Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can We Afford Four More Years of the Obama’s?

Never, in our history, have we had a president and first lady who looked upon the presidency as their own personal piggybank or cash cow.

The President and the First Lady have lived a very cavalier lifestyle during his first term, all at the expense of the taxpayers whom Obama constantly preaches the virtue of frugality to. These people seem to have no shame. They jet from city to city and country to country, all the while scolding the wealthy for not paying their fair share and condemning them for using their private jets. He chastises the rich while he attends $40,000 a plate fund raisers attended by the same people he is constantly railing against. How can these “fat cat” donors stand the hypocrisy of this fraud in the White House?

Since he spends less time in the Oval Office than any other previous president, he seems to find time to play his almost weekly round(s) of golf. In fact, he had played more golf in less than two years in office than Bush did during his entire eight years. As of today, he has played over 105 rounds of golf and counting. Does he call that sacrificing during an economic downturn? It seems that he needs the relaxation due the demands of his exhausting fund raising. It seems like he is doing the work of three men - Larry, Curly, and Moe.

To put salt into the wounds, the Obama’s take about three vacations each year and his wife also takes separate vacations with her family and friends in tow to exotic places like Spain and Vail, Colorado etc. Another blatant disregard for the taxpayers, is the time, this past March, that his 13 year old daughter, Malia, along with 12 of her friends, went on a spring break vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico, a country, by the way, that is on the State Dep’t.’s warning list of unsafe places to go to. A total of 25 Secret Service agents went along for protection. I’m sure some of the millions of unemployed citizens could’ve used some of the money spent on this luxury vacation for a 13 year old girl? A frantic effort on the part of the White House to attempt to scrub the Internet of stories was pursued with vigor, with some results at suppression. Can you imagine if one of Bush’s daughters did the same thing? The media would’ve been apoplectic in their faux outrage against the “evil” George Bush.

In addition to this total disregard of using the taxpayers money for personal selfish needs, the Obama’s seem to have an addiction for hosting parties in the White House for their rich and famous Hollywood “fat cat” friends and multi-millionaire sports stars, in all the sports, especially basketball stars (could it be that most of them are black? Just asking).

The arrogance of our “Campaigner in Chief” and his wife seems to carry no sense of abusing the entitlements of the Office of President. When Michelle (or is it Moochelle?) went to So. Africa with her daughters, they listed the daughters as “senior staff” in order to justify the expense of bringing them along on the trip. Isn’t that an example of blatant arrogance?

It seems that the Obama’s have no shame about spending the taxpayers money whenever they have the whim about taking a trip to some exotic location around the world. It seems that they feel they are entitled to be treated like royalty even if his job is that of just the President.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, August 26, 2012


He's doing the best that he can do, give him time he's only been President for three and a half years, it takes time to turn the country around. How many times have you heard this excuse put forth by the Democrats to explain why Obama is having a problem selling his policies to the American people? That's where the quote by Jean Giraudoux, a diplomat, comes into play that, “Only the Mediocre are Always at their Best”.

The Democrats proclaim that all the Republicans just say “NO” to what the President proposes or tries to get done, but is that a bad thing if true? Should they just roll over and accede to approve policies that they see as detrimental to our country's best interests? Should they approve of letting the Bush tax cuts expire during an economic downturn? Is passing a monstrous trillion dollar health care bill something that should be approved while we are rolling up over trillion dollar deficits every year? Should the Republicans approve of policies that will increase our energy costs under the false attempt to control “Mother Nature” by passing a “Cap and Trade (Tax) Climate Bill” that will raise gasoline prices and electric rates for all Americans? These are just a few of the policies that the “evil” Republicans said “NO” to, are they wrong? By saying “NO”, are Obama's critics “racist” (as his supporters falsely claim incessantly) or are they just using everyday, economic common sense, or maybe they just “KNOW” (not the “NO' the Democrats whine about) what is best for America. You make the call!

When Obama claims that we (the U.S.A.) is no longer exceptional, he implies that we should be “mediocre” so that other countries don't feel inferior to us. Is he for real? We have been the leader of the world for most of the last century because we were exceptional in practically all aspects of life. Is that really a bad thing? Instead of being a detriment, it has been an asset to everyone in the world – imagine what the world would be like if we were just mediocre instead of exceptional?

