Thursday, April 28, 2011

“Being There” a Remake of a Movie Now in Wash. D.C

I don't know whether you remember the Peter Seller's classic movie called, “Being There” (1979), about an unassuming gardener who is mistaken for a brilliant philosopher, but it seems we have an actual remake of that movie going on right now in Wash. D.C.

Although people will criticize me for making a comparison between President Obama and the Peter Sellers character, Chancey Gardner, it was too obvious a connection, to me, not to make it into my column which I am now presenting to you. Besides, we, in America, have a 1st Amendment right to make a comment(s) on anything and anyone within reason. I am exercising that right.

Over the past two years, we have seen what a total lack of vetting by the media, pundits, and the Democrat Party can do when they “tie their wagon” to a candidate with a total lack of experience in all areas of governing, domestically, economically, in foreign affairs and in the presidency of the United States itself.

This guy, Obama, according to his most ardent followers, cannot do any wrong, and no amount of evidence of his “screw-ups” on his part can change their minds. He is a genius, he is profound, and he's the smartest man in the world, and on and on and on as the platitudes drip from their lips in describing their “Messiah”, Barack Hussein Obama.

As Chancey Gardner (Peter Sellers character) went around Wash. D.C. making statements that made no sense whatsoever, the more profound his statements became to the “intelligentsia” and the more they clamored for more statements from this illiterate person who they deemed a genius. If you are in a gathering of Obama “Kool-Aid” drinkers and supporters, the same statements that were made about Chancey Gardner are made about Obama even though most people don't know where he is coming from, policy wise. His incoherent policy statements (which he always seems to say, “Let me be perfectly clear”) toward Israel, the Middle East, energy, health care, jobs, and “Final Four” basketball predictions, are just examples of how supposedly educated people can get caught up into the human phenomenon of “idol and cult” worship. As Bill O'Reilly says after every show, “The spin stops here”, the Obama cultists always use the “spin” to make what Obama says and does more palatable than it really is. The “spin “ goes on 24/7 each and every day all year round. My answer to these poor souls is that, “You can't polish horse manure”, but, alas, it is like talking to a brick wall. To be honest, not everyone who voted for Obama in 2008 is still with the program. Many after the past 2 years have had “buyers remorse” and have seen the light, for they now realize that they bought a “pig in a poke” when they voted for him and his “hope and change” B.S. in 2008.

If any of you get a chance, get a copy of the Peter Seller's film, “Being There”, and see if a connection can be made between Chancey Gardner and Barack Hussein Obama. You might be surprised and your head might just nod in agreement.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Obama Have a Tin Ear?

No, I'm not referring to his protruding ears, I'm referring to his inability to respond to what's happening around him. He hears but he doesn't adapt to what he hears or to change his ways.

Since his “idol worshipers” have proclaimed him a “genius”, he must know that his policies, or lack thereof, are not sitting well with the American people. Over 60% of the citizens don't like ObamaCare and want the act repealed. Does that change his thoughts on the subject, of course not, he just digs in more firmly and forcefully? Remember, he's so smart he knows what's best for us.

In addition, he must know, or should know, that his energy policies are helping raise the prices on oil, gasoline, natural gas, and coal. He said, during his campaign for president, that he wanted the cost of exploring and producing fossil fuels to rise so that we'd concentrate more on providing “clean” energy. He said we'd be “paying through the nose” and he is making good on his pledge. Where does that leave the average Joe? It leaves him with less money in his pocket, as inflation not only hits him at the gas pump, but also the goods and services he buys in the store as it now costs more to deliver those goods and services which we want to buy. Now, with the disaster in Japan, he has an excuse to be against nuclear energy as well. Think of how many decent paying jobs could be filled if he didn't have a “tin ear” about opening up our vast supply of energy just laying there in the ANWR Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and the vast untapped supply of oil shale in our Rocky Mountains etc. These well-paying jobs are just waiting to be filled just waiting for the Obama Administration to give the O.K. to start exploring.

On the foreign policy front, he seems to have disappeared from view. It seems he can find time to play basketball, golf, and fund-raise for the Democrats, but can't find the time to exert leadership around the world like a U.S. President should in times of crisis. We are really becoming a “paper tiger”, and in many places the laughing stock around the world. He seems to be “mailing it in” (going through the motions), just like he did as an Illinois State Senator when he voted “present” over 130 times. It seems like he just can't make a decision - he's all talk and no action. What a waste of talent for someone so “smart”!

