Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Koch Brothers vs. George Soros

To listen to the Democrats and the “Lame Stream Media”, headed up by NBC and the N.Y. Times, you’d think that the Koch Bros. were the worst people in the world, besides being un-American. How come they have been singled out for such scathing criticism by the loony left? Would being Republican have anything to do with it?

On the other hand, little is mentioned about liberal (a/k/a Democrat, Socialist or Progressive) benefactor, George Soros (also once known as Georgyi Schwartz), who has spent many millions of dollars backing Democratic policies, candidates, and many of Obama’s failed initiatives, including the (Un)Affordable Care Act. He has spent as much or more in his quest to “Socialize” our society as the Koch Bros. have in promoting free enterprise Capitalism. The Koch Bros. are demonized by the militant left, whereby George Soros has been canonized for his largesse to liberal causes and liberal candidates.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for this double- standard on the part of the left regarding the vilification of the Koch Bros.

The Koch Bros. came into prominence during the 2010 off-year elections (when the Tea Party sprouted up) when the Republicans won the House of Representatives by capturing 63 seats from the Democrats. The Koch Bros. gave liberally (no pun intended) to many of the winning Republican candidates, thereby raising the hackles of the opposition, the Democrats. Ever since, the Koch Bros. have been in the cross hairs of the leaders of the Democrats, led by that reckless bomb-thrower, Sen. Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader), Sen. Chuck Schumer, and the annoying Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, to name just a few. Instead of praising them for exercising their 1st Amendment right of free speech, the left has vilified them as being “evil” and un-American, and a scourge upon the earth. A little over the top rhetoric, don’t you think?

As listed on our blog a while back, The Koch Bros. own the 2nd largest privately owned company in the U.S. - Koch Industries. The Co. employs over 67,000 workers who earn their living by working for those “evil” entrepreneurs. The Koch Bros. (who are billionaires) have donated many, many millions of dollars to philanthropic causes including many colleges, including that beacon of liberal thought, Columbia Univ., museums, hospitals and charitable groups like the Salvation Army. Also, they have contributed millions of dollars to political causes, mainly to the benefit of Republicans, but also to some Democrats, including his biggest critics, Reid and Schumer, how ironic is that? Maybe the reason for the disdain, is that the Koch Bros. have been too successful in backing candidates that win elections, which the Democrats see as a major threat?

On the other hand, George Soros, a confessed Nazi collaborator in his native Hungary during WW11, has been donating millions of dollars to leftist groups and candidates, mostly all Democrats, and there is not a peep out of the media and the Democrats, about his past sordid life. Soros, an admitted atheist and Socialist, has done exactly like what the Koch Bros. have done, but only to the Democrats and left-wing groups and organizations.

In fact, George Soros, spent $26 million of his own money trying to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. He didn’t succeed.

So, I guess the old saying, “who’s ox is being gored” comes into reality when it comes to the Koch Bros. As long as they are successful in backing winning Conservative candidates, and the Democrats are in need of a diversionary scapegoat from their failed policies, they will be pictured as being the symbol of “evil” incarnate, and so the world turns.

You could say, after reading this, that the Democrats have double-standards, but, then you could say, if the Democrats didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have any standards all.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Pay attention, America!
You are about to learn first-hand, the truth about how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handled the Muslim terrorist's attack on Benghazi  and just how much this President and his Administration really care about those who courageously serve our nation in some of the world's most dangerous foreign diplomatic posts.
For those who are not close followers of the political maneuverings and the shenanigans that go on in Washington, D.C., particularly in the halls of Congress -
For those who are too busy with their own lives and have little interest in what goes on at the seat of our Federal Government in the Capital City -
For those who are not in the habit of reading newspapers or periodicals and get all their news from CNN, CNBC, ABC and CBS on their flat screenTVs   and -
For those who simply can't be bothered with knowing the facts about where our nation is headed or just how close we have become to losing our freedoms and our traditional American way of life - -
Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) of The U.S. House of Representatives will chair a Select Committee (comprised of both Democrats and Republicans) to Investigate the Benghazi Terror attack on 9/11/2012.  Check your  local listing on your favorite stations listed above for selective coverage - or FOX News and C-Span for full coverage.  
If you really want to know how seriously your elected Representatives take your national security and how interested they are in getting to the full truth about the Benghazi horror that included four murdered Americans - and precisely how politically  partisan your Reps can behave - make it your business to follow the progress of this  investigation.   This will be your best chance to learn what's going on.    
Your hair will catch fire.  Guaranteed.

