Sunday, March 25, 2018

Defining Deviancy Down

That phrase was coined by the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan in trying to show that a society has a limit in tolerating bad behavior before it has to start lowering its standards. He also called it “moral deregulation”, that has eroded families, increased crime and produced the mentally ill “homeless” population. The erudite pundit Charles Krauthammer expanded on Moynihan's phrase by proposing the reverse - that not only we were “minimizing what was once considered deviant”, but we were also “finding deviant what was once considered normal”. Since the 1960's, the decline in ethical, moral behavior has steadily declined up the present day where we have behavior that is not only crude in speech, but is dangerous in actions against our fellow man. The disrespect, by some in our society, against our mores and traditions is manifested in the violent crimes that occur all too frequently today in our once safe venues like schools, shopping malls, theaters, houses of worship etc., it is a clear signal that something is amiss in our society today.

Once we take out the “moral purpose” in life, a society cannot remain free and civilized as there will be no constraints and duties required in a fair and just society (ex: the fall of the Greek and Roman societies). Anything goes. Faith, which is condemned in many of our institutions, such as in schools and in government, is not a threat to a civil society, it is vital for its survival, but it is eroding at a fast pace in our screwed up society.

The decline, which started in the 1960's with the passage of the “Great Society” promoted by then President Lyndon Johnson, changed our tenet of self-reliance, to relying on the government to solve most all our problems, a form of socialism that is undermining our capitalist system that is promulgated by most of our professors and educators in our schools. The young people today have been indoctrinated into thinking that our culture and traditions are no longer valid, and that a “total transformation” (a phrase used by former Pres. Obama) is needed to achieve the “Nirvana” that has been pushed into their heads full of mush. Winston Churchill, in his infinite wisdom once said, “If a person is not a liberal (a/k/a Socialist) by the age of 20, he has no heart, but if he's not a conservative (a/k/a Capitalist) by the age of 40, he has no brains”.

Look all around us today. We have taken God out of the schools and replaced it with sex education and free condoms and a “dumbing” down of the curriculum; we have mocked patriotism by banning the pledge of allegiance and national anthem in many of our venues; we have reduced the concept of marriage, which for centuries was designated as between one man and one woman, to be any two (or more) loving people of any sex; we have expanded our welfare rolls, including illegal aliens, thereby making more and more people dependent on government handouts; we have made drug using acceptable , in some cases, while we have made tobacco using unacceptable (a noble gesture); and we have tolerated the total disrespect of the office of the president of the United States while overlooking the crimes of certain favored politicians of a certain party (a double standard of justice).

Today we have groups that shroud themselves in names that connote peace and tranquility, but are actually opposite of what they say they believe, an example being ANTIFA (which stands for anti-fascist). They are the masked thugs that go around disrupting political rallies, and to shut down speakers at forums that they don't agree with, and then join up with another militant group with a sweet sounding sobriquet called BLACK LIVES MATTER. Both of those groups are the antithesis of what their made up names are trying to signify. And, of course, we have the spectra of that insidious term “political correctness” which tries to stifle free speech and free movement by unelected busybodies who try to force their views onto everyone else. A case in point, look what happened at the recent Winter Olympics. For millions of Christians, it is unnerving to live in a world where the sister of a despot (she is the Communication Minister of North Korea) is normalized and glamorized, but a man of faith (V-P Mike Pence) is considered “mentally ill”. That comment was made by Joy Behar on that left-leaning show called “The View”, to laughter and applause by the audience. How low can you go.

All these examples I've listed above, seem to justify, unfortunately, what Sen. Moynihan and Charles Krauthammer tried to convey about what is happening in our society today, and not for the better. It is a case of “Defining Deviancy Down”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

What If Parkland Kids Cared More About Saving Lives Than Getting On TV?

MRCTV's Brittany Hughes asks the questions that the MSM are afraid to ask.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

One Size Does Not Fit All

It is not a given but a misnomer when I hear the phrase,
we are all created equal.

