Sunday, September 30, 2012

Should We Worry About the Future Makeup of the Supreme Court?

Besides trying to stop the slow invidious intrusion of Marxism/Socialism into the fabric of our society, it is the future makeup of the Supreme Court that should be paramount in our minds as we go into the voting booth this coming November.

There is a possibility that there will be up to four openings due to retirement or illness in the next four years on the Supreme Court. One sure possibility is Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (79 years old), who is reported to be in failing health. In addition, Justice Breyer (74 years old), Justice Kennedy (76 years old), Justice Scalia (76 years old) might want to retire as they approach the age of 80. If one or up to four decide to step down, the next president will be the one to nominate their replacements. Which of the candidates, Romney or Obama, will they have a tendency to nominate to the court? Romney will most likely nominate a conservative and Obama will most likely nominate a liberal. Who would you feel most comfortable with in nominating a future justice?

If President Obama is re-elected (God forbid), you can be sure that the people who he will nominate will be liberal radicals like possibly Eric Holder, or maybe either Bill or Hillary Clinton? Maybe as a payoff for Clinton’s support during this campaign, even though they supposedly don’t like each other, as politics sometimes make strange bedfellows. If the philosophical leaning of the court tilts toward the radical liberal side, you will see the realization of the claim that Obama said he wanted for the United States, the “total transformation” of the U.S. as we know it, it will then come to fruition. The fear of judicial activism will be the rule rather than the exception as the court goes “progressive“ (a/k/a liberal). Goodbye to “strict construction” in interpreting the Constitution, not like the four liberals on the court now vote.

So there is a lot riding on this election in November, in fact, you could say that the makeup of our country is in the balance. Will we continue the progress that has been the norm since George Washington, or will we morph into another Europe, which is on the verge of collapse? Political correctness is killing Europe as they are on the road to being overrun by hordes of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. We can’t let that happen to us, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. This election is so very important for the future of our country.

The Republicans must gain control of the presidency and the Congress in order to maintain our way of life, liberty and property, and to insure that we will be able to nominate the right people to the Supreme Court who will interpret the Constitution and not legislate from the bench.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Barack Hussein Obama: “Racist-in-Chief”.

President Obama has addressed a group called, “African-Americans for Obama”, with no negative coverage by the mainstream media. None.

Can you imagine the ruckus that would be raised in the media if Mitt Romney were to address a group called, “White-Americans for Romney”? The news biz would explode.

Mr. President, how dare you intentionally divide this nation into groups, pitting one group against another, all the while being truly loyal to nothing or no one except your own re-election? Well Sir, got a bit of news for you – YOU are the “Racist-in-Chief”.

Don’t think for a moment that we don’t get it – we do! And, we don’t need or want your brand of racism and thuggish community organizing crap in our country. You’ve done your best to destroy this nation, our free-enterprise system, our Liberty and our very freedoms. You didn’t lack for trying but, you failed!

Your economic bail-out policies failed. Your suck-up to the Islamist in the Middle East has back-fired and failed. Your non-stop ego-maniacal rhetoric has failed. Your personal charm has failed. Your Hope & Change crap has failed – fundamentally.

Your appointed sicko-phant Czars have failed. Your Socialist / Marxist edicts have failed. Your Obamacare lunacy is failing and will soon punctuate your political demise.

There has been no evidence of real leadership out of the Oval Office since Day One. That’s because you don’t possess any qualities of leadership. You are a dud and a coward. However, your efforts to alienate our long-time allies have succeeded – gotta give you that one.

You are finally learning that your delusional self-appraisal of your ability to win over friend & foe alike with just your gift of gab, was woefully mistaken. You are viewed as a ‘weak horse’ in the Middle East – and, as a pitifully inept buffoon, throughout the rest of the world.

You are learning, painfully I’m certain, that your vaunted personal charm and highly- touted communications skills are just about as significant as a fart in a Force3 wind. I realize that might come as a shock but, I thought you ought to know.

Your egregious disrespect for our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, our nation’s flag, our active military and our veterans, our way of life and the very principles upon which this nation was founded some 236 years ago, is as traitorous as it is disgusting.

Your entire presidency has been an exercise in Taquiyya. You are familiar with that term aren’t you Mr. President? It is a basic tenet of your Muslim upbringing in the ways of Islam. And, you have made it quite clear that in any given conflict with Islam and the American way of life, you will come down on the side of Islam. And, that’s okay. We simply wanted to let you know that you aren’t fooling some of us, any more. You’ve made it crystal clear where you are coming from and what you are all about.

