banks in trying to shut them up or shut them down. How un-American is that tactic? It seems that Obama is more inclined to wage war on Fox News and the coal industry than he is in waging war against Al-Queda, the Taliban, and ISIS. What a waste of presidential effort while our brave military men and women are in harms way in both Afghanistan and a small contingent left in Iraq as advisers. During the run-up to passage of Obamacare in 2009, it was reported that in order to get his health insurance “reform” measure passed in the Senate, the “Chicago-Way” of doing things politically was used to get some balking Senators to vote the “right- way”. Both Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Co.) were told, in no uncertain terms, to vote the “right-way” or they would lose funding for some state projects, and in Ben Nelson’s case, military base closings in Nebraska was mentioned if he voted the “wrong-way”. Mary Landrieu was offered $300 million dollars to use for projects in her state to vote the “right-way”. Is this political bribery? Of course it is, but what would you expect from a Chicago-bred politician. That’s business as usual. What a disgrace!

It seems that all President Obama is capable of doing, instead of meaningful acts and making firm policy decisions, is making speeches and attending fund-raisers around the country with his rhetoric laced with platitudes and fuzzy, warm feelings. It's all symbolism over substance. As the wise old saying goes – “Action speaks louder than words” doesn’t seem to apply to this Administration. His answer to everything is that he is trying to clean up the mess he inherited from the previous Administration – he takes no responsibility for the lousy things that have happened under his watch these past six years. The Bush Administration is the reason things are going downhill, not the policies and indecision of Obama. That’s leadership? Even former cabinet members and fellow Democrats are questioning his leadership skills (or lack thereof).

A big smile, lofty rhetoric and a nice family are not enough to get things done – we don’t need another “Chicago on the Potomac” – we need a president that can make decisions and take responsibility for his actions in an honest and open way. He is making Jimmy Carter look good in comparison – god forbid!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

In her “Opening Statement” segment on the Fox News Channel broadcast, “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Jeanine Pirro took aim at Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Judge Jeanine boldly stated to Feinstein, “You justify the drone killings of American citizens who have gone to work with al-Qaida, but we can’t water board al-Qaida themselves to save an American citizen?” Judge Jeanine blasted the partisan hack, Feinstein, for her “liberal naïveté”.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MORT’s meanderings

Let’s do away with police uniforms, badges,   whistles, nightsticks, guns and radios.

U. S. Attorney General , who has resigned but, is still on the job and continuing to pervert our system of Justice – and who admits to being black and refers to all blacks, law-abiding or otherwise as ‘my people’, proves once again that he is on the side of Lawlessness & Disorder.  
He has announced that it is his intention to remove racial profiling from the tool kit of every policeman in the nation.  I suggest that he might as well remove the policeman’s uniform, badge, whistle, nightstick, notebook and gun, then handcuff his hands behind his back before sending him out on patrol to keep the peace.
This proposal to halt profiling skin color (That would often indicate ‘race’, wouldn’t it?) is sheer lunacy on the face of it.  How on Earth could one conduct a department that is designed to protect the citizenry from physical attack, if no description of a suspect can include such a vital bit of information as his skin color?  The suspect can easily change his clothing and do some quick fixes to alter his facial appearance but, he cannot change the color of his skin.
President Barack Hussein Obama, noted ‘Uniter & Peace Keeper’, has announced that for a mere $250+ million dollars, he’ll provide each policeman with a video camera to record the image of the thug who is charging at him with intent to kill.  Good move, Prez. U R sharp!
I’ve an idea that doesn’t cost a cent – not a red cent.  What would you think if instead of our policeman making any reference to skin color in his incident report, he refers to a black suspect as a Democrat or a white suspect as a Republican?  
That is, unless this kind of categorization might be offensive to Independents, illegal aliens, the Muslim Brotherhood or presidential advisor on race relations, the Rebberun Al Sharpton.

MORT KUFF   © 12-2-2014

This is a Mark Levin Video soundtrack on Obama mulling sanctions against Israel.
Sanctions for building homes in its own capital?
Why do Jewish Voters still protect Obama?

