Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

When I saw and heard Hillary Clinton being interview by Diane Sawyer, I thought I had tuned into Comedy Central. I heard her say, she and Bill had nothing when they entered the White House and were dead broke when they left.

Although Bill's salary as Governor of Arkansas was low in comparison to other states, they had free housing and other perks. Don't forget he and Hillary were lawyers, and lawyers are not known to make chump change. In fact Arkansas' First Lady status got her a seat on the board of directors at Wal-Mart and a lucrative salary at the Rose Law Firm, affording her connections to service banks. And then there was their shenanigans with White Water and Hillary's suspect cattle futures $100,00.00 killing.

Even if Bill's salary as president was $200,000.00 before they raised it to $400,000.00. he got $50,000.00 in a general account and $1,000,000.00 unanticipated need money. Don't forget free housing for eight years With expectations his pension will amount to $6,000,000.00 for eight years of work, investing in 2 multi-million dollar homes is not considered being broke.

Pres. Herbert Hoover never accepted any salary during his entire public life, and even paid his assistants out of his own pocket to supplement what he thought was too low a compensation for government workers. Pres. George W. Bush declined his pension. Unlike Barack and Hillary, Pres. Harry Truman and Bess didn't hood-win the people to become president, and they led very modest lives before fate loaded on his shoulders.

At the end of their tunnel was Independence, Missouri and the house they left to serve the country honorably. There were no six figure speaking fees, or acceptance of lucrative executive positions with corporate giants.

This modern day Lucrezzia Borgia and her straying husband played the office of the presidency for everything they could get out of it for themselves. It is their modus operandi in every endeavor they persue. Now Hillary wants to try for another turn at the White House, in case they missed something the first time around.

Judging by the way they handled their personal budget; dead broke before they finagled their windfall, do we want to trust the nation's economy with Hillary?

Conservative column from George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies 

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Country Without Borders...........

A country without borders is not a country, it is just a way station for anyone who wants to settle here. We are now being inundated with an influx of illegals, with a substantial number of them children, from Central and South America, unescorted by their parents. It shows, that contrary to the Obama Administrations pronouncements that the border is mostly closed, the word has gotten out in those poor countries that the U.S. is planning on granting amnesty. Obama has promised as much in his public pronouncements, but it seems that his words were geared to appealing to the large Latin population in our country which the Democrats covet at election time. Could it possibly be politics, on the part of our government, that is driving this blind eye to the influx of illegals? What do you think? Is Nome, Alaska cold in the winter?

If you want to have a sensible immigration policy, you must make sure that our border is closed to unfettered breach by people illegally entering our country. The open border advocates use emotion and “false” compassion, to demonize those who want to bring sanity back to our immigration policy. Most of the illegals come from Mexico and Latin America, but we also have found that many come from countries in the Middle East (mainly Muslim countries). Who knows how many may have ties to Al-Queda and other militant groups who want to do us harm? It's not only an immigration problem that we face, it is also a national security problem.

By not securing the border, which by law the country is supposed to be doing, we have also caused a national health problem. Cases of T.B., STD's, measles etc. (which had been mostly eradicated in the United States) have been shown to be turning up with some regularity among the illegals. Once these sick illegals get here, they are given free health care and other welfare benefits that the sanctimonious government do-gooders provide. If you disagree with their agenda, you are called bigots and racists and are put on the defensive.

What's going to happen to these thousands of children being “dumped” in our country? Would it not seem reasonable that their parents are waiting in the wings to join their children in the future, thereby getting “safe haven” in our country at our expense. Is that fair to the American taxpayers?

The Democrats will exploit this situation to insure future election victories, as over 70% of illegals who will get amnesty (eventually) will generally vote Democratic.

