Sunday, February 26, 2017

Can Fervent Muslims be Good Citizens in a Western Democracy?

The Muslim (Islam) “religion” dates back to the 7th century with the founding by the self-proclaimed “prophet”, Mohammad. His words, that are contained in the Muslim holy book, the Koran, are the basis by which an estimated 1.5 billion members today use as the basis of their faith. There are two versions of the Koran. The first version of the Koran was a version of “peace” which tried to entice or gain adherents and followers to his “religion”. This version was “peaceful and inclusive” and it did attract many who lived in the Middle East, but when he tried to expand his following by gaining new members, the message in the later version of the Koran became very brutal and just the opposite of the more moderate 1st edition. According to Muslim scholars, the 2nd version supersedes the 1st version of the “Holy Koran”.

Since that early part of Mohammad's life, Islam has been at “war” with the rest of the world in trying to recruit additional members by setting up a “caliphate”. Many historians and observers have claimed that Islam is not strictly a religion, but a “theocratic political ideology” wrapped up in the cloak of a religion.

Since the 7th century, Islam has expanded its influence to the aforementioned estimated 1.5 billion members, mostly located in the Middle East and the sub-continent of Asia.

And since the 7th century, militant Islamists (Muslims) have struck fear into many cultures and countries around the world. In their desire to expand their influence to all parts of the world, the use of terror seems to be the “modus operandi” of the leaders of the various Muslim factions. In fact, the political side of Islam, has and is trying to implement “Sharia Law” that supersedes all other laws that might exist around the world. A good Muslim “must” adhere to the teachings of Mohammad or he would, in the eyes of the spiritual elite Muslims (the Imams), as being an “apostate” ( someone who leaves the faith, and according to the Koran can be killed without retribution to the perpetrator).

Atrocities around the world today seem to be mainly perpetrated by the fanatical adherents of Islam. Acts of terror in the Middle East and around the world have become commonplace, and many of these barbarous acts are conducted in the name of “Allah” (the Muslim God). Some say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but, then again, most all terrorists are Muslims. Most other religions, (ex: Christianity and Judaism etc.) are religions of peace and understanding, whereas most hard-core Muslims preach violence and mayhem to further their cause. It would be hard to claim that Islam is a “peaceful” religion like some apologists want us to believe.

The anger of the militant Muslims are not just directed at other religions, but, in many cases, are directed at other Muslims who belong to the different sects of Islam, Shia and Sunni, which are the competing Muslim ideologies. In fact, more killings of Muslims by other Muslims is the major cause of death of people who claim to be Muslim.

In every country where Muslims are in the minority (mostly in Western countries), they are obsessed with minority rights (ex: in the U.S. and Great Britain etc.). In every country with a Muslim majority, there are no minority rights. That is why many peace-loving democratic countries around the world are fearful of accepting Muslims into their societies. That was one of the reasons why Donald Trump and the people of Great Britain (Brexit) cast their votes to stem the influence of Muslims gaining a foothold in their countries.

Is it irrational for citizens of the western democracies to be fearful of the influx of Muslims into their countries? My conclusion is NO, and all those who are being vilified for backing a moratorium of Muslim refugees entering their countries are not Islamophobic, but rightfully cautious about losing their sovereignty and freedom to this “theocratic political ideology” called militant Islam.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

