Monday, November 29, 2010


Have you ever had a program or idea announced by someone in authority that you know
was a “sham” or unworkable, but you were told it was in your best interest, in other
words, it was “Doomed to Succeed”, no matter what you thought of the merits of that
proposal or idea?

As a classroom teacher for over 30 years, I witnessed many of these proposals or ideas that were “Doomed to Succeed” by overly optimistic and sometimes totally na├»ve school administrators.

For example, back in the 1970’s, some genius in authority decided that a structured
classroom was too stifling for students which hindered their self-expression and inhibited their self-esteem. These “experts” thought the “open classroom” (the name given to this type of teaching environment) was the answer to making “learning” fun again, but, as a result, it had a negative effect on the school atmosphere as discipline deteriorated, students learning suffered, and many teachers were found to be ill-equipped and some even lost control of their classrooms. The “tail was wagging the dog”.

I don’t think this type of thinking has left the psyche of today’s educational establishment and it has had a sub-conscious effect on the “dumbing down” of American education. Whenever the learning atmosphere in a school deteriorates, it has a detrimental effect on all aspects of the school. The curriculum gets watered down, and the grades get inflated to make up for the lack of meaningful education taking place.

In the political world, we see today, the politicians, in power, pushing programs that are not beneficial to us or our society, but due to political considerations, they are pushing these proposals and proposed laws down the throats of the citizenry – in other words, these proposals and proposed laws are “Doomed to Succeed” and the public be damned as they, the politicians, know what’s better for us than we do ourselves.

We have a great health care system, the best in the world, but it can be very expensive to access by the average family. Everyone knows that some reform is needed, but the question is, which reform should be implemented to solve the problem. Just because you call something reform doesn’t make it reform. In a simplistic definition, the liberals want to throw out the present system and to institute a government- run system (to lead into a single-payer system, ala Canada), whereas the conservatives want to fix the affordability problem and keep the means of providing health care into the private sector, with doctor and patient in charge, with minimal interference from the government.

The liberals using heart tugging anecdotal medical hardships claim that the government is the only entity that can bring health insurance to the 5% of our citizens who want or need health insurance, but who cannot afford it. A complete “transformation” is their goal. The conservatives say that is like “throwing out the baby with the bathwater”, and in the process will bankrupt our economy, foster health care rationing, creating long lines waiting to get health care, and raise our taxes, which might just keep us in a stifling recession that might just lead us into becoming like a third-world nation.

My position is that I don’t want the liberals to succeed in their destructive endeavor. I hope that their naive health care proposals will not be “Doomed to succeed”. It’ll be interesting to see how this will play out in the future, and whether the voice of the people will finally be heard by our elected representatives.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

“Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.....”

The complete quote by Sir Walter Scott (an Eighteenth Century Scottish author) is, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

Doesn't that quote sort of describe the present-day politicians who are now running our country? No matter what party you are affiliated with or support, you'll have to admit that deception (and obfuscation) are endemic as to how they operate in the pursuit of their political goals.

It seems that all politicians are not in favor of excess government spending, but how come we have excess government spending? It seems that all politicians are against poverty and for the poor people, but we have more poor today than in the past? It seems that all politicians are against excess taxation, but why do they continue to raise our taxes, especially against the the job-producing entrepreneur class? Most all the politicians seem to be against all the excesses of government, but we seem to have more excesses than ever before. Is that the “tangled web” Sir Walter Scott was referring to?

In this the worst recession since the “Great Depression”, we keep hearing from this Administration that we have turned the corner and that our economic situation is improving. Is that a form of deception when national unemployment is at 9.7% (in real terms 17%), when our national debt is over $13 trillion (which represents 90% of our GDP), when home foreclosures are at an all time-high, when real wages had declined 3.1% in 2009, when home prices have dropped by more than 15% nationwide (but higher here in Florida)? To any impartial observer, the answer is a resounding “YES”, it is a form of deception to give these rosy scenarios when the facts tell a different story.

