Thursday, October 27, 2016

What has this got to do with anything?

The Clinton team shook the beams and a slew of lackeys
came out of the wood work, accusing Donald Trump of
improper behavior, to support their smear campaign against
him and conservatism.

Ambulance chaser Gloria Allred conveniently appeared
with composed dialogue for her latest meal ticket to read,
properly coached for effect, that she was one of the recipients
of Trump's amateurish behavior.

Donald Trump should have consulted a pro like Bill Clinton, to
show him how it should really be done.

"Tell me again, what has this got to do with anything?" My
country is falling apart, along with the rest of the world and
the media is devoting their time and space on salacious

I have to look hard to get news about deleted emails from
Hillary Clinton's bleached unauthorized private server after
a court subpoena was violated, ordering her to produce them
before a Congressional inquiry.

We are now compelled to rely on WikiLeaks for the nefarious
activity by the Clinton campaign and its tie to the
administration, against opposition to their socialistic
agendas that will continue the damage done to the
country for the last eight years.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

What's at Stake - The Supreme Court, that's What!

Whether you supported Donald Trump in the primaries or not, the main thrust of your vote in November should be - will that Republican candidate, Donald Trump, support nominees for the Supreme Court who will interpret the law (as written in the Constitution), and not make the law? He has said he would and has presented a list of possible nominees, all “constitutional originalists”.

Coming up during the next administration will be 3 or possibly 4 openings to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court. If you elect, as president, someone who will appoint activist judges, who will tend to have a “progressive” interpretation of the Constitution, then you can expect to see a wholesale change to our society as we know it.

The Supreme Court, as it is currently made up, is broken into two groups - half liberal and half conservative, with Justice Anthony Kennedy being the swing vote. Although, from recent decisions of the Supreme Court, some supposedly “conservative” judges like Chief Justice John Roberts, have voted for policies that tended to fall on the radical left (ex: Obamacare decision calling “fees” a tax). Chief Justice Roberts was a George W. Bush appointee who was considered a conservative nominee when confirmed, but seemed to have strayed from that designation when he ruled on the Obamacare question. That decision went against the prevailing opinion of legal constitutional scholars and the citizens at large.

If the Democrats retain the White House, you can expect potential nominees to make decisions, if confirmed, who will promote the far-left agenda as personified by the four liberal judges now sitting on the Supreme Court (i.e. Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Ginsberg). That will give them the majority on the court.

The Republican candidate. Donald Trump, has promised that he will appoint and support Supreme Court nominees who will interpret the Constitution and who will not try to circumvent it by “legislating” from the bench. That must be taken into consideration when determining who you will vote for in November 2016. It is that cut and dry.

So, forget all the petty attacks by the candidates on each other, and try to visualize what our country will become if we have more (a majority) progressive (a/k/a liberal, Democrat) judges confirmed to the Supreme Court? Our society will be turned on its head, and not for the better.

This admonition goes for those Republicans and Conservatives who said they will not vote for Trump because their candidate did not get the Republican nomination or who don't like the persona of Donald Trump. Doing that would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. If that mind set prevails, and a Democrat is elected, you, who will vote for Hillary or who will sit out the election, will have no one to blame but yourself if the prevailing opinion of the Supreme Court becomes a majority liberal court.

Elections do have consequences, so make it your mind to support the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, through the democratic process. Our country is at stake, so don't blow it by harboring petty differences and not getting out to vote.

So you can see, a lot is at stake if we want our traditions and laws interpreted by judges who will follow the Constitution as it was written. Our children and grandchildren are depending on your vote.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

    Hey, hey.  It’s Today!
Yesterday we looked forward with great anticipation to the near future and what it would hold for us - the opportunities for positive changes that this new day might bring.  
Well, Happy Day and hey, hey, it’s Today it’s here. And, what do we find?  We find that it is still up to us to identify possible  opportunities and it is still up to us to create and facilitate  the changes we desire in difficult or seemingly insoluble situations.  Damn. Change is still up to that image we see in our mirror. But now, we’ve lost another 24 hours in the process, while waiting and hoping for change to happen.
We watch the news in our newspapers and on our TVs and wonder at the same old, same old.  We are appalled at what is going on in the world around us and we are distressed to the max by the disasters that are befalling our country with each loud tick of the clock. How can all this be happening to us, here in this exceptional nation?  Who is minding the store while we watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Family Feud’?  Obama & his pals in the lunatic world of radical, vicious Islam – that’s who.  
Sorry to rattle your cage, my friends.  But, in case you hadn’t noticed, over the past 7.5 years under the Obama regime, we are no longer the nation of proud, courageous fighters who won WWII.  That ‘’Greatest Generation’ is over the hill and nearly gone.  The United States is no longer the, ‘Home of the Brave’. We’ve become a population that is unabashedly, the ’Soft and the Stupid’.  And why is this the case? Simple:
We’ve taken our eye off the ball.  We’ve forgotten that Freedom demands active participation in the operation & function of our Government.  When we leave it to chance, we get the control freaks -‘Obama, Hillary & Kerry who hate and openly despise the Constitution. They cannot abide the freedoms it affords to every individual and they abhor the limits it places on Central Government.  But, most of all, they cannot stand the limits it places on elected officials and on control freaks such as they are. They are in fact, so delusional and so blind to reality, that they dangerously toy with accommodation to the lunacy of Islam’s Shariah.  They seem oblivious to all the horrors of such crippling corruption.  They seem unaware of the hallmarks that define them as anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American miscreants.  And . . We ignore all this at our very real peril.
                                WAKE UP AMERICA, IT’S TODAY!                                                                         
                                                                                           MORT KUFF  © 7-2-2016