Besides Obama, his pals in the Democrat Party seem to also have a “tin ear”. The people overwhelmingly voted on Nov. 2, 2010 to change the way Wash. D.C. and the various state houses should be run, and to stop spending money we don't have. Where did these “knuckleheads” get their education – at Disney World? We have amassed over a $14 trillion debt and the Democrats want to still spend more money. It seems that they are addicted to spending our money which we do not have. As Michael Savage once opined, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”, and from their actions, they are proving his point.

Let's remove the “tin” from Obama and the Democrats ears and pump in some good old common sense so that our country will again be No.1 in the world in economics, diplomacy, and leadership. All we need is a President with some “kahones”. God bless America!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama: Stay out of my life

Obama, you are one very rotten apple that is not satisfied with just spoiling all the other apples in the barrel, you are trying your damndest to spoil the entire orchard.

Your effort to 'redistribute wealth' in our society, is from a page ripped out of the Marxist-Socialist ideology that has failed everyplace and every time it has been tried over the past couple of centuries. If you weren't blind to reason as a result of your early indoctrination into Muslim dogma and if you were not so painfully ignorant of world history, you would know that.

Your effort to 'by-pass our Constitution' and all the other Founding documents of this nation, also represents your total acquiescence with a host of lunatic premises printed on the pages of 'How-To-Books-for-Revolutionaries' that apparently, comprised the totality of your education - the missing records from your alleged matriculation at Columbia and Harvard, notwithstanding.

Your efforts to 'homogenize our free society' into the vile-tasting stew that is the European Union, via your 'suck-ups' to the United Nations, is traitorous to our most sacred, sovereign traditions. Your pursuit of this ignominious end to our cherished independence, is proof positive of your departure from all that Americans have held dear since we declared our independence from England in 1776. You are a Chicago street organizer and you just don't get it - and you never will.

As if all the preceding examples of your unfitness to be our President were not sufficient to throw you out with the kitchen waste, you've topped yourself by your ill-conceived, clumsy attempt to co-opt the Passover Holidays of the Jewish faith, by staging your own Muslim-oriented, distorted farce of a Seder service. You've gone too far. Who in the hell do you think you are, to have to have the chutzpah, nerve, gall, stupidity and hypocrisy it takes to attempt to equate Easter with Passover or Passover with Easter? In your thuggish arrogance, you seem to have convinced yourself that there is some sort of moral equivalence between these two celebrations. Let me enlighten you, you boob - Easter is a Christian celebration; Passover is a Jewish celebration. While they might be celebrated in close proximity on the calendar, they are not the same. You cannot make them the same. Nor, will I permit you to misuse the power you've been granted by a majority of the misguided electorate, to pound these celebrations into the same mould for your political purposes. These two celebrations cannot be lumped into a 'universal' holiday to suit your warped whim.

When you usurp the Passover celebration and make a charade of its traditions and ceremonies, you blaspheme the significance and the very essence of the historic religious celebration that has been held near and dear to the hearts of Jews for thousands of years.

Get away from my beliefs, Obama. Stay out of my life. Get out of the way. You are a meddlesome pariah. You are the quintessential rotten apple.

Take up residence where you can feel more at home. Go live in one of the burgeoning Muslim-dominated populations around the world. Give them your sage advice. Suck up to them; homogenize them; even the playing fields someplace else. Take an apology tour of the world (at your own expense of course, no Air Force One) and go redistribute the wealth of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Thailand, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, China, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece. Have a ball. But, get the hell out of my life, you bum.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Monday, April 18, 2011

