Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jewish leftists whining whining, whining

Mort's Meanderings:

A group of PITPD (Peeing-in-their-pants-Democrats) who identify themselves only as, NJPC-PAC, have sent out a panic-plea email aimed at bolstering the failing campaign of Ron Klein (D).

For the edification of those who don't follow such trivia as political races that affect our lives and futures, let me 'splain it for you. Klein is a cowardly, 'Fake' Jew who is currently squirming uncomfortably in the Congressional seat from Florida's District 22. The sole reason for his discomfort is his soul-shaking fear of his Republican opponent for that seat, in the coming mid-term election. Klein finds himself pitted against a genuine American military hero in the person of Allen West (LTC. U. S. Army, Retired), who retired after 22 years of active service to our nation.

It is understandable that this prospect would be frightening for this weasely little attorney who never spent a day in the armed forces of this country. The military was and still is, a mystery shrouded in a dense fog, to Klein. One doubts that even if he had made the effort, he wouldn't have achieved Tenderfoot status in the Boy Scouts. Yet, der Schpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, appointed Klein to serve on House committees having the power to affect the lives and welfare of our military veterans. Klein prides himself on his accomplishments on behalf of our Florida vets. The problem is that with the few exceptions that he brings up ad nauseum at every opportunity, the only accomplishments to which he can legitimately lay claim, have been his hand-outs to veterans organizations of the 'Flown-over-the-Capitol' U. S. flags he gets for free. Great.

Whenever he appears before an audience that includes veterans, he glibly refers to the reverence he professes for those who have served our nation. But, the cold fact is that while he might project concern for the plight of our veterans, he can never really know what it actually feels like to be a veteran because - he has never worn the uniform. This craven little attorney Ron Klein is, 'all talk and no walk'.

This is not to say that he isn't capable of playing dirty politics; he is. And during this campaign, he has proven himself to be quite adept at racial slurs, potty-mouthed name calling and blatantly lying in the face of provable facts. A perfect example of his sick and deceitful behavior, is his recent action of intimidation that caused the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to request that LTC. Allen West and Mrs. West voluntarily step down from the honor for which they had been chosen by that same organization. Some claim this action was the handiwork of Klein's wife. This is a distinction without a difference. It is dirty politics that is far beneath the dignity that ought to be accorded a campaign for Florida's District 22 seat in the U. S. House of Representatives.

Klein is not fit to serve in the Congress. He is unworthy of any public office. He is an embarrassment to the all those who elected him to office, particularly his loyal Jewish constituents who voted for him for no other valid reason than that he was one of us, 'a member of the tribe'. His slavish servitude to the freaky combo of the corrupt Obama regime, the twisted tactics of Nancy Pelosi and the deceitful Democrat leadership in the House, is a stain that won't easily be removed.

Klein sent a hit-piece to his constituents, accusing Allen West and his wife, both of whom are highly-educated, highly-accomplished black Americans, of disrespecting the Jewish people. To his ever-lasting shame, Klein stooped further and accused his political opponent, who is a devout Christian and a man of deep faith, of being anti-Israel and anti-Jewish. These baseless charges ring terribly hollow in light of the reality of Allen West's trip to Israel last December. His facility with the Hebrew language, his intimate knowledge of the texts of both the Old and the New Testaments plus - his life-long study of the military and religious histories of Israel the entire Middle East, provide him with an understanding of that region that no one who is without a similar background can come close to. That is especially true in the case of a run-of-the-mill ambulance chaser - whether he is circumcised or not.

Now, back to this NJDC-PAC nonsense. They admonish the recipients of their panic-plea, to: "Elect candidates that support Jewish values."
Y'know, I think they've got something there. They've convinced me. I'm one Jew who will be proud and happy to be represented by this man in the Congress of the United States.

I'm working to get ALLEN WEST elected.

MORT KUFF (c) 2010
Boynton Beach, FL

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Monday, July 26, 2010


There is a shortage of “rose colored glasses” in the U.S, today mainly as a result of the Democrats and the Obama Administration buying them in bulk to explain their economic policies to a skeptical public. To listen to the “Anointed One”, Obama, talk about the economy you’d think everything was hunky-dory, but he never tells you why everything that should be up is down, and everything that should be down is up. His logic is topsy-turvy, either because of ignorance or by design.

Never, in the history of our country, has there been such a vast disconnect between sane economic policy and an insane interpretation of that policy by an Administration in office as we have with the Obama Administration. We are in a serious recession with few positive signs that we will emerge from it anytime soon. Since the financial meltdown in the fall of 2008 to the present – our economic situation has gotten progressively worse rather than for the better. We should’ve started on a strong recovery months ago, but due to the economic policies of the Obama Administration, we seem to be going backwards instead of forward into a meaningful recovery.

