Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Your Democratic Leadership

This video shows one of the authors of the health care care bill, Senator Max Baucus, on the floor of the Senate. Baucus as per this video is either drunk or an idiot. He stumbles, mumbles, and makes little sense. Perhaps the only way you can get through this 2,000+ page bill is by taking a few hits on the bottle.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Monday, December 28, 2009


Normally, using the word “insane” (a definition of insane is someone utterly senseless, or irrational) in place of a person’s real name would be called a slur, but when you analyze all that Pres. Obama has said and done this past year – the term “insane” fits him to a tee.

Let’s see what he has said over and over again which wasn’t true, in fact, a lie. He stated over and over that his administration would be the most transparent ever – not true as his operatives and his Congress have developed a health care bill, without any G.O.P. input, behind closed doors – no transparency there, is there? He also said that the negotiations for his high priority bills (health care, for instance) would be broadcast on C-Span – again a falsehood, as if it wasn’t obvious to an aware person with normal intelligence. In addition, he said any legislation would be available on the internet for at least 5 days before it is voted on – that, of course, didn’t happen, I wonder why?

Remember when the “Messiah” (a/k/a Barack “Insane” Obama), said that people earning under $250,000 wouldn’t pay “one more dime in taxes” – no ifs, ands, or buts – how did that promise pan out? I don’t think average wage earners who use tanning parlors would agree with that claim? It’ll cost them 10% more for getting that gorgeous tan. Maybe that’s one way of putting tanning parlors out of business.

In trying to add 30 million people to the health insurance rolls, the “Anointed One” said it wouldn’t raise our deficit; in fact, it would lower our deficit, as he put on his rose colored glasses in making that pronouncement. I’m sure you buy that claim, don’t you? Of course you do, if you’re stupid?

Then we come to the hot topic of global warming – he said we will, and the entire world, would be in a major environmental crisis if we don’t act immediately to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions caused by human activity – of course that’s true, because we all breathe in oxygen and breathe out the dreaded “pollutant” carbon dioxide. Every scientist knows that carbon dioxide is a plant food, but not “non-scientists” like Nobel Prize winner Al Gore, who is counting his obscene money profits by conning people into believing his “Convenient Lies” (his book was misnamed “An Inconvenient Truth”) of man-made global warming and apocalyptic climate change.

The list goes on and on, but according to the “Lame Stream Media” it really doesn’t matter that Obama lies or fudges on the truth, as they have a vested interest in keeping Barack “Insane” Obama from failing at his job as Commander in Chief and as President. It’s too bad the media didn’t have the same feelings for former Pres. George W. Bush – but, then again, they didn’t have a vested interest in him, only abject loathing and ridicule. Yeah, that was fair and balanced. C’est la vie!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Conservative Quote of the Day

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against Tyranny in Government.
By Thomas Jefferson

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Letter to Senator Ben Nelson

The following is an excerpt from a letter sent by a Nebraska physician to Senator Ben Nelson, one of the last Democratic holdouts who accepted the bribe from Obama and Reid to vote for the health care bill. It is amazing how the Democrats have bribed, threatened, and coerced to get this bill though the Senate. The entire letter can be read at http://michellemalkin.com/2009/12/20/a-nebraska-doctors-message-for-ben-nelson/

I’m a primary care doctor in YOUR state, and you sold me out. I didn’t slog through 4 years of college and 4 years of medical school and 3 years of residency just to have you hand my career and my patient/doctor relationships over to government lifers. Your gutless acquiescence to Obama and Harry Reid and ‘Nanny’ Pelosi will NOT be forgotten.

Thank you, Ben, for forcing doctors like me to earn less than the repairmen who fix our appliances. Case in point: We recently had our dishwasher fixed. The repairman who came to our house charged $65 just to come and ‘diagnose’ the problem, then charged another $180 to ‘fix’ the problem. You and your fellow lawmakers have fixed MY going rate (Medicare) at $35 per-visit. Thank you for securing such a ‘lucrative’ rate for me! Thank you so much for making me–someone with 8 years of education!–make less than a mechanic or appliance repair technician. And thanks especially for falling in line with Obama and the rest of the Democrats to make such a socialist system permanent.
You have my disgust and disdain forever, you socialist-coddling coward.

Could not have been said better. I wonder what kind of doctors we will be in store for us when after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and so much work they can look forward to making $35 a visit - less than the Maytag repair man.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Monday, December 21, 2009


It has been said about President Obama that you can take the man out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of the man. To some of his most avid supporters that is a slur against the president, but to any observant person who is watching what is going on in Washington, it is an apt description of what is actually happening.