So, to reiterate my opening - a country without borders is not a country (as we know a country should be). We can't continue on this path or we'll become a third world country like many of the illegals are fleeing from now.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Our President

Recently I heard a comment on a call in radio show that said "we should give President Obama a chance.  That he has done a good job of running the country."  It became obvious that Obama's supporters don't care what the facts are; no matter what he says or does he "is doing a good job."  I tried to be objective and tried to run down some of the things he has done, something that would show true leadership.
Here's a partial list of what I came up with:
  • Foreign policy.  Never in the 20th or 21st century has the U.S. been less respected than today.  Putin thumbs his nose at us.  Obama draws "red lines" that nobody pays attention to.  Obama claims the Taliban is in decline but it is taking over much of the Mid-East.  And to think the dummies at the Nobel Committee awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize when he did nothing to earn it.  Obama visits foreign countries and begs and pleads that leaders will follow his direction.  They smile and do nothing he asks for.  Even the leaders in Afghanistan and Iraq laugh at him.  It's as if foreign leaders see a "kick me" sign on Obama's back.  Does any right minded individual think that JFK, Reagan, the Bushes, or LBJ would be treated with less respect and power than Obama?  In fact, the ONLY president who was as inept was Jimmy Carter. 
  • Scandals.  Never has a presidency had more scandals with less being done about it.  Watergate resulted in investigations and prosecutions.  But under the Obama leadership and Attorney General Holder immunity from any investigation or prosecution is the norm.  Guns go to drug lords in Mexico with no results.  The IRS goes after conservative groups with a vengeance and the head of the IRS leaves her office with nothing but praise from Obama. I guess under Obama discrimination only occurs if the groups being investigated are of the liberal persuasion.  Veterans die while waiting for medical care while illegal immigrants - or in the current PC parlance undocumented aliens - get free medical care.  Thousands of people cross the border every day and once they arrive here they are given benefits that citizens don't get.
  • The economy.   We are into the second term of the Obama presidency and the economy still sputters.  Obama stalls the Keystone Pipeline and other energy initiatives that would create jobs while he gives money and subsidies to solar and other green companies that fail and/or do little for job growth.  The wind farms and solar panels kills thousands of birds but this "environmental president" is given a free pass.   Many individuals have been so long without jobs they are no longer counted in the unemployment figures.  According to Obama this is good news since they now have more time to pursue leisure activities and be with their family!  To compensate Obama offers more welfare and food stamps to individuals.  His solution to the lack of jobs is to raise the minimum wage so that even more individuals will be out of work. 
  • Unbridled power.  Never has a president exceeded his powers as given to him under the Constitution as Obama has.  Czars to run the economy and our lives are appointed without any vote in Congress.  Executive Orders come out whenever Congress disagrees with him.  His gifts to labor unions and those who favor him are numerous.  Eric Holder uses extortion to force policies he thinks are right on companies by constantly suing or threatening to sue them.  For example, we are told that since African-Americans have lower credit scores and more defaults than others, it unlawful to use such criteria when making loans. 
  • Obamacare.  A 2,000 page law is pushed through without our representatives reading it.  We are told that we can keep our insurance policies, our doctors, our hospitals, and that our insurance premiums will go down.  Need I saw more about those lies?  However, after Congress passes the law and it goes into effect, Obama by Executive Orders changes the law and assumes the role of Congress.  Parts of the law are put on hold and other parts are changed by regulations and Executive Orders.  Never has an imperial presidency been evident as has taken place under this piece of legislation. 
I could go on and on but you get the idea.
However, there have been some positives under the Obama administration.  He has taken at least 17 trips to improve his golf game.  Why the Presidential jet resulted in him getting some personal instruction from Tiger Woods!  The first dogs have provided a job (over $100,000 a year) at tax payer expense so that they can be trained.  The First Lady and family have taken some of the luxurious trips at taxpayer expense to foreign countries. 
Conservative commentary from Jim Pirretti

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let’s Stop the Nonsense!

It seems we are, as a nation, being bombarded by a big dose of “political correctness” day after day, and it has made life miserable for practically everybody. This real or imagined censorship or sensitivity is not normal, people should not be offended by some off the cuff statement by somebody else who didn’t intend to do harm in the first place. Private conversations, not meant for public consumption, should not be used to discredit or threaten the speakers into silence. We all have said things in private that we wouldn’t want others to hear, so why is it O.K. to demonize those people who were taped illegally and their words spread across the universe to feed the frenzy of the politically correct crowd with an agenda? The comments may be stupid or worse, but we all should have the right to be stupid or offensive. It is the intent of the words spoken, in public or for publication, that should be considered, not the substance of those remarks, said in private, as to whether real offense should be taken. My mother always told me as a child “that sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never harm you”.

