Sunday, August 28, 2016

If Black Lives Matter

Yes! Black lives matter, except in black urban neighborhoods
where it's open season for murder of blacks by blacks.
Media and the black caucus is selling "Black Lives Matter" as
a civil rights movement. I always associated a movement with
bowel relief. Trying to pass off these organized rabble rousers
as legitimate is like a bowel movement.

When you see what blacks have achieved, having won the
civil rights battle is a given. It's the President and the above
mentioned who instill the word victim to slackers, for nefarious
personal gain, creating the tension and divisiveness between

Fatal attacks on our law enforcement personnel is the result of
irresponsible governing authorities who miss interpret the cause
of problems and solutions, periling the safety of actual victims.
Every day regular programing is interrupted to report an
unfortunate fatality by police for somebody resisting arrest.
Usually a person with a long list of felonies.

The slacker victims are easily manipulated to stir up violence by
their benefactors, telling them the violence is a legitimate right
to protest. Destroying property and causing harm is criminal, not
protest; but the governing authority seldom prosecutes and the
list of felons grows and law enforcement personnel are becoming
reluctant to make arrests for fear they are becoming the enforced
rather than the enforcers.

If black lives really matter, the ideologues wouldn't be using race
to promote their advocacies.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ain't That a Shame!

That's the popular song made famous by Fats Domino in the 1950's, but the title has pertinence today as to what is gong on as our culture has come under attack by progressives (a/k/a liberals).

Within the last few years, we've seen one tradition after another come under attack by the progressives and in its place, laws have been enacted and court decisions have been reached making prevailing morality and social order the enemy and instituting a “feel good” anything goes mentality on how we should conduct our affairs.

This assault on our traditional values began in the 1960's when we passed legislation declaring a “War on Poverty”. The good intentions of helping the poor morphed into a plan to take from the successful in our society (a/k/a the rich) and give to the less than successful by means of “income redistribution”. Instead of helping the poor better themselves, and after spending over $15 trillion since 1965, we have seen no marked improvement of the poor except that they have become more dependent upon the government for their everyday sustenance. In addition, the “War on Poverty” laws have had had deleterious effect upon the family, especially among the black community where over 70% of all black births are to single women without a father at home. The social consequences of this is now being manifested in the increase of criminal activity in that social class. Children growing up in a one-parent fatherless home are many times more prone to drop out of school, indulge in petty crime as youngsters, get involved in gangs, and finally leading up to become adult criminals. As Fats Domino would say, “Ain't That A Shame”.

Look around, what do you see? Drug use is being legalized in many states and just lately we've had a couple of U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have turned our Constitution on its head, Those decisions were not based on constitutional law, but was based on the emotions of those judges own personal viewpoints and interpretations of what the law they thought it meant not what the law actually meant.

It seems that Americans have become so “non-judgmental” that many people can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. Over the last few years, we have witnessed a lack of common sense morality that has real consequences for our nation. Here are some of the negatives I'm referring to. 1) The collapse of marriage (roughly 40% of marriages now end in divorce). 2) Violent crime, especially in inner cities, has reached epidemic proportions. 3) Poor government (one of the biggest factors is the dishonesty of our own politicians). 4) Dependence by people on the government for their sustenance (1 out of 5 people are getting some sort of a government handout). 5) The lack of civility and manners (especially among the young people who mostly come from single parent households (no father at home to give guidance).

Finally, there is a concerted assault on our Judeo Christian heritage. Members of the media, academics, gays, Democrat Party, and race baiters like Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, and Jesse Jackson, have banded together to undo hundreds of years of traditions, traditions that have made the U.S.A. the greatest country and the envy of the the world. Remember, in 2008, Barack Obama said that, if elected, he would “transform America”. Now, more than 71/2 years into his presidency you can see that he is trying to fulfill his promise of total transformation. Will he succeed before his term ends in January 2017? It all depends on the electorate in November, 2016, whether common sense will prevail or will we fall further into the abyss of Marxism/Socialism which Obama and the Democrats (including Hillary Clinton) are offering up. If they succeed, then Fats Domino's song of “Ain't That a Shame” will be the cry of American patriots as the USA slowly slips into what happened in the demise of the Roman Empire. “Ain't That a Shame”.