    Where you aware. . . .     
that good ‘ol Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. Diversity himself, who was born and raised as a Muslim but as President of the United States, affected a Bible for the official photographers … and claimed to be a Christian but, never attended church services that we know of … and never celebrated Christmas in the White House … or so we heard, never exchanged presents at Christmas Time with his family … and ordered silence throughout the People’s House five times a day when Muslims take a ‘time-out’ to pray … and had symbolic Crescents installed around the interior of the White House to make Muslim visitors more comfy?  And provided prayer rugs … c’mon, really?
Plus, having drapes and other fabrics custom made with Islamic symbols and various other ‘accommodations’ to the so-called, ‘Religion of Peace’ that has been the excuse  for killing thousands of Christians, Jews and other ‘Infidels’ across the Globe since the 7th Century.  Had you been aware of this?  Had you read or heard any of this until the past week or so when the Trump transition team got a glimpse inside the White House and became aware of these hitherto, open secrets?  Who was aware of all this and who was either sworn to silence about it all … or intimidated into silence?  Somebody knew of course but, they risked their careers, contracts, opportunity for profit or quite possibly their necks, if they went public with this stealthy Muslim makeover.  
That’s the way of Islam; that’s the way of the disgusting Barack Hussein Obama.  He lies, deceives, obfuscates, confuses, diverts and generally operates behind a virtual screen of secrecy in practically everything he does – and practically everything he did while in the White House, all the while beating his chest about how transparently ‘He and His Government’ conducted the business of the Executive Branch. I will guarantee that he never consulted any Member of the U.S. Congress about this secret, unilateral conversion of the most symbolic residence in the nation.  I’m also certain that if he ever did consult the White House Architect, that person was bound and gagged with only his writing hand free to sign the necessary authorizations. The implied threats must still be ringing through the rafters at our sacred Presidential Mansion, the grey-smudged  White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.
Such is a part of the legacy of this anti-American reprobate that is unlikely to get much notice beyond what I have alleged here-in.  This Great Pretender did his Muslim best to destroy our history, our traditions, our Constitution, our functioning government, our economy, our mighty military, our Faith in ourselves and each other, our ethics and our moral codes. His misguided policies have placed this nation in untenable debt, have made us the laughing stock among nations and in every way possible, have worked to put us on the road to ruin.  He almost got away with it.  Thanks, Hillary.                 
        But mostly . . . “THANKS, DONALD”.                       MORT KUFF  © 12-19-2016    

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Sunday, February 19, 2017


In the year 1944, a young Hungarian Jewish boy by the name of George Schwartz (his original name) whose name was changed in 1936 by the family to Soros to avoid the rampant anti-Semitism that was in vogue in Hungary at the time, did the unthinkable, he collaborated with the evil Nazi’s during their occupation of Hungary. Today he is considered the foremost multi-billionaire financial “angel” to most all prominent liberal groups and causes in the U.S. and around the world.

That young almost 14 year old boy, George Soros, joined up with a Nazi collaborator, who claimed to be his godfather, to collect the valuables of other Jews, in Hungary, who were going to be sent to Hitler’s concentration camps.

To most every sane person that I know, that act of betraying your own people in order to survive, is beyond the pale and a despicable act.

Some might say, why condemn a 14 year old boy who was just trying to survive and did things that could now be called evil, in hindsight?

That might be true, but after many years of thought and contemplation, you’d think that that boy, and now man, George Soros, would have some remorse or feel some contrition as to what he did as a youth. But, in 1999, in an interview on the show “60 Minutes” with correspondent Steve Kroft, here is how George Soros responded to the questions asked of him by Steve Kroft.

Kroft: My understanding is that you went out with this protector (collaborator) of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Mr. Soros: Yes. Yes.

Kroft: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

Kroft: I mean, that’s – that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatrist's couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. Soros: Not – not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t – you don’t see the connection. But it was – it created no – no problem at all.

Kroft: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. Soros: No.

The interview went on but no apology or feeling of remorse crept into the conversation, even after all those many passing years of reflection. A compassionate person, as liberals like to refer to themselves, would’ve regretted, at least, what he did to his own people, the Jews. Over the years, he has renounced his religion and now calls himself an avowed atheist. He’s what might be referred to today as a “self-hating Jew”

This “Angel of Evil” (I think to be an apt description of him) is and has been over the years, the prime benefactor of most of the radical left-wing groups and causes in our country and around the world. It is estimated that George Soros, from 1979 to 2007, through his various foundation network, has made $5 billion worth of grants to leftist, radical groups and individuals, including contributions to the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama.

This insidious influence of money to groups such as the Open Society Institute (Soros’ major foundation), MoveOn.Org., Organizing for America (Obama’s supposedly “grass-roots” political action group), Center for American Progress, People for the American Way, ACORN and S.E.I.U., and the now defunct Air America, the left-liberal broadcast radio network. In addition, Soros spent $26 million of his own money trying to defeat George W. Bush for President in 2004. He failed in that endeavor as Bush won the election.