Back during the Presidential campaign in 2008, stories came out about the people who were associated with that obscure candidate out of Chicago called, Barack Hussein Obama. Most all of those personal contacts and friendships were with people from Chicago and with the notorious Daley political machine. The main stream media (except Fox News) pooh-poohed these relationships as meaningless as compared to the message “their” candidate was trying to deliver – meaning a total “transformation” of the United States of America, “change” was the word. To question him or his ideas meant that you were probably a “racist” and therefore not credible.

All of these nefarious Chicago relationships including Rev. Jeremiah Wright, an anti-Semite and black liberation preacher, Father Phleger, a radical Catholic priest, Bill Ayers an admitted unrepentant, domestic terrorist, Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who helped Obama buy his house, Louis Farrakhan, a white hating Black Muslim, Blago, the disgraced former Governor of Illinois, and his present close advisors in the White House, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett, are all on the public record as being close to him as he rose up the ranks in the Chicago political machine. What a motley crew of radical extremists? In addition, Obama is a disciple of the late radical guru, Saul Alinsky, whose home base, was also Chicago. He was the author of the book, “Rules for Radicals” which Obama used in becoming a “community organizer” and an ACORN trainer.

Once Obama was sworn in as President, he continued to add more Chicago cronies and radicals to his Administration including Van Jones, an avowed communist, Cass Sunstein, a far-left professor, Anita Dunn, an admirer of mass murderer Mao Tse-tung, Kevin Jennings, a gay activist in charge of school safety, and a host of other leftist ideologues named as presidential czars with no congressional oversight whatsoever.

The way things “got done” in Chicago seems to be the modus operandi of the current Obama Administration. The heavy-handed process of do as I say, and leave no prisoners, and marginalize any dissenters in order to shut them up, is the “Chicago-way” and now seems to be the “Washington- way” of doing things. That’s the way Obama, and his minions, are going against Fox News, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the insurance Co’s in trying to shut them up. How un-American is that tactic? It seems that Obama is more inclined to wage war on Fox News than he is in waging war against Al-Queda and the Taliban. What a waste of presidential effort while our brave military men and women are in harms way in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Just recently, it was reported that in order to get his health insurance “reform” measure passed in the Senate, the “Chicago-Way” of doing things politically was used to get some balking Senators to vote the “right- way”. Both Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Co.) were told, in no uncertain terms, to vote the “right-way” or they would lose funding for some state projects, and in Ben Nelson’s case, military base closings in Nebraska was mentioned if he voted the “wrong-way”. Mary Landrieu was offered $300 million dollars to use for projects in her state to vote the “right-way”. Is this political bribery? Of course it is, but what would you expect from a Chicago-bred politician. That’s business as usual. What a disgrace!

It seems that all President Obama is capable of, instead of meaningful acts and decisions, is making speeches laced with platitudes and fuzzy feelings. As the wise old saying goes – “Action speaks louder than words” doesn’t seem to apply to this Administration. His answer to everything is that he is trying to clean up the mess he inherited from the previous Administration – he takes no responsibility for the lousy things that have happened under his watch these past eleven months. The Bush Administration is the reason things are going downhill, not the policies and indecision of Obama. That’s leadership?

A big smile, lofty rhetoric and a nice family are not enough to get things done – we don’t need another “Chicago on the Potomac” – we need a president that can make decisions and take responsibility for his actions in an honest and open way. He is making Jimmy Carter look good in comparison – god forbid!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This video is of Lt. Col. Allen West, who appeared on the Hannity Show on Dec. 15th. Allen is a hero down in these parts. a decorated (many times) Warrior on the battlegrounds of the Middle East, former high school teacher, scuba diver, motorcyclist, Father of two and the most remarkable Candidate for Congress you have ever seen!
Whether you are registered in FL District 22 or if you live out of this area, just watch and listen to this guy who will take his seat as a freshman in Congress and from day one in office, will lead this Country back to greatness.
He is fearless, outspoken, and has the brilliance to rally others to his side in defense of our Constitution, security and to reinstate the self respect we once had and were proud of in this Country.

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Enviro-Marxists Discover The Cause Of Global Warming- Humans

Click on Picture for better Viewing

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Friday, December 18, 2009

AARP and Obamacare

Jason Matera, from the Young Americans Foundation, has done another excellent job of showing the hypocrisy of the left. This time he takes on the AARP. See the very entertaining video below.

As you may know the AARP sells medigap insurance policies and pockets over $400 million a year from the sale of these policies. The AARP has fallen in line with Obamacare and has endorsed it 100%. In public the AARP decries the waiting time penalties for existing conditions for seniors - but the insurance policies it sells imposes even longer waiting time periods for existing conditions - even longer than other insurance policies require. Another example of liberal hypocrisy: follow what I say not what I do.

Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Conservative Quote of the Day

"Liberals who cannot win the war of ideas in the political arena, resort to name calling and personal invective to try to gain support for their misguided views and ideas".

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Congressional Candidate Lieutenant Colonel Allen West

Lt. Col. Allen West (RET), a rising star in the Republican Party, has appeared on the Sean Hannity Show.
This is the video that catapulted him to national prominence.
We have a Link for his website on the right side of our Blog.
Allen West is running for Congress, in Florida District 22.

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Monday, December 14, 2009


Whenever voters get frustrated with our politicians, the chant of “let’s start a third-party” ramps up as a means of changing or getting rid of the politicians who are causing the frustration.

Depending on whether the proposed third-party candidate is either liberal or conservative, it is political suicide for whichever party the third-party is most aligned with, in the normal scheme of things. In recent years, strong third-party candidates have made a big difference in a few presidential elections. In 1992, the third-party candidacy of H. Ross Perot siphoned off enough votes from Pres. George H.W. Bush to hand the election to Bill Clinton with only 43% of the vote. Even though the “flaky” Perot hit a nerve with the voting public, he garnered about 19% of the vote; the votes he got would’ve, in most cases, gone to Pres. Bush, the Republican candidate.

Again in the 2000 election, a strong third party candidate, especially in the State of Florida in the person of Ralph Nader, the third-party candidate swung the election to George W. Bush. The votes that Nader received in Florida were mainly from liberals who would’ve voted for the Democrat Al Gore if Nader was not on the ballot. Bush won the popular vote in Florida, and its electoral votes, by just under 600 votes, so Nader was the difference in Bush winning Florida. Also, another quirk in that election was a place on the ballot for the “non-candidate” Pat Buchanan, a conservative. The Palm Beach County Democrat election commissioner designed a “butterfly ballot” which was supposed to make voting easier for the many senior citizens in the county, but which, unintentionally, caused a lot of confusion as many people voted for Pat Buchanan by mistake in a district that was overwhelmingly Democrat. Pat Buchanan got around 4,000 votes that most likely would’ve gone to Al Gore, which also would’ve put him over the top to win the Florida electoral votes. To this day the Democrats claim that the election was “stolen”, but they refuse to admit that it was the stupidity of their voters that caused the end result.

Today, we have talk again, mainly on the Republican side, to marginalize the “liberal” members of the party. Normally, the Republican Party is a party of fiscal and social conservatives with a minority of members who are more liberal on the social issues like abortion and immigration. These RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only), as they are sometimes called, cause a lot of uncertainty among the majority of rank and file Republicans. This is working its way out in the Republican senate race in Florida between the more liberal Charlie Crist and the more conservative Marco Rubio. If either candidate (who loses in the primary) decides to run as a third-party candidate, it would be a disaster for the Republican Party of Florida. That’s what the Democrats are hoping and praying for.

It would be a disaster if the leaders try to purge these liberal Republicans as that would assure the election of Democrats for many years to come. The Democrats tend to band together in a common cause to defeat Republicans, whether they are on the party’s liberal side or on the more conservative “blue dog” side of the party. The members of either party, not the party bosses, should determine who they want to represent them. When the party members make their choices, the party should then rally round the candidate chosen by the rank and file. Each party is big enough to have a “big tent” to accommodate various viewpoints within the party. As Ronald Reagan once advised, if I can agree with 80% of a candidates views, he said he could support him/her. That’s the 80% solution that should be followed by the Republicans in this coming election cycle.

So, the talk of starting or endorsing a third-party candidate, is to my mind, an exercise in futility for the people backing that electoral disaster called a third-party or a third-party candidate.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Like Obama, I am a graduate of Harvard Law School. I too have Muslims in my family. I am black, and I was once a leftist Democrat. Since our backgrounds are somewhat similar, I perceive something in Obama's policy toward Israel which people without that background may not see. All my life I have witnessed a strain of anti-Semitism in the black community. It has been fueled by the rise of the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, but it predates that organization.

We heard it in Jesse Jackson's
"HYMIE town" remark years ago during his presidential campaign. We heard it most recently in Jeremiah Wright's remark about "them Jews" not allowing Obama to speak with him. I hear it from my own Muslim family members who see the problem in the Middle East as a "Jew" problem.

Growing up in a small, predominantly black urban community in Pennsylvania, I heard the comments about Jewish shop owners. They were "greedy cheaters" who could not be trusted, according to my family and others in the neighborhood. I was too young to understand what it means to be Jewish, or know that I was hearing anti-Semitism. These people seemed nice enough to me, but others said they were "evil". Sadly, this bigotry has yet to be eradicated from the black community.

