Sunday, September 28, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Just boys being boys.
Long- time Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D) wants the President to declare Marshall Law in Ferguson, MO. so that really serious, peaceful protestors against perceived police excessive use of firearms, can peacefully dissent in an orderly fashion, while other not-so-seriously peaceful protestors can smash store windows, ransack the interiors and make off with the stacks of goodies assembled for sale by greedy, white store owners.  Just boys being boys.
Then, there is the overworked, vacation-deprived President and Commando-in-Chief Obama and his overworked, intelligence-deprived Secretary of State Kerry, who have declared in no uncertain terms, that our long-standing best ally in the Middle East, tiny Israel, has the right to defend itself against its 23 Arab neighbors who  have sworn to blow up it up, and kill every Jew they find. The raw courage displayed by Obama & Kerry in taking this unpopular stand is unprecedented in the annuls of the entire history of courageous, civilized man.
As a token of his concern for the safety of Israel and its population, Obama the Brave, has stopped this Government from sending missiles and weaponry to our most loyal friend in the Middle East and has ordered that all U.S. military agencies consult with John Kerry's Dept. of State before approving any additional requests from Israel for military aid. What greater display of loyalty, dedication and support could Israel ask?
When Obama declares to the world that he has Israel's back, it might be wise to take note of the long, sharp blade he holds in his hand as he defends Israel's back.  Kerry for his part, can't help himself from putting pressure on Israel's PM Bibi Netanyahu to back off from the violence of Israel defending itself against the daily barrage of rockets  indiscriminately-aimed and fired into Israel - and from Hamas terrorists sneaking through dozens of tunnels under the border between Gaza and Israel, through which they revel in playing Islamic Jihad against innocent Israelis - killing them or kidnapping them for ransom.    As we say,  it's just a case of boys being boys.

MORT KUFF  © 8-16-2014

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is it Overkill in Condemning the NFL and its Athletes?

No one in their right mind, would condone abuse of women or children (or even men, for that matter), but we have been jolted in our thinking recently by the actions of a few high profile football players being accused of domestic violence and abuse.

Most would concede that professional (and college) football is a violent sport and sometimes the participants carry that violence off the playing field, and when brought to light, causes much anger on the part of the media and general public, especially the militant women organizations. Statistics have just been released that domestic violence incidents by NFL athletes were less than incidents in the general public. But, being celebrities and sports figures, the situations generally get magnified in the ensuing media frenzy. Most all the professional media moralizers are jumping on the “politically correct” soapbox of indignant outrage to prove to each other how much they are against physically abusing women and children. It seems like one “do-gooder” is trying to outdo the other “do-gooder” in showing empathy and compassion.

The named NFL players have been vilified, as a general rule, because of their actions against their spouses and girlfriends, in the case of Ray Rice, of the Baltimore Ravens, in hitting his girlfriend (now wife), and in the case of Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, of disciplining his child too harshly with a switch, which some feel was child abuse. They both have been found guilty in the court of public opinion.

It is common knowledge that approximately 85% of the cases of domestic violence is done by males, but is the phrase “There's never an excuse to hit a woman” always valid? What if a woman is about to hit you in the face with a baseball bat? Or your wife is chasing you with a butcher knife? Or a woman body builder wants to break you in half? Can you then hit her in order to defend yourself? So the phrase, “You never hit a woman” has some caveats and exceptions. But, in most cases, since man is generally built stronger than a woman, the man should use restraint and avoid a physical confrontation with a woman, most of the time.

Ray Rice and Adrian Foster etc., may very well have crossed the line, but they do deserve a hearing and due process to give their side of the story. If they made a mistake in judgment or in anger, they should be punished, but don't ruin their lives by banning them from their livelihood, because you also hurt their families, including the victims of the so-called abuse.

The high profile NFL is taking it on the chin now, and the feeding frenzy by the media and public will probably soon dissipate. These type of incidents will now be addressed by the NFL and hopefully be corrected so we don't have to read about anymore of these incidents in the future, but you're dealing with human beings and bad things sometimes happen to human beings. So let the NFL cleanup its act, and stop the P.C. moralizing. As the old saying goes, “he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fictitious War Against Women

With mid-term elections approaching in 9 weeks, Senate
and House Democrats who rode Obama's coat tails of "Hope
and Change" to victory in past elections, with their seat now
in jeopardy, must distance them self from his dismal
performance and find another theme to run on.