Passing a monstrous government controlled health care bill that in effect takes over 1/6 of our economy, announcing that they will let the Bush tax cuts expire, taking control of multi-billion dollar corporations, and spending “stimulus” money for the benefit of their union friends and cronies, all have contributed to a climate of unease and apprehension in the private business community.

Whatever recovery we are in, according to the Administration, it is a jobless recovery, if at all. Private businesses will not hire in any great numbers when there is so much uncertainty in the air. Increased taxes, increased regulations, which causes increased overhead are all being discussed and promoted by the Obama Administration. How can a business plan its future if they are dealing with the policies of an anti-free enterprise, anti-capitalist President and Congress? A free and open business climate, with sensible government oversight, that creates taxpaying jobs along with goods and services, is what this country needs, not more taxpayer money being pumped into the public sector employment and government positions. The infusion of taxpayer money into expanding government employment is a zero sum boost to our economy, as those tax funds come from the workers and companies that produce goods and services in the private sector. You can’t tax and spend your way to prosperity. Only by making the business climate friendlier to private business will we be able to unleash the great potential of our country that is waiting to be unleashed.

President Obama and the Democrats, take you’re “boots off the neck” of private business and let the United States be what it has always been, up until recently, the greatest country with the greatest economic engine in the world. We were once the envy of the world, but now we are in the process of being two, three or four in economic importance. The Marxist philosophy of “spreading the wealth around”, is a sure-fire recipe for financial ruin. Just look at the economic basket cases of Greece, Spain and Portugal. Is that what we want for our country?

Take off your “rose colored glasses” and get out of the way of progress, Mr. President.. We don’t want to become the United States of Europe.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Liberal Racism

Today we have a message below from Allen West, a great Conservative. If you require more information on why Allen West would be the "RIGHT" Candidate for Florida's 22nd congressional district CLICK HERE.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Retired)

"One Nation under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All"

Greetings Wheels on the Road readers, fellow South Floridians, and all Americans, my how time flies and here we are again for our monthly political assessment.

It never ceases to amaze me that as we get closer to our monthly submission of this regular missive that the topic becomes evident. I often use an ole saying from my parents, "sometimes you just have to thank God for stupid people"....and I do. The focus for this month without any doubt has to be the NAACP and its President/CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.

Let me make one thing very clear, my Mother, Elizabeth Thomas West, was a lifetime membership holder with the NAACP. Therefore growing up in our home I clearly understood the mission and vision for this organization. It was a mission and vision that enabled me to have the pride in myself and the heritage of my parents, grandparents, and extended family. It was a mission and vision that, to me, fostered a desire to excel beyond the standard and have a commitment to excellence regardless of skin color.

However, something has happened to that mission and vision, something horrific and inconsistent with the principles and values I recalled emanating from the "ole school" black community. Somewhere along the way victimization mentality has taken root in the black community resulting in astronomical unemployment rates, high incarceration rates, appalling murder rates, breakdown of the black family, and embarrassing teen pregnancy rates.

And in the light of all these negative socioeconomic indicators the NAACP decides that the preeminent focus of their national convention would be on issuing a resolution castigating the Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement as racist. Even Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee of Texas was so compelled as to state that the Tea Party is filled with Klan members.....but we will get to the Congressional Black Caucus a bit later.

Instead of maintaining its mission and vision, the NAACP has now become the "useful idiots" (a term coined by Vladimir Lenin) for liberal racism. They have made themselves into a political hack job organization which now seeks to maintain the liberal progressive socialist control of the 21 century plantation. It is on this new economic plantation where the liberals seek to enslave the black community in order to maintain a devoted, monolithic, voting electorate.

I find it interesting that the NAACP was silent when Senator Harry Reid made his insidious comments about President Obama was favorable, likeable, because he is "light-skinned" and did not speak in "negro dialect". I recall that the NAACP said nothing when Vice President Joe Biden referred to Barack Hussein Obama as "clean and articulate". The NAACP said nothing when liberals attacked Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice (birthing tubes cartoon), Michael Steele, and General Colin Powell.

In 2008, where was the NAACP to denounce the obvious case of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party? Why did the NAACP not demand President George W Bush, and now, Attorney General Eric Holder, and the Obama adminstration, to prosecute this case to the fullest extent? Does the NAACP now support the same tactic which targeted the black community seeking to restrict the most fundamental of American individual rights, the right to vote? And shall the NAACP distance itself and condemn Malik Shabazz and the New Black Panther Party?