Your ploy of declaring yourself to be a Christian is a perfect example of your Taquiyya tactics. You do realize of course, that yours will be one of the first heads lopped off when your pals from the Muslim Brotherhood take over. They don’t easily forgive that kinda stuff. Like meter maids in this country, the members of the Muslim Brotherhood have certain quotas to fill if they expect to be admitted to Islam heaven. So, don’t be too surprised when they come for you and the other Christians, at the same time they come for the Jews.

All in all Sir, I’d say that you’ve done a pretty good job of mucking things up.

I wish you the best. I hope you’ll find happiness with your quota of 79-year old virgins – that is, if there are any left by the time you get to wherever in Hell you are going.

MORT KUFF, Boynton Beach, FL

Natural-born citizen of the United States and WWII U.S.Navy veteran (1944-1946)

And, as you might have already guessed, Sir . . . I’m a proud Conservative, Jewish- American who happens to be a white guy with absolutely not one iota of prejudice against any legal citizen residing in these United States.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

While the Democratic convention drew to a close, I had a few personal random thoughts about it. First, after listening to some of the people chosen to mount the podium and let loose with their guttural critique of Republicans and conservatives, I conclude that the "D" in DNC really stands for despair.

One of the biggies for them to boast about, was President Obama ending the war in Iraq. This may be true sort of, but in no way can they claim he won it. It gives him time to focus away from his dismal handling of the economy, to cook up the fictitious war Republicans are waging against women and their rights.

I haven't discovered any deprivations. What I see is, they being against tax payer money financing irresponsible indisgressions, leading to healthy, pre-infant deaths by abortion. Four years of President Obama's cul-de-sac leadership has gotten us nowhere, with no exit from his sixteen trillion dollar debt. Explaining Joe Biden's foot in the mouth disease, they say, it's because he speaks from the heart. I suggest he get a cardiogram, for skipping a few beats.

Biden can't be blamed for the latest liberal gaff of omitting God in the Democratic platform. No matter how they spin it, it was deliberate. Obama does not take lightly, nor tolerate competition. There can only be but one flawless one, who has never made a mistake, and it cannot be God. After all, who should we blame for creating liberal Democrats?

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy!

Here we are in the year 2012, and we have people running this country who want to “transform” the country, the USA, that has been the richest and most powerful country in the world over the past 100 years. Why? My mother used to tell me that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Tweak it, amend it, and redefine it’s principles, but why should we “transform” it? Besides, what should the form of the “transformation” be? Should we pattern ourselves after Europe, Asia, or Africa? What do those countries have to offer that could possibly make the USA a better country?

Presently, we have a President who ran on a platform of “transformation” and it looks as if those plans haven’t worked out too well. When Ronald Reagan took over from an incompetent Jimmy Carter, we had double digit unemployment and interest rates, plus a hostage crisis in Iran. The policies that Carter followed seem to be a re-run for what Obama has tried - Carter failed and, so far, so has Obama.

Many people in our country have no clue about the operations of our government or the leaders who head it. In fact, over 85% of all incumbents are re-elected and some have served for up to 40 years. The framers of our Constitution never envisioned that some would assume the mantel of “professional legislator”. They thought that there should be citizen legislators who would serve for a number of years and then turn over the reins to another citizen. Many of these “career politicians” have become very wealthy even though they have earned a modest salary (approximately $176,000 per year). Some of their decisions (in the form of “earmarks”) have resulted in them directly or indirectly benefiting from their legislative activities. I’m not talking about them inheriting family wealth, I’m talking about some “shady deals” when in office and when they retire (or voted out of office) by being hired by lobbying companies. Some of these “retired” legislators now earn upwards of six figures and some even seven figures. This is not relegated to either Republicans or Democrats, as members of both parties have cashed in.

By being aloof of the workings of our government, we then could be referred to as our own worst enemy, because we could “transform” our country for the better instead of for the worse. Let’s rid ourselves of the cancer that now resides in the White House.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

OBAMA speaks:

Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Here’s a headline from ‘The Daily Caller’ that should make all true Americans go into a huddle with themselves: “Obama speech to soldiers met with silence.”