MORT KUFF  © 5-25-2014

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

It’s All About Winning

Maybe we should take a page (we Republicans) out of the Democrat’s playbook and support candidates that can win elections, not just a candidate who can win a debate at the local Republican club.

Unfortunately for Republicans, they sometimes get hung up on political “purity”, instead of picking the best candidate that can win. Look what happened in 2012 in the presidential primaries and in the general election. The country was in really bad shape due to the policies of Obama, and it should have been a victory for the “good guys”, but we lost. Many Conservatives didn’t go out and vote because our candidate, Mitt Romney, wasn’t “pure” enough by their standards. By their obstinacy, look what we got, four more years of that walking and talking disaster called, Barack Hussein Obama. It seems Romney, according to the “purists”, wasn’t “conservative enough”. That goes against the strategy put forth by Ronald Reagan who offered the “80% solution”, whereby a Republican should support a candidate if he/she is “right” on 80% of the issues as compared to his opponent who was way down on the percentage list. In other words, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

We are never going to find a person (candidate) who we will agree with 100% of the time, so it behooves us to get behind the candidate who agrees with most of our views, and most importantly, who can win an election. That’s the key, who can win an election.

In the past, we had the opportunity to gain Senate seats in Nevada, Delaware, Missouri, and Indiana, but we nominated flawed candidates, who made some outrageous statements, who were then vilified by their opponents and, in addition, those statements were used against other Republican candidates in other states. We lost those seats and a couple of others, as a result. We can’t or should not let that ever happen again.

Yes, challenge others in your party, without making it a political bloodbath, like what happened in 2012,, but if you lose, don’t skulk and whine, swallow your pride and get behind your/their victorious opponent so that he/she might carry the banner of the party into office. To do otherwise, it would be like shooting yourself in the foot, and as I said before, remember 2012.

So, in conclusion, get behind a candidate, who might not be “pure” but is at least part of the 80% solution, so that we can win the next election(s) and avoid the disaster that our country faces now, the person that resides in the White House.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sharia is unAmerican

The road to ARMAGEDDON is Sharia! An abominable
sickness, incubated in the womb of radical Islam, scourging
the world with an insipid disease under the guise of religion.

It is a power grab by unscrupulous tyrants under an umbrella
of titles like imam and Ayatollah, to hide their intent to
control the life and mind of their people.

Their quasi fundamentalism reduces Allah to pagan status,
demanding human sacrifice. An ancient and primitive ritual
no longer practiced by civilized societies.

Promising a bevy of virgins in the after life by becoming a
martyr, is designed to enlist ignorant chauvinist males into
the fold. It delegates the role of women to be in servitude
to their husbands for their urges and needs. Their daughters
are used like goats to be bartered to dirty old men from
birth, and refusal to comply is susceptible to honor killing.
For their hapless sons, they are brainwashed to honor their
father and Allah by becoming human bombs.

There is a ray of progress....instead of stoning, a Sudanese
woman, eight months pregnant, is considered to be Islamic
because of her father, although her mother was Orthodox
Christian, was ordered to be lashed, accused of adultery for
marrying outside her religion, and sentenced to hang after
her baby is born, for not renouncing her Christianity.

Sharia is the mortal control of human destiny, not of a
Divine Spirit. How much longer is the Muslim world going to
keep turning a blind eye to the hijacking of their religion?
When is our government going to wise up and outlaw Sharia
and quit being politically correct to protect entities bent
on destroying our Judeo-Christian principles?

Conservative column from George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies 

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

President Pinocchio

A few weeks ago, I wrote an editorial called, “President Santa Claus” in reference to the policies put forth by President Barack Hussein Obama. In it, I tried to explain how Obama trolled for votes by offering and giving out “freebies” to the “low information” voters. It seems like he succeeded, but, in reality, the country lost.

Upon reflection, I could’ve used another sobriquet to describe Obama, how’s this, “President Pinocchio”? He is not only our leader, but he is our “misleader”. We all know politicians lie and lie again and again - some are just fibs, but in in Obama’s case, they are “whoppers”. You’ve got to hand it to him, he will look you in the eye and blatantly tell you a lie without blinking an eye. I guess if you are a narcissist, like Obama, you are incapable of telling a lie even when you are telling one.

Remember, during the 2008 campaign, in a forum sponsored by the Rev. Rick Warren, he openly and emphatically said that marriage was between a man and a woman, and he felt that way as a Christian. Well, I guess he was telling a lie then, as he eventually changed his “belief system” into now believing in same-sex marriage. Was his flip-flop on this subject done for political purposes - is Harry Reid a “four flusher” (definition of “four flusher”: one who so full of crap that it would take four flushes during the movement to clear the bowl). The answer is, of course it was for political purposes!