It doesn't appear true when I see a child in Africa looking
at me with sad eyes and flies swarming all over his face,
from my television, in a bid for donations. Or children born
with silver spoons in their mouth. Or children born fatherless
into an atmosphere of poverty out of ignorance.

Tell the children confined in facilities like the Shriners or
St.Jude's children's hospitals they were born equal.

We are not all attractive or all homely. We don't all have the
same I.Q.s. We don't all have the same talents in sports, or
music, or other activities. Yet Liberals require we all conform
to how they view the world and individuality applies only to
them. The rest of us is just a horde to these elitists.

Traditional conservatism sees each of us individually and
it acts to reward or punish each of us accordingly. A Liberal
will punish the whole group by the act of one, e.g., NRA, or
reward a whole group for the excellence of one, i.e.,
giving a trophy to everyone, whether they come in first or

The elitists carry this further through unions in collective
bargaining when negotiating benefits. Everyone gets an
equal bite of the pie, whether they are productive or dead
wood to the company.

Democrat administrations have been partial to multilateral
agreements in foreign trade and other agreements that have
not been beneficial to our country.

The current President is getting heat for trying to renegotiate
the blunders of the past administration, in treaties and trade,
trying to level the playing field with tariff threats.

This does not mean painting the problem with one paint
brush, but viewing the entire gallery of many canvases in a
unilateral approach and assessing the composition of each
one separately.

Because people are not all the same, so are nations not the
same, and must be evaluated by who they are, in a way so
that we all can live in harmony without losing our identity.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Are Enormous Speaking Fees and Huge Donations Really Camouflaged Bribes?

We all know that taking money by a politician or a government official from someone in order to get a favorable government action, is a felony and is called a bribe. Well, suppose the payment of money is in the form of an enormous speaking fee to a spouse or a generous donation to a certain charitable foundation that a particular politician or government official runs or has an interest in, should that be considered a bribe or a “quid pro quo”? Does that sound like a situation that the Clinton's were involved in?

Suppose Hillary Clinton was elected president, how would she have been able to deal with foreign countries, foreign leaders or oligarchs that have contributed millions of dollars to her spouse, Bill Clinton, and to the Clinton Foundation? Do you think that those countries that have donated millions of dollars to Bill Clinton (and Hillary Clinton after her stint as Secretary of State), and the Clinton Foundation, did so out of the goodness of their hearts or do you think they expected something positive in return for their largess? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course.

If you think about this unholy alliance between donor and donee, many of whom are banned by law from donating to a politician or government official directly, could this be called a clever dodge of the law by circumventing the law already on the books? By paying a large speaking fee to a spouse or donating a huge sum to a charitable foundation, that is operated by the politician or government official, and then getting special favors, could that be called a bribe? Any astute and fair minded person would say that this just doesn't smell right.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton, over the past 15 years have gone from being broke (which they claimed they were in 2001) to now being worth over $150 million. In addition, the Clinton Foundation is estimated to have around $2 billion in working capital , of which it has been estimated that the Foundation donates about 10% to charities in the U.S. and around the world. How did they make all the money, did they start a successful business, did they sell a product or idea, or did they inherit all those millions of dollars? The answer, of course, is that they sold “access” to the government which they had ties to and money to spend. Many people have claimed that the Clinton Foundation is just a Bill and Hillary “slush fund” used to pay big salaries to cronies, to pay for travel around the world and a host of other non-charitable expenses, including paying for Chelsea's wedding, while the Clinton's have claimed a million dollar charitable donation to the Clinton Foundation on their income tax return. That's like taking money out of one pocket and putting it into the other pocket.

Could you believe that anyone, who was so well connected in policy positions within the government (or being an ex-president as Bill Clinton was) would be worth from $200,000 to $800,000 for a 30 minute speech to various companies and countries within and outside of the United States? What words of wisdom could he possibly have to tell those companies and countries other than deal with me and something good will happen to you. Shouldn't that be called a bribe or a “quid pro quo”? You make the call. And yet you still have the Clinton toadies still making excuses for their shady deals in their quest to become multi, multi millionaires. With all the nefarious deals and practices over the years from Arkansas to Wash. D.C., the Clinton's still are walking free and getting accolades from their fellow Democrats. Those are the same people who are now criticizing Pres. Trump as being corrupt. It seems that whenever the Democrats point the finger at Republicans for illegal practices, they are just pointing out the things they have been doing by themselves over the years.