Winston Churchill once said that “Capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings, the inherent virtue of socialism (Marxism) is the equal sharing of misery”. The policies of the Obama Administration of “sharing the wealth” (income redistribution), is a form of Marxist doctrine, which is right out of the Karl Marx playbook. If the Republicans say “NO” to that – are they wrong? Should we be striving to be exceptional or should we just settle for being mediocre? The answer, to me, is a no-brainer, we voted out many of the “bums” in 2010 to hopefully change the direction of our country, so we could try to reclaim our exceptional status once again. Let's hope the Republicans will do the right thing and that the electorate completes the job in November 2012 by retiring or “Liar in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama, and send him back to the corrupt City of Chicago.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MORT’s majority of one

“For the first time in my life, I’m proud to be ashamed of the President of the United States.”

I know, I know. The initial part of that statement has a familiar ring. It was plagiarized from the first notable quotable by that renowned patriot, Foist Lady Meeshell Obama.

Full disclosure however, compels this writer to take full responsibility for the entire title of this written wrant. (Look here Pal, it’s my article, I’m writing it and I can spell it anyway I please.)

Why would anyone of sound mind (This qualifier provides me with a bit of wiggle room.) ever be proud to be ashamed of this President? Let me count the ways – er, at least, several of them.

1. I’m ashamed of a man whom we’ve elected to the highest office in the land, whom we call the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who puts his political career above any concerns about the safety of the citizenry of this nation including, the brave men and women who serve in our military. That is unconscionable.

2. I’m ashamed of a man in whom we’ve entrusted our sacred Liberty and our national security, who has decided unilaterally, not to enforce long-established Federal laws regarding foreigners who illegally cross our borders to enter our country. And adding insult to injury, he has directed his Attorney General to bring laws suits against those States that have been most affected by the results of this catastrophic policy. He has taken them to court for passing legislation in their own states, that mirror the Federal laws, as they try to protect themselves against illegal invasions. How bizarre is that? I interpret that as a deliberate flaunting of the Constitution. How else can it be viewed?

3. I’m ashamed of a man in whom we’ve entrusted our Top Secret intelligence regarding national security and military secrets – who without apology, publically and proudly broadcast detailed intelligence about the clandestine operation that effectively ended the life and career of the world’s most notorious terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. For Barack Obama, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed

Forces of the United States of America to cavalierly take credit for himself, is ugly. But most egregiously, he put the lives of our best and brightest in the military plus the lives of their families, very much at real risk of terrorist reprisals. That is an act of high treason. Further, for such a crassly overt act to be committed by a sitting President of this nation – is quite simply the worst scenario – it is beyond forgiveness. Only his maker is equipped to render judgment and administer proper retribution. However, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that even that connection has somehow, been suppressed by an Executive Order.

So, it is with an everlasting shame directly resulting from his treasonous actions, that Barack Hussein Obama has dropped a most putridly odorous blanket of disgrace upon the Presidency. It will take generations following his ouster from office, to dissipate the stench.

Please Obama, no phony apologies. No faked contrition. No Teleprompter spin. Just leave. Do something positive for a change, GET LOST! Be gone! Go back to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and beg his forgiveness. We’ll even pick up the tab for a one-way flight between Washington, DC and Chicago on Air Force One. But, get out of town. And, never darken our TV screens, again. As was once famously uttered, “We don’t need your kind around here.”

Don’t forget your golf clubs and take that stupid dog with you. And oh, Mr. President, don’t let the back door to the White House, slam you in your jive-talkin’ ass.

Attention Voters: Want to try this again?


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Sunday, August 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings and COTRS

The fallacy from the Left: Jews run the country.


Jews run the country? Let me put that one to rest. The truth about that lie is all too evident when you look at the facts.

If the Jews were actually in charge of this country, we wouldn’t be $15 Trillion in debt.

We’d be showing a profit.

I rest my case.


Chuck has a take on this subject below.

I Just Don't Understand!