During the run-up to the passage of the ObamaCare bill, earlier this year, we were told of the many glorious things that were contained therein. Some of these claims were made by politicians, who hadn't even read the bill, which were outright deceptions (lies). They claimed that costs would be lowered (not true), that workers could keep their present insurance coverage (many companies are now dropping coverage, ex. 3M Co.). They also claimed that coverage would be voluntary, but the person refusing coverage would be fined, and on and on.

Do we really need anymore verification of what Sir Walter Scott opined in the Eighteenth Century when he said, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”? I think that many of today's elected politicians will find out that the electorate has finally figured out that they have been deceived by the people they elected to represent them. Many were voted out this past November. The next step will be to clean out the rest of the House the Senate and the Presidency in 2012. Thank God for little miracles now and for bigger miracles later!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mort's Meanderings

Obama has an army of sicko-phants who make him appear smart by comparison. None however, illustrate that comparison quite as vividly as Joe Biden. Biden was the most stupidly arrogant Senator from Delaware who for years, was occupied on almost a full-time basis with projecting his own self-image as, 'just a regular guy'. The only way in which this sobriquet might possibly be construed as an accurate characterization, would be to monitor the regularity of his productive visits to the bathroom.

When he was selected by Obama (or whomever did Obama's selecting) as the hayseed white guy who could 'even out' the Pres/VP team, he was elevated to a super-stage light years beyond any real value he could contribute as part of a new administration. So in reality, when the election was handed to Obama by 53% of the most-unenlightened voting population since Hitler became Chancellor in Germany, Biden became the most stupidly arrogant Vice President in this nation's history. Throughout his tarnished career, Biden has not so much suffered as enjoyed, his acute case of foot-in-mouth disease. He revels in the distinction.

Biden as a buffoon, has no peer. He stands alone as this nation's "Blithering-Chatty-Cathy-Doll-at-Large", in service to Obama, this nation's "Embarrassment-in-Chief".

Forgive us World, for we know not what we do.

Cheers, anyhow.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF (c) 2010

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Democrat's Nightmare: Allen West

Michael Savage interviews Allen West immediately after he won as U.S. Representative for Florida's 22nd congressional district.
It should be interesting to see Colonel Allen West with the Congressional Black Caucus. As Allen West who refuses to play the victim and who lives by the words "let us judge men not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Chuck On The Right Side
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


To me it is a black mark when it is proposed by some self-serving Democrat or Republican legislator to try to ensure their re-election to office, or to make “brownie” points with their constituents back home. No matter if the “earmark” is needed or not, they want “to bring home the pork” because they want to show the hometown or home state folks that he/she is doing for them as only he/she can do in representing them – or so they rationalize.

Granted, it only makes up a very small portion of the budget, but it is in what it conveys, the symbolism, that makes this process so invidious. Some members in both parties have railed against this practice over the past two election cycles, but with the election of a great number of Tea Party endorsed candidates, the issue has now come to the forefront, and rightly so. It is the “career” politicians who seem to be fighting against the ending of the “earmark” practice, as they have been the biggest abusers over the years.

President Obama condemned this practice during his campaign for president, but upon signing the last proposed budget he forgot his promise and agreed to over a thousand earmarks that was contained in the budget proposal. He succumbed to the pressure of the powerful legislators of both parties. These earmarks included all kinds of projects with dubious benefits for the greatest good for the greatest number of U.S. Citizens. Some of these “earmarks” were of such a questionable nature, that even the bureaucrats, who would supposedly benefit from it, didn't even request it. But, that doesn't matter to the power-hungry politician who wants to be re-elected over and over again. And in their quest, damn the taxpayers.

Over the years we've heard of a “Bridge to Nowhere”, studies of the sex lives of bees, buildings bought or constructed with taxpayer money to honor the politicians by naming the building after themselves or to one one of their contributing cronies. The late senator, Robert Byrd (D) of West Virginia, was known as the “King of Pork”. During his almost 50 years of service in the senate, he had hundreds of buildings, parks, roads and schools named after him at a taxpayer cost of many, many millions of dollars. Two other “porkers” of note, who also have passed on, Ted Stevens (R) of Alaska, and John Murtha (D) of Pennsylvania, were both notorious for “bringing home the bacon” for their state and/or congressional district. Rep. Murtha was responsible for getting the the “Airport for No One” through the “earmark” process. This boondoggle project cost over $200 million and it now serves a small area of Pennsylvania with just 3 flights per day only between Johnstown (the John Murtha airport) and Wash. D.C.

