Monday, March 7, 2011

Can You Believe?

Some things are said and done that you say to yourself, can you believe that? Here are a few which you might have said, can you believe that?

* That the same sanctimonious, mostly liberal, people who condemned the Tea Party protesters for sanctioning and carrying "non-existent" inflammatory signs at their peaceful rallies, paraded around Madison, Wisconsin with actual signs depicting the governor, Scott Walker, as a Hitler, a Mussolini, and a Mubarak.

* That our President who is anxious to condemn Israeli's from building settlements on their own land, is loathe to get involved in condemning the violence by certain countries who are anti-American in the Middle East?

* That our aforementioned President, who has claimed to be in favor of defining marriage as between a man and a woman (Defense of Marriage Act) previously, is now, for obviously political reasons, refusing to have his Attorney General move to defend the law as it stands? Is he the President or an Emperor who can pick and choose what laws to obey?

* That so-called "elite" ivy league students at Columbia University actually booed and shouted down a fellow student, a crippled Iraq war veteran, when he spoke up to defend the re-instituting of the ROTC program on campus?

* That two of the most egregious union thug leaders (Richard Trumka and Andy Stern) have been the most invited persons to visit the White House since Obama took office? Is it any wonder why Obama is so indebted to the unions in their disputes with the various governors? Does the phrase "money talks" have any relevance in that kind of behavior?

* That the price of gasoline goes up and up because of the turmoil in the Middle East, our President continues to oppose the drilling of vast amounts of oil and natural gas that is just sitting in our territory unexplored, because of phony environmental concerns? How high must the price go up before he sees the light?

* That our government is suing the State of Arizona for adopting an immigration law that mirrors the federal law because they are being overrun by invading illegal aliens?

* That most of the states in dire financial trouble all have state worker pension plans that are woefully underfunded because of settlements in favor of avaricious unions in return for turning out the vote and donating money to Democrats as a political payoff?

* That our congressman, Allen West, has held more town hall meetings in just two months in office than his predecessor Ron Klein held in his four years in office?

* That low-income people are prevented from choosing a private or parochial school for their children who were forced to attend failing schools, because of partisan political considerations and the fact that the Democrats are "joined at the hip" with the teacher unions and are opposed to vouchers?

* That we elected a man as president with zero experience as an administrator, as a businessman, and who had a history of associating with socialist-leaning, radical people who have backed him in his rise to become President?

Isn't that unbelievable?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Philip Farese said...

Can you believe that our president is still trying to claim that the violent Islamist extremists in our midst should not be called terrorists because it might hurt their feelings? Tell that to all the innocent civilians, and their families, that have been needlessly killed by mostly Muslim terrorists (is that being politically incorrect?). What the hell, there I said it, go sue me!