More and more people are getting teed off the more time
he tees off, while the economy is still in the tank;
unemployment yet to be weaned from life support, non existing
foreign policy or strategy and American journalists being

Look to see these Liberals accuse Republicans and Conservatives
of waging a fictitious "War Against Women." In the fore-
front, spearheading the attack will be pro choice advocates,
Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Barbara Boxer,
whom I consider the insipid, obnoxious, nauseating three.
Especially Wasserman-Schultz who commented on Gov. Scott
Walker giving women the back of his hand and Republican Tea
Party extremists like him, grabbing them by the hair and pulling
them back.

With her ACLU female attorney hairdo, it would be an improvement
to pull her hair and get the frizz out. Being a pro life conservative I
acknowledge there could be direconditions allowable to consider
 abortion, like peril to the mother's life, incest, extreme debilitating
 malformation of the fetus. Another dire case in point, but for their
 pro life mothers, are Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz and Boxer who
fortunately for them, survived in spite of their advocacy.

I hesitate to include, "in case of rape," because it would have been
a loss to the music world if Ethel Waters was aborted due to her
mother being a rape victim at knife point.

I guess you win some and lose some. The world was a winner with
Miss Waters. This can't be said about the other three, who should
thank God for being here, because their mothers were pro life, and
they are able to express their political views and deprive others
from expressing their religious beliefs.

Oops! I sinned by mentioning God. It's politically incorrect to mention
our Creator in their pro choice argument, because He has nothing to
do with it. After all, it's their body!

Conservative article from George Giftos

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

I Just Can't Believe!

That some women (and some men also) would mutilate their
bodies with hideous tattoo's and body piercings. I wonder if
there is a shortage of mirrors in the home for these people to
see what they look like?

That people who are moderately obese and worse, would wear
Spandex pants and bare midriffs. It's like trying to put 10 lbs
of potatoes in a 5lb bag.

That some people, with all the scandals, coverups, and lies,
would still give Obama the benefit of the doubt. I guess there
are none so blind as those that will not see?

That the people who want to legalize marijuana for
recreational use, can claim, with a straight face,
that using marijuana is a harmless, mind
altering drug that is not harmful to the body and mind of the
user, when medical evidence says just the opposite.

That most people in favor of raising the minimum wage,
never ran or operated a profit making business or worked
in the private sector, and don't realize that, in many cases, that
they will be hurting, financially, the unskilled or low-paid
workers they claim they want to help.

That we let all kinds of people into our country under the
guise of being “compassionate”, but let our veterans suffer
neglect for lack of timely treatment in our VA hospitals.
There seems to be a disconnect there.

That our President, in times of crisis and world turmoil, can
indulge himself by playing golf (200 times), going on
vacations, and attending $35,000 a plate fund-raising events,
instead of tending to the duties of being the president.
It seems that the lights are on in the White House, but
nobody is home.

That our former Marine veteran, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi,
is still languishing in a Mexican prison under dubious
circumstances for making a wrong turn into Mexico and
being arrested by Mexican police for having legal firearms
in his truck. You'd think that the influence of our President
or Secretary of State would have negotiated his release by
now? What a disgrace.

That mostly unelected judges and feckless state
legislatures have decided that 3%, the number of the LBGT
population, can overturn the will of the people by
declaring that marriage should and could be legal for same
sex couples (and/or for other combinations) in addition to
traditional marriage between one man and one woman
which has been the norm for thousands of years.

That if you criticize or condemn the policies of our first
black president, you are labeled a racist and/or a bigot. Is a
man of color off-limits to criticism just because of his
color? This is America, not Cuba or the Soviet Union.