The Clinton's should follow the advice of the late 5-Star General Douglas MacArthur, by just “fading away” as they have left a stain on America which will last for generations.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

There is an edifice located on 23rd St.,NW in
 Washington, D.C. that is widely known as, ‘The
 State Department’. . . it was formed on July 27, 1789, some 229 years
 ago and today, employs about 13,000 people and operates in 180 countries 
with a budget that is upward of $36 Billion (with a ‘B’) taxpayer dollars. This
 Department is charged with the responsibility to advise the President, lead the
 nation in foreign policy issues, negotiate treaties and agreements with foreign 
entities and represent the United States at the United Nations.  A big job.

Since the Founders of this nation that included such capable men as George 
Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin to name just a
 few, the average level of skill practicing the art of diplomacy on behalf of the USA,
 has sadly and unfortunately, declined appreciably.  Among the recent, lack-luster 
Secretaries of State are two women, the bumbling Madelyn Albright and the
 infamously corrupt Hillary Clinton, each of whom added less than nothing to 
improve that lineage. Following those unsuccessful acts, we were forced to 
endure the blustering, cowardly and spectacularly incompetent presidency of 
Barack Hussein Obama, coupled with the dubious aid of his Secretary of State
 - the all-time arrogant boob, John F. Kerry.  Together, they managed to concoct
 and pull off the greatest example of a diplomatic disaster the World has ever 
witnessed - the Great Iran Nuclear Surrender & $ Giveaway. It is way beyond
 the worst, ever.

Now, to the utter shock, dismay and extreme discomfort of the Dept. of State’s
 career bureaucrats and Foreign Service Officers around the world, they learn that 
 they’ve been put out to pasture by President Donald J. Trump. ‘The Donald’, who
 is universally recognized as the greatest negotiator since the genius diplomat, Ben
 Franklin himself, has elected to sidestep the middle-men & middle-women of
 ‘State’.  Current Secty of State Rex Tillerson, led by President Trump, will take on
 the direct diplomatic negotiations with the world’s leading bad guys. Guess who 
comes out on top after these tussles? I can’t wait for the fur to fly.
                                                                        MORT KUFF    © 3-10-2018

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Diversity =s Perversity

The catchword in liberal circles today is the term “diversity”. A few years ago the catchphrases were: affirmative action, racial preferences, and racial and ethnic quotas. Since those terms were not warmly embraced by many in the general public, the “diversity” proponents have latched onto the term “diversity” as a more moderate acceptable term to overcome the negatives that those other terms conveyed.

The term, “E Pluribus Unum”, was and is a traditional motto of the United States that appears on the “Great Seal” and on some of our currency. This motto was never codified by law, but it was the “de facto” motto of the United States until 1956 when the U.S. Congress adopted the phrase “In God We Trust” as the official motto. So, even from the beginning of our democratic republic, the main idea of the founding fathers was “unity” not “diversity”.

No one that I know, decries a person or persons venerating their heritage, their ethnicity or family traditions, in fact, we encourage it, but we all must remember that to be an American, a person must adhere to the traditions, the language (English), the laws (both federal and state) that have made us the pre-eminant country in the world today. Balkanization (the act of being isolated from others in your own community) of the populace is not conducive to a harmonious society. People coming into our country should strive to assimilate into our society and not set themselves apart from other Americans. As the original motto of the U.S. Stated, “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) was propagated by our founders, it was the blueprint for the success of the United States.

