Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justice Kennedy and Ob​amacare

Justice Anthony Kennedy
Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20543

Dear Mr. Justice Kennedy,

We live in times that demand that people speak out on consequential issues of the day. There is no issue more important to us all then Obamacare, and your ruling in that case could be critical to the survival of this republic as we know it.

Since the 1930’s Americans have witnessed a massive shift in authority away from local and state governments to federal. That usurpation, together with 70 years of determined social engineering, has enabled Washington to become the arbiter of almost every facet of how we live our lives. The government now has dominion over everything from the food we consume to the medicines dispensed to us to how we manage businesses, schools, hospitals, our means of transportation, to the light bulbs we use and how our toilets flush. Even the staunchest Federalist-Founder could not have envisioned such an outcome. Now, our President wants to control every aspect of how health care is delivered to 310 million of us.

Last year, Mr. Obama and his Democrat congress unilaterally imposed on us a broadly (over 60%) unpopular bill that compels every American to buy health insurance. Millions of healthy young people do not want or need such extensive and costly insurance. Millions of Americans who are well off “self insure” thereby managing the care, treatments and costs of what they purchase. And, the indigent, the usual targets for such massive social programs, are largely removed from this issue because their care is generally provided at little or no cost by local hospitals and clinics who turn away no one.

The most objectionable element of “Obamacare” is the mandate, the requirement, the directive, the coercion. Forcing Americans to buy a product or service whether they want to or not, or suffer severe penalties, is unprecedented in all our history. Montesquieu warned that “government should not force a way upon the people against their will, for to do so is tyranny by legislation”. He further admonished that “if change is desirable the manner in which it is accomplished is, first and foremost, through persuasion, not coercion and government fiat”. It is not enough to say the government is overreaching. Obamacare gives Washington new license to alter our free markets and consumer behavior by imposing its preferences upon us. Will we next all drive GM vehicles, pursue diets demanded by Michelle, read books Washington thinks we should? None of this is anticipated or discussed in the Constitution, least of all the Commerce Clause, which has been extended by interpretation beyond recognition.

It is expected that Obamacare will impose vast new managerial burdens on America’s medical delivery system. Further, any economist not employed by Mr. Obama will tell you that mandates of this type always make markets less efficient thereby driving prices higher. This, despite the fact that ours is the most envied system in the world. Obamacare will hasten the imposition of rationing as it will add 30 million of us to coverage with no concomitant addition of new doctors and nurses. This means longer waits for services and procedures, shorter visits with doctors, strangling paperwork, and the use of “panels” which will set standards and dictates for essential surgeries and treatments thereby making life and death decisions beyond the family or doctor-patient dynamic. Europe’s healthcare quagmire will be visited upon us. I ask you as a consumer, is this what you want for America and your loved ones?

As the probable “swing vote” on this matter you will likely face no more daunting challenge. If you favor the bill you will thrust 13% of America’s economy more deeply into the abyss of government oversight at a time when government is incapable of assuming that encumbrance. To validate the bill is to cast Americans more deeply in thrall to a “big bother” never contemplated by The Founders. To allow Obamacare is to dispense with notions of legislative moderation or the essential roles that individualism and free will have played in our history. To kill this venal act of uber-governance, however, would stamp this court as historic in its insistence that there remains in our construct a balance between the governed and the governors, a line not to be passed by those who, because of their elected position, know “what is best for us all”.

Obamacare is nowhere in our Constitution, it was nowhere in the minds of our founders and, for the sake of this nation, must be overturned.


Richard Klitzberg

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Monday, March 26, 2012


I never realized pregnancy is a disease.
It must be, according to the President.
Apparently contraception is the preventative method and
the day after pill is a treatment, while abortion is the cure,
putting it in his perspective.

If I am assumed to be wrong, how come this new plan comes under
health insurance? I thought health insurance is supposed to defray
medical treatment when you are seriously ill.

The President assures us his plan will not cost the taxpayer a
anything. He said he will make the insurance companies absorb the
cost and distribute the above services for free. Really?
When the bottom line of any company suffers, the cost of
doing business with them comes with an increase in prices.

That's a fact!

President Obama has many different hidden taxes....'a rose by
any other name is still a rose.'
Speaking about money, the word 'free' should be struck out of
any monetary reference, because nothing is ever free! There
is always somebody who has to pay.

This administration has given the poor a distorted sense of
values, based on wealth distribution and entitlement.
Also, based on the damage President Obama is creating in the
community of religion, he lends credence to suspicions of him being
a pseudo Christian with radical Islamic leaning because, Christians
and other legitimate religions deem life sacred, where as radical
Islam does not. Neither does he or his proposals.