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pants up, Don't Loot!

The most scurrilous symbol or slogan of the recent Ferguson riots was the made up phrase, “Hands up, Don't shoot”. It was coined by the “racial hustlers” to incite and motivate the black citizens of Ferguson (and to many outside agitators) to get them all riled up about the false presumption that the police are going out of their way to kill innocent black children and black men for no good reason. Most of the rioters who were committing mayhem in Ferguson were young black teens and young black adults, who were looting and setting businesses on fire, so the slogan really should be:

“Pants Up, Don't Loot”

The facts of the case about the supposed “execution” of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown, by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, were totally made up out of whole cloth by the “racial arsonists” led by Al Sharpton and his band of race baiters. Yes, there have been incidents when police have encountered and shot black men, some of whom were unarmed as was Michael Brown in the Ferguson shooting, but that doesn't mean that the policemen, doing the shooting were reckless and, in some cases, guilty of using unnecessary deadly force on innocent black men. Most likely the confrontation was in response to a report of a crime being committed, and the policeman was responding to that call. In the vast majority of cases, the policeman was justified in using force, and sometimes deadly force, because the policeman or other citizens were in harms way, and it is the policeman's main job is to protect the community. This decision, on the part of the policeman to use force, sometimes is made in split seconds and it is difficult to second-guess his actions under those stressful conditions.

There is not an epidemic of policemen going around shooting black men just because they were black as the “racial arsonists” like Al Sharpton and his followers have implied in their hysterical rhetoric as they try to stir up racial animosity between blacks and whites. In fact, more policemen have been killed by blacks than the other way around, that's not to say that in certain isolated cases, the policeman over reacted and caused the death of an innocent black person, but that is the rare exception, not the rule and should not be used as a clarion call to cause looting and arson in the minority neighborhoods. That's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. The community of Ferguson will not be the same for many years to come.

The police have a greater presence in minority communities because the greater percentage of crime is committed in those communities (mainly by black men between the ages of 16 – 30). Most residents of those communities look favorably upon the presence of the police as they are the barrier between the bad guys and the law abiding citizens. It is the “rabble rousers”, like Sharpton, who shout police brutality whenever an unfortunate incident takes place and the media generally inflames the situation more by jumping to erroneous conclusions of fact before the facts are even revealed.

In the Ferguson case, the victim was the aggressor and by his actions toward the police officer, caused his own demise. The Grand Jury heard over 60 witnesses and read the results of three medical examiners, one who was hired by the Brown family, most all of whom pointed the finger at Michael Brown as the one who was responsible for his own death by his own behavior and belligerent actions toward the police officer.

It has been a sad state of affairs that people, who should know better, like the Congressional Black Caucus and others in the government, and the media are pouring gasoline on the fire of racial dissonance between whites and blacks by their inflammatory rhetoric. They have completely discounted the real facts that came out during the testimony before the grand jury. That is reckless behavior and could possibly gin up further mayhem around the country.

So stop with this phony slogan of “Hands up, Don't shoot” and replace it with “Pants up, Don't Loot”, as that makes more sense and it is less volatile.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

Judge Jeanine Opening "Why don't you act like the President of the United States?" 
Not just the President for one group!

Judge Jeanine Pirro's opening from 12-6-2014 talks about the current race baiting events taking place with Ferguson Missouri and New York City protests. She also calls out President Obama to start acting like the President and not to just looking out for one group (African Americans).

Judge Jeanine calls out B. H. Obama on having the tax cheat Al Sharpton in meetings about the current affairs.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Liberal Hypocrisy

I admit it. At one time in my younger days I was a liberal. I was a strong advocate of free speech and thought everyone should be able to express his or her opinion even if it went against what I advocated. Most liberals were like that at that time. However, I changed as I got older and got into the work force. I became that dreaded word: a conservative. I continue to be a strong advocate for equal opportunity – not special privileges for a few – and strongly believe in freedom of speech. Unfortunately, liberals have changed too – but not in a good way.