It is this duplicitous hypocrisy which allows me to state that the NAACP is shamefully now a liberal racist enabler. The upcoming mid-term elections have the Democrat party in certain peril. Therefore they have turned to their tactic of first and last resort, race baiting.

The resolution issued by the NAACP against the Tea Party is just a strategy to focus this coming election not against liberal progressive policies, which are anathema to our Republic. No, the NAACP, in conjunction with their masters, the Democrat party, seek to make this into an election based upon an insane charge of racial hatred.

We even see charlatan blasts from the past such as Julian Bond stating that Martin Luther King Jr was a socialist, a feeble attempt to garner black community acceptance of the liberal progressive agenda. We are truly on the verge of a dangerous situation in America. And yes, this also includes the lawsuit being brought against the sovereign State of Arizona, an attempt to win Hispanic extension of liberal racism to another minority group.

We can fully expect from now until 2 November 2010 to see the usual suspects come out to promote the dishonest tyranny of the liberals. You will find the Congressional Black Caucus, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton out to ensure blacks remain wedded to the failing liberal social welfare policies, all the time shouting how the Democrats know what is best. I find it comical that Al Sharpton has already leapt forward to head up a new left-wing grassroots group to counter the Tea Party called "One Nation".

Does One Nation believe in higher taxes and bigger government? Will this counter group promote individual rights and freedoms, liberty, and adherence to our US Constitution? I presume this group will seek to intimidate and put forth the ideals of collectivism combined with victimhood and expansion of the "nanny-state".

I find the Tea Party, to which I have spoken to several times, stands for fundamental principles and values consistent with that which has made America an exceptional Constitutional Republic.

Therefore, under the "leadership" of Al Sharpton, this counter group One Nation obviously stands for principles which are antithetical to our Republic.

In closing, I am sure you are asking why did the ole Colonel have the last sentence in the Pledge of Allegiance in the title for this piece?

Simple, Liberal Racism does not believe in One Nation under God. They believe in a Nation of subjects organized into collective groups under which they shall rule, not govern, in a secular humanist based society.

Indivisible, Liberal Racism does not believe in "e pluribus unim", they prefer a balkanized America where they can pit us against each other through their manipulated messages....such as Tea Party racism.

Liberal racism does not believe in Liberty and Justice for All, they believe in freedom defined by a ruling class elite while creating more victims who become dependent upon their dishonest benevolence. Justice in the world of Liberal Racism means social and economic justice rooted in a principle of leveling, which founding father Samuel Adams spoke against. Al Sharpton defined justice as everyone having the same in every home in America.....government engineering of results and outcomes.

The mid-term elections of 2 November 2010 comes down to "One Nation under God Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All" or the concept of One Nation under the proprietor of victimization Al Sharpton, a simpleton crony of Liberal Racism. Which shall you choose?

Steadfast and Loyal,
LTC(R) Allen B West

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Monday, July 19, 2010


  • How can the menswear clothier, Jos. A. Bank, stay in business by giving away men’s suits and jackets “free” almost every week? Is it all just a marketing flim-flam?

  • Why did we have to go through those phony courts martial for those three Navy Seals just to satisfy the “politically correct” crowd when we knew all along that they were not guilty?

  • How come the “reform” President, Barack Hussein Obama, has run up more debt in 15 months than the unpopular George W. Bush did in 8 years?

  • If all the “open borders” people, who are criticizing Arizona for cracking down on illegal aliens, were being assaulted, overrun, and threatened by those very same illegal aliens, would they still be criticizing Arizona for trying to protect themselves and their families?

  • Isn’t it ironic that the same people who are yelling the loudest about racial profiling are the very one’s who are profiling the Tea Party protesters as domestic terrorists and proponents of violence?

  • Since Mexico’s immigration laws are much stricter and more punitive than ours, why don’t we adopt their laws and see if they still think we are bigots and racists?

  • Did you realize that Al Gore and his business partners in the firm Kleiner-Perkins, have invested over $1 billion in companies that will benefit directly if the Cap and Trade (Tax) bill is passed and signed by the President? Could that be called “An Inconvenient Truth”?

  • How come that during Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush was held responsible for the ensuing devastation, but Obama has not received the wrath of the very same media in regards to the gigantic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Is there a double standard at work here?

  • It is an economic fact that when the rich get poorer – everybody gets poorer.