It amazes me, as a “goy” (a gentile), that some of the most vociferous detractors of Israel are Jews themselves. Most of these detractors, although claiming all out support for Israel, seem to be part of the far-left, liberal, secular progressive branch of Judaism, and most seem to be Democrats. They are hell-bent on apologizing for the Muslim terrorists and their actions against Israel and the western democracies, most notably the United States.

They constantly bring up the canard of “moral equivalency” to the response that Israel takes the wrong approach in defending itself from people who are trying to kill them. Just recently, Obama's Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, (a Jew) saw fit to proclaim that anti-Semitism in the Arab world is different from the old European hatreds - because it can be justified by Israel's actions. These same “apologists” are also in the forefront of giving aid and comfort to our enemies or detractors around the world. These “self-hating” Americans are dedicated to blaming America first for anything negative that happens in the world. President Obama went on a world tour apologizing for our actions over the past years. That was unprecedented in the annals of the presidency for a president to “bad mouth” his own country on foreign shores. The blame America first crowd champion the oppressive regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, and blame the U.S. for all the ills in those countries. These same apologists, who all seem to be afflicted with that liberal malady called CRI (Cranial Rectal Inversion), are constantly claiming we are the one's responsible for the terrible violations of their “rights”. They are against all means that we initiated since 9/11 to protect us from future 9/11's or worse. Profiling, wire tapping of suspected terrorists, forceful interrogation of captured terrorists (which they call torture), all seem to be “excessive” and depriving the terrorists of “their rights”. When you ask them how they have been personally affected, they have no answer, but give vague generalities about non-existent violations.

These same “Woodstock Wusses” are the same people who say that Israel and the West should negotiate with these terrorists who want to kill and behead them. Obama even said that Israel should sit down with the Palestinians and negotiate a peace settlement using the 1967 borders as a starting point. Does he really think Israel is that stupid to agree with that self-defeating proposal? They erroneously think that you can sit down and reason with these butchers and appeal to their good hearts and good intentions. They don't seem to realize that we have been trying that for over 30 years with no positive results. All they got for those efforts were more killings, more rockets, more kidnappings, more suicide bombers and endless vitriol eagerly propagated by a pliant main stream media around the world and in our own country.

Because I strongly support the State of Israel, doesn't mean I'm prohibited from criticizing Israel and its policies, but when it comes to its national survival and standing up for their right to defend themselves, I take a back seat to no one or no group.

This hate America and hate Israel crowd not only makes apologies for the Muslim terrorists, but they also support the oppressive regimes and tin-horn dictators right here in Central and South America. These same misguided misguided people support and apologize for the likes of Castro in Cuba, Chavez in Venezuela, Correa of Ecuador, Morales of Bolivia, and Ortega of Nicaragua, all the time mostly blaming the U.S. for all the wrong in those countries. Now you can see why I don't understand why “educated” (with no common sense) people will act and do such misguided things and think they are compassionate. When will Jews get the message that Democrats are not their friends.

Maybe someday they will understand as we see the results of the “Arab Spring” and how it affects Israel..

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

MORT’s Manic Meanderings

“Walk with me.”

There is an e-mail floating around the internet titled, “Walk with me as I age”.

What a crock. If anyone is interested in walking with the elderly, they should come to their senses and offer their ‘elder’ a ride in a golf cart, or a Cadillac, or a Jag-U-R.

Who needs someone walking beside them and continually asking, “Are you okay?’ ‘Can you make it to that tree and then, we’ll turn around?’ ‘Can you hold it until we get home?’ ‘Do you remember where you live?’ ‘What was it like in the old days?’ ‘Did they have sex when you were a teen?’ ‘You mean you were actually in World War II?’ ‘How sad that you have two siblings with whom you haven’t communicated in 30+ years.’ ‘Seriously, can you recall the names of the in-laws of your last three spouses?’ ‘How many children did you say you have? ‘Do they ever call you?’

C’mon, let’s get real. We antique people know all too well how we got that way. We followed the sage advice of our grandparents who advised us to ‘just keep putting one foot in front of the other’. Well shit, we see where that got us, don’t we?

Nah. The way to make the day a little brighter for one who has reached his or her majority and then, made it past that stage by a few years is as follows:

Bring ‘em a bottle of Scotch or Tequila. Bring ‘em a Big Mac with a double order of fries – and don’t forget the little packages of ketchup. Bring them peanut brittle.