Another phrase that points up the fallacy of the concept of “diversity” is the phrase, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. Many civilizations in the past have succumbed by not having “unity” as their guiding principle. The fall of the Greek Civilization and the Roman Empire are good examples of countries imploding from within rather than by mostly foreign invasion. Look at our recent history where “disunity” has caused revolt and unrest. The division that existed in Canada, between the English speaking and French speaking provinces, was a major cause of contention among those provinces where, at one time, one part wanted to secede from the country to form their own country. That division has been mitigated in recent years. Also, the division that existed between Protestant Northern Ireland and Catholic Ireland, was a violent separation, which lasted almost 100 years. Tensions are less today, but they still exist. And look at Europe today where “diversity” has been the rule the past decades or so, and now most of the countries are suffering because the immigrants that have migrated to their countries, to create “diversity”, have not assimilated and have caused havoc among the permanent residents. Predictions are that Europe will be no longer Europe the way we know it now, as the immigrant population will become the majority unless a major turnaround can occur. The “diversity” concept has bitten them in the butt big time.

So, the headline of our editorial, “Diversity =s Perversity” (perversity being defined as an action that is counter to what has been expected or desired; being contrary to the norm), should be a wake up call for America to not get caught into the trap of thinking that “diversity” instead of “unity” should be the direction our country should take. Our country is and has been a “melting pot” since its inception, within reason, as previous immigrants, by and large, assimilated into society. As a counterbalance to “diversity”, we should all be united by adhering to the precepts of one language, one constitution, and one rule of laws, as the unifying concept that will continue to make and keep America the greatest country in the world. We should all be Americans, not Irish-Americans, African-Americans, Asian -Americans, German-Americans, Jewish Americans etc., etc., we should all be just plain, good old, patriotic Americans.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nothing is Absolute Except Death

There are individuals who live outside the law and no matter
what restrictions or restrains you place on the NRA, it will
have no effect on these people.

Liberals offer no constructive solutions to stop tragic events
such as the recent ones, other than to dismantle the Second
Amendment and ways for demising the NRA.

The statistics supporting other methods of violence does not
receive the attention as does the liberal agenda on the war
against the NRA, therefore it is a blur in the mainstream media
coverage. it lacks the punch of sensationalism they look for.
Nothing is absolute except death, so common sense, not
emotion is required from both sides of the controversy to
reach consensus.

The quality of life has deteriorated and it has lost its worth in
complacency. Perhaps another deep depression as the one we
went through in the 1930s, will bring us back to reality. When
we respected the value of life.

Miss use of firearms was attributed to gangsters and very rarely
attributed to the general public. The Motion Picture Production
Code of 1930 (Hays Code) kept immorality and violence at bay.
Implementing a similar code can be one idea in restoring civility
and normalcy during these chaotic times, but it is doubtful the
Liberal PC police force will allow it, because it will work against
their interpretation of the First Amendment.

The tragedies we are going through are not limited to gun violence
alone. The evil and deranged use many implements to harm
others, so, does this mean many items we use in our course of
living must be outlawed?

I'm not against the 2nd Amendment, but it needs to be
refined in order to take into consideration creations not in
existence when our Founding Fathers formulated it.

My personal opinion fails to understand why a military type
weapon is necessary for a civilian to posses. The argument
about protection against a tyrannical government taking
over doesn't cut it, because if that ever happened, access
to military arms would not be difficult to obtain.

For the tree huggers and sanctuary city types, whose
advocacy can be as dangerous as a perpetrator's deed; when
seconds count, help usually arrives in minutes. This is why it
makes sense to train and arm certain volunteer personnel in
a facility, who are in the immediate area.

The President and I do not suggest 60 year old kindergarten
teachers pack heat.

Meeting with diversified groups for feedback and ideas, the
President hopes the country together, will find a solution to
the horror befallen in our schools and workplace.
If liberals can't offer more than banning guns and the NRA,
"Put a sock in it!"

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

What Crimes Did the President Commit?

It's been almost a year since the probe of Russian influence in our election and the implied involvement of President Trump and his aides, and as of now, the probe has turned up nothing, nada, and nil. What a waste of time and money this Russian collusion fiasco has been, as the motivation behind this probe was really not the finding of any Trump collusion, it was an exercise of trying to undermine the Trump Administration and to eventually impeach him or to have him resign.

