Monday, February 7, 2011

Obama: Useful Idiot-in-Chief

In 2003, Mona Charen wrote a ground-breaking book she titled, “Useful Idiots”. Lenin is widely credited as the first to use the term “useful idiots” in describing liberals and other weak-minded souls who could be relied upon to fall under the spell of one or another of the “ism’s”- (i.e; Socialism, Communism, Fascism and now, Radical-Islam-ism – as in, Muslim Brotherhood-ism).

When we Americans elect someone to serve as the chief executive of the United States of America, that person is referred to as, The President and Commander-in-Chief. The oath of office taken by the ‘people’s choice’ has traditionally been spoken aloud, with one hand on the Bible and the other hand raised in token of the sworn commitment to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.

While the words were spoken aloud by the current President a little more than two years ago, it has now become tragically apparent that when he uttered those most sacred words, he had no intention of honoring his commitment. His initial pronouncement, that of taking the oath of office, was also his initial act of ‘taquiyya’ as President. ‘Taquiyya’ is defined as follows: It is a form of deception particular to Islam. It allows Muslims to deceive in order to protect themselves or Islam. Taquiyya is generally allowable if it is done for the purpose of masking a Muslim’s identity as such. On very the day of his inauguration, we witnessed the premier act in Obama’s Grand Plan of Deception.

When the majority of voters cast their ballots for Barack Hussein Obama - I believe they did so, blindly. They took him on faith that when he promised to ‘fundamentally change the government’, he would bring about a series of innovative changes that would inure to the benefit of all the citizens of our nation. While he spoke in broad terms, he promised total transparency, an open-book manner of doing the nation’s business, a lobbyist-free and corruption-free administration - and a lengthy litany of other desirable characteristics that are universally expected of our three branches of the Federal Government but particularly so, in the case of the President and the Executive Branch.

How disappointing then, to learn that practically every word uttered by Obama the candidate, was being refuted by his every action as Obama the President and Commander-in-Chief. His first action was to board Air Force One, fly to Egypt and apologize to the Middle East for America’s supposed transgressions against all and sundry. And more curiously, to attest his love and support for the Muslim faith. What was that all about?

Fast forward - skipping over his appointment of far-left Socialist Czars answerable only to him to do his bidding; his heavy-handed jamming through of bail-outs, corporate take-overs, Obama-care and other grossly unpopular legislation; his use of Executive Orders to obtain his objectives while circumventing the Congress of the United States; his tyrannical Attorney General’s unbelievably biased and unprecedented unilateral decisions that flaunt all established legal guidelines for the DOJ – to mention a few . . . . and now, his increasingly frequent mention of the Muslim Brotherhood in his misguided meddling into the conflagration and chaos currently engulfing Egypt and the Middle East.

What is going on in the mind of this Useful Idiot-in-Chief? Based upon his every action and despite all his words to the contrary, we can expect that whatever he is planning, is calculated to work to the detriment of all we hold dear as Americans.

Well – is anyone going to stand up and speak out? Anyone?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Paul Marino said...

Obama is the poster boy of the example of "why some animals eat their young". He has no trouble of "throwing friends under the bus" like his grandmother, Israel, the Iranian students who protested in 2010, and now our "friendly" dictator Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak is no charm, but what or who will take his place? Remember, we got rid of the autocratic Shah of Iran (our "friend") and he was replaced by an even worse dictator, the Ayotollah Khomeni which was a pre-cursor to the Iranian Mullahs today. Let's hope that our "Community Organizer" will be able to muddle through this state of affairs and get a favorable outcome. Let's keep our fingers crossed that groups like the "Muslim Brotherhood" don't fill the void left by Mubarak's departure.

Stop Radicals said...

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to spread Islam around the world. Hamas and al-Qaida are violent Brotherhood offshoots. the group's new spiritual leader, Muhammad Badi, has called for violent jihad, including against the U.S.
The Community Organizer should step down for backstabbing America, Israel & England.

Charles Choi Los Angeles said...

Allen West said it best. These attacks on America from the Radicals must stop.