Conservative commentary of Chuck Lehmann

Dinesh D'Souza's - "Hillary's America" Trailer | Official Theatrical Trailer HD, In Theaters

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

MORT’s’ meanderings

Our friends the Saudis, are not now nor, have they ever really been our friends.
It is way past time to admit that we Americans have been guilty of gross stupidity, colossal greed, inexcusable incompetence and corruption to the max, when it comes to our one-sided relationship with the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.  We’ve conducted ourselves with obsequious servility.
Our amateur diplomats operating out of the Dept. of State have, since we began buying seagoing tankers full of Middle East oil, acted as if they’ve had a mortal fear of offending these slimy thugs that cover themselves in spotlessly clean sheets.  The Saudis saw us coming from a mile off and decided that we are easy marks – much as a pickpocket targets an easy mark in a crowd; it’s the guy with a bulging wallet in his breast pocket.  For them, it’s so laughably easy.
They cried out for us to defend them against one of their neighbors and we responded by fighting and winning their battle for them at great cost in American blood and treasure.  And how were we thanked?  First, they didn’t lift a finger to help themselves and they repaid us by letting us lick their sandals.  They forbade our military to wear their uniforms; ordered the women in our military to wear garb that didn’t offend Islam’s oppressive traditions of misogynistic behavior – and ordered our troops around as if they owned them.  And, like obedient puppies, we submitted to that nonsense.
Why on Earth would we do that?  Can you guess?  Right.  It was our own oil money that was poured all over our top military and diplomatic people, who were only too glad to comply with the tyrannical lunacy of the Saudis.  Sad, huh?
Meanwhile, the Saudis have never stopped fomenting and funding vicious attacks on American property and against the American people – dating from ‘9-11’ and since, with a non-stop string of violent attacks on easy, soft targets that guarantee to kill large numbers of innocent Americans.  And still, we suck up to these monsters and buy their oil, while we have more oil right under our feet than we can use in 2 or 3 centuries.  
                    Will we ever learn?  Maybe, if we elect a true patriot to lead us.

     MORT KUFF  © 7-18-2016

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Whatever Happened to Face to Face Conversation?

I might be out of touch with reality or just a plain old foggy, but have you noticed that the art of face-to-face conversation has taken a back seat to people who use their I-Phones and I-Pads etc. on an almost addictive basis?

Not only are youngsters being addicted to fingering their machines incessantly, but I've noticed quite few older folks falling prey to this highly addictive activity.

Why talk to someone when you can text, seems to be the rationale of the people who are “addicted”? Being this impersonal is not a good idea for building up meaningful relationships among family and friends. I'm afraid if I get one of those machines, I too, might join the addicts of non-verbal communication.

From my observations, I see the phenomenon of all ages trying to find “Pokemon”, whoever the hell that is? I've read some accounts that people have been injured by falling, tripping or running into things, as they have their noses planted into these machines and not looking where they are going. I've mentioned to others that they should call others and talk to them, but they said it is easier to text them. Goodbye verbal communication, and goodbye conversation.

Of course, this trend to text each other causes a void, especially in a young person's development. Face to face communication of one person communicating with another, will become a lost art as some young people will not know how to interact with another person without their trusty impersonal machine at the ready.

My semi-addiction with my computer is bad enough in taking up my time, but it can't compare to the use of these villainous little machines made in China. It must be China's revenge on the world?

To my chagrin, I've been in restaurants on a number of occasions next to families with young children. I looked over at them and saw the kid(s) fingering their little machines, ignoring their parents and their surroundings like the parents or their surroundings weren't there. Why do parents let their kids do that? Don't they consider that rude behavior? I guess not, as it seems they just want to keep the kids quiet as they wait to eat. To my mind, that is a wasted moment of a wasted positive verbal interchange between parents and child (children). You wonder sometimes that all this innovation in our lives has had an adverse effect on our personal relationships, something that we should have more of, not less of.

So yes, conversation seems to be lacking in our lives today. To my way of thinking, it is not something for the better, but is something that should be looked upon as a negative, not a positive thing in our society.

Who knows what the future will be like if this lack of personal conversation is relegated to the back burner by the use of these tiny machines in place of real face-to-face verbal conversation between individuals?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Dragon Lady a/k/a The Chappaqua Chiseler

If you ever wonder what happened to the "Dragon Lady," the female villain
from the old popular syndicated newspaper comic strip "Terry and the Pirates,"
 written and drawn by Milton Caniff, from 1934-1946, here's my take on it.
October 26th 1947, a Hillary Rodham was born and took over the Dragon
Lady's persona to continued the life of deceit and crime.

A way must be found to nail down the rug of truth so no more scandals
can be swept under it by the Obama administration and its flunky followers
in media and Malibu.

Three related to the Clintons, that are and have been under Congressional
hearings, Inspector General's inquiry and FBI investigation are under damage
control by them.

The three alleged scandals are, dropping the ball in Benghazi and lying about
it just 56 days before the presidential election, to hide a lame strategy gone
wrong. The unauthorized and unlawful use of a personal server to transmit
emails pertaining to government business, and withholding pertinent
documentation requested by investigating committees, showing they
contained sensitive material, which the former Secretary of State claims were
not marked classified or secret at the time, but reclassified later, after the fact.
Her statement is "closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out." In
other words, anybody and everybody had access to our secrets before the
lid was put on.