“Nobody Asked Me ...But.....” Part 5

Why can a national man's clothier, like Jos. A. Bank, get away with advertising a “70% Off” two-day sale for 365 days straight?
Why do trial lawyers advertise for “potential” victims by implying that people could be compensated whether or not they were actually harmed on their job?
Why is there a moral equivalence for the government taking your money or property supposedly for the benefit of someone else as comparable to the act of reaching into one's own pocket to help another person in need without being coerced?
Why is it that no Congress or other legislative body has ever voted to declare homosexual unions as a marriage?
Why is it that some people extol the benefits of Socialism and then complain about the government intruding in their lives by over taxing and over regulating them?
Why do global warming” charlatans, who have zero credentials in the field of climatology, get “favorable” press coverage (ala Al Gore), but the over 31,000 Americans with degrees in science who have signed a petition “pooh-poohing” global warming, get no mention at all?
Why are the “millions” of people who are starving each day, according to the liberals, “hiding out” so that skeptics, like myself, can see them in person to validate that erroneous, emotionally based claim?
Why do the people, mainly atheists and skeptics, keep bringing up the phrase that “separation of church and state” is written in our Constitution, when it is not mentioned at all? (Not even in the Declaration of Independence).
Why do some liberals claim that you can balance the federal budget and reduce the federal deficit by spending more taxpayer money for “stimulus” and other entitlements, of which money we don't have any of except by recklessly printing it?
Why is it O.K. to lose $64 billion in Medicare fraud per year, but a profit honestly earned by a company or an entrepreneur is somehow considered immoral or unjustified?
Why is it O.K. to keep sending students to failing public schools when better performing private schools are available to students if the politicians and teacher unions would permit them to enroll in them through the issuance of school vouchers to their parents?
Why is it O.K. to pass out condoms in the public schools, but it's not O.K. to say a non-denominational prayer before a football game or at a school commencement?
Why is “affirmative action” accepted and needed, in the eyes of the liberals, in the business workplace, but not in the N.B.A. or the N.F.L.?
Why are liberals in favor of special advantages for others only if they're sure they won't have to sacrifice or personally suffer as result?
Why is the “complete” lack of evidence, according to some who feel that Bush was involved in 9/11, the surest sign that the conspiracy was real?
Why doesn't Obama come clean and show his college transcripts, medical records, and “real” birth certificate to put to rest, once and for all, all the speculation that he is trying to hide something from the public?

Maybe you should have asked me.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

IN ONE EAR.........

The complete idiom is, “In one ear and out the other”, which means something heard but not remembered or not heeded.

Does that not describe the actions of President Obama, Senate Minority leader Harry Reid and ex-Speaker Pelosi, in their assessment of the latest election results and the policies that they so forcefully shoved down the throats of the American public? Nancy “Botox” Pelosi threw a victory party for all her minions in the House of Representatives in a “phone booth” (even that was too big) on Capitol Hill. After the worst defeat in almost 60 years, she is still strutting around the track claiming victory. Is she detached from reality or what? In addition, as the leader who led her party in ignominious defeat, she wanted to continue as the leader of the now minority Democrat caucus, and the Democrat congressmen voted for her. That shows that the Democrats seem to have a “deaf ear” when it comes to interpreting the election results. We, the Republicans, couldn't be happier as she will be the gift that will keep on giving for the next two years.

Her boss, the “Appeaser in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama, is going around saying that the reason people are angry and took it out on the Democrats was because of bad communications. Really? Is he from the same planet as the rest of us? During his 2 years (plus) in office, he has been on T.V., town hall meetings, backyards, and press conferences endlessly, exhorting people to get behind his expansive government agenda. The voters rejected him and his policies overwhelmingly on Nov.2 and they threw out of office many of the “lemmings” that supported his Marxist/Socialist agenda including some long-time Democrat committee chairmen and some sitting Senators. Obama didn't have a communications problem, he had a credibility problem. I really should go easy on Pres. Obama... after all just a short time ago (on Nov. 2) he got jobs for 63 Republicans in Congress. Now, that's progress that should not be overlooked.

Unlike the former Democrat President, Bill Clinton, who changed course after the Democrat election debacle of 1994, when the G.O.P. took over both houses of Congress, Obama seems hell-bent on continuing his ruinous policies, come hell or high water. He will sound like a “moderate” (like he did in his State of the Union speech), but watch what he does. He will say or do anything that might possibly get him re-elected in 2012. Don't be fooled by his “soothing” rhetoric, because as I've said before, “you can't polish horse manure”.

We, the opposition, encourage Obama, Reid and Pelosi to continue on their merry Marxist/Socialist way, as that will guarantee a G.O.P. victory in 2012. They do not seem to grasp what the effects of their policies have had on the citizens of our country. The pleas of some of the rank-and-file Democrats seem to be “going in one ear and out the other” much to the consternation of those hapless members of the Democrat Party who really are moderates.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A twerp named, 'Thorp'

Attention: New Times

Would someone please read this to Baby Thorp, regarding his dog-with-a-bone act in taking on Congressman Allen West?

Dear Thorpy.

Presumably, your original motivation for embarking on the suicidal course of nipping at the heels of Allen West, was to make a name for yourself as a journalistic 'David', out to slay the terrible giant, 'Goliath'.

Just a word of caution my friend, you are not even a faint shadow of that Biblical hero. Your cowardly stone-chucking at this giant from behind the supposed safety of the 'Fourth Estate', will inevitably lead to over confidence on your part. You will mistake his silence as your having notched an incremental victory in your one-sided skirmish. However, when your metastasized ego finally pushes you beyond the outer perimeter line of his defenses, it will be too late. You will never know what hit you.