Not only is he antagonizing Christian tenets, he is instigating class conflict,
hoping it will gain him four more years, to finish the changes and destruction
of the America our founders envisioned, and the hope and dreams it fulfilled
for our legally immigrated ancestors.

Conservative Commentary by George Giftos

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nobody Asked Me, but..... Part 7

*Why do we spend billions of dollars on sex education and birth control, when back when I was growing up the most effective method of birth control was a girl wearing an elasticized “panty girdle”? It was as good as a chastity belt. (does that date me?).

*Why is it O.K. (according to the NYC Teachers Union) that an incompetent teacher or a teacher with disciplinary problems in the classroom, cannot be fired and still be paid $100,000 per year for not teaching, with all fringe benefits, because of the union contract that makes it almost impossible to get rid of those kind of teachers?

*Why do Democrats try to demonize the Koch Brothers, who are major campaign contributors to Conservative causes, as well as to universities and philanthropic organizations, when the Democrats and Liberals have their own million dollar benefactor who has skewed moral values (he helped the Nazi's in WW11), and a sociopathic lack of conscience (bringing down other countries currencies), by the name of George Soros? Is the word Democrat spelled, HYPOCRITE?

*Why has our government made up to billion dollar loan guarantees to so-called “green companies” which were on the cusp of bankruptcy before the guarantee, and then went belly-up after the loan guarantee? Was it a coincidence that officers in those companies were also Obama campaign bundlers? (the companies in question were Solyndra, Evergreen Energy, Beacon Power, Ener 1 Inc., Amonix Inc.)

*Why, if the people who champion the theory of evolution and claim that humans evolved from apes, never can answer the question of why we still have apes?

*Why do people believe the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when they lower the unemployment rate from 8.5% to 8.3%, when before they came up with that rate, they no longer counted as unemployed the 1.2 million workers who are unemployed but have given up looking for a job? The real unemployment rate is around 14% (counting all the unemployed).

*Why do the Democrats criticize Pres. Bush as being a big spender, which was true, but completely ignore the fact that Obama in a little over 3 years has rung up more debt than Bush did in 8 years? Obama's total is now $5 trillion and rising.

*Why do the “lame stream media” have a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, and speak-no-evil attitude in its coverage of Obama, when all the Republicans have been given an “anal exam” in all aspects of their lives?

*Why doesn't someone in the Obama Administration tell Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that a closed mouth gathers no foot?

*Why, if the Democrats think that raising the minimum wage is a benevolent thing to do as well as being “compassionate” to the workers on the lowest end of the wage scale, do they not raise the minimum wage to $20.00 per hour or $30.00 per hour if it is so beneficial to our economy? Remember, employers don't pay their workers for the hour, they pay their workers for the value they bring to the hour, therefore, raising the minimum wage generally causes more unemployment, especially among teenagers.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, March 19, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings

Obama is outraged and frankly, so am I.

While there are major gaps in available records about the personal history of Barack Hussein Obama, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, it is an undeniable fact that he has absolutely zero military experience. Zip, nada, never, uh-uh, nary a smidge, nope, none!

In addition to his total lack of comprehension about the whys and wherefores of our military history and how we arrived at the current state of technology and personnel readiness, it must be recognized that he has a life-long antipathy toward our military.

And, since his inauguration as President, he has a documented record of systematically taking steps to neuter the effectiveness of our Armed Forces. Equally disgusting and most egregiously unconscionable, have been his attempts to cut medical care and VA benefits for our veterans. He has repeatedly proven his disdain for our military.

Don’t misunderstand, Obama is well aware of the advantages to a despotic leader of an armed brigade of thugs to enforce his dictates. Remember his statement about his desire for a civilian force that would rival our military in terms of numbers and financial support? In other words, even though he is the titular head of our military, he feels the need for a civilian army that is directly and exclusively under his control and direction. Only such a force could assure the success of his desire for social engineering in accordance with his perverted, Marxist-brand of Communist ideology.

Hmmm! What does that tell you about his ‘control freak’ leadership style and the direction in which he plans to take this nation? If he had ten terms in office, he would never be satisfied that he had enough power over this country and its citizens.

With each passing day, he seeks to consolidate and concentrate all the power of the Federal Government into his own hands. It is as clear as can be, that he plans to ignore the Constitution under which we’ve lived and prospered for more than 234 years. He intends to totally by-pass the Legislative Branch that is comprised of the Senate and House of Representatives. He expects to use the Supreme Court to rule in favor of anything he does, regardless of judicial precedent or settled law. In other words, total control is what he seeks; nothing less would satisfy his personal ambition. Even total control would never be enough for this narcissistic despot. The evil is in his DNA.