That atheists (and the ACLU) want prayer banned from
all public places (schools, athletic events etc.), but that
condoms and birth control information is acceptable as a

That political correctness, espoused by unelected busy -
bodies (mainly of a liberal bent), have caused chaos in
many peoples lives and livelihoods. The stifling of free
speech has diminished the verbal intercourse between
people and has caused animosity among the races, the
sexes, and the wealthy and not so wealthy. It is not the
color or sex of the person that is the problem, but how thin
his or her skin is.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Are you up for a little experiment?
Call me slightly Islamophobic but here's something I think should be tried: Starting with Barack Hussein Obama, I believe that everyone with a Muslim name who is involved in any way in our Federal Government, should be yanked out by their roots and all security clearances revoked like, at once.
I'd like to see them all sent to Qatar for a period of one year, following the 5-4-1 prisoner swap precedent that was recently established by this president.  They should all be housed in and restricted to, a tent city that is surrounded by four rows of razor-wire at least 16 ft. high. They should be fed three squares a day, consisting solely of pig-by products. And, the only reading matter permitted should be signed copies of Hillary's new book.
At the end of their year in beautiful, idyllic Qatar, they should be transported directly to Nigeria, with no intermediate stops.  They should be set free to roam and sight-see on their own, without passports or identification of any sort; with no weapons except for Obama's golf clubs; no cell phones; and with no means of sustenance or humanitarian assistance of any kind.
Let them become charges of the kinder, gentler Nigerian Tyrant-in-Chief and let them be free to practice the 'religion of peace' as they will. Let's see how that goes for a while.
Here comes the 'experiment' part - Let's watch to see if our Government can survive without the benefits of being educated and informed by the genius beliefs & teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood including, Shariah.
Let's see if our military, the CIA, the FBI and all the other departments and agencies that have been polluted by Islamist indoctrination, can actually  exist and survive without the heretofore un-needed rations of horse-shit.  Let's try it for 4 years - okay?

MORT KUFF  © 6-16-2014

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is the “Politics of Personal Destruction” Alive and Well in the U.S.A.?

They say that politics is a “full contact sport” and that if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen, but is trying to ruin another person's reputation and life for partisan political purposes really acceptable, morally, in our society?  

The answer should be a resounding “NO”, as it is an abuse of the 1st Amendment of guaranteed free speech.  No, it is not against the law to “bad mouth” someone else (including a political opponent), but if what is said about that other person is false, demeaning, and personally damaging to that person's reputation and good name, it is morally wrong, that is, if we have any moral indignation left anymore.

This trashing of another person, especially in politics, seems to be practiced more by the liberal left than by the conservative right (just what the late radical author of “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky advocated).  Since the 1990's, the knives have been out and the “politics of personal destruction” has been in full force by the left in trying to shut down dissent on the part of people and candidates on the right.  It all started by the “verbal lynching” of the late jurist Robert Bork and, then, Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas in his confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee.  In the Thomas case, some tawdry sexual allegations were presented by a former colleague to try to besmirch his reputation and thereby hoping to have him drop out of the confirmation process.  It did not work, he was confirmed, but the bogus charges are still brought up on occasion to discredit him and his decisions on the Supreme Court.  Besides Clarence Thomas, there has been a whole list of political opponents of the “right” who have come into their cross hairs and have been made part of the left's “politics of personal destruction”.  Here's a list of the other victims of this immoral practice of personal vilification.

  • Newt Gingrich
  • Herman Cain
  • Allen West
  • Chris Christie
  • Sarah Palin
  • Tom DeLay
  • Rick Scott
  • Dinesh D'Souza
  • Rick Perry
  • Scott Walker
  • Mitt Romney  etc. etc.

The charges against all of the above were baseless or were exaggerations of policy disputes that were turned into personal attacks, using innuendo and untruths to damage the reputations of those people for partisan political gains.

In addition, look at how the “hated” IRS has been used by politicians (Democrats) to harass and hurt people and groups who were political opponents.  All this under the guise of an Administration that was supposed to be open and fair to all sectors of our society.  The word “transparent” was mentioned over and over again by Obama and his campaign flunky's.  It looks like the “modus operandi” of how politics is run in the City of Chicago has been attempted in Wash. D.C., with Obama at the helm leading the charge.