Other blatant attempts by Obama to tell out-and-out lies are his pronouncements about his future “legacy”, Obamacare (a/k/a the (Un)Affordable Care Act). He said, time after time, to the American people, that they could keep their health care plan, period. He said they could keep their doctor, period. He said a family of four would save $2,500 by buying a policy under Obamacare, they didn’t - all lies, and according to the Washington Post, he got “4 Pinocchio’s” for his blatant disregard for the truth.

Not only does he lie to the American people, he lies to the world. He said that if the Syrian government used chemical weapons (he drew a “red line”) there would be dire consequences - there were none after chemical weapons were used. He lied again. He said Iran will not get nuclear weapons as long as he was president - well, Iran is well along and in just a short amount of time, they will announce that they have the bomb. Another lie. It now looks like Israel will have to do it alone, to take the nukes out of Iran, because we are now considered a “paper tiger”.

The list of lies goes on and on, but the main stream media seems to still be in Obama’s pocket as they obviously omit reporting on his out-and-out lies in their reporting of events both here and abroad. What a disgrace from the 4th Estate, who is supposed to monitor the goings on in government, and to inform the people of misdeeds and outright lying by the people in power. It looks like they have abdicated their oversight duty for partisan political purposes. Well, if they won’t tell the story, I will, our President should be called by his rightful name, President Pinocchio. Now you can call me a racist.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

MORT's meanderings

I was wrong all that time.
For years and years, I labored under the misapprehension that nobody could be either right all the time, or wrong all the time.  Now, it looks as if I was wrong all that time.  
After nearly a hundred years of the Democrat Progressives salivating about enacting every wet dream of their Socialist ideology since Woodrow Wilson was a pup, Obama successfully accomplished that ignominious feat.  His plan of hoped-for change that featured 're-distribution' of wealth from successful citizens to the less successful, less fortunate, lower- income citizens, was accomplished with the help of Democorrupt Congressional  leaders, Pelosi and Reid.  When they jammed the ObamaCare bill through both branches of the Legislature overnight - without a single Member having read the thousands of pages of Socialist ideology, gobbledy-gook, pitfalls & tax traps - and without one single Republican voting in favor of this Democrat power-grab, the dirty deed was done.  
Barack Hussein Obama and his army of Something-for Nothing, anti-Constitution, anti-American, anti- free-enterprise enablers had poisoned  the Nation's supply of drinking water. In one fell swoop, the future of the best health care system in the world was destroyed.  Our economy was pole-axed.  Our Liberty and personal freedoms were hi-jacked.  Our Legislature was neutralized and rendered impotent.  And, our future was handed over to the control of one tyrannical, despotic Marxist- Muslim miscreant president who at his core, despises the principles of government so nobly established by our Founding Fathers.  And finally, when the Chief Justice of The Supreme Court issued his tortured interpretation of the legality of this atrocity against America's citizenry, we knew we'd been had - and had in a very bad way.
So, I was wrong about nobody being wrong-all-the- time.  This president, the enablers in his administration and the entirety of Democorrupt-Progressive-ultra-Left enablers are  All Wrong, All the Time   24/7 - 365.   Facts don't lie but, this president does.


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Death of “Free Speech” and “Expression”

Some might say that we are on the road to dealing the death blow to “free speech” and “expression”. Is that an extreme view or statement?

Well, let’s look at some incidents that might give some credence this statement. Just recently, the CEO of Mozilla, was “forced” to resign his position because he once donated to a traditional marriage group who campaigned for Proposition 8 in California, which was a proposition against legalizing same-sex marriage (it passed in liberal California with 53% of the vote); a Somali woman who champions women’s rights in Muslim countries, was denied an honorary degree at Brandeis University because of her views on the practices of Islam in regards to their treatment of women; and the organized effort of the feared “I.R.S.” to target organizations and groups they deemed not “politically correct”, and on and on and on. This might reasonably be called the new “fascism”, under the cloak of “equality” and “fairness”, which could lead to the death of free speech and expression, in this, the citadel of freedom, the United States of America.

For the past 5 years, we have been bombarded by certain groups and political operatives that any negative views that people may have, and which they attempt to air those views, the wrath of those “free speech deniers” will come down upon them with vengeance. Should we be mimicking Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, and No. Korea, who routinely stifle free speech and expression?