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

You Can't Polish Horse Manure! Part 2

Every time another damaging item of scandal comes to light about Hillary Clinton, a gaggle of Hillary idolaters and sycophantic media pundits fall all over themselves in making excuses for her indiscretions and lies. As an example, a loyal Clinton flack, lawyer Lanny Davis, is always trotted out to spin the facts that it is just another right-wing conspiracy against the Clinton's by trying to impugn the actions and motives of the “Simon Pure” Clinton's for purely political purposes. But, the overwhelming litany of misdeeds and obfuscations of Hillary (and Bill) makes it difficult for these Clinton apologists to make their hero a moral, trustworthy and sincere figure. In other words, they can't polish horse manure.

Almost anybody with half a brain realizes that Hillary dodged a bullet by not being indicted by the Justice Department. Thank god for Hillary that the Justice Department is under the control of her political “mentor”, President Barack Obama, who doesn't want another stain on his otherwise stained legacy. The F.B.I. investigated Hillary for months, and when they were ready to make their recommendation to the Justice Department, F.B.I. Director, James Comey, spent 13 minutes of a 15 minute presentation, presenting a rehash of the damning evidence they had uncovered about her, but in the last two minutes of his diatribe, he did a complete 180 degree turn and recommended no indictment. It was like Comey choked or he followed orders from his boss, the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who just days before met privately with Hillary's horndog husband, Bill, on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport. That meeting had every appearance of an “arranged” chance meeting of friends that most likely led to the decision not to indict his wife. Something smelled rotten in Denmark, and it further pointed out to most everyone that there is a “two-tier system” of justice, one for the Clinton's, and one for the rest of us poor slobs. Others have spent time in prison for doing much less than what Hillary has done in putting our national security at risk, and then constantly lying about it to the public and to the authorities, including a Congressional committee.

One thing you must admire, is the fanaticism of the Clinton supporters and Democrat party hacks. It seems that nothing that Hillary has done in the past would change their minds about her viability to be our next president. It's like if Hillary was captured on videotape robbing a bank, her rabidly blind supporters would claim that she was only making a withdrawal. That's how fanatical and totally inured to her misdeeds they are and have become. The empress has no clothes.

So, as we stated in our headline, no matter how hard these Hillary lovers try, the can't polish horse manure.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Liberal Selective Idolization

I was never turned down for a job because I pulled the pigtails of the little
girl sitting in front of me, when I was in the second grade.

A private conversation laced with trash talk between Donald Trump and of
then anchor Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, was caught on an hot mic.,
that was laying dormant in its archives for over a decade.

It was brought to life by David Fahrenthold, a reporter for the Washington Post
with an agenda, not to serve the public, but to harm Donald Trump and his
family, abetting the Clinton smear campaign he is sympathetic with.

I'm not defending Donald Trump for the decade old lewd remarks, but the
hypocrisy of those who ignore or excuse the hidden behavior of John Kennedy
and despicable depravation exhibited by Bill Clinton while both were in office
and still idolized by their Liberal enablers angers me.

The same admirers who idolize the creepy Football and Basketball players and
the Malibu morons from "Hollysodom and Gamorrahwood," guilty of more
heinous behavior than the words of Donald Trump, seemingly reported in the
news every other day, don't give him a pass.

Far more serious is the endless scandals attributed to Hillary Clinton, that affect
everyone, one way or another and the compromising of our national security by
using unauthorized communication equipment in a sloppy careless manner.
Lives have been lost because of her blunders, and rogue countries who treat
their women inhumanely, have been rewarded with special treatment by giving
million dollar contributions to the Clinton sludge fund called a foundation and
the Wall Street speaker fees in upper 6 digit amounts, assuring them there is
a private policy for them and a public policy designed for votes. While most
Americans want our borders secured, a recent email revealed her staunch support
for open borders that will secure more votes, but not for our borders.

When you put two and two together, there appears to be a new math, endorsed
by the mainstream media. The sum just doesn't add up for a better, safer and
more secure America.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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