With all the leaks coming out of the special counsel's office that try to implicate President Trump with the Russians, the opposite seems to be the case, it was the Clinton campaign and the Democrats who were the one's colluding with Russian operatives.

In all good conscience, why would the Russians want Trump elected? His campaign of “America First” and “Make America Great Again” was decidedly anti-Russian, whereas the actions of Hillary Clinton, her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Democrats were the one's whose hands were all over the Russian meddling. Remember, Hillary and the Russian “reset button”; the claim by President Obama, in 2012, when speaking with the Russian president, “Tell Vladimir that I'll have more flexibility after my re-election”; the signing off by the State Department (which Hillary was the Secretary of State) of the “Uranium One” deal that gave Russia access to 20% of our uranium supply; to Bill Clinton receiving a $500,000 speaking fee from a Russian bank with ties to the Kremlin; the over $2.5 million donation to the the Clinton Foundation around the time of the Uranium One deal; and finally, the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paying that muck-raking organization, Fusion GPS, by getting spurious “dirt” on Trump from a Russian operative, to be used against Trump, which was proven to be bogus and salacious. So, where was the Russian collusion, was it with President Trump or was it with the Democrats and the Clinton's?

It seems that the Democrats still cannot understand why and how Hillary lost the election to a political neophyte, Donald Trump. It seems that the answer, by them, that it had to be something nefarious done by the Trump campaign that made the election turn out the way it did. That seems to be the motivation behind the “witch hunt” of Trump and the Russians that is now in progress? It's the Russians, the Russians, and the Russians.

So far, the Special Counsel, under Robert Mueller, has 2 indictments under its cap, both had nothing to do with Russian collusion or President Trump. The organized vendetta against President Trump and the misinformation used against him reminds me of the quote by Adolph Hitler from his book, “Mein Kampf” which stated as follows: “ If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough it becomes the truth”, that seems to be the “modus operandi” of the feckless Democrats, the Clinton sycophants, the biased media, and the compromised panel of investigators of the Special Counsel's team. This charade should be ended so that President Trump can get back to the business of “Making America Great Again”. It serves no purpose to continue “beating a dead horse” when much more pressing problems that face us, as a country, are with us on a daily basis. We don't need this worthless distraction to continue.

Again I ask, “What Crimes Did the President Commit”? You make the obvious call.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

National corporations cutting
Discounts or dropping their 
support of the NRA, altogether.

I’ve noted the growing list of national corporations that have jumped off
the bandwagon of advertising support for the NRA.  Nowhere among the
names of those companies, did I see any that are in the business of 
duplicating the vital task of defending our Second Amendment rights that
is being so effectively performed by the NRA.  They’re all scared rabbits.

Every single one of those companies that are scampering away from their
traditional support of the National Rifle Association are in business to sell
their products or services.  None of them are committed 24/7-365 as is 
the NRA, in the battle to protect that most holy Second Amendment from 
the crazed gun-haters and the most intolerant segment of our population 
that is equally committed to curtailing free speech in this land of the free
and home of the brave.

I’ll continue to use the products & services offered by the scared rabbits
when it suits my advantage but, you can bet your bottom bippee that I 
shall never forget their cowardly cave-in to 
anti-American-progressive-Socialism gone wild.  Never ever!

   MORT KUFF    © 2-25-2018

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Little by Little, Drip by Drip....

Lately, that's what has been happening in our country by the slow erosion of our American Judeo-Christian values that we have championed over the years and that have made us the pre-eminant country of the world. Most objective sane observers would concur with that statement.