In our country today, the right to express your views, without recrimination and vituperation, on the topics of global warming, same-sex marriage, and legalization of drugs, to name just a few, is a perilously close to being shut down. If you disagree with the Liberal (a/k/a Progressive) viewpoint, you become enemy #1, #2, and #3 in the eyes of some misguided Democrats and left-leaning media talking heads. The use of mockery and inferences of being un-American, because you might hold opposing views, are thrown about willy-nilly in hopes of shutting down dissenting opinion. They want you to shut up and be quiet, they don’t want you to rock the boat.

A few years ago, the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain was targeted for a boycott because the owner was in favor of traditional marriage. This outrageous attempt failed as scores of people around the country specifically went out to patronize these restaurants to show their support for free speech and support for the owner.

The antidote for “objectionable ” free speech is more free speech, not less. Too many people around the world don’t have the right to express themselves as we have here in the United States.

Let’s all rise up and voice the cry that was made famous in the 1976 movie “Network”, when the lead actor Peter Finch went to the window and yelled out, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”. That would be a soul cleansing move that is badly needed in these trying, “politically correct” times.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Clinton Virus

A proven way to fight disease is to nip it in the bud, or by prevention. Between
now and November 1, 2016, my efforts will be to stop, or prevent further
contamination to our country, that can happen if we are not careful.

It is not too early to prepare for a Clinton virus, waiting in hibernation to strike.
It needs a friendly environment to develop which mainstream media is always
eager to provide. Pounding Hillary Clinton's record ceaselessly, showing how
it has mutated into this deadly virus will neutralize it. To do this, endless
questioning about her less than illustrious record and statements she has made
must never ease.

To start off, in an interview on ABC News TV in October 14, 2009, Hillary said,
" I have absolutely no interest in running for president again."  Becoming the
democratic candidate for president in 2016 will give her enamored ones the
chance and choice to vote for another liar!

My question to Hillary is, what is it exactly if anything you have done, can be
considered beneficial to others rather than yourself?

From "The President and His Adversaries"December 1993, as quoted in Blood
Sport, "I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We  are
the President!"

Quoted in Boston Globe, March 26, 1992, " I suppose I could have stayed home
and baked cookies and had teas." Now that she will be a grandmother soon, perhaps
she should have stayed home and sharpened her skills baking cookies. At least
maybe she would have been good at something!

Conservative column from George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

MORT's meanderings

    Have a slice of 'humble pie', MORT.       
A guy like me with an ego such as mine, really, reeeeally hates to admit it when he's wrong.   Well now, I'm not saying that my days of shooting from the hip are all behind me but, I am stating unequivocally, that I'm one chastened little journalist.  And, I've just sworn a solemn oath to do a lot more research and digging in the future, before submitting to any of my initial feelings of outrage. Lesson learned.  Mmm, good pie.
Just a couple days ago, I bought some 'Forever' stamps at my local USPS and upon close examination, realized that the blue field of the flag had 'smudgy' white stars in an unusual configuration and the red and white stripes where out of order with the flag I know so well.  I am an artist and I love, 'Old Glory' just as it is; I don't consider it a proper subject for artistic creativity or free-style 'impressionism'.  I'm intolerant of that.
So, when I saw what someone had done to 'my flag' and further, had the unmitigated gall to use it on a United States postage stamp - I flew into snit and wrote a masterful hit piece about this outrage.  Only problem is, that I was wrong.  Dead wrong.
A faithful reader of MORT's meanderings and now, a more-than-ever cherished, faithful reader, was kind enough to call attention to my misplaced outrage.  And wouldn'tcha know it, he did so with documented proof proffered in such a genteel manner that I stood corrected without so much as a bruised ego showing, even a little bit.  
Of course, when this egregious error was brought to my attention, I meejitly jumped onto my Google-cycle and learned to my chagrin, that everything I thought I was correct about, was wrong.   The artist whose work is shown on the stamp had used the flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes, known as the Great Garrison Flag, as his reference for the stamp design.  Major General George Armistead, Commander of Ft. McHenry in preparation for an expected attack by the British Navy during the War of 1812, had expressed a desire for a very large flag to fly over the Fort "that the British would have no difficulty seeing from a distance".  A Baltimore flagmaker, Mary Young PIckersgill, her daughter, two nieces and two African American servants stitched a huge flag that measured, 30' x 42'.  It withstood shot and shell and was immortalized in the poem by witness to the battle, Francis Scott Key,  Later set to music, it is now of course, our other most beloved symbol of Liberty, "The Star Spangled Banner.
MORT KUFF  © 4-28-2014         (A native of Baltimore, who should have known better.)

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