Whenever I see Obama standing in front of an audience of our Armed Forces who were obviously ordered to attend, sit erect and applaud appropriately, I am sickened. As a former member of our military I can only imagine the discomfort and humiliation of having to ‘clean up, stand inspection and march’, just to provide a background like a large oil painting, for this (*bleep*) Commander-in-Chief to blabber his horseshit.

What could be more frustrating than to be forced to sit there without fidgeting and listen to this arrogant coward blow his own horn? It has to be a maddening experience for these fine young men and women who voluntarily put their lives on the line every day in order to protect our nation and its citizens. It is unfair. It is obscene. It is blasphemous. But sadly, it is typical ‘Obama’.

This nation has never seen the like of a president who is more of a hypocrite than this one. He is so blatantly anti-military, anti-Constitution, anti-free enterprise, anti-personal freedom, anti-individual accomplishment and anti-$uccess – that when I hear him spout his Marxist ideology cloaked in phony flag-waving, it brings on tears of anger.

After four years of exposure to Obama’s twisted philosophy and rancid rhetoric, I find that I am now surrounded by a protective wall of distrust and resentment. And,
‘He did build that’.


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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is There a Republican “War on Women“?

As the Democrats try to shift emphasis from discussing the economy and jobs, you hear the baneful cry from the Democrats that the Republicans are engaging in a “war on women”. Is that charge true?

Is that ploy really on the radar of the average voter, especially the woman voter? Why are such powerful women such as Condolezza Rice, Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Gov. Nikki Haley of So. Carolina, Mayor Mia Love of Utah, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, etc. all standing with such a terrible “evil” party who hold women in such disdain? This phony issue is being used by the Obama campaign, run by his political thugs in Chicago, as a diversion to hide from the pitiful record of Obama and the Democrats.

Can you imagine that honorable men and dutiful husbands like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, should be vilified as being antagonistic toward women when their own personal lives portray just the opposite? Why is all this pandering to “women’s issues” by Obama and Democrats - and that those issues are almost all tied to sex or reproduction? That women may worry about taxation, terrorism, government spending, jobs, or other “men’s issues” is apparently inconceivable to those liberal loons. How condescending is that?

Who did Democrats trot out to justify their misguided policies? Well, at their recently concluded national convention, they recruited former President Bill Clinton to speak for Obama and the Democrats. What better choice to counteract this mythical “War on Women” than to have a serial woman abuser and sexual harasser to be venerated as a principal speaker and a moral spokesman for the party, while they condemn the Republicans as putting women down. It seems they have a “selective outrage” when it comes to who can abuse women and still be held in high esteem. Do they forgive Clinton’s anti-woman indiscretions because he favors unfettered abortion on demand? Would their “war on women” become moot if both Romney/Ryan were unconditionally in favor of abortion?

To double-down on their fervor to condemn both Romney/Ryan, they also trotted out that professional woman activist/feminist student, Sandra Fluke, to expand on the proposition that Republicans are viciously anti-woman, mainly because they won’t back up her demand to get birth control from her Catholic university so she can continue her randy lifestyle activities without getting pregnant. What does that attack have to do with creating jobs or improving a moribund economy? It is all “smoke and mirrors” in their over the top attempt to divert attention away from their disastrous handling of our economy. Pandering to women by scaring them into thinking that Republicans want to harm them, is despicable as well as irresponsible, and by fueling animus among many women who don’t buy into this phony “snake oil” proposition called a “War on Women”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

We have a Woman’s Perspective on this War on Women and Sandra Fluke Issue - Click HERE

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Democratic National Convention - 2012

If there ever was a misnomer, that’s it. A convention of Democrats is not a ‘Democratic’ convention. The recent gathering in Charlotte proved that, if nothing else.

What the world witnessed on TV - that is, those who had the stomach to watch it, knowing full well what was in store for them – was an absolute train wreck.

An assortment of 20,000 delusional Democrats came in from the rain, only to be pissed on from the podium by a series of unhinged speakers spouting lies, pie-in-the-sky promises and endless empty rhetoric, complete with histrionics.

As was bloviated non-stop by the Democrat hosts, the venue was changed from a huge outdoor facility holding 60,000 people, to an indoor facility with a capacity of 20,000. The reason ostensibly, was concern for the safety of attendees in the event of inclement weather. The obvious truth was that when the planners of this love fest realized that they wouldn’t be able to fill all those seats with loyal jackasses, they downsized the venue. That way, it would appear that they were being sensitive to safety concerns despite the necessity of turning away overflow crowds of jackasses that they simply couldn’t accommodate. How convenient. How neat.