Did you ever notice how liberals have become hypocrites in that they say one thing and then do another? Or how the standards they impose on others they don’t impose on themselves.

For example, the Clintons, Gores, and Obamas are strong advocates for public schools and all have opposed the voucher program where middle class and poor folks can send their children to private or charter schools. Well, the Clintons, Gores, and Obamas sent their kids to a private school: the Sidwell Friends School where tuition costs over $35,000 a year. So public education is good for you and me but not for liberals.

Then there is the issue of conservation and concern for the climate. Here is where liberals truly excel. There are many Hollywood liberals who drive a Prius and then arrive to their destination in a private jet. Or the infamous Al Gore who talks about “carbon footprints” and then lives in a 20 room mansion that uses more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year. Or Michael Moore. In his recent divorce proceedings it was revealed that he is worth millions of dollars and owns nine properties one of which is a 10,000 square foot mansion on Torch Lake in Michigan. So, it is important for the average person to maintain a small carbon footprint as long as the liberals can live as lavishly as they like.

Then there is the issue of free speech. Liberals really outdo themselves here. Liberals can rant and rave about conservatives calling them vile names such as they did with Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. However, if anyone says anything critical about them out come the PC police to silence them. For example, Domino’s Pizza was subject to a boycott because the founder was a religious Catholic and said things about abortion and Chick-fil-A because of the founder’s Christian religious beliefs. I guess freedom of speech only applies to liberal causes.

Or take the issue of concealed carry permits and handguns. Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer don’t want the average individual to be able to carry a handgun. However, Boxer and Feinstein have concealed carry permits handed out by California, a state in which such permits are difficult to obtain. Schumer is reported to have such a permit and he has armed security around him.

Next comes the issue of gay marriage. Liberals are all for gay marriage and will say and do anything to a conservative who voices opposition. However, liberals are promoters of Islam rights even though in Islamic countries gays are punished and even put to death.

Liberals such as Diane Sawyer, John Edwards, etc. will criticize any conservative politician who takes money from Robert Murdoch and yet are silent when liberal politicians take money from George Soros. Why a dual standard?

Liberals are infamous for saying the wealthy should pay their “fair share,” whatever that means. However, when that is put into practice it is different. Do you recall the issue of John Kerry, a resident of MA, registering his mega yacht in RI to avoid the $435,000 sales tax and $70,000 annual excise tax MA imposes? Or Warren Buffett’s strong comments about companies who buy foreign companies to shift taxes to countries that have taxes lower than the US. This is called a tax inversion and liberal politician’s rail against it – except when a liberal like Buffett does it. And yet Buffett is doing that through Burger King buying a Canadian company and then moving to Canada. By Buffett’s clever maneuver he is saving millions of dollars in taxes. And then there are the Hollywood elite and others who complain the estate tax is not high enough. Today farmers and some business owners can’t pass down their farms and businesses to their children because of estate taxes. And yet these are the same folks who set up “charitable foundations” and then put their children and other relatives in charge to run these foundations at incredibly high salaries. Plus, these people then syphon off huge sums for travel and other purposes.

For example, take a look at the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation. In 2012, the most recent year with data available, the Clinton Foundation disclosed assets of $226 million, with $51.5 million in contributions and grants received. The salaries and benefits of all the staff at the foundation are an eye-popping $220,218,840—well above the total grants for the lifetime of the foundation. Travel expenses paid by the Clinton Foundation far exceed the total of grants outside the top three grants made, and for the years 2003-2011 totaled $55,628,306. Chelsea Clinton now helps run the foundation leaving a lucrative job at NBC. By way of info, NBC paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 a year for whatever she did there or as Vanity Fair reported $26,724 per minute she appeared on the network. Another example, of do as I say and not as I do. All you have to do is set up a charitable foundation and get a tax deduction, and then pass on to your children and relatives income in the form of salaries rather than paying an estate tax.

