Sunday, January 16, 2011

Krugman, Resident Coward of the NYTimes

Paul Krugman, that cowardly runt and reckless cheap-shot artist of the NYToxicTimes, continues to pursue his radical, far-left agenda from his safe & secure bunker beneath his desk. His recent blast against Rep. Michele Bachmann in the wake of the Tucson shooting disaster is a typical example of his capacity to distort the truth. It is calculated.
If there were a category for writing 'slime', Krugman would be a shoe-in to cop the plaque for 'Style Points'.

For the NYTimes to proudly exhibit this twisted twerp as their hood ornament is indicative of just how far this once-mighty newspaper has fallen from relevance.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF (c) 2010

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John Schaefer said...

Can you believe that Paul Krugman is a professor of Economics at Princeton U.? That proves what Chuck just wrote about, the deficiency of economic knowledge among liberal elites. How could Krugman be so wrong on so many issues and be a professor of Economics? And, he's the darling of the liberals. That should tell you something.

Take Action said...

Krugman claims that Bachmann was calling for the violent elimination of her political opponents is a bald faced lie and cannot go unchallenged. The Times has to hear from American citizens that we will NOT tolerate this libelous propaganda.

Tweets4USA said...

Krugman is a horrible journalist. In fact he is just a Hack who repeats the Obama talking points which have harmed America greatly. I found out within 10 minutes what that Murderer in Tuscon was all about. He was the complete opposite of the Tea Party and Michele Bachmann. And I have zero journalistic training. Krugman is a criminal for writing those lies.

Stop Marxism said...

Right on Mort! Krugman is a piece of garbage and should be on his hands and knees thanking Michele Bachmann. She is a courageous woman who stands up to the corrupt ways of the Obama Regime. We see it is not popular to criticize the Gangster Government. Michale Bachmann deserves heaping amounts of praise not attacks by the Marxist Media.