Why do we, the taxpayers, allow this rape of the U.S. Treasury to take place? Diffidence or ignorance are some of the words that can be used to explain why these career politicians can get away with this fraud. It must be working because, up until this past election, the incumbent was re-elected approximately 95% of the time.

When a politician, who uses “earmarks” to direct funds to a particular project in his/her district or state, he/she in turn expects that the beneficiary of that earmark, a person, company, or organization, would be expected to contribute (some may call it a kickback) to that politicians campaign fund as a gesture of thanks. I'm sure the politician, contrary what he/she would say in public, takes careful note of the largesse of the contributor's contribution to his/her campaign fund.

Is this an outright bribe? Probably not, but it stinks to high heaven anyway you slice it. The perception of corruption is just as bad as actual overt corruption, and as a result the voter becomes more and more cynical and jaded to the ethics of our elected representatives. And rightly so!

I think all “earmarks” should be exposed to the light of day and each elected representative should have to justify the reasons behind his/her request. If it is a worthwhile project, let the legislators vote on its viability with a yea or nay vote. It's time to make the surreptitious “earmark” a thing of the past so that we can erase the “black mark” that surrounds it.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Portrait of Arrogance

It is a short trip from the penthouse to the outhouse. From Michael Vick and Eliot Spitzer to Tiger Woods and Mel Gibson, we are still amazed when people self-implode. Maybe because of our American spirit of optimism and can do attitude, we appreciate a success story. We sometimes become emotionally invested and more times than not, we bet long, when knowing human nature, we should sell short. We all love the 'feel good' movie with the Disney ending. Barack Obama was supposed to be the feel good political story of our lifetime. He was a young, smart, cool, black man. His hope and change promised to be the salve for a weary and needy nation. While he did not feel our pain, he inspired hope in many and promised change to all. Well, he was certainly half-right. Now his most ardent supporters have turned on him like a tiger tired of taking orders from a guy named Roy . The way the wheels have come off this 'Big Wheel', you would think he wandered on to the set of COPS and drove over a spike strip.

Like George Bush before him, he gave Robert Woodward white house access for his eventual book, 'Obama's Wars'. At first, I thought he was having an LBJ moment. When Johnson was asked why he kept J. Edgar Hoover in power he replied, 'I would rather have him in the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in'. (Perhaps a precursor to a famous Godfather line?) Obama knew Woodward's history. However, Obama felt and still feels supreme in his charm offensive. It never occurred to anyone in the administration, that he would not be viewed in a positive light. His maniacal ego makes it impossible for him to be wrong. Don't believe me? As a senator, Obama gave the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention. When he walked off the stage he said, 'I am LeBron, I can play at this level'. When Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry complained that ObamaCare was HillaryCare reincarnate, Obama replied, 'Yeah, but this time you have me'. He told Richard Wolfe for an upcoming book, 'I actually believe my own bulls**t.

Once Woodward gave an account of an administration, and a president in particular, that was distant and indecisive; the journalistic gloves came off. The way the mainstream media took their cue from Woodward would embarrass real journalists. The pope of Washington 's investigative reporting would easily serve as their cover, protecting their precious access. The day the book hit the stands even MSNBC had some untoward remarks. Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, and Howard Fineman spoke ill of the president for the first time. From what I understand, the three people who were watching, told another three people, and those people told another three'.well, you get the idea how this could spread like the jaws of life. Time Magazine now calls the president, 'insular, incompetent, and clueless' as if it were common knowledge. Pat Caddell, a Democratic operative for the last 40 years, said this about the administration: 'These are naive idiots who've come out of academia and have never done anything real in their lives, and they are actually in power. These are the people we never let in the room when we had serious business to do. Now they're running the country.' That's going to leave a mark!