On the world stage, he was convicted of a felony in England for manipulating the devaluation of the Pound in 1992. Criminal charges are now pending in France for other shady financial dealings in that country. He is not a nice man.

So, this is the guy who liberals (Democrats) adore as a “financial angel”, but many would say that he is the “Angel of Evil” to the U.S.A. and to the world as a whole. Doesn’t the “loony left” have any qualms about accepting the tainted money of this pariah to the countries of the so-called new world order? I guess not, as money (even tainted money) causes many a politician or political zealot to contract a severe case of moral amnesia. This, sad to say, is the dilemma faced by the Democrats today, of whether or not to accept the largesse of this unsavory billionaire. It seems like they are willing to accept it just to win elections and to further their left-wing agenda regardless as to the adverse effects upon their country.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Celebrities With Mental Issues, Needing Psychriatic Evaluation

The liberal world has been shaken, down to its foundation and
the snakes have crawled out from under the rock they've been
living under, trying to delegitimize the election of Pres. Donald
J, Trump.

Organized sponsors funded in the millions, by self serving creeps
like George Soros, are stirring the pot with the usual rabble who
haven't a clue, to do their bidding of destroying the miracle called

It's a pity how many unsuspecting, decent people have been drawn
into this scheme by irrelevant, illusionary people who think their
celebrity gives weight to express their distorted outlook on

The "Women's March on Washington" was a fiasco, because the
theme wasn't about women's rights, but a rally for planned parenthood
for choice to abort life; consoling themselves for Hillary Clinton's
loss due to many of them not having voted, and to vent hate for our
lawfully elected president. They totally missed castigating areas of the
world that treat women inhumanely.

I have a novel idea for the President to stop abortion being used as a
form of birth control, used in many cases within the 327,653 in one year,
averaging 898 per day and 37 per hour. Instead of issuing an executive
order to withhold funding, the money might be transferred to fund
vasectomies and sterilization. Some people should never be trusted to
bear children as exemplified by the behavior of those sharing the podium
in this event, expressing their vitriol with profanity and treasonous words
by some has been celebrities who came across like having mental issues,
needing psychiatric evaluation.

The annual "March for Life" is being shown as a sharp contrast in morality
and sanity in comparison.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do Liberals Have a False Ego Problem?

Liberals think they are better and smarter than most Americans because, according to them, they care more deeply about the environment, minorities, and human rights, when in fact, they really only care about themselves.

To listen to the liberals, anybody who opposes their agenda is stupid, a nut-job, a racist, a homophobe, a sexist, a Nazi or a Fascist, or a milder slur like just being called an idiot or moron. The main reason is that they really can't debate or justify their policies in a rational manner, therefore, they must minimize their opponents by calling them vile names and by making untrue statements to try to put the opposition in a bad light by verbally assaulting them personally (one of the rules of radical Saul Alinsky, from his book “Rules for Radicals”), thereby making them less credible in the eyes of the public, or so they think.

A good example of this tactic is in regards to “ racial profiling” was when former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law to enforce an Arizona immigration law a couple of years ago, to help them stem the flow of illegal aliens swarming over the border of Arizona, they (the liberals) immediately called the law “racial profiling”, even though the law specifically stated that law enforcement officials could not “profile” or question people unless they were stopped for committing another infraction or violation of law. The Democrats didn't care, even though most of them didn't even read the law, including the then Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, they, in their infinite wisdom, believed that the law was what they said it was, “racial profiling”. These same sanctimonious hypocrites, on the other hand, engaged in real “racial profiling” by labeling all the Tea Party protesters as white racists, anarchists, bigots, Nazi's, and local yokels and rednecks. According to them, if you attended or sympathized with the Tea Party protesters, you fit their profile and were eligible to be called one of those vile epithets. It is a fact that at most all Tea Party protest rallies no one was arrested and no damage to public or private was committed by the protesters. Compare that record of civility with the Occupy Wall Street and the Black Lives Matter groups to see the difference in conduct. If that isn't “profiling”, than I don't know what it is? Only people with a false ego could make the jump to that erroneous conclusion.