And now, to his latest outrage. It seems that an American soldier who has served this nation in four voluntary deployments in the Middle East, has been accused of gunning down 16 Afghan civilians. This news so incensed Obama that he interrupted his non-stop stream of apologies for perceived offenses programs, to interject a brand new apology to one of our staunchest allies, Afghanistan (only kidding, folks), for the as yet uninvestigated, unproven act by one of our own. In the fast-paced world in which Obama resides, there is always a state-of-emergency handy that somehow, only this President is equipped to respond to with his superior intellect and uncanny talent for instant analysis. Such is the peculiar nature of our national emergencies that there is rarely time for the niceties – like, ascertaining and verification of facts. No time for that, Uncle Jim. We must apologize to our enemies and act at once, to apprehend and punish our own. It’s the right thing to do, y’know.

Never mind that we’ve expended the blood and treasure of our ‘best of the best’ in ten years of trying to change the spots on the wild beast that is Afghanistan. While our intentions were noble, that effort has come to naught. As might have been expected, the impossibility of our valiant attempt to counter thirteen centuries of the prevailing tribal insanity of this wasteland could have been forecast by even the most casual reading of a history of that part of the world.

We were not the first to become entangled in the weirdness of that quagmire but, we’ve been the latest. And, we are continuing to pay a horrific price although, the inexplicable action of Obama has added a new dimension to our unfortunate plight. He has added to our national embarrassment , the image of a weak-kneed, cowardly, haughty and insufferably arrogant President of the world’s greatest remaining bastion of freedom - apologizing to a wretched despot for an unproven charge against an active member of our Armed Forces.

Where I come from, that is as blatant an act of treason as has ever been committed by a sitting president of these United States.

It is said that, ‘Every action has a reaction. Indiscriminate, irresponsible actions taken by this President with zero background in American history, military reality or foreign relations, have consequences. The steady stream of all-wrong-all-the-time, knee-jerk pronouncements and actions by this ambitious incompetent currently at the helm of our ship of state, are giving a new meaning to, ‘the day after’. We have a long list of enemies that includes defunct former allies – and the newer breed of countries recently taken over and dominated by the toxic leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are watching us to see how we react and respond – and not because they wish us well.

Can any rational person living in these United States today, have any doubt that the votes cast in the upcoming Presidential election, will directly result in either the survival or destruction of our freedoms and our American way of life?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who Determines What is “Fair”?

“Fair”, that's the key word among Obama and the Democrats as they try to justify their quest of taking something of value (money) from the successful and giving it to the less successful, all under the guise of “fairness”.

What or who gives Obama or the Democrats the right to pick winners and losers? Obama rails against the “evil” oil companies, who produce most of our usable energy needs, while he gives taxpayer funds to “green energy” companies, many of which have gone out of business after they got the government “Stimulus” money guarantees.
Is that fair?

He also demonizes the “rich” as not paying their fair share, but never mentions the fact that the top 10% of wage earners pay almost 70% of all the income taxes collected.
Is that fair?

He rails against the billionaires and millionaires, but wants to raise taxes on people who earn $200,000 ($250,000 for a married couple), who are a far cry away from the exalted income earners he mentions constantly, the billionaires and millionaires.
Is that fair?

During this deep “recession” our country is in at the present time, Obama and the Democrat Party want to raise the taxes of our corporations who already pay the second highest rate in the world after Japan. Japan is in the process of lowering their corporate tax rate this coming April. We then will have the distinction of being #1 again, but for the wrong reason.
Is that fair?

Within the Obama administration and within the Democrat Party, you have certain people who preach tax fairness, but who have underpaid their own taxes (ex: Tim Geithner, Sec'y. Of the Treasury; former Democrat Majority Leader Tom Daschle; and former Ways and Means Chairman, Rep. Charlie Rangel (to name just a few).
Is that fair?

When people who are unemployed and receive 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, which are paid for by those who work full-time jobs and who are trying to make ends meet through their taxes.
Is that fair?

According to the I.R.S., nearly 4 out of 10 American households pay no federal income taxes.
Is that fair?

According to the CBO, federal employees receive benefits that are nearly 50% higher than those in the private sector, whose taxes pay their salaries and benefits.
Is that fair?