In Chicago, the anti-Jewish sentiment among black people is even more pronounced because of the direct influence of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Most African Americans are not followers of "The Nation", but many have a quiet respect for its leader because, they say, "he speaks the truth" and "stands up for the black man". What they mean of course is that he viciously attacks the perceived
"enemies" of the black community - white people and Jews. Even some self-described Christians buy into his demagoguery.

The question is whether Obama, given his Muslim roots and experience in Farrakhan's Chicago, shares this antipathy for Israel and Jewish people. Is there any evidence that he does? First, the President was taught for twenty years by a virulent anti-Semite, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In the black community it is called "sitting under". You don't merely attend a church, you "sit under" a Pastor to be taught and mentored by him. Obama "sat under" Wright for a very long time. He was comfortable enough with Farrakhan - Wright's friend - to attend and help organize his "Million Man March". I was on C-Span the morning of the march arguing that we must never legitimize a racist and anti-Semite, no matter what "good" he claims to be doing. Yet a future President was in the crowd giving Farrakhan his enthusiastic support.

The classic left wing view is that Israel is the oppressive occupier, and the Palestinians are Israel's victims. Obama is clearly sympathetic to this view. In speaking to the "Muslim World," he did not address the widespread Islamic hatred of Jews. Instead he attacked Israel over the growth of West Bank settlements. Surely he knows that settlements are not the crux of the problem. The absolute refusal of the Palestinians to accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state is the insurmountable obstacle. That's where the pressure needs to be placed, but this President sees it differently. He also made the preposterous comparison of the Holocaust to Palestinian

Obama clearly has Muslim sensibilities. He sees the world and Israel from a Muslim perspective. His construct of "The Muslim World" is unique in modern diplomacy. It is said that only The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical elements of the religion use that concept. It is a call to unify Muslims around the world. It is rather odd to hear an American President use it. In doing so he reveals more about his thinking than he intends. The dramatic policy reversal of joining the unrelentingly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islamic UN Human Rights Council is in keeping with the President's truest - albeit undeclared red - sensibilities.

Those who are paying attention and thinking about these issues do not find it unreasonable to consider that President Obama is influenced by a strain of anti-Semitism picked up from the black community, his leftist friends and colleagues, his Muslim associations and his long period of mentor-ship under Jeremiah Wright. If this conclusion is accurate, Israel has some dark days ahead. For the first time in her history, she may find the President of the United States siding with her enemies. Those who believe, as I do, that Israel must be protected had better be ready for the fight. We are.


E. W. Jackson is Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries, an author and retired attorney

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Liberals view our Military as the Enemy?

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Why does the “loony left” go crazy when they refer to Sarah Palin? What was the sin that she committed to cause them to vent so much vitriol and vituperation toward her? Who are these new “misogynists” and why do they go bonkers about Sarah?

It cuts across the sexes – it seems the new misogynists are equal opportunity Sarah bashers. Females Maureen Dowd, Naomi Wolf, Rachel Maddow, Sally Quinn along with the sexist males like Keith Olbermann, David Brooks, Bill Maher, David Letterman, are all hung up on the mental capacity of Sarah Palin and why she should be considered to be a political lightweight and worse.

Just over a year and a half ago, Sarah Palin was a very popular governor of the great State of Alaska. She was known as a feisty chief executive who wasn’t afraid to stand up to the powers-to-be, including her fellow Republicans. The people of Alaska loved her and her approval rating was in the upper 60’s. All this positive evaluation changed when candidate John McCain chose her to be his running mate.

Thrust into the spotlight, the media was caught by surprise and it caught the Democrats by surprise as well. Her acceptance speech at the Republican convention got rave reviews and jump started a morose McCain campaign. It took about a “whole” week before the barbs and arrows started to be aimed at Sarah. Right after the Republican convention, the McCain – Palin ticket was neck and neck with Obama and it stayed that way, because of Sarah, until the Wall St. meltdown occurred. It was downhill for the McCain – Palin ticket after that and no amount of Sarah charisma could bail them out in the race for the presidency.

Sarah became the super star, gathering standing only crowds wherever she went and spoke on the campaign trail. But, she couldn’t overcome the bland, flawed candidacy of John McCain who was heading up the ticket.

The trashing of Sarah focused mainly on the personal rather than on the political. She personally came under attack for her speech patterns, her clothes, her Alaskan lifestyle, her colleges, her pregnant daughter, her husband and her religious beliefs. It seems the Democrats panicked upon seeing this unknown woman governor from a far-away state getting so much positive attention. The opposition sent up hordes of investigators and lawyers to Alaska to get the “dirt” on Sarah Palin. Everybody who had an interaction with her was ripe for the pickings for these “goon squads” who were dispatched to the wilds of Alaska.