It's a shame when liberal Democrats have become so intolerant of views that differ from their own that they can't even celebrate a great moment in American history (like the Trump inauguration was boycotted by 70 Democrats). What is the driving force behind their “elitist” attitude toward their adversaries?

Another example of where their ego gets in the way of rational decisions, is in the way they proceeded to implement their pseudo- Marxist/Socialist agenda. Poll after poll had shown that the American people did not want the ObamaCare bill, but they (the Democrats with nary a Republican vote) shoved it down our throats anyway. In their self- aggrandizing way, they knew better than anyone else and it was just the stupidity of the people that influenced those negative poll numbers (remember the major architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, who said the public was too stupid to be told the truth?). The same is true with the other initiatives put forth by the Obama Administration, that the people have said they DIDN'T want, such as the Cap and Trade (Tax) Climate bill, the Card Check bill, which would have done away with “secret ballot” elections in union representation elections.

Only someone with a narcissistic personality and an inflated ego would impose his will over the common sensibilities of the American people and go against their wishes. Obama did that over and over again, without consulting Congress, by issuing “executive orders” which the courts shot down on many occasions as being beyond the scope of his authority.

So the answer to the beginning question is “YES”, the Democrats, and our ex- President, Barack Hussein Obama, do have a false ego problem that should have been cured, or set back, by a massive defeat of them at the polls on November 8, 2016, as the Democrats not only lost the presidency, but they also failed to takeover the Senate and the House, and the G.O.P. now controls 34 governorship's and a majority of the state legislatures. We Republicans would like to thank Obama for putting us in that favorable position. AMEN!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

John McCain:  Put a sock in it.
First, let me state that no one has more respect for Naval Aviation and fighter pilots in particular than I do.  My brief Navy career was spent in training to become an Aviation Ordnanceman / Combat Aircrewman on a Lockheed PV-1 twin-engine, land-based patrol bomber.  And it goes without saying that John McCain’s surviving 5-years of torture at the hands of the most inhumane treatment by Vietnamese prison guards at the Hanoi Hilton, commands the highest degree of respect possible.
Beyond that respect for this man and his family history of impeccable service as ranking officers in the U. S. Navy, there is the respect due him as a result of his service as an elected representative of the State of Arizona. That is an awful lot of outstanding accomplishment to be taken into account when evaluating this man’s positive activities.
All that said, young John McCain was a pretty rambunctious lad while at the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD and continued his own path as a junior officer and pilot.  And, as later, a seasoned public servant, including his run for the Presidency, he often bucked the tide and invariably did things his way.  There is no argument from me, regarding his patriotism or his love of country.  
Taking all the above into account, I find it astonishing that following a first-contact, one-on-one telephone conversation between our newly-elected President Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Australia, John McCain should take it upon himself to contact the Ambassador of Australia to the United States, and apologize for the President’s message and tone.  With no other authority than that of a sitting U. S. Senator, which is significant but outside established protocol of traditional diplomatic communication, Sen. McCain gave an unauthorized, unofficial apology to a representative of one of our close allies that could understandably be inferred as an official apology.  This is not the act of a rambunctious young lad, it is in my assessment, a terribly injurious act totally at odds with the actions of our President, by a U. S. Senator who should know better.   That ain’t good.
                                                                             MORT KUFF © 2-3-2017

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Sunday, February 5, 2017


That phrase cannot be attributed to any one particular person, but the gist of that saying gives poignancy to today’s liberal (a/k/a Progressive) thinking of the many government policies and programs that have not turned out the way they were originally intended. Do any government policies ever turn out the way they were intended?

Many of the social programs of the 20th Century were enacted with the intention of doing “good” for society, but after trial and error, the results, of these social experiments, have been less than was envisioned by the “benevolent” people (mainly liberal politicians) making those proposals. Feel good legislation, like trying to help the needy and downtrodden, trying to make amends for the “sins” of the past, and trying to even the “playing field” to make situations more “fair”, have, in many cases, turned out badly, much to the chagrin of the proponents of these misguided programs, but still they push on. The old saying, “Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up” seems to be the “modus operandi” of today's liberal (Progressive).