But, in our midst there are a gaggle of self-hating Americans, and our ex- President Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, etc. who would like to see a “total transformation” of our social and economic society, but they are smart enough not to push their agenda too fast down the throats of the American public. They talk out of both sides of their mouths, and never admit to their true intentions. So, if the radical lefty loons can regain power after the next mid-term election, the pace of “transformation” will be accelerated, and the country we have known since its inception will become a distant memory. Obama started out with his ill-timed health care bill, (known as Obamacare), that constituted the government takeover of 1/6 of our economy. The Democrats, ignoring the will of the people, passed this legislative monstrosity with just Democrat votes and no input, of any substance, by the Republicans. The Democrats hail this as a success and an achievement, but more than 60% of the public don't like it and want it repealed. That was one part of the “transformation” that cost the Democrats the election of 2016, and it will be an albatross around neck of the Democrats in Nov. 2018, along with the fact that all Democrats voted against the Trump tax cuts and tax reform. Luckily for us, much of the other policies put forth by Obama and the Democrats to “transform” our country, were thwarted by mainly the Republicans and a very few courageous Democrats.

But, all is not well in “River City” (from the play the Music Man), for over the past 50 years, we've seen the slow erosion of things that we once held dear that seem to no longer matter. Some of these erosion's of our values are: the breakup of the family by having the government intrude in our everyday lives (ex. since the “War on Poverty” was instituted by LBJ in 1965, today, 70% of the black births and 40% of other races births are conceived out of wedlock and mostly with no father at home); the assault on the institution of marriage, as had been passed down to us over the centuries, that marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman, is no longer looked upon as being the norm. Now we've been told by the “P.C. Police” that same sex marriage is just as normal as the original pairing of a man and woman, and if you disagree you are then referred to as a bigoted homophobe at worst and an intolerant lunatic at best; and that a person being religious is somehow looked upon as that person being illiberal and oppressive, and in addition that person is to be looked upon as being stupid for being a believer; that taking and using drugs should be legalized as being a normal fact of life, mainly because it is too difficult to control, so why bother; and being a success in life is not to be considered an inspiration by the many, but a grievance by the few outspoken lefty loons among us, as being a success means you must've gotten to be a success by trampling upon the rights of others. Hard work and perseverance doesn't seem to matter to them, they want to share the fruits of your labor to people who didn't earn it in the first place, the old robbing Peter to pay Paul syndrome.

There are other examples of how we have “defined deviancy down” (a phrase coined by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan), to where many of our younger people today don't know the difference between right from wrong and they think that the world owes them a living. That is the little by little, and drip by drip I was referring to in the headline of this column. We will join the demise of the once great Roman Empire if we don't turn things around, and a good start will be by turning out and voting out the “transformation” rascals in 2018. It's later than you think, so go out now and do the right thing. All is not lost, yet! So, let's “Make America Great Again”, support President Donald Trump and his “America First” agenda.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

"Mission control.....we have a problem!"

On January 20, 2009 Democrats launched what they professed to
be a new rocket (Barack Hussein Obama) from Cape Washington,
that was to raise our nation to new heights. The whole country
waited with great expectation to see an era of prosperity, unification
and good feeling.

It didn't take long for knowledgeable people to realize the rocket was
not ready, because it had untested and faulty parts and it was
programed with no definite destination. This mission was a failure,
They scheduled a second launch for 2013 that also turned out to end
in complete failure, because the worm brain geniuses used the same
rocket and the same engineering, fueled with the same lies, false
accusations and divisiveness that couldn't lift the country's payload of
short falls off the ground, that needed fixing.

Not admitting defeat, the Democrats decided to recycle an old, used up
retired rocket (Hillary Rodham Clinton) that had become too costly to
maintain, but were in desperation for a win.

So, on November 8, 2016, Liberals heard those dreaded words,
"Mission control, we have a problem!" when the rocket blew up on the
launch pad.

For over a year we have been exposed to left wing Democrats and fake
mainstream media with their Chicken Little mentality, trying to
delegitimize our lawfully elected president.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

We Didn't Elect a Pope, We Elected a Leader

With all the pious whining about the crudeness of Pres. Trump's speech, you'd think the Democrats would reflect upon their own crude members, including JFK, LBJ, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Al Franken, Al Sharpton, Harvey Weinstein etc., all who who have used crude words, phrases and actions in the course of their public and private lives. Pres. Trump is a down-to-earth “blue collar” billionaire who says what's on his mind without a “crudeness” filter. In other words, you get what you see and hear, and remember, we didn't elect a Pope, we elected a leader.