Desperation has set in like epoxy. There are boogiemen and straw men to fight. After 21 months of blaming Bush, he is now picking fights that truly diminish the office. His constant harangue on people and businesses shows his utter lack of respect for the office we hold so dear. He blamed Minority Leader Boehner, by name, for his failed policies. He blamed Fox News by name. He then blamed Karl Rove, again, by name. He blamed the United States Chamber of Commerce because they accept foreign money. The man is crazed and confused. Imagine George Bush blaming CBS or James Carville? The foreign money that the chamber accepts is legal and is in the form of dues. It is about $100,000. The chamber's advertising budget is north of 200 million dollars. Has Obama forgotten about 'The Center for American Progress', one of many such organizations funded by everybody's favorite currency trader, Hungarian George Soros? The man who has visited the white house the most times is Andy Stern, former president of the Service Employees International Union, SEIU. I should probably mention that he stepped down from his position, now that he is under investigation by the FBI. Obama talks about the right trying to 'steal democracy'. Given the chance, he will steal America. With unemployment in double digits, does he not know that this might not be the best time to pick a fight with the Chamber of Commerce? People might see that as dysfunctional government with Obama putting party ahead of country. The country's economy is in the toilet and he is openly vilifying the Chamber of Commerce. I am glad the media is available to keep reminding me how smart he is.

Bill Clinton, with a Republican congress knew enough to move to the center and let the Republicans save his presidency. The Republican congress gave him the political cover to govern as a moderate. Obama may very well be in the exact same situation. However, for as brilliant as everyone says he is, he will be 100% clueless. As the quarterback, he knows only one play, 'student body left'. He is convinced that if he keeps lecturing us, that sooner or later, sometime down the road, in a galaxy far, far away, even we will understand.

The country has a severe case of buyer's remorse. Unfortunately, we cannot return the source of our remorse for two more years. Yes, I understand we have a receipt, but no refund will be forthcoming. This is not a test drive and we are way beyond kicking the tires. We are in the middle of a four-year lease and the best we can hope for is better mechanics to make the ride tolerable. As Jerry Seinfeld said to Kramer, 'I don't return fruit. To me, fruit is a gamble.' Well, call it sour grapes if you like, but we will have to pucker up for two more years before we can return this lemon. Hopefully, we will use our collective melons, to cherry pick a top banana, who is as American as apple pie. How sublime.

Written By Donald R. Schuman, Jr

Hat Tip to Fred Page

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ron Klein: Too dangerous? Too extreme?

Since the mid-term election on November 2nd, I've been trying to figure out why so many Jewish voters in Dist. 22 threw Ron Klein under the bus and voted for, Allen West (LTC. U.S. Army, Retired). After all, Ronnie was a loyal soldier, too. (so to speak) He served faithfully in Gen. Nancy's Army. He followed orders and did what he was told.

Was he too dangerous? Was he too extreme? Was it that he hung out with a rowdy bunch of gays and lesbians who ride tri-cycles (with training wheels)? Was it because he is such a potty-mouth and tells such lies? Was it because he voted for every tyrannical tax and salacious spending bill proposed by Obama and Pelosi? Was it because he is such a coward that he had to rely on Rat-'PACs' to put out that series of vicious personal attacks on his opponent and his opponent's family?

I find it astonishing that considering the many monumental legislative bills conceived and authored by Klein, bills that he so skillfully guided through the House to successful passage (I'm certain that such a list exists), there will be such a teensy-tiny void left to fill upon his exit from the Congress. How could that be?

How could this patriotic paragon who gave away so many flags that were flown over the Capitol, be so callously ejected from the halls of Congress by the voters of Florida's Dist. 22? Could it be due to the glowing endorsement of his candidacy by the Sun-Sentinel, despite his abysmal performance in the debate against Allen West at Lynn University? The same Sun-Sentinel just published a litany of 'pat-ourselves-on-the back' awards and kudos received by staffers for outstanding journalistic fetes. I scanned that list but somehow, missed the Pulitzer Prize that surely was awarded to political writer Anthony Man for his tireless, pandering coverage of Ron Klein's thunderously dull two terms in the House. Give credit to Tony; he is a skilled writer. He has mastered the art of writing volumes about Allen West with scant mention of his name.