Today, an innocent remark taken out of context or interpreted a different way than they were intended, could cause someone to lose their job, be ostracized by others, demonized, or be condemned to the scrap heap of history. The people who seem to make the judgments about what is “politically correct” are generally un-elected busy bodies (a/k/a Progressives and Liberals). They make the “rules” of what is proper and acceptable talk or action. Who, you might ask, appointed them judge and jury of what is acceptable speech or action?

The last time I looked we still had a 1st Amendment to the Constitution. Speech, even if stupid or non-conforming speech, is allowed in our free society. Just recently, a NFL footballer tweeted a remark referring to the drafting of a gay player who upon hearing the news placed a kiss on the lips of his love partner, by tweeting the word “horrible”. The league and the media went ballistic and the league instructed the player to attend a sensitivity and diversity class to “cleanse” him of his sin. What crime did he commit? Doesn’t he, along with everyone else, have the right to be offended by what he saw? In addition, the P.C. police are urging the Washington Redskins to change it’s name because some radical Indians and guilt-ridden Liberals, think the word Redskins is offensive to their ears. A poll was taken recently among American Indians and a majority said they were not offended and that Washington should keep the name as is.

In addition, several invited speakers at college commencements were “dis-invited” or they decided not to attend because a group of left-wing radical professors and students protested their appearances and threatened a disruption because they “didn’t approve” of their thoughts and opinions. Why should a vocal minority of faculty and students, command such power to have these speakers banned or made so uncomfortable, that they could not be part of the commencement exercises? Why is it mostly all these protests are against Conservatives (a survey of speakers at commencement exercises, across the country, showed that 80% of the speakers were liberal) and not liberal speakers? It seems that these protestors are the same people who preach tolerance, but then become intolerant when confronted with others who have different opinions. It seems like their tolerance breeds intolerance.

Whenever people are denied speaking their minds, because some don’t approve of what they say, we no longer have a democratic republic, but a form of the old USSR, Communist China, and most repressive Muslim dominated countries.

Let’s stop the nonsense and let speech flow freely, whether it is accepted or not accepted by others. The hell with that evil “political correctness”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Charity Deserving of Your Support

Dear Friends,

Like all of you, I was saddened to learn that Bill and Hillary Clinton were "dead broke",
and deeply in debt when they left the White House. Admittedly, much of that debt was
self-inflicted. Their heavy legal expenses were incurred because of Bill's bimbo
dalliances, in particular the one with a highly sophisticated 20 year old intern.

Also, instead of sending Chelsea to the top-rated Washington, D.C. public schools,
they chose an outrageously expensive private school so that their daughter would
have a diversity of classmates instead of only African-American friends.

Finally, in retrospect, it would have made more sense to buy a house in the South Bronx,
or in Brooklyn's Bed-Sty neighborhood where home prices were considerably lower than
in tree-lined, upscale Chapaqua. She still would have been eligible to run for office
in NY State from one of those less glamorous communities.

It seems that many of their bad monetary decisions were probably the fault of an
incompetent financial advisor. To get out from under their crippling financial
troubles, they have been giving stimulating speeches on American exceptionalism,
and the values we all admire such as honesty, ethical conduct, and a willingness
to accept responsibility for their actions. Modest fees in the $200,000 range
have been helpful.

I have always felt sorry for people who face hard I'm organizing a fund-raising
campaign for the Clintons. I'm asking each of you to contribute $100.00 to a fund that
will be used to help ameliorate their plight. Please make out your check to
Anthony P. Di Perna of the What Difference Does It Make Fund, and mail it to my home
address. Unfortunately, your contribution is not tax-deductible. I applied to the IRS
for tax-exempt status, but was turned down by Lois Lerner.

Conservative commentary from Tony DiPerna

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama the dangerous mesmerizer


It's not unusual, during the 15th or 16th innning of an extra innnng ball game for ballpark patrons to go home and for viewers to shut off their sets and go to bed. The longer the game drones on, the more interest is lost. Stretch out a speech and eyes begin to close.

That's Obama's successful technique in treating every one of his scandals. His disappearing birth certificate and passports, padlocked college grades, Fast and Furious, the Fort Hood shootings, the NSA and IRS scandals, Benghazi, Syria bombing threat, Iran nuclear negotiations, the VA and now the trade of five notorious terrorists for a possible military deserter. Stretch out the situation until it is replaced by another one and people become more and more immune to his skulduggery and intent. Now we hear, "Well, he's only got two and one half years left." In reality, that's time enough for: irreparable damage to this country, the demise of Israel, the threat to the world from a nuclear armed Iran and of course, the breakout of Radical Islam across the globe. His timing and operations have been perfect.