Thirdly, the accumulation of a mega million dollar fortune by The Bill, Hillary
and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that appears to have been amassed by
selling America to dubious sources for favors while holding public office.
These investigations have been contaminated when it has been learned that
former president Bill Clinton was at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l airport when
 he was notified AG Loretta Lynch's airplane was landing. Boarding her plane,
Clinton and Lynch conversed for half an hour. Upon questioning this meeting,
the Attorney General professed they spoke only about their families and golf,
and pooh-poohed any notion they discussed any legal matters pertaining to
Hillary Clinton and the investigations.

If AG Loretta Lynch fails to prosecute or submit any FBI indictments on Hillary
to the grand jury, we will know the fix is on and she is as corrupt as the rest of
the Obama administration.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Transparent Dishonesty

The word “transparent” has been bandied about by most politicians (mainly by Obama and Hillary) in trying to explain how open they are with the public. Can you really believe their claims of being transparent?

Take for instance, the claim by Hillary Clinton that she has been transparent in all her activities as a public figure and as a public servant. To me, the only thing she has been transparent about is her “transparent dishonesty”. From her time in the White House when she was responsible for firing the people who ran the travel office and replacing them with her and Bill's friends (the fired members were later exonerated and had to be rehired), her lapse of memory when the “lost” Rose Law Firm records showed up in the White House mysteriously, when she claimed that the accusations of sexual abuse against her husband was just a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband and then trashing his female accusers, her removal of furnishings from the White House when they vacated it in 2001 (they had to return over $120,000 worth of the loot), her refusal to follow protocol about using a private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State and then claiming that the State Dep't. gave her permission to use it (the Inspector General said that she never asked for nor would she have gotten permission), her outright lying to the public about the real cause of the Benghazi attack by Muslim terrorists, etc., etc.

The terms “let it all hangout” or “truth is the great disinfectant” , seems to not be in the psyche or the playbook of Hillary Clinton as she has “stonewalled” investigators, over and over again, who were looking into her use of her private e-mail server (she wouldn't even meet face-to-face with the Inspector General), her faux story of a “disgusting” anti-Muslim video as to the cause of the attack and murder of four Americans at the U.S Benghazi compound, which included the murder of our Libyan ambassador, and the deleting of over 30,000 e-mails when her records were under subpoena by the Congress, and on and on.

Are her actions and explanations credible or are they considered obfuscations, that is “lies”? It seems that the citizens are not fooled by her evasive answers as when they were polled by the Quinnipiac Polling Group and were asked to list the first word that came into their minds when the name Hillary Clinton was mentioned, the first three answers were #1 – Liar, #2 – Dishonest, #3 – Untrustworthy. Is that being transparent? Do her actions prove that she is “transparent' or does it show that she is a master at withholding inconvenient pertinent information from public view or public scrutiny?

We all have lapses in memory and most of us have told lies (some “white” and some “whoppers”), but most of us don't have the capacity to continue to lie about practically anything or everything that we say or do. The same could not be said of Hillary Clinton, who some claim is a “pathological liar”. Even back in 1995, the late noted N.Y. Times columnist , William Safire, called Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar”. A recent poll found that 70% of the people polled do not think Hillary is open and transparent (that poll included both Democrats and Republicans) and that you cannot believe in her public statements. At present, she is supposedly leading in the polls for election as our next president. Is there a disconnect there? Can you imagine if our next president carried this “lack of transparency” baggage with them into the Oval Office, would we continue being the laughing stock of the world? Who would trust that president, both domestically and with our foreign policy, in carrying out their duties as the person representing the most powerful nation in the world?

From what I just related, you could deduce that the only thing that is transparent about Hillary is her “transparent dishonesty”.

The Democrats will try to shift the emphasis about her horrendous personal image in the minds of the public by spending hundreds of millions of dollars by trashing her opponent Donald Trump instead of trying to show that she is honest and trustworthy, which would be an almost impossible task. Voters, don't buy their “snake oil”, get rid of the “status quo” and vote for real change - vote for Donald Trump.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