One terribly disastrous consequence of this judicious down-sizing, was that one of the most highly anticipated features of any Democrat Convention, the Great Balloon Drop, wouldn’t punctuate the closing ceremony. Just not enough time to have all those balloons filled with inert gas. For a Party that is so ‘green’ and so loudly dedicated to preserving the atmosphere, it would seem a perfect opportunity to lead by example by harnessing the millions of cubic yards of hot air that would be emanating from the podium during the build-up to Obama’s acceptance speech. That amount of heated ozone could fill all the balloons in North Carolina. Biden’s speech alone could have done that. Plus, the volume of hot air produced by Clinton’s endless droning of egoistic blabber could have filled four Goodyear blimps with some to spare. Missed opportunity.

This chaotic convening of conflicted jackasses provided all the proof necessary, that four more years of this kind of knee-jerk, shoot-from-the-hip mismanagement of our nation’s affairs would drive the final nail into the coffin containing our freedom. John Sununu put it quite succinctly when he opined, “This administration couldn’t manage a one-car funeral.” I for one, am not going to give them that chance. We’ve seen what Obama’s Hope & Change was and is really all about – it is the planned destruction of our free-enterprise system and its replacement with a tyrannical ‘we know better than you do’ system of, ‘All Government, All the time’. Attention Democrat jackasses and other racists in America: Do you really want to vote for the demise of our country?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

See, I Told You So!

A few months ago, I wrote an editorial stating that this presidential campaign would be the dirtiest in modern memory. Well, it looks like my prediction is coming true and with a vengeance.

It has been said that politics is a “full contact sport”, and both sides scrape and claw to try to get votes, all well and good, but when does the negative campaign cross the line?

The most vicious campaign rhetoric seems to be emanating from the Obama campaign and its surrogates. It started with the over-the-top accusations against Romney and his association with Bain Capital, the company he ran up to the year 1999. Even though Bain Capital has been a highly successful equity capital company, Romney and his company have been accused of deliberately closing companies and throwing people out of work and milking the companies of its funds. If that be the case, how come the company is still in business with a business plan like that? Bain Capital sought out companies in trouble and invested in them in hopes of turning a possible failing company into a successful profit making company, that would not have to layoff workers and hopefully, be able to hire more workers and make a profit for its investors. That’s capitalism and our free enterprise system at work.

Some of the companies Bain Capital got involved in and saved from the bankruptcy scrapheap are: AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Sports Authority etc. Of course, some companies, regardless of all the efforts of Bain to turn it around, did fail. Bain had an 80% success rate, quite a good batting average I might add (ask A-Rod and Albert Pujols).

The Obama campaign is using a few of those companies that failed to try to discredit Romney and Bain, even though those were the exception rather than the rule. They point out that some steel companies Bain invested in, by pumping money into them, went out of business and accusing them of doing it on purpose, but they never told you that at the time these companies went belly up, the Chinese were dumping their steel in the U.S. at ridiculously low prices which the U.S. companies could not compete against or match and stay in business. Should Romney and Bain be accused of purposely leading those companies into bankruptcy?

Maybe the Obama campaign should compare its record of failure with that of Romney and Bain? Maybe they should tell us why companies they shoveled “Stimulus” money into, went out of business with thousands of workers losing their jobs? Here’s a list of companies that received “Obama money” and then went into the tank: Solyndra, Ener-1. Beacon Power, Abound Solar, Amonix Solar, Spectra Watt, Eastern Energy etc. All went belly-up and thousands of workers lost their jobs, and he has the nerve to point his finger at Romney and Bain?

Instead of Obama claiming that Romney killed jobs, maybe he should look at his own record of picking losers while using taxpayer money (our money)? Romney and Bain were using their own money (not losing taxpayer money), and in most cases were successful for their investors and for the people of those companies he and Bain helped save.

It looks like our “Narcissist in Chief” is so desperate to keep his job, he’ll stoop at anything to try to keep it. His motto seems to be, “The End Justifies the Means”.

See, I told you so!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Unconstitu​tional Obama

While President Obama is frequently cited as having been a “professor” of Constitutional Law at U. Chicago, he was not. He was effectively a lecturer, which in prestige, permanence, and pay is no professoriate.