The State of So. Carolina, which has a high unemployment rate, was denied, by the NLRB, the opportunity of having a plant built by the Boeing Company because So. Carolina is a right-to-work state, thereby depriving the state of thousands of potential jobs ( after Boeing made a deal with the union in the State of Washington, the So. Carolina plant was O.K'd).
Is that fair?

So as you can see, the person who pontificates about “fairness” is probably one of the most “unfair” persons in the whole country, I'm referring to President Obama, of course. Do we really want him or his cronies, to determine what is fair or not?

Let's make 2012 the end of an error by voting out of office, Barack Hussein Obama.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, March 12, 2012

MORT’s Meanderings


He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know – and he doesn’t care.

What we know is that he has total contempt for The Constitution of the United States. Further, that he is in a full-court press to grab total control over the lives and fortunes of each and every individual in the nation, legal or illegal. Let there be no doubt about it.

We know that his ambition and his arrogance grows daily, in quantum leaps.

He does his best to project the image that, ‘His word is his bond’. However, we know from sad experience over the last three years that these bonds are junk bonds; they are as worthless. He is not to be trusted with our precious freedoms.

We’ve come to realize that his slavish adherence to Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ is his raison d’etre – his reason for being. Only when he speaks in the context of these writings can he be taken at his word.

We know he despises the military. How else to explain his attempt to charge wounded veterans for health care & treatment at VA hospitals. Is anything more contemptible?

We know that his default response to any criticism of his failed policies and his totally unconstitutional mandates, is to point the finger of blame at some else. His arguments, so replete with ‘government agency figures and statistics’ are transparently, blatantly disingenuous. To be quite candid, he is a bald-faced liar.

Again, regarding his tactic of choice – ‘finger pointing’ – it is so narcissistic. A true leader points his finger in the direction he intends to lead his followers. Obama points his finger – always the finger of blame – to fend off and avoid any acceptance of responsibility for his actions or his calculated inaction.

This ignorant, unaccomplished smooth-talking Chicago political hack was elected by a combination of special-interest groups with a toxic mix of motivations including - -

white guilt, racist bias, welfare queens, unprincipled seekers of unearned government benefits, life-long professional students, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, truly anti-American groups (i.e., George Soros & Co.), corrupt Unionm bosses, radical Islamists both foreign and home-grown plus, a myriad of wicked, evil and vicious deviants bent on the destruction of our nation and all it stands for. Did I miss anyone?

Barack Hussein Obama is an amalgam of all that can go wrong in a human being. He is a morally corrupt political street thug who is physiologically incapable of a single thought that is not self-serving to his narcissistic ambition.

If there are enough misguided, clueless, careless, unprincipled, bribed or intimidated voters that are influenced by the Democrat spin-meisters and propagandists, to cast their votes to re-elect this miscreant - - they will bear the full burden of blame for a second term of Obama tyranny that will eclipse the first with unbearable taxation, reckless spending and a complete subversion of our national security; a complete destruction of our economy and a total dissolution of the entirety of our religious and personal freedoms.

There will be no turning back. There will be no savior, no redemption. We will be turned into an impotent shell of the exceptional nation we once were. We will be under the total control of the most tyrannical, diabolical, violent band of oppressers this world has so far seen.

Think your vote doesn’t count? Think again. This time, use your brain.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2012


Artwork by MORT KUFF

Click on the Cartoon above for an article from MORT KUFF.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Does Obama Practice Taqiyya?

In the Muslim religion, in the Koran, it is stated that you can lie with impunity when you are dealing with non-believers (infidels). In other words, lying is permitted when the end justifies the means. That is called “taqiyya”. (pronounced: (ta- kee- ya).

Well, you might ask, does Obama, who comes from a Muslim background through his father and step-father and his schooling in Indonesia, practice “taqiyya”? Does he tell you lies to further his political and social agenda? Let's take a look at some of the things Obama has said in the past few years to find out.

*During his 2008 campaign for president, he stated that he would accept public financing along with his opponent John McCain, but once he could figure out ways of raising big sums of money from donors, he opted out. It was reported that he spent over $700 million to get elected.

*In order to enhance his “street cred” among black voters, he stated that he had ties to the Selma Civil Rights March, saying that his parents met at the march, and as result, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born - only problem was that Jr. was born in 1961 and the Selma March took place in 1965. That was a big whopper!

*He said he would be the most transparent president in history by placing, on C-Span, all legislation that came to his desk for his signature - but he hasn't put one piece of legislation on C-Span since he became president. Is he that forgetful?