Obama's "failings" are not due to his malfeasance or incompetence. Rather they spotlight his intelligence, fortitude and brilliant planning to achieve his goals of the destruction of whatever he deems not within his blueprint for a controlled globe under the domination of totalitarian Islam. Those who understand his background, including a mother and father infatuated with Communism, grandparents who moved to Seattle so that their daughter, his Mom, could attend the Little Red Schoolhouse, his Muslim parentage, a childhood in Islamic Indonesia, his being tutored and nurtured by Frank Marshall Davis and finally, his subservience to Rev. Wright, a Communist radical with an Islamic history and bent are a collection of situations that clearly have produced an individual with a ruthless, brilliant mind who will not let anyone or anything stand in his way of achieving his goal.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao, his predecessors of a sort, ruled by the totalitarian sword. Not Obama. He has taken control of the government by seducing loyal Americans that he was a new kind of leader. One with visions of "social justice," reliance on negotiations not the ruthless military. He smiles, walks with a strong cadence, soothes us with a cool voice and manner while using a magician's imagery and sleight of hand to convince us to dispense with reality in appraising his duplicity. He is a master hypnotist and mesmerizer. And we are his laboratory subjects.

Hopefully, we will awaken soon and come to our senses that we are in deep danger with this man of a thousand ideas and plans for their fulfillment.

Conservative commentary from Alan Bergstein

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Is Obama Evil or Stupid?

We see so many scandals in Obama's years as President. So is he evil or is he just stupid? Obama portrays himself as ignorant or stupid for each of these real scandals. He finds the news from the Main Stream Media, not from his administration. But which is worse?
Watch this Afterburner Video with Bill Whittle and judge for yourself.


MORT's meanderings.
Executive Orders signed by IslamObama.
It seems that our omnipotent leader who dearly loves all his 'subjects', is so intent on fundamentally transforming America into something that no one either demanded or expected, that he simply hasn't time to waste performing the duties of his office within the confines of the Federal Government as it was designed by the Founding Fathers.  
He hates those guys.  He despises the limits placed on the Federal government by the Constitution they conceived.  He can't stand that The Founders thoughtfully provided such a document to the citizen soldiers who fought the Revolutionary War and who successfully ousted English King George's tyrannical rule from our shores.  Then, these newly-liberated men formed a new nation uniting the original 13 colonies, where individuals could pursue their lives in glorious freedom from such  tyranny.  
Obama finds that the Constitution designed and worded to protect the new nation's citizens from oppressive dictates of a central government, doesn't give the President and the Executive Branch unlimited power to govern by Royal fiat.  Rather, it specifies precisely what the Central Government is charged to do and what it cannot do -  and specifically designates that all other powers to govern are the purview of the individual states that now form the United States of America.  Obama finds that 'inconvenient'.
And so, King IslamObama has resorted to using and blatantly abusing the tool of writing & signing Executive Orders to avoid the complexities of engaging in the process of governing in concert with the co-equal Legislative and Judicial branches.  Thus, he flaunts the intended purpose of the checks & balances that the Founders built into The Constitution precisely to protect the citizens against possible abuses by a Chief Exec like Obama, who decides to side-step the tenets of our founding document.
To enhance the implementation of Obama Rule, Barack Hussein has brought into the Armed Forces and all U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, hundreds of radical Muslim & radical Islamist operatives, to pressure compliance with their anti-American, anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-individual freedom policies. The  ever-growing radical Islamist organizations now operating in this country are thus, sanctioned to continue this lunacy that has since the 7th Century, dictated that the followers of Islam devote their lives to eradicating individual freedoms wherever they exist..
Today, radical Islam targets America and the civilized Western World and eventually, it intends to assume total control over all the free peoples on Earth by establishing Shariah law.    Nice going, Barack.
MORT KUFF  ©  4-19-2014

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's Not the Color of His Skin, It's How Thin it is!

Have you noticed how prickly Obama becomes when he is challenged? He doesn't like to be told that he is wrong (neither do I, for that matter), but he gets outright mean, sneery, and snotty against any offending person who challenges him. He has a very thin skin.

