Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Dreams of My Father’s Son”

(that would be, me) by MORT KUFF © 2010

Volume No. 3

  • I dream that Shirley Sherrod and Joe Biden disappear, never to be seen again.
  • I dream that Ann Coulter goes on a Burger King Whopper and Boston Crème pie diet.
  • I dream that all the TV spokesmen for ‘Gold’, invest in gold and lose their shirts.
  • I dream that the next President nominates Thomas Sowell to the Supreme Court.
  • I dream that Walter Williams replaces Tim Geitner as Secy. of the Treasury.
  • I dream that our next President requests the return of the Churchill bust.
  • I dream that the Ladies of ‘The View’ should neither be seen nor heard, again.
  • I dream that Bill O’Reilly actually becomes more ‘fair’ and less ‘unbalanced’.
  • I dream that Tiger Woods recaptures his old swing and finds his old putter.
  • I dream that there’ll be an investigation of who funded Nancy Pelosi’s Botox injections.
  • I dream that Cass Sunstein develops an advanced case of hardening of the arteries.
  • I dream that the NY Times goes belly-up, sooner rather than later.
  • I dream that Paul Krugman gets on ‘St.Vitus Dancing With the Stars’.
  • I dream that before he leaves office, Obama runs out of ‘inexperience’.
  • I dream that someday, Obama will point the finger of blame at himself.
  • I dream that Barney Frank appears on the next cover of, “Repulsive Gays” magazine.
  • I dream that when Nancy Pelosi looks into her mirror, she sees Helen Thomas.
  • I dream that the science is finally settled, that Al Gore is a certifiable lunatic.
  • I dream that the Capitol Rotunda should have a wing for, “Fools, Foul Balls & Faggots”.
  • I dream that doing a makeover for Justice Kagan would be like putting lipstick on a ‘pug’.
  • I dream that Sarah Palin’s I.Q. exceeds the aggregate total of the entire current Congress.
  • I dream that Hillary’s appearance is giving worn-out dish mops a bad name.
  • I dream that Obama’s command to ‘plug the damn hole’ applies to his big mouth.
  • I dream that in November we once again become a nation of laws, not a nation of lunatics.
  • I dream that the proposed atrocity in lower Manhattan be named, ‘Bloomberg & Mosque-O-Wits’.
  • I dream that a good title for a book on Obama’s legacy would be, “A Culture of Contempt”.
  • I dream that after the next presidential inauguration, for the first time since the last presidential inauguration, I'll be proud of the President of the United States.
  • I dream that if a poll were to be taken of me alone, it would show conclusively, that I have an extremely low opinion of Barack Obama's policies and of the man, personally.

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Hennie from Cleveland said...

I DREAM that Mort keeps Dreaming! ‘Bloomberg & Mosque-O-Wits’ is classic! As a fellow Jew, it disgust me to see self-loathing Jews submit to Radical Islam.

Don on the Right Side said...

I agree with Hennie. I say that there is no way President Hussein would be in the White House if not for self loathing White People. Although Obama's group ACORN would have had to work harder to get illegal votes.

Marty Wilens said...

I dream that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will finally admit that George Bush was not responsible for all the wrong decisions that he has made since becoming President. I realize that that dream will be nothing more than a nightmare as he never makes a mistake.

Miami Condo News said...

Bravo Mort! Pelosi and Helen Thomas is hilarious.