  • Remember when Obama went before AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) last year and declared that “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and will remain undivided” and then one day later said that, “Jerusalem is a final status issue”? Can the Jews really trust what Obama says?

  • How could the guy in the Broardview Security commercial ring up the victim of a home invasion crime in about 2 seconds of elapsed time? Maybe he should run for office as his credibility is just about as bad as that of our elected representatives?

  • If you have no income tax liability (47% of the people pay no income tax), how much do you care about deficits, how much Congress spends, and levels of personal taxation that will be assessed on others?

  • Did you know that the top 10 cities of people living below the poverty level are all run by Democrats? ((1) Detroit, MI, (2) Buffalo, N.Y., (3)Cincinnati. OH, (4) Cleveland, OH, (5) Miami, FL., (6) St. Louis, MO, (7) El Paso, TX, (8) Milwaukee, WI, (9) Philadelphia, PA, (10) Newark, N.J.).

  • Did you realize that it is the poor who habitually elect Democrats yet they are still poor?

  • Did you know that last year the top 10 biggest U.S. insurance companies had profits that were just over $8 billion combined. No single insurance company made even 5% of what Medicare reportedly lost in fraud ($64 billion) in one year?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, July 15, 2010


This Video went viral this year. It is a must see!

Submitted by Conservatives from Chuck On The Right Side.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


When somebody thinks they are better than anyone else, you’d probably call that person an “elitist”, I would call them arrogant also. We have in our midst a group of people who fit into that category – the liberals (or progressives as they liked to be called today) are poster children for this “honored” designation.

So many of them, in ordinary life, the news media, and certain celebrities, are so liberal they don’t even realize it. It’s the arrogance, the attitude, and the smugness. They are all so inbred – they only listen to each other with the same warped views and they mock people with differing points of view than theirs. They all think that they are better and smarter than everyone else. It doesn’t matter what their intentions are, it is part of who they are and they are too blind to see it. In addition, the liberals think they are better than most Americans because they care more deeply about the environment, minorities, and human rights. Their ego knows no bounds. They are legends in their own minds.

This condescending attitude is the reason why liberals like to ridicule upstanding people like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin etal. This derision takes the form of saying things like, “He’s only a “B” movie actor” (Ronald Reagan), “He’s stupid and an imbecile” (George W. Bush), “He’s evil and should be in jail” (Dick Cheney), “She’s a quitter and a hypocrite, and a poor mother” (Sarah Palin). No matter what good these people did in their lives or in their job, it always comes down to derision of their opponents. Saul Alinsky (an acknowledged mentor to both Obama and Hillary) was a great proponent of that method of trying to gain the upper hand in a political or social debate. Make fun of your opponent and therefore “minimalize” him so that he loses all credibility in the mind of the public.

The liberals always seem to find some statement or action by a Republican or conservative (and now a Tea Party supporter) that can be used to “put down” that person(s), but never would they attempt to do that to another liberal. Obama can say that there are 57 states in the union, and he gets a pass. George Bush says, “Nice going Brownie” and he gets vilified. Joe “Foot in the Mouth” Biden regularly makes farcical statements and it gets played out like, “It’s only Joe being Joe”. No mocking of their fellow travelers are allowed in polite liberal company.

The left-leaning news media (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, N.Y. Times, Washington Post etc.) are complicit in this practice of “elitist arrogance” and condescension of others, mostly Republicans and conservatives who profess an opposing viewpoint from the slop the liberals spew out on a regular basis. How many times has the liberal attack dog, Keith Doberman (Olbermann) put a liberal on his vile list of Worse, Worser, and Worst Person of the Week? Talk about arrogance, he’s the personification of the word. He puts down Sarah Palin as a dunce, but he claims that he graduated from Cornell University an Ivy League university, but in fact he graduated from the Cornell Agricultural School which is not affiliated with Cornell per se. So elitists like Olbermann shouldn’t be throwing stones at others when he is lacking in the same things he accuses others of lacking. That seems to be the modus operandi of many of the liberals today. They are blinded to their actions by their ingrained, inbred liberal ideology.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

If You Are "Undocumented" You Can Do Anything

If anyone needs proof that this country is going in the wrong direction, all he or she needs to do is to read the newspapers. Hardly a day goes by when we don't read about a drug cartel crossing into our border and killing individuals and innocent bystanders caught in the middle. Even the NY Times has carried stories about this violence.