A perfect example of the effects of this phrase is the consequences that resulted from the enactment of President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” in 1965. The intentions of making life more livable for the old and the poor were honorable and compassionate, but the results have been less than fulfilling and, in many cases, downright disastrous. This was the epitome of trying to institute the “Nanny State” mentality into the fabric of our society, and which the Obama Administration tried to do in the 8 years of its presidency in trying to complete the job started by Lyndon Johnson. Not only has it not eradicated poverty, but it has had some very harmful effects upon some of our most vulnerable citizens. Medicare and Medicaid were setup to make life better for both our senior citizens and the poor. No doubt Medicare has helped seniors who have or had health problems, but like most all benevolent government programs, waste, fraud, and inefficiency were prevalent in the administration of this program. Both these programs are going broke in a few short years, and in order to sustain them; massive infusions of government (our tax dollars) money will be needed to keep these programs afloat. Along with Social Security, these programs are nothing more than a government “Ponzi” scheme that will come crashing down in the near future, especially since the “baby boomers” are retiring at a really fast clip. It'll make Bernie Madoff look like a piker.

The “War on Poverty” also exacerbated a problem in the inner cities by encouraging couples not to marry, thereby causing the out-of-wedlock births in the black community to approach 73%, thereby relegating many of these poor people to remain on the government dole with little hope that many of them will be able to free themselves of being dependent on the government for a handout.

Another area where good intentions have gone awry has been in the area of so-called “climate change” (global warming). Most all of us, if not all, want clean air, clean water and less pollution in our lives, but some people have perverted this cause by trying to cash in financially by purposely scaring the people into believing that more rules and regulations are needed or we will be confronted with dire environmental consequences. In other words, they think they can change Mother Nature, an almost impossible task. Of the bills that Obama and the Democrats have pushed in the past, one is called “Cap and Trade” (the word tax should be used in place of the word trade), this is a perfect example of government sticking its nose into places that it has no business to be in. If passed (no chance today since Republicans control the presidency and Congress), it would have raised all our taxes dramatically (it would be especially harmful in this time of economic malaise) and it would've put a dagger through the heart of our job generating private businesses. It was an anti-business, anti-free enterprise piece of legislation that would've prolonged our slow recovery well into the future. Even if it was passed, it would have had little or no effect upon our environment, as man, as stated before, cannot control Mother Nature, even if “faux” recipients of the Nobel Prize, Barack Hussein Obama and Al Gore, have told us otherwise.

Yes, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, but we can bring back some rational reality in our country and in our lives by electing politicians with a strong conservative background, like we did on Nov. 8, 2016, and a philosophy of helping people to help themselves with a minimal amount of government interference. A helping hand instead of a handout is the role of a compassionate government. This philosophy is one of the reasons why President Trump was elected. Let's hope he can get it passed into law.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

"Migrants" In Calais, France Turn Violent As Population Rises. This will be coming to America courtesy of Liberal Judges and the People who gave us 8 years of Obama, aka Self-Loathing Democrats.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Dark Collar Nemeses Within Our Society

We were making strides in race relations up until we voted for
change with the Obama administration. Sadly, progress in many
areas has deteriorated since then, broadening the gap between

A new category has appeared that I signify as Dark Collar Workers.
A none productive group competing with the White and Blue Collar
worker. They rely on entitlements and manipulation to exist, wanting
equal compensation as the working classes, with little or no endeavor.
You may know a couple of these groups known as Black Lives Matter
and Occupy Wall Street. They deem tradition a dirty word and a
Norman Rockwell image pornography.

If you have something they also want but can't have, they will damage
or destroy yours. If they can't have it, why should you?

They all seem uniform in their unattractive personal appearance and
no pride in maintaining their neighborhoods, whereas others who's
financial situation may be similar to theirs, take pride in themselves
and their property, conducting themselves with dignity.

The Dark Collar cloud that's been hovering over us for eight years
needs to be disbursed, to let the sunshine through to a brighter day
for all Americans.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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