What was it that troubled her attackers so much? The main one seemed to be that she was ardently religious and anti-abortion. That’s a terrible “sin” in the eyes of the “loony left” liberal progressives. Also, the elitist feminists looked down upon her lifestyle which included being able to use a gun and go hunting and being able to ride a snowmobile. That surely didn’t fit the mold of the “man-hating” Park Ave. feminists. Of course, her conservative political views also opened her up to attack and belittlement. Finally, it seems that the fact that she was a very good looking, attractive woman caused the below average looking liberal women plenty of angst and caused their vocal derision directed toward Sarah. You could say that “envy” raised its ugly head to try to bring Sarah down.

Today, Sarah has made a tremendous comeback with a blockbuster book and tour. The jackals are coming out of their den and the vitriol has again emerged, but this time, she is free to take them on without the restraints of abiding by the campaign staff that she had no control of.

She’s back and still driving the liberals crazy. Go Sarah go. Give ‘em hell!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Walking Eagle

President BARACK OBAMA was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation two weeks ago in upstate New York.
He spoke for almost an hour about his plans for increasing every Native American’s present standard of living. He referred to his time as a U.S. Senator and how he had voted for every Native American issue that came to the floor of the Senate.
Although President Obama was vague about the details of his plans, he seemed most enthusiastic and spoke eloquently about his ideas for helping his “red sisters and brothers.”
At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented Obama with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name, “Walking Eagle.” The proud President then departed in his motorcade to a fundraiser, waving to the crowds.
A news reporter later asked the group of chiefs how they came to select the new name they had given to the President.
They explained that “Walking Eagle” is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Humor for the Day

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The Wrappin' Reverend Jackson said "You can’t vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man.” The Democrats always want Race to be an issue.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When talking about climate change (global warming), the rhetoric, over the past few years, has been soaring in its condemnation of humans who are accused of contributing to its awful consequences. There’s only one thing wrong with all the highfalutin rhetoric, it is all wrong and overly alarmist. It is a hoax!

Al Gore claimed that “global warming” was “settled science” and produced a documentary on the subject that contained over 8 factual errors, as found by a British court which ruled on a lawsuit about showing that film to British school children. That ruling was never answered by a haughty Al Gore, who has had no training as an environmental scientist.

Just recently, it was learned that the “renowned” Climate Research Unit, at the University of East Anglia in England, was “hacked” and its hacked e-mails showed that the climate scientists, who were supposed to be on the up-and-up, were in fact “cooking the books” to justify their alarmist theories about man-made global warming. It was not just an isolated incident, but a coordinated effort to “dupe” the world into thinking something that really wasn’t true.

Now with the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change coming up and President Obama planning to attend, the “con game” might finally be exposed for what it is, a gigantic fraud. The climate change “deniers”, who have been dumped upon as right-wing kooks who want to reward polluters and to punish the sanitizers of our planet, are now being touted as the truth tellers in this controversy. The tide is turning as more and more information is made available about the so-called “Greens” who have been sent down from heaven to save the world from the greedy Capitalists. Would Al Gore fit the mold of a greedy capitalist as he has made tens of millions of dollars pushing his global warming agenda and scare tactics and he plans to make many more millions of dollars if the “Cap and Trade (Tax)” bill is passed in the Congress and signed by the President?

In this era of the Bernie Madoff’s and other scam artists, the environmental scam artists fit right in. Follow the money and you’ll see greedy “pseudo-socialists” like Al Gore, George Soros, and the European Union (with the exception of the Czech Republic), all with their hands out wanting a piece of the pie.

It’s funny; these environmental alarmists never mention the possibility that Mother Nature might have a major hand in any changes that may occur on our planet. The fact that our world climate has been cooling since 1998 doesn’t faze the global warming fanatics at all. It’s full steam ahead and to hell with the facts, their political agenda takes precedence over anything else.

As the hackers of the e-mails of the University of East Anglia have shown us, you can spout impressive rhetoric, but not come up with any scientifically meaningful reform. When a hoax is exposed, as has been shown, the countries of the world should admit they have been duped and conned and now should move on to a serious climate discussion without the phony documentaries and wild rhetoric of doom and gloom, scaring the heck out of the world’s population. The “chicken littles” of the environmental movement have little or no credibility in the scientific world. There is no “settled science”, as Al Gore would want us to believe, on this subject, as nature is the final determinant of what happens environmentally on our planet, not an SUV.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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