This upcoming mid-term campaign will be one of the dirtiest on record. Mark my words. All signs point to a Republican sweep of the House and Senate (unless the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot, like they are prone to do) - the Democrats and Obama can't handle losing in 2014, so the knives are out. Lies, demagoguery, personal attacks and vengeance will all be part of the Democrat campaign strategy. They will go down fighting like mad dogs, especially with all the money the campaigns will have raised and the money George Soros will invest in their campaigns. The “Main Stream Media” will do a CYA for Obama and the Democrats, as they have a vested interest in having them win the Congress and the Senate.

Most likely, the “Race Card” will be trotted out by Obama's surrogates to attempt to stifle dissent about the Messiah's (Obama) failed policies, especially his monstrosity, Obamacare. In liberal, far-left circles any criticism of Obama will be met with that dreaded word “racist”, which will be thrown out, willy-nilly, to quell dissent and to intimidate. People are very sensitive about being called a racist and will try to avoid being labeled that at all costs. It has worked for the Democrats in the past, so they'll try it and trot it out again.

All those things worked in 2008 and 2012 because Obama was a fresh face and little was known about him except that he was a fine orator and talked a good ballgame. He was able to “con” the majority of people into voting for him on those occasions, but, this time the Democrats will have a dismal record to run on and to defend, especially the (Un)Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), people then will be able to judge whether or not they want 2 more years or 6 more years of these Congressmen and Senators. The way things are going now, it would be very difficult for the Democrats to be able to talk their way away from the disastrous economic news that is all around us. And since Obama has been unable to quell anti-American sentiment around the world, this will be another burden for them to try to overcome, come the elections this November.

Obama's core constituency made of blacks, gays, union bosses, environmentalists, single women, and far-left anarchists will vote for Democrats no matter what. The Democrats will lose some support from some of the groups that overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2012. These groups will include Jews, Hispanics, rank and file union members and students in college. Those defections will be just enough to turn the election against the Democrats and cause them to lose the election.

If by chance Obama embraces free market principles during the campaign (he's fully capable of doing that flip-flop as opposed to his present socialist policies, but he is highly unlikely to do so), and be able to turn the economy around in a positive way, and by telling the people what they want to hear, not what he (and the Democrats) really believe in, the Democrats might have a chance, but I think the voters realize that Obama is in way over his head and the Democrats are on the wrong side of history, and they are leading our country down the road to perdition (hell) and the voters will see through their sham rhetoric and reject them this November.

Remember, it's not the color of Obama's skin that's the problem, it is how thin it is. He will be the albatross around the necks of all the Democratic candidates this coming November.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hangers-on to Obamology are still using the word race to accuse his
adversaries against the criticism of their Messiah, even after all his
failures. Ironically he got this far, hoodwinking two elections because
of the color of his skin. It is liberal guilt and fear by others to be
labeled racist for not voting for him because of the color of his skin.
A factor giving him a constant pass against due and warranted criticism.

I equate President Obama to a contestant on the Gong Show. Nancy Pelosi
and Harry Reid, along with him, are the Democrat's Moe, Larry and Curly;
only there is nothing funny about their antics in destroying the country
I used to know. In expressing my views metaphorically, I hope to stress
the disappointment I feel how my country is run and by whom.

The Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare is like a botched up haircut.
To be presentable, time is needed for it to grow out and be restyled into
a manageable shape that doesn't resemble the monstrosity created by
Moe, Larry and Curly.

During restoration time, sensible legislators must use it to formulate
plans that will be workable and fair for everyone, benefiting the needy,
and not burdensome for they whose productivity is usually impacted the

The 2014 and 2016 election cycles are extremely important to heal the
nation by placing and replacing people who will correct the mistakes
made by their predecessors and those made by the Justice and State
departments, the courts and especially by the executive office. People
who can restore our traditions and avoid being trendy. In today's
vernacular, trendy is inane.

Political correctness has reversed what radical liberals considered abused
to the really most abused, the traditionalists. Especially if they are white
and Christian. Their idea of diversification is doomed to failure without
assimilation. PC it the vehicle for separation. These United States can not
be when its people are not united with a common language and that
everything has a top and a bottom, and it is more our choice where we get
positioned in life rather than fate!

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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