There are many more examples. But, as you can see liberalism has become a synonym for hypocrisy.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti - Click HERE For More From Jim


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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ferguson - Obama's Legacy

Our worse fears came true on Nov. 24, 2014, when Ferguson, Missouri went up in flames over a “supposed” decision by the Grand Jury by not bringing an indictment against Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. I use the word “supposed” because instead of being an outrage over a judicial decision, this was a pre-planned anarchy attack by a gaggle of racial arsonists, led in part by that “racial pimp”, Al Sharpton and other radical liberal and progressive groups.

Not only in Ferguson, but across the country, demonstrations took place after months of pre-planning, that regardless of what the grand jury decision was going to be, mayhem was going to happen. These “grievance goons” were using the white cop, black teenager confrontation as an excuse to commit mayhem around the country. Looting, vandalism, and criminal arson were all orchestrated by these “grievance goons”. What was the purpose other than fueling racial strife against the police and the public, and white people in general?

President Obama, who was not physically present in Ferguson, was in a secondary way responsible for the lawlessness that occurred. His actions during the 6 years he has been president, set the table for this outright breakdown of law and order. Starting with the Harvard professor, Louis Gates, incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, and now the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, his passivity and wishy-washy attitude toward the events that had racial overtones, was conducive with what happened in Ferguson. In these cases, he was not color blind, as he seemed to side with the black persons involved, even if the facts didn't support that position. He was a racial divider not a racial uniter, as he once claimed to be.

His appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney-General has been a special disaster from the get-go. This Attorney-General has been a racial polarizer ever since he took the reins of the Justice Dept. By refusing to prosecute the New Black Panther thugs in the polling place in Philadelphia, by calling our country a bunch of “racial cowards”, and his constant reference to his past experiences of supposed racial harassment in his life, he has sent the wrong signal to the violence prone people in the black community. It's like he gave a wink and a nod to continue the agitation by the “grievance goons” to continue their actions.

Another factor in the moral fiber (or lack thereof) of our country, is that tax cheat, rabble rouser, and professional liar and racial agitator, Al Sharpton, has been given preferential access to the Oval Office on numerous occasions. Can you imagine if George W. Bush invited former KKK wizard and faux Republican, David Duke, to the Oval Office - all hell would've broken loose, and rightly so.

As of now, it looks like Obama will have a tough time leaving a positive legacy after he leaves the White House. Ferguson, along with his other scandals, will tarnish his place in history. He can't blame anyone (although he'll try) but himself for it is his exaggerated ego and brazen arrogance that is responsible for that void in his presidency.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ferguson Lost

There is no doubt in my mind, if the Ferguson bully was white, the mainstream
media wouldn't devote even two lines or thirty seconds reporting the incident.
Bullies come in all colors and all sizes, but if the liberal press thinks it won't rile
the public, it will remain local, of interest to no one.

Stirring the pot to cause racial divide sells newspapers and boosts ratings and
circulation, especially for dying networks and newspapers. Legitimate news
sources are forced to join the fray in order to maintain some sense of honesty.

Everyone opposed to the Grand Jury outcome were prejudgmental; many
swayed by nonfactual reporting and inborn prejudices. What occurred in
Ferguson and other urban areas after the decision that turned protest into
violence and destruction, is caused by the ignorance of some blacks,easily
manipulated by charlatans like Al Sharpton and a racist Attorney General, plus
the President's pre beer summit comment that the Cambridge police acted
stupidly when they arrested the black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
who appeared to be breaking into a residence that turned out to be his house.

These radical liberals are aware of the vulnerability of the poor, school drop
out, uneducated druggies, to use as they see fit, for advancing their personal
agendas. It worked to get a second term for Barack Obama and for economist
Jonathan Gruber to deceptively put over a forced, faulty and expensive health

When the black community lacks traditional families, out of control child
pregnancies, disproportionate crime rates, black on black homicides, disregard
for law and order and chip on the shoulder attitude, it is a self created profile.
These delinquencies have collateral effect and reflect unfairly on the people and
families who walk the line.

It is time for those who don't, to clean up their act. It is time for the leaders in the
community to stop enabling them by keeping the wounds of past injustices open.
It is time to heal.

Conservative article by George Giftos

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