In my rush to get through that exciting list of 'atta-boys', I guess that I missed the award given to the paper's Editorial Board, for its numerous courageous stands and unbiased treatment of LTC. Allen West throughout his two runs against Ron Klein. How those chaps and chappettes managed to be so scrupulously, unerringly fair & balanced (almost FOX News-like) is a signal accomplishment in this era of mawkish journalism.

Well, never mind all that. It must be obvious to anyone who reads and believes everything contained in the Jewish Journal, that the reason Klein lost this election is because Obama failed to fully explain the incumbent's many attributes to the 'tens of thousands' of dutiful Democrats here in S.E. Florida. The unfortunate result was, that these 'tens of thousands' of FDR Democrat voters who never got the word, were out-voted by those 16 Viet Nam vets riding their motorcycles and waving the American Flag.

Question? Will Klein abandon the Democrat Party ala Cholly Crist and run for the U.S. Senate as an Independent? Will the Sun-Sentinel try again? Next time, will Klein take a page from 'Pastrami Irv Slosberg's' book and give away deli sandwiches to garner support from the hungry masses in Century Village and King's Point? What will he do in a desperate effort to get back into the good graces of Debbie-Whatever Schmutz's gaggle of brave protesters?

Stay tuned folks. This guy Klein might appear slightly effeminate but, he's a tough and wily fighter with all the fire, brimstone and class of a Barney Frank.

Oh, by the way, Ronnie-baby - "How's your family?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF

P.S. Ron's Social Security number is available upon request. (only kidding, only kidding)

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Monday, November 8, 2010


Loyalty is defined as a feeling of faithfulness (dependability and fidelity) or allegiance to a person, place, or thing. I bring this topic up upon hearing, this past spring, that 5 players, on one of the top-ranked basketball teams in the country, are jumping ship and applying to the N.B.A. draft and, therefore, are abandoning their school scholarships. In fact, one player, All-American John Wall, is leaving after only one year at Kentucky.

What a joke! Here we are giving a valuable scholarship to an individual(s) to get an education in addition to have him (them) play the sport of basketball for the University. Did these players really desire to get an education or did they use that scholarship as a stepping stone to playing in the N.B.A. and becoming a millionaire? I’m sure we all know the answer to that question. I have no quarrel with anyone using his athletic ability and skills to better himself financially, but why go through this charade of giving the school’s scholarship money to “non-scholars” when that money could’ve been used by a deserving, financially needy “student scholar” who will actually add something positive to our society other than a three-point field goal?

I heard, during the Final Four of the NCAA basketball tournament, the two finalists – Duke and Butler – that those teams graduated more than 80% of their basketball players. Great news! Conversely, other teams like the Univ. of Maryland had a graduation rate of 0% and now the Univ. of Kentucky has had 5 starters leave for the N.B.A. without them getting a degree. These are, by no means, isolated schools that have horrendous graduation rates. Those players who “used” these duplicitous schools to further their careers are just one injury or one criminal conviction or incident away from becoming a burden on our society by not having that valuable “sheepskin” to fall back upon when their athletic talent fades away and they are no longer needed or wanted by the sport. The N.B.A. teams don’t really need a General Manager, they need a probation officer. What a disgrace to listen to these “school dropouts”, who were representing schools of higher learning, in trying to articulate a sentence in understandable English.

Most of these dropouts happen to be minority students who are recruited by these schools, not for their brains but for their brawn. So we not only have the athletes (I don’t use the word student-athlete because in most cases they aren’t even students) exploiting the University, but then you have the University exploiting the athlete – all for athletic glory and the dollars that will follow this inglorious arrangement. The old adage of, “Follow the money” really applies here. Money is king and academics take a back seat.

What a shame and what a waste of time and money.

Loyalty seems to be a forgotten virtue in the lives of many of our citizens today. On the one hand, loyalty can also be abused by some (mainly politicians) to go along with policies that they know to be false or destructive, but, on the other hand, because of the “blind” loyalty that they have for a particular political party, organization, or group, they would sell their “soul” to go along with devious leaders who were advocating those ideas rather than voting their conscience or voting with the prevailing opinions of the electorate.

