Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Congressma​n West (FL-22) blasts the House Members across the aisle

Congressman Allen West: Our voice of Common Sense in the House of Representatives

Recently-elected Congressman Allen West from Florida's district 22, has called out the shirkers among the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. For a freshman Congressman to be so assertive is extraordinary. However, this people's representative is an extraordinary man. And, he believes the 'time is now' for taking action to arrest the runaway spending and unconscionable taxation that has been the hallmark of this reckless President and his enabling administration. Furthermore, Congressman West is adamantly opposed to the irresponsible and possibly unConstitutional 'Obamacare' legislation that was jammed through the 111th Congress by the Democrat leadership (Reid and Pelosi) despite the expressed opposition by an overwhelming majority of the legitimate citizens of this nation.

In the military service, shirkers can endanger the success of a mission and put the lives of their fellow service men and women at increased risk. The reasons for shirking duty can range from a lack of commitment to blatant cowardice. Shirkers who consistently seek to withhold their best efforts and thereby avoid performing their duty to the fullest, are despised by all true patriots who wear the uniform - the latter being men and women who take seriously their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

For members of the Legislative Branch to shirk their duty is in my assessment, tantamount to displaying cowardice on the battlefield. It is such unacceptable behavior that it is deserving of their being summarily ejected from office by the most expedient legal measures available.

It is incumbent upon each and every voting resident of District 22 and all others who reside within a reasonable driving distance of one of Congressman West's monthly Town Hall meetings held in both Palm Beach and Broward counties, to attend and let him hear from you first-hand, that he has the active support of his fellow citizens of Florida.

When you are at one of these Town Hall meetings and you see me with my camera, mention that you read this piece. I'll take your photo and e-mail it to you. Please have your full name, phone number and e-mail address legibly written on a 3x5 card to save me time. I can't guarantee to take your photo with the Congressman but, you never know.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011
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Melvin in Miami said...

Congressman Allen West is gaining support all across the Country. His showdown at the last Townhall meeting with the Koran-Wielding CAIR Executive was epic. Smart Americans want WEST not Sharia Law!

Jim Ambrosio said...

I believe that Congressman Allen West has held more town hall meetings in two months than his predecessor, Ron Klein, did in his 4 years as our representative. It looks like Rep. West wants to know what his constituents think and not what they should think as was done before. What a pleasure it is to have a "real" congressman represent us for a change.

Goldwater Conservative said...

I do NOT think Florida will see any "Miss Me Yet" billboards from Ron Klein. Ron Klein was just a Brown Shirt for the Obama Regime. Allen West will be true to his Colors, Red, White & Blue! Allen West is not an empty suit like our Community Organizer leader.

Joseph said...

Today I will call Congressman West's office and request that he join the early stirrings of a movement to impeach Dictator Obama for deciding to not enforce the DOMA, which the last time I checked was the law of the land. Dictator Obama has made a dictatorial decision that the Justice Dept. not enforce it. Obama took an oath to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States. He is neither the Congress nor the Supreme Court, even though he thinks he is omnipotent. He is derelict in his duties. Impeach him and fire his worthless and gutless Eric Holder lapdog!
Joseph Maldonado

Florida Insurance Savings said...

Florida knows Allen West is a Hero and now America needs him.

Boca Raton Homes Whole Foods said...

Allen West should be listened to by the Dems not attacked. He has extensive knowledge of the Wars and how to run our Country.