I'm certain that in your naivete' as a devotee of Obama (mm-mm-mm) mania, you feel safe and blissfully invulnerable to the messages on caution signs put up by older, wiser and more experienced generations. You fail to take note of these signs at your own risk.

So, enjoy your brief moment in the Sun, Thorpy. For, when you do cross that line, your darkness will be deep and never ending. And Thorpy, please don't flatter yourself that you have received a threat of any sort. You are just not that important in the grand scheme of things. Let's be factual, shall we?
What you have just received is a calculated prediction.

I do so hope that someone reads this to you.

Full-time resident of Florida; Native-born U. S. Citizen; U. S. Navy non-combat vet of WWII;
Conservative activist; friend of Congressman Allen B. West - - or had you guessed that?

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Monday, April 11, 2011

MORT's Meandering​s

A Saturday, April 9, 2011 headline in the South Florida SunSentinel shouted: "Congress reaches agreement".

This is a newspaper that is not renowned for accuracy in its headlines or for that matter, in much of the content included in the articles that follow. In this particular instance, it would have been more accurate to have written: "Obama, Reid and Boehner reached agreement". For, that is the trio of players who purportedly, worked so diligently to hammer out an agreement of sorts, on our behalf. That it will pose far more questions and more clanging controversy than it resolves, is anticipated. This was not the kind of session where it could have reasonably been expected that all the 'i's' would be dotted and all the 't's' would be crossed.

An agreement yielding such meager results could have been reached weeks ago, had it been held more appropriately at Appomattox Courthouse, VA, - the site of Gen. Lee's surrender of the Confederacy to Union General, Gen. Grant that ended the Civil War in April, 1865.

Surrenders are always scenes of great exuberance for the winners and depressive defeat for the losers. In this case that I shall henceforth refer to as, 'The Great Surrender of April 8, 2011' - there were two winners: Obama and Reid - and two losers: Boehner and the American people. What a sham. What a travesty. What a missed opportunity. How depressing. How disheartening. How patently unprincipled and how disgustingly, unAmerican.

What this exercise-in-futility proved beyond argument, is that there is a vast dark and dank swamp, filled with self-serving Democrats, including the Democrat president, the Democrat leadership in the Congress and the Democrat 'rank & foul', who are not serious or even concerned about preserving this nation or its people. This corrupt gang, for that is what they are - a corrupt gang - exists solely to gain and retain as much control over this nation as it (they) can possibly grab by whatever noble or nefarious means are at hand. Their entire reason for being is to achieve and protect their power to tax, spend and control. Apparently, it never crosses their minds that they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Or if it does enter their consciousness, they deny that thought and instead, laser-focus on any immediate gain that inures to their own personal benefit.

Additionally, what was proven beyond question is that this exercise did not serve to separate the men from the boys. Since there were no men involved, the question is moot. I am not impugning House Leader John Boehner's manhood; I believe that he did in fact, put forth his best effort. Sadly, that effort fell short. Boehner is no George Washington nor is he a Ronald Reagan - and I am convinced that it will take a man whose qualities of leadership at the very least, approach those of these two giants among men, in order to successfully engage and defeat the legion of narcissistic ideologues who support 'Obama's Dictraitorship' (MORT KUFF © 2011).

Yet another and possibly the most significant result of this latest episode in the ludicrous passion play that it has been our misfortune to witness since Obama's Immaculate Inauguration, is that the hypocrisy of the Democrats has been personified in the persons of the president and his Democrat enablers in the Congress.

There can be no doubt whatsoever, that this corrupt gang of bureaucrats has chosen politics over principle. Their rule of thumb is:
"Say and do whatever it takes to suppress any and all who oppose our complete control of all aspects of American life."

Need more proof? Then, just sit back and let it happen, my friends.

Those who will not learn the harsh lessons history teaches about tyrannical dictatorships, are doomed to experience the latest manifestation of this litany of vicious regimes - it is called, the Obama administration.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Are the Inmates Running the Asylum?

Can you imagine that people who came from a “bureaucratic” criminal enterprise like the City of Chicago, will be running the re-election campaign of Barack Hussein Obama? Many astute observers have said that Obama is not his own man, but is being manipulated and orchestrated by people around him, namely his friends and boosters from the City of Chicago. They say he is, “The Manchurian President”. Could that be?