The politically correct term is now undocumented not illegal when describing individuals who are in this country unlawfully. These individuals cost us a fortune using our emergency rooms at hospitals for their free medical care. In many jurisdictions, these individuals are given free haven to come and go as they please. In fact, Obama has named one individual, Harold Hurtt, former Houston Police Chief, as the new director for the Office of State and Local Coordination. Houston is a sanctuary city in which illegals are not questioned and have free roam of the city. Hurtt put into place regulations which tied the hands of all police officers when dealing with illegals.

Now, however, they have attained the ultimate protected status: they can steal from you and if you try to stop them you will be held criminally responsible. See this story by Clicking Here.

In Wheat Ridge, Colorado 82-year-old Robert Wallace said he fired two shots at two men when they tried to run him over while stealing his flatbed trailer. Wallace now faces twelve felony counts, including four counts of attempted first degree murder, for what he described as an act of defending his property and his life. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

One of the thieves later admitted to the theft. He and his partner in crime have prior arrest records and are believed to be in the country illegally. Incredible as it might be, the only person charged with a crime was Wallace. The two thieves have not been charged with any crime.

And yet, the Justice Department is suing Arizona for attempting to protect our borders and citizens.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Congressional Candidate LTC Allen West Speaking At A Tea Party

LTC Allen West speaking before the Tea Party Fort Lauderdale before the July 3, 2010 Tea Party of Fort Lauderdale rally at Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway.
To learn more about this true Conservative, CLICK HERE.

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Monday, July 5, 2010


How many times have you heard that expression used over your lifetime? Whether it was sports, business, social settings, or politics, we’ve known someone who fits the tenets of the “Peter Principle” (defined as: in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence).

Well, unfortunately, we have a perfect example in the person of our President, Barack Hussein Obama. He surely has risen quite rapidly to a position of power, and he has shown by his words, actions, and performance of his duties, to be incompetent. I know it’s not “politically correct” to disrespect the President, but how else would you describe what he has done or what he proposes to do in the future? To any right thinking person, who is or has been in a position of authority, and who observes objectively his performance as President, that person can see that he is in the process of bringing the most powerful country in the world to its knees, both economically and politically, he is not anything other than incompetent. His shoving a health care bill down the throats of a non-compliant public, proposing an energy and climate bill that will send taxes through the roof, proposing getting rid of secret ballots in union elections, and being excruciatingly slow to respond to the worst environmental disaster in our history, confirms my assessment of his incompetence. The frosting on the cake is his pledge to let the Bush tax cuts expire on January 1st, 2011 during a recession that is more than incompetent, it is criminal.

His lofty rhetoric during the campaign mesmerized many people into thinking they were getting a fresh face and a person who was going to change the country for the better, which was in a financial meltdown, not for the worse.

His catch phrase, “Hope and Change” resonated with 53% the electorate, and he won the Presidency. The fact that he was a “minority” candidate added to the mystique that surrounded him and the fawning media that supported him almost unconditionally.

People, like me, did raise questions about him, but those concerns were squelched or derided by his “idol worshipper” supporters. Their main weapon against any criticism of their “Messiah” was that the critic was a racist, end of story. Many people believed that erroneous charge and being fair-minded and not wishing to be called a racist, they voted for him in spite of a dubious past showing his relationships with many anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-American rabble-rousers from his hometown of Chicago.

After 1 ½ years of watching him operate as President, many of his supporters have now gotten “buyers remorse”. His immaturity has been exposed by him by not being able to make decisions in a timely manner, his rash off-the-cuff remarks (when he’s not reading from a teleprompter) have gotten him in trouble on a number of occasions, and his total lack of historical perspective, gives rise to the perception that he is definitely in “over his head”. Being the narcissist that he is, he has trouble admitting his mistakes, and he tends to blame others instead. It is not the color of his skin that is the problem; it is how thin it is. His total lack of economic knowledge which is shown by his profligate spending patterns, has quadrupled the debt that George Bush left upon his leaving office. This debt of over a trillion dollars a year, as far as the eye can see, is a debt that we may never be able to pay off in our lifetime, or even in our children’s lifetime. We could become a country in the same position as Greece is in today – an economic disaster.

Hopefully, we as a country, will be able to survive his incompetence, but it won’t be easy if we don’t change the Congress this coming November. The Congress holds the “keys to the purse strings” and if Obama can’t get funding for his outrageous proposals, we might have a chance to stem the tide even though he is the President that is in “over his head” at the job. Now go out and do the right thing this November.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jon Voight calls out Barack Hussein Obama

Jon Voight reads a special message to America about Barack Obama on FOX News's Huckabee show.
Jon Voight is one of the few Conservatives in Hollywood and he is staying strong for America.

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