The unrelenting anti-Trump news media and disgruntled Democrats, who still can't believe that their flawed candidate, Hillary Clinton, didn't win the presidency, will jump on anything Pres. Trump says or does and spin it it in a negative way to try to diminish him in the eyes of the public. This phony “selective” outrage over his behavior is becoming quite apparent as the rhetoric against Pres. Trump continually goes “over the top”. In their eyes, he can't do anything right. I believe that if Pres. Trump came down from the Mount with 10 Commandments under his arm, his vicious detractors would criticize him for not having 11 Commandments. That's how much animus has infected the media and the Democrats, it's unprecedented.

With today's instantaneous access to communications and social media, the public is inundated with stories, some true and some false, that push a particular agenda depending on a particular political viewpoint. This wasn't the case 20 or 30 years ago. A lie reported on a media site today can be sent around the world in only a few hours, and if the lie is disproven, it is very difficult to set the record straight and overcome the lie. This is what Pres. Trump faces on a daily basis. That's why he “Tweets” like he does, as the outlets for him, to defend himself, are restricted and very unfriendly.

Nobody said Pres. Trump was an “angel” in his personal and professional life , but when his detractors criticize him constantly with overtly personal attacks, they forget that his actions speak louder than his words. With all the negative press Pres. Trump received during his 1st year in office, he has racked up an impressive record of achievements, which seem to be hidden by the news media on purpose. Starting with his unlikely election (over 90% of the media thought he'd lose) win over Hillary Clinton; he first off appointed a true conservative judge to the Supreme Court in Neal Gorsuch; he rescinded many business killing restrictions that the Obama administration put in place; he untied the military's hands in fighting ISIS which has now resulted in decimating ISIS in both Iraq and Syria; he has encouraged companies to return to the U.S., thereby creating more jobs (over 2 million jobs have been created since Trump took office); he approved the Keystone and Dakota pipelines to make us more energy independent from the rest of the world; the unemployment rate is the lowest in decades; and his greatest achievement of all, was the passage of the largest tax cut and reform of our tax code in our country's history, which has triggered the stock market to reach an all-time high. These are “wins” the “fake media” doesn't play up and report on.

As the headline of this editorial states, we didn't elect a Pope, we elected a leader who is fulfilling his promises and the expectations of the people who voted for him, even with a chorus of detractors nipping at his heels in a constant barrage of negative comments trying to undermine his presidency.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

MORT’s meanderings

The Cheap Suit Complex.
At what point did Republicans let themselves come apart like a cheap suit when being confronted by loud, bullying Democrats?

Democrats, that is those whose idea of engaging in polite political discourse is to shout down any opposing viewpoints and resort to name-calling right from the get-go, take particular delight in intimidating more peace-loving Republicans.

Typically over the past several decades Republicans have been more likely to avoid the onslaught of bellicose ‘Progressives’ by simply burying their chins in their chests.  The more genteel folks of a conservative bent, do not enjoy engaging in shout sessions.  If they engage in controversial politics (Are there any other kind?) at all, it is likely to be in a more conversational tone.  Hence, political discussions heretofore, have customarily been dominated by the loud & the profane. I cannot recall any Republicans or Conservatives being called loud & profane.

Republicans seem all too willing to accept blame for Government shutdowns or anything else that the loud & profane Democrats care to assign to them.  One wonders when the increasing number of veterans of our Armed Forces who have been elected to the Congress – or are seeking election – will manifest the courage to confront and beat down the loud & profane bellicose ‘Progressives’.  The term ‘Progressive’ is a misnomer if ever there was one.  Every effort to scoff at laws that are on the books; every effort to denigrate the principles upon which this nation was founded; every slur upon our history, heritage & traditions can be laid directly at the feet of the disgustingly delusional & corrupt, tax & spend Democrats.  They exist solely to gain office so that they can control everyone and everything.  Their M.O. is to out-shout all opposition and when possible, to destroy anyone and anything that they find in their path to dominate the Federal Government.
Care to argue with any of the above?

                                                                      MORT KUFF    © 1-25-2018   

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