Make certain they have a DVD player and know how to operate it and then, bring them three raunchy ‘porno’ DVDs. And a couple of Three Stooges DVDs.

Buy the wildest necktie you can find, gift wrap it beautifully and present it to an infirmed elderly gent who hasn’t worn anything but a grungy old flannel bathrobe in nine years

Buy the tiniest bikini swim suit you can find, gift wrap it beautifully and present it to an elderly lady who can hardly see – and ask her to put it on so that you can take her picture.

Seriously, the way to an elderly person’s heart is to piss ‘em off. This is something they are used to and something they understand and can relate to. If you bring a little something annoying into their lives, providing it is a new annoyance, you will have made their day.

Trust me. I know whereof I speak.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

“Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave.....”

The complete quote by Sir Walter Scott (an Eighteenth Century Scottish author) is, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

Doesn't that quote sort of describe the present-day politicians who are now running our country? No matter what party you are affiliated with or support, you'll have to admit that deception (and obfuscation) are endemic as to how they operate in the pursuit of their political goals.

It seems that all politicians are not in favor of excess government spending, but how come we have excess government spending? It seems that all politicians are against poverty and for the poor people, but we have more poor today than in the past? It seems that all politicians are against excess taxation, but why do they continue to raise our taxes, especially against the the job-producing entrepreneur class? Most all the politicians seem to be against all the excesses of government, but we seem to have more excesses than ever before. Is that the “tangled web” Sir Walter Scott was referring to?

In this, the worst recession since the “Great Depression”, we keep hearing from this Administration that we have turned the corner and that our economic situation is improving (how many “Summers of Recovery” will we be subjected to before we actually turn this listing ship around?). Is that a form of deception when national unemployment is at 8.2% (in real terms 17%), when our national debt is over $15.5 trillion and rising (which represents about 100% of our GDP), when home foreclosures are at an all time-high, when real wages had declined 3.1% in 2011, when home prices have dropped by more than 15% nationwide (but higher here in Florida)? To any impartial observer, the answer is a resounding “YES”, it is a form of deception to give these rosy scenarios when the facts tell a different story.

During the run-up to the passage of the ObamaCare bill, in 2009, we were told of the many glorious things that were contained therein. Some of these claims were made by politicians, who hadn't even read the bill, which were outright deceptions (lies). They claimed that costs would be lowered, in fact they claimed that the cost of the bill was $970 billion, but just recently the C.B.O. calculated that the cost is now $1.7 trillion and rising (therefore what they claimed was not true), that workers could keep their present insurance coverage (many companies are now dropping coverage, ex. 3M Co.). They also claimed that coverage would be voluntary, but the person refusing coverage would be fined, and on and on.

Do we really need anymore verification of what Sir Walter Scott opined in the Eighteenth Century when he said, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”? I think that many of today's elected politicians will find out that the electorate has finally figured out that they have been deceived by the people they elected to represent them. Many were voted out this past November. The next step will be to clean out the rest of the House the Senate and the Presidency in 2012. Thank God for little miracles now and for bigger miracles later!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

MORT’s meanderings

Think before you set sail.

You don’t have to own a boat to know that before you set sail on an extended ocean voyage, you don’t use sails made of tissue paper. You go for the strongest sailcloth available and then, you carry an extra set of sails, just in case.

On November 6th we set sail for the ultimate destination. That is, the very survival and future of our beloved nation, the greatest nation the world has ever known.

We’ve had four years of being tossed about on violent and angry seas while clinging to the railings of Obama’s leaky ship of state. I had considered using the term ‘rudderless’ however, since Captain Failure has had his hand on the helm, we seem to have maintained a steady course toward certain shipwreck. We are headed for the most dangerous rocks and shoals on the chart. Our destruction is guaranteed.

If these nautical allusions are making you seasick, let me use some plain English:



My fellow Americans, those of you with your heads screwed on straight –

What do you intend to do about it? I ask each of you to think before you vote.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Myth of the Clinton Surpluses

When you speak to a liberal, eventually the topic comes up that George W. Bush inherited a surplus from Bill Clinton and squandered it by his reckless spending. Not saying that Bush was overly prudent in his handling of the economy during his two terms, but the fallacy is that he inherited a budget surplus from Clinton, it is not true. Here are the facts as reported by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The National Debt and the Deficit during the years of Bill Clinton’s Presidency were as follows: Clinton was sworn in Jan., 2003, his first fiscal Budget was begun on 9/30/93.