The recent health care debate and passage is a perfect example of the abuse of the virtue of loyalty being used in a destructive manner. Under the table deals, bribes, and coercion were rampant in order to get the “loyalty” of some members to cast their “vote” the right way.

Will we ever regain the need to be loyal to our country, our faith (if you have one), our employer, our spouse etc.? I don’t know that answer, but I will always look favorably upon someone who shows loyalty when it is shown to be needed and shun those whose loyalty can be bought for nefarious reasons.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Honor and Integrity Prevailed

To my local friends and friends all over the country:

It was great victory all around the country. "We The People" have spoken. This is just the beginning. We shall continue to ensure our voices are heard.

With that being said, I am so proud to have been a part of the Allen West campaign. Unlike his opponent, Ron Klein, Allen West ran the most honorable campaign I have ever been a part of. Klein kept trying to take Allen down with the most despicable,evil character assassinations I have ever seen. The more Klein tried to take Allen down, the stronger and taller Allen stood. I, along with others, feared Allen may lose if he did not respond in kind. Trust me, we all sent information to the campaign that they could use against Ron Klein. Allen would have nothing to do with politics as usual smear tactics. He chose to run his campaign on "high moral ground". I trusted him, believed in him and spread the good word about my most honorable candidate. Allen West continued to stand tall and he set the example for me to stand tall as well.

This great man, LTC Allen West once said to me "When you stand upon the truth and principle, the evil does not matter. They are frustrated because I take their shots and stand. Matter of fact, we just keep moving forward regardless of their insidious actions. I am an American warrior, they ain't seen nothing yet."

I will never forget those words.... He was right....The evil did not matter.... Allen West, a man of honor and integrity prevailed!! A win for Allen West is a win for all Americans. The support for him from all over the country was astounding. The prayers and wishes sent his way were abundant. I know personally because I volunteered in his office and received these phone calls. His volunteers were relentless in their support and the support grew daily. He touched all our hearts and united everyone.

November 2, 2010 was a victorious night for Florida Congressional District 22 and America! This man of character will watch our backs, represent the will of the people and respect our Constitution. He will be "steadfast and loyal".

Congressional District 22 and America can rest knowing that Congressman Allen West will go to Washington for "We The People" and govern for, of and by the people.
Go West !!

God Bless Congressman-Elect Allen West.
God Bless his wonderful family (his wife, Angela, and daughters Aubrey & Austin) for lending him to America.
God Bless the USA !

Written by Tarina Rasmussen


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For a person who is considered a genius by his “Idol Worshiper” fans and fellow Kool-Aid drinkers, he has made some downright stupid mistakes that shows how inexperienced he is or just how devious he is. His liberal friends had a field day for eight years mocking and marginalizing George W. Bush, sometimes over minor slip-ups of the tongue, but you never heard of President Bush saying or doing disrespectful things about certain sacred things that are held in high esteem by the public. Obama doesn't seem to have a problem making himself seem foolish or disrespectful.

Here is a list of some of his stupid mistakes while President.

1) On one occasion at a press conference he did not display the flag of the U.S.A. behind the podium.
2) He did not salute the flag at the Ft. Hood funeral service.
3) He has not worn an American flag pin on his lapel.
4) He had the cross on the stage behind him covered up when he visited Georgetown University for a speech.
5) He did not attend the Memorial Day service at Arlington Cemetery. Instead he attended an obscure military cemetery ceremony near his hometown of Chicago.
6) He made no mention of the men/women who gave their lives on the 66th anniversary of D-Day.
7) He canceled the National Day of Prayer at the White House.
8) He hosted a group of Muslims in the White House during the holy Muslim day of Ramadan.
9) He didn't attend or issue a congratulatory proclamation to the Boy Scouts at the occasion of their 100th Anniversary celebration.
10) Obama left out the phrase “By their creator” in quoting from the Declaration of Independence at a recent Hispanic Caucus speech.

Some might say that these incidents are just nit-picking and minor happenings or oversights that could befall anyone, but he is not just anyone, he is the President of the United States and he and his staff should know better, but it seems that they just don't give a damn about the facts or protocol.
Shame on them!

Conservative Commentary by by Chuck Lehmann
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