Since the Democrats are expected, as of now, to be big losers in the off-year elections this coming November, you'll probably see a ramping up of the “politics of personal destruction”, by the Democrats, to try to rev up their base and the “low information” voters, in an attempt to try to impugn the integrity of their opponents in order to garner votes (Saul Alinsky must be smiling in his grave?).  Let's hope their efforts fail.  Throw the rascals out this coming November.  VOTE!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bad Day at Black Rock, Period!

Not one day goes by without being constantly exposed to the President's
gas bagging on television, about one thing or another. When I have gas, I
usually blow it out the other end.

When he ends a statements with "PERIOD", run for cover, because what
precedes it is always a lie that leaves an obnoxious odor, reeking with
costly consequences on the tax payers, to meet the burden he places on them.
Anytime he opens his mouth, his talk is never cheap.

President Obama and his gang of incompetents act like they own the country,
and they can do anything they want with it. Until the mid term elections
and 2016, he owns the deck and the cards are stacked against Conservatives
and Republicans. His administration is under the protection of the ultra
liberal racist Justice Department, run by Attorney General Eric Holder.
We are the one-armed stranger depicted in, "Bad Day at Black Rock,"
confronting an evil town.

Being thwarted in every attempt to get to the truth about Benghazi; the IRS
and the dog ate all their emails excuse scandal; Fast and Furious, misuse
of the NSA; the VA debacle; freeing five of the most notorious terrorists
for one deserter; Opening the door at our southern border to thousands of
children and pregnant women to enter the country uncontested, due to Obama's
executive orders on immigration for political, not humanitarian reason.
His expertise on military knowledge botched up a win in Iraq that is turning
into a loss, because he offered no concrete exit plan.

Secretary of State John Kerry made an asinine statement ,that global warming
was the number one threat to the world, when his number one concern should
be working against the threat of terrorism. We, the legal citizens in this
country, should care about the political climate changes in the form of
scandals, blunders and cover-ups being made by the Obama administration,
while they try to defend the indefensible with a, in your face snow job.

I pray for that day when the only sentence I want to hear from this President
is, "GOOD BYE", and I will put the "PERIOD!" at the end of it.

Conservative article from George Giftos

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

MORT's meanderings

    Sticks & stones may break my bones
    but, 'Hate Speech' could land me in jail.

President Barack Hussein Obama is on the warpath against anyone who uses 'Hate Speech'.  That is, anyone who dares to write or speak out in opposition to his 'Go-It-Alone' manner of conducting the nation's business while simultaneously, advancing his own, personal agenda -  the niggling tenets of The Constitution be damned.  (Note for those who are literacy-deprived, the word 'niggling' means - bothersome or persistent in a tiresome way - it has nothing to do with race.  Just so's you know.)
This goes double for anyone who uses the Social Media to express their displeasure with President Obama's royal heavy-handedness.  To his way of thinking this is by far, more unAmerican than any threat to this nation posed by the Islamic State of Imbecilic Lunatics (ISIL).  Beheadings pale by comparison to 'Hate Speech' as defined by Messrs. Obama & Holder, the arbiters of proper and 'We'll decide what's legal', state-approved language.
We are a nation of laws, not men.  Except, when certain men, who are temporarily in positions of political power, decide to take the law into their own hands and determine which laws to enforce and which to ignore.  Repression of 'Freedom of Speech' heads  the list of priorities of this Administration's 'certain men'.    
After all, that First Amendment to The Constitution 'thingee', was a totally outmoded concept when the authors of that document penned it.  They wrote that as their most urgent concern in the immediate aftermath of  their successful American Revolution conducted against the enforcers of King George III of England's  tyranny.  Following in the mode of kindly 'ol King George III, King Obama the First, also hates free speech.
One hopes that after all these years, the authors of The Constitution might be excused for their mental state when they wrote about 'Freedom of Speech'.  Obviously, they were still a bit overwrought with emotion from their efforts to free themselves from the King's tyranny.  One is hopeful too, that King Obama the First, might deign to tolerate those few of us latter-day 'Revolutionaries' who still have similar thoughts about, 'Freedom of Speech'.      He might just think of it as granting us a 'Mulligan' -
don'tcha know.  Yeah, that's it - a 'Mulligan'.

MORT KUFF   © 8-29-2014

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