MORT’s’ meanderings

Obama’s legacy:  
Eight years of wasted opportunities to do good.
Those American voters who were conned into believing that they were voting for the First Black President as someone who would be for the ‘little guy’, were taken to the cleaners along with the rest of us.  
As it turned out, the First half-black/All-Muslim president once elected, immediately began the process of denigrating our most sacred symbol, the Stars & Stripes and our most sacred document, The Constitution. One of his first acts following his bungled inauguration, was a trip to Egypt to make a speech in which he profusely apologized to our most vociferous enemies for all the things he perceived this nation had done over the past two-hundred years plus, to the detriment of nations all around the globe.  
At the same time, he managed to alienate all our time-tested allies, one after another, with special attention given to the staunchest ally we have in the Middle East, the tiny State of Israel.  Obama’s hate offensive and America’s destruction was, ‘Game ON’.
Despite a record of incurring mind-blowing debt and intentionally decimating America’s industries by imposing unbearable regulations and restrictions that made no sense whatever, this miscreant was re-elected. Who would do that?  One guess, it was those  same voters who voted him into office the first time.  But this time, they did it with one eye on his skin color and the other eye tightly-closed.  The word, ‘inexplicable’ comes to mind.
Just three months away in November, the voting public that will undoubtedly include a large contingent of illegal aliens, will be given the choice to vote for Donald Trump or, four more years of Obama’s wasted opportunities in the corrupt persona of Hillary Clinton, who shares Obama’s fatally-flawed Socialistic ideology.  Plus, Her Royal Thickness is visibly chomping at the bit to pile on some even-more odious & restrictive, tyrannical policies of her own.  Given that scenario and the very real expectation of widespread voter fraud being perpetrated by the Democrat Fraud Squad, is there one sane reason to vote for Hillary?  Hell no!  We’ve seen this movie for way too long.
Donald J. Trump is something we haven’t seen before in a person who is vying to become our next president.  We all agree that he is, ‘different’.  I contend that he has some rough edges that will be smoothed out by the rigors of the Presidency.  One thing he has going for him that Hillary and her machine cannot truthfully claim is –
He is an American patriot who will put America and Americans first - every time.

          MORT KUFF   © 8-6-2016

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Is the “Peter Principle” Alive and Well in Washington D.C.?

The “Peter Principle” was a phrase coined by Laurence J. Peter to explain that members of an organization, whether public or private, in which promotion is supposed to be based on achievement, success, and merit, will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. In other words, “employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence”.

Do the terms, “I don't recall”, “I don''t remember”, and “I don't know”, sound familiar? Doesn't that send shivers down your spine when someone in authority makes comments like that? Especially people in government, who are supposed to be working for us, the taxpayers?

Look at what's happening in Wash. D.C. where heads of government agencies of departments (and especially at the top of the food chain, the executive branch) just can't recall who, what, when, or where about practically anything of importance. How, you might ask, were these people selected or elected, with such faulty memories, to their jobs or positions of power in the first place? Not only do they get a pass from the hierarchy and a pliant media, but in many cases, they get promoted (or relieved of duty with “pay” – ex: Lois Lerner at the I.R.S.) thereby validating the precepts of the “Peter Principle”.

The major culprit in these very convenient cases of “selective amnesia” or the “amnesia stonewall”, is none other than our “Liar in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama. As the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world (by reason of being the president), how come he only finds out about wrongdoing or policy failures by reading it in the newspapers or watching it on T.V. ( only if he watches Fox News)? His “zombie” supporters endlessly claim that he is the smartest man in the world, but he has difficulty of knowing anything that is going on around him. You'd think he was just some ordinary clerk in the White House, instead of being the President of the United States. For a man who is the epitome of the “tireless” political campaigner, who knows which way the political winds are blowing in order to gather political support for himself and his party, can you really believe he is in the dark on most anything that has gone wrong around him and his administration? How many times can the term “plausible deniability” be used to cover for this guy. Could it be that the the lights are on in the White House, but nobody is home? It sure looks that way.

Look at some of the testimony of some of the big honcho's in the Obama Administration, since he took office in 2009. When the scandal of “Fast and Furious” was exposed, then Attorney General Eric Holder said he knew nothing about the details of the sale of arms to the Mexican drug cartels, or the tapping of phones and e-mails of AP reporters and a Fox correspondent. “Who me”, I'm just the Attorney General and the top law enforcement person in the country, I don't know “nuttin” was what he was implying. Then there is the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who didn't know what happened before or after Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered in Benghazi, and then claimed that it was a “disgusting” anti-Muslim video (which no one in Libya saw) that caused the debacle in Benghazi. Really?

And then there are the IRS officials who adamantly stated that they knew nothing about the auditing and harassment of conservative and religious groups who were critical of the Obama Administration. Testimony shows that the IRS was up to their eyeballs in carrying out the vendetta against these groups. These bureaucrats with the “selective memory problems”, not only weren't punished, but in some cases were even promoted to new jobs.

Yes, the “Peter Principle” is alive and well in Wash. D.C., and a complete house cleaning is in order come November 2016. Winning elections “at all costs” doesn't do our country any good, as the least competent seem to thrive in selling their “snake oil” to the voters, but once in office and power, they haven't a clue as how to implement policies that are good for the citizens of our country, and then very conveniently, can't recall or can't remember what went wrong or who was at fault. A good start would be not to elect Hillary Clinton president.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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