Remember, he had a minimum of experience in government (no executive experience at all) before he was thrust upon the world stage by running for President. His handlers figured that they could turn the discontent rampant in the country, at the end of Bush's second term, and use the oratorical skills of that “politically correct” candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, to take the White House back from the Republicans and to “transform” the country into a Marxist/Socialist state, which was their goal for many years past. His mentors and advisers were all committed Socialists like the Rev Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, Louis Farrakhan, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett etc. Much to the chagrin of the Clinton's, and their potent political organization, and eventually the Republicans, and with a vast campaign war-chest of over $700 million, they exceeded their dreams and elected him as President in 2008.

Look at the nonsense that went on recently on whether or not Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm “Rhambo” Emanuel was eligible to run for Mayor of Chicago. Everyone, except an alien from outer space, would not have bet against the Illinois Supreme Court in its decision to let “Rhambo” back on the ballot. All those Supreme Court justices are in an “elective” position and none wanted to alienate the Cook County “crooks” by voting against letting their fair-haired boy, Emanuel, stay on the ballot, even though the lower Appeals Court interpreted the law the way it was written and ruled that he was ineligible. You don't bet against the establishment and the power boys in a city like Chicago. Remember, this was the home of Al Capone and the Daley machine.

That is why Obama is going to make Chicago his re-election headquarters for the 2012 election. He feels comfortable in a setting like that.

Never have we seen, even in the Carter administration, such an inept, overly partisan, inexperienced group of people who are in charge of our country, than this Chicago bunch we have running things now.

With all the turmoil around the Middle East and the world, as a whole, why should we have to be saddled with an outfit more like the Keystone Kops rather than a group of efficient diplomats and free market economists? We are the laughing stock of the world and most all the other countries can't figure us out as to why we, the voters, were so stupid in putting this bumbling group of misfits in power. Our loss is their loss, according to them.

You could definitely say, without any qualms, that the “inmates are definitely running the asylum” and we can't do anything about it, in any substantive way, till Nov. 2012. Once we can rid ourselves of this cancer, we might be able to reclaim our position as the #1 country of the world and have the other countries respect us again.
God bless America!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, April 4, 2011

The proliferation of purloined Pink

Now, I have nothing against the color Pink. Pink is a female thing - and, it's a good thing. I think it is the ideal hue for lipstick, nail polish and women's delicate unmentionables.

When used to color things feminine, Pink can be delightful and delicious, emblematic or exotic, romantic or raucous, pretty and powerful, focused or infinite - and on and on. When used to represent groups such as the political pariahs who call themselves, 'CodePink' - or a gaggle of tacky transvestites prancing on parade at Mardi Gras, Pink becomes a victim of grotesque misuse that borders on esoteric criminality.

Insofar as males adopting the color Pink as a sort of fashion statement that is somehow weirdly expected to connote masculine bravado standing tall against the norm - - plus, the politically-correct acknowledgment of 'one's feminine side' - - it is to me, pure pap and to coin a phrase that seems to apply - - it is 'puke-able'.

The first and only man who could wear a pink ribbon around a top hat, or wear a pink belt or pink socks, was Fred Astaire. He could dress like that in musical films because it was part of his total presentation and because he was Fred Astaire - it worked. And, he could get away with it and we accepted it because he possessed the ultimate style that no one else has shown, before or since.

Present day talking heads on TV, news anchors, politicians, sports commentators, hair stylists, and celebrity wannabees take note. Bag it. You look stupid. Unless you can dance and sing like Fred Astaire, don't bother.

Men's neckties come in an endless rainbow of solid hues, repp stripes (originally, Regimental and University colors), paisley patterns, patriotic symbols, fine art reproductions and flora & fauna themes - to name a few. By the way, all men's neckwear is obscenely overpriced these days. However, a wardrobe of a mere dozen or so neckties if properly selected and knotted correctly, will serve notice to the observant, that you are a gentlemen who is confident in his own appearance and is not concerned with trumpeting his masculinity through the affectation of wearing the feminine color, Pink.

Does anyone recall seeing Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant or John Wayne wear pink? Of course not. Eisenhower? Patton? Lou Gehrig?
Vince Lombardi? Chuck Yeager? Winston Churchill? Abraham Lincoln? Count Basie? Nope. The closest to pink one might have seen on a real man since Mr. Astaire, was the 'pinky' ring worn by Mr. Sinatra. I can live with that.

Pink has its place but, it ain't in a real man's necktie, a pink-on-pink shirt or pocket kerchief.

Got it?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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