Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ron Klein - All Wrong All the Time, Now and Forever

According to published reports, Ron Klein the former Congressman from Florida's District 22, has joined a lobbyist group and promises to be occupying himself with 'government advocacy'. Now, isn't that just peachy?

Just what we need - more government as advocated by one of the most radical leftist, most incompetent, most insincere and unprincipled mis-representatives to hold elected office in this area, since that icon-of-absence Robert Wexler, sucked in most of the residents of King's Point and Century Village.

When he served (?) in the 111th Congress, Ron Klein welcomed Keith Ellison (D-MN) to his House committee that was charged with oversight of government operations and veterans affairs. Ellison you might recall, was the born-Catholic who converted to Islam upon reaching the age of reason - now, isn't that just swell? He was the first Muslim (and God-help us, the last) to take the oath of office in the House of Representatives, with his hand on a copy of the Quoran. What a guy. And when questioned about his expressed approval of this creep (Ellison) to serve on his committee, Klein said that he'd checked him out and had no problem with him. No problem?

Well, as a veteran who served in the U.S. Navy during WWII, I had a huge problem with Ellison having anything to say or do, concerning veteran's affairs. And, that big problem extended as well, to Ron Klein. As far as I've been able to determine, neither Klein or Ellison served a day in the U.S. Military. I would really prefer to see only men and women who have served at least one hitch in the uniform of one of our military services, be assigned to Congressional committees having oversight on veteran's affairs. I am however, sufficiently realistic to realize that this is unrealistic. But, there certainly ought to be one or two veterans at the very least, to sit on these committees. And, if we run out of veterans in the Congress, let's simply close down and disband our armed forces, altogether.

There is a distinct difference between civilian-oriented affairs of state and affairs having to do with the military. Without the benefit of having received training in one of the armed forces, it is simply not possible to fully comprehend the unique issues that confront either active-duty armed forces or our veterans. I cannot imagine two civilians who could be more unqualified to make judgements about the affairs of our veterans, than Klein and Ellison.

And now Herr Klein, who 'leaves the door open' for another run at elected office, presumably from District 22, is going to lobby 'government advocacy'? What in hell does that mean? Will he 'advocate' for more taxing? - - more spending? - - - how is that possible? Will he advocate for a larger Federal government with ever-larger grabs at power to regulate and control every aspect of our lives? Will Ron Klein who panicked while campaigning in the recent mid-term election against his challenger, the retired U. S. Army LTC. Allen West, and who publicized West's social security number and other personal family information - continue his unconscionable, inexcusable mis-use of such personal information against his targeted enemies? Why would we expect that this hyena could or would, ever change his spots?

Sorry folks, Ron Klein is regrettably, one of those perennial pariahs who always seem to thrive in abundance on the political scene, much like cockroaches abound in the dark recesses of an unkempt kitchen. So, while he is still actively scampering about, doing his mischief - let's keep the spotlight following him. That way, we'll know where to aim the disinfectant spray.

As a staunch advocate of pest control, might I suggest that we get to work cleaning house in Florida's sub-tropical Districts 19, 20 and 23 ? What have we got to lose, except our freedoms, our fortunes, our way of life and our self-esteem as principled, Constitution-loving Americans?

Conservative Commentary by by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Ed Geiger said...

Why is it that so many lobbying firms hire ex- legislators to help push their programs through Congress? Do you think that the personal relationships that they made while a Congressman comes into play? Since Obama has said that he will veto any bill that contains earmarks, the lobbyists might find it difficult to convince their former colleagues to "sweeten the pot" for their newly found clents. But, we've heard this from Obama before, he lies while grinning between his protruding ears. Never believe what he says,watch what he does.