                         Budget            Nat’l Debt            Deficit (in billions)

1993 -             Clinton’s 1st
                       (as of 9/30/93)      $4.4 trillion

1994 -        “       2nd    “                  $4.6    “               $281 (b)

1995  -       “       3rd    “                   $4.9   “               $281 (b)

  1996  -       “       4th    “                   $5.2   “               $250 (b)

  1997  -       “       5th    “                   $5.4   “               $188 (b)

  1998  -       “       6th    “                   $5.5   “                $113 (b)

  1999  -       “       7th    “                   $5.65 “               $130 (b)

  2000  -       “       8th    “                   $5.67                 $17.9  (b)

2001  -  As of 9/30/01                     $5.8   trillion       $133 (b)

So as you can see, not once during the Clinton Presidency did the Clinton Administration have a surplus, it came close but no cigar (no pun intended). You must also remember that the Republicans took control of the House and Senate in 1995, and prodded Clinton into reining in government spending and by having him sign Welfare Reform legislation and by reducing the Capital Gains tax, which brought into the treasury extra revenue which helped in lowering the deficit, and we were in relative peace, during those years, no wars to speak of.

All the Presidents, since Lyndon Johnson, have used the surplus in the Social Security receipts to help lower the deficit.

So it is not true that George W. Bush inherited a surplus from the Clinton administration. In fact, When Bush took office in 2001, during the first year, we were in recession (which began in the summer of 2000), and we had the catastrophe of 9/11. Also, Bush got his tax cuts implemented in 2002 and 2003 which brought in extra revenue to the treasury. From 2003 to 2007 the deficit went down each year until 2008 when the financial markets collapsed and the deficit ballooned to approx. $450 billion, the last of the Bush budgets. When Bush left office, after 8 years, our National Debt stood at $9.7 trillion (bad, but nowhere near the numbers that Obama has rung up since he was sworn in).

Compare this to the debt and the deficits of the Obama Administration, whereby our debt has reached $16 trillion, which is about 100% of our GDP (and rising), and we have averaged $1.3 trillion deficits each year since Obama took office, with no curtailment in sight. Most of that debt is covered from borrowing money from other countries and others.

Instead of cutting back, President Obama is talking about borrowing even more money for another “Stimulus”, even though the two previous one’s failed to produce jobs or to bring about fiscal balance or responsibility. If we continue on this path, we will become another Greece or Spain, the path of fiscal ruin.

Don’t you think we need “change we can believe in”? Only an idiot would say “NO”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The more we get, the easier life gets and the more we complain. When we had less, when life was harsher and there was less of us, there was civility.

Recapturing a Norman Rockwell moment seems so remote, because the gentler life vanished in the muck of the sixties and a new generation that was conceived during Woodstock, emerging to tear down our traditions and now being brought to a crescendo by the present administration. Government Czars and liberal academia, products of that Woodstock era, perceive themselves as the engineers and creators of new traditions that excludes God and Judeo/Christian beliefs. They picture a world far removed from the Norman Rockwell image, because it offends their delineation of what America should be.

Manners and respect have been consigned to a back burner and taste in dress and entertainment emanate out of a trash bin. Evidence of this appears increasingly, as exemplified recently by some brain dead middle school students who harassed an elderly school bus monitor into tears with insensitive remarks. Incidents of ugly behavior are not rare and seem to be becoming the norm and we can point a finger of responsibility to irresponsible individuals in positions of influence, looking no further than government, the media and pampered members of entertainment.

It has never been so vital and important to be rational and not party loyal, before you cast your precious vote. On November 6th we have a chance to retrieve America from near disaster and bring God back into our lives. For you skeptics it is said, in war fox holes converted many an atheist and humbled them to a greater power than themselves. Some born again, wear religion on their sleeve that can be a detriment while others say it isn't cool to admit you believe in God. I wonder how many are afraid to admit they are believers because of this?

Conservative commentary by George Giftos


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