Now, as President, Mr. Obama has exhibited a contempt for that document rarely seen by those steeped in its intricacies and history. In his term in office he has issued decrees to unelected bureaucrats to do that which he cannot, and which he has admitted he should not do. The odd mix of admissions of limitations challenged by his political determination to do, has put him in the position of being our first “do as I say, not as I do” president.

Obama’s initial challenge of “No” was with Obamacare, a mélange of health legislation and decrees which, if deemed constitutional, will forever change the delivery and costs of such services in America. Last year Obama anointed the EPA with far-reaching authority to mandate rules and regulations regarding emissions and environmental “hazards” which congress would not grant him because their effects would severely damage the economy.

This usurpation of congressional authority has not yet been judicially challenged, so for the moment it is a win for him. Then, last week, in a blatantly political, pre-election, non-executive order Obama simply gave his Department of Homeland Security the right to mandate special treatment for 800,000 illegal aliens resident here. This after his admission last September at a public forum that he had no authority to act unilaterally on this issue.

Mr. Obama is a political animal whose disregard for constitutional behavior is stunning. His attitude indicates a preference for telling both congress and voters that if they don’t like his actions they can “lump them” and change them once he has left office. Of course we can, but removing his stains is both a time consuming and costly legacy no electorate deserves, especially one whose polls are squarely opposed to Mr. Obama’s supra-constitutional agenda.

Conservative commentary by Richard Klitzberg

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings


When our national security is compromised and the lives of our service men and women are needlessly put in harm’s way by leaks coming directly from the White House, the buck stops directly at the President’s desk in the Oval Office.

The responsibility for such egregious, treasonous acts and the blame for the resulting consequences, belong squarely on the shoulders of President Barack Hussein Obama.

There are not enough Depends on all the shelves of all the stores in this nation, to sop up the leaks that have come from the rear entrance of the Obama White House.

His shuck-and-jive response, including his mock outrage at the accusation that anyone in his entourage is capable of such treasonous treachery is tragically, typical of his Narcissistic responses to any finger pointed in his direction for any reason. This is the most irresponsible person ever to occupy the Office of the President. There is nothing to compare with damage he has done to this nation. It is astonishing that one hate- filled individual, albeit supported by an army of ultra-left leaning ideologues and clueless Obama cultists, can have so corrupted the three branches of the Federal Government in such short order.

Can anyone deny that Obama’s policies are conceived out of his total disdain for the Constitution of the United States and are designed to circumvent the tenets of that sacred document? Can there be any doubt that the majority of those who wore blinders when voting for this man, simply looked at the color of his skin rather than looking into the content of his character? (My apologies to the text of Rev. MLKing’s speech) And please, spare me the automatic charges of racism. No more virulent racist exists on the face of this globe than Barack Obama, unless it is his bothersome, meddlesome First Lady, Queen of lavish vacations and extravagant expenditures of our tax bucks.

Can anyone deny that our national debt, directly attributable to Obama’s unprecedented spending sprees benefiting his cronies and our enemies, is a burden from which we will never recover? Can anyone deny that his very visible hatred for our system of free- enterprise, our representative form of government and our strong military – sends him into orbit? His underhanded, Chicago street-thug manner of conducting the nation’s affairs, has turned the Office of the President into a vile den of corruption and viciously vindictive retaliation against all opposing viewpoints. He is unbelievably inept at dealing with any of the real problems that must be dealt with at the Presidential level.

Since he is so totally bereft of real-life experience at anything other than running his mouth, it is understandable that he is so transparently reluctant to directly confront real problems. His immediate response to every problem is to create a straw-man that he can blame plus, throw in a few natural disasters. And of course, he never forgets to hark back to America’s original sin, that of electing George W. Bush. ‘W’ is of course, Obama’s default culprit-of-choice. How superbly convenient for the ‘Inept One’.

Obama’s entire bag of tricks was originated by Karl Marx and passed on to sponge- head Barack by Sol Alinsky. He knows nothing beyond the failed ideology of Marxism and the street-thug techniques for creating chaos that he learned as a Community Organizer in Chicago. Sadly, that is the totality of experience that can be expected from this square peg in a round hole. Can anyone in his right mind vote for four more years of this insanity? I guess it all ‘Depends’ on whose leaks you believe?


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