Friday, April 27, 2007

Gun control is not the answer

Letter to the Editor of the Sun Sentinel:

Chan Lowe's cartoon dealing with the Virginia Tech Tragedy strikes a low blow and a myopic view - even for Lowe. Apparently, Lowe, unlike your editorial, rushes to judgement and implies that the tragedy could have been avoided with gun control laws and by blaming the National Rifle Association.
However, even with gun control laws, the killer could have strapped himself with explosives and blown himself up like some of the suicide bombers do in the Middle East.
Keep in mind that the Oklahoma tragedy and many of the similar killings in the Middle East are done with explosive devices, some of which are made of fertilizer.
Rather, the only thing gun control laws would do is prevent the students and professors from carrying a lawful firearm so they could defend themselves against a deranged killer.

Contributed by James J. Pirretti

"Chuck on the Right Side"