*He said that he wouldn't raise taxes on anyone making less than $200,000. So far he's raised taxes on tobacco, tanning parlors, and is planning to let the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of 2012. In addition, he will assess taxes on his health care bill affecting everyone.

*When the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused to produce a birth certificate, in addition to his health and college records, he went against his promise to be open and transparent. Is he trying to hide something?

*He said that he wouldn't appoint former lobbyists, but went ahead and appointed a slew of lobbyists to his cabinet and to be his Czars.

*He promised to exempt the Catholic Church from some of the mandates of his health care law, but reneged on that promise regarding birth control much to the anger and dismay of the Catholic Bishops. Liar, liar pants on fire.

*He promised before the AIPAC Convention that Jerusalem would be the capitol of Israel to much applause from the Jewish audience, but a couple of days later he said the question of Jerusalem should be the subject of negotiation. Was he pandering to AIPAC?

*He said that if the Congress passed his “Stimulus” bill, unemployment would not go above 8% and most of the money would go toward “shovel ready” jobs which we later found out, weren't shovel ready, and they never materialized.

*He gave the O.K., through his Secretary of Energy, for the “green” company Solyndra, to get a $537 million loan guarantee even though the Bush Administration turned the loan guarantee down because of the shaky financial condition of the company, and which, by the way, the company eventually went belly-up and the taxpayers took the loss. That scenario has been replicated on quite a few other Obama favored “green” companies. Most all the companies who got these loans were Obama campaign contributors. Would that be considered crony favoritism?

And finally, over these past few years he has been blaming Bush for the financial mess we find ourselves in today. Granted, Bush had a hand in the financial down turn, but Obama has never taken any responsibility for the massive debt he has rung up, where the U.S. now owes over $15.4 trillion, an increase of over $5 trillion since he was sworn in. As a result, the United States credit rating was lowered for the first time in our history. He takes no responsibility?

So does Obama practice “taqiyya”, after what I listed previously, you make the decision. But remember, if it looks like a duck, walks like duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, March 5, 2012

65 Lies by President Obama

This Video will present a list of some of the most egregious lies and broken promises by the Messiah.


Artwork by MORT KUFF

Click on the Cartoon above for an article from MORT KUFF.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Suppose He Was “Lily White”?

I'm sick and tired of being called a “racist” because I criticize our “Appeaser in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama.

Here's a question I'd like to ask anyone who I hope will give me an honest answer to - suppose Obama was “lily white”, do you think he'd be president today? Is he our first “affirmative action” president? Forget about his racial makeup, would he have gotten as far as he has gotten, just on his experience and resume? What did he do in his life that qualified him to be President of the United States?

He started out as an adult as a Community Organizer in Chicago, whose main job it was to organize protests at banks by the poor minority residents (mostly inner-city black people) to get low cost mortgages (sub-prime mortgages). He also directed and advised the local chapter of ACORN, in and around Chicago. During that time, he landed a part-time job as a lecturer (not a professor) at the University of Chicago law school teaching about the methods and techniques of Saul Alinsky (the author of the book, “Rules for Radicals”). Since he had the bug in him for politics, he joined the rabidly anti-Semitic, anti-American church led by the rabble-rousing Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This gave him the entree into the realm of the movers and shakers of the Chicago political machine. He kicked off his political career with an introduction and fund raising event at the home of admitted domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. From there, his political career shot up to where he was elected an Illinois State Senator. It must be noted that during his tenure in the Illinois State Senate, he voted “present” “130” times, avoiding taking a stand on quite a few controversial issues. But, one act he did vote for, was the law that permitted doctors to end the life of a baby that had been aborted, but survived the procedure. Many have claimed that this law was a form of infanticide. He then gave a very emotional, highly charged speech at the National Democratic Convention in 2004 which catapulted him onto the national scene. In 2006, he was elected U.S Senator from the State of Illinois, after some hanky-panky on the part of his campaign against his opponent. After a few months as a U.S Senator, he decided to take his oratorical skills and “silver-tongue” and announced that he was going to be the first black president of the United States. The rest is history.

With such a nondescript record of achievement, how could he have gotten to the point of becoming the President of the United States?

There really is only one answer, he was a Democrat who was black (even though he was half-white - but considered black by the media). Never in our history has someone risen to such a high office with so little preparation and experience as has Barack Hussein Obama, Would he have gotten to that position if it wasn't for his racial makeup?

I know I'll be vilified and called a “racist”, again, but I'd appreciate it if someone would convince me that I am wrong in making that assessment as to why Obama is today called President.

Let the darts and arrows begin!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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