Monday, May 30, 2011

Obama: "Muck-up-in-Chief"

This president is bad at American history; bad at diplomacy; bad at civil discourse; bad at human relations; bad at public relations; bad at making friends; bad at maintaining traditional relationships with our allies; bad at facing problems much less fixing them; bad on matters to do with economics; bad on national security; bad on illegal immigration; bad on equal justice under the law; bad on issues of morality; bad at standing by former friends; bad at standing by former associates; bad at selecting qualified members to his administrative team; bad at choosing his policy advisors; bad at choosing the venues for his speech-making; bad at convincing our military that he recognizes what they are all about; bad at understanding what The Constitution means and what it stands for; bad at protecting our citizens; bad at bringing this nation together; bad at promoting the successes of our free-market society; bad at promoting national healing as opposed to racism and class warfare; bad on energy policies that benefit our country; bad on policies that protect us from environmental wack-jobs; bad on leadership in the Congress; super-bad on timing; bad at accepting blame for any of his decisions; bad at making decisions; bad at prioritizing our nation's important issues; bad at working within the traditional parameters of the presidency; bad at timing his overseas junkets; bad at representing the best this nation has to offer; bad at understanding the threats to our survival against the fanaticism of Islam; bad at looking presidential; bad at simply looking "American"; bad at setting an example as a patriotic president of all the people of the United States; bad at even giving the impression that he is the moral or spiritual leader of this nation.

As usual, Obama's latest mixed-message regarding this nation's relationship with Israel is just another example of his propensity to never miss an opportunity to muck-up an opportunity.

This man is a bagful of disconnects and short-circuits. I believe that despite how articulate his supporters claim him to be, he is physiologically incapable of speaking in a straight-forward manner. I truly believe that it goes against his nature to make an unequivocal statement that doesn't leave him wiggle room to later, 'correct a misunderstanding of his meaning'.

Now, about his being a shoe-in for a second term . . . . . .

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Wonder Why?

I came across an interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal that stated that the big, bad, evil State of Wisconsin with that “evil union busting” Governor, Scott Walker, has jumped from 41st to 24th in the “Chief Executive” magazine's rating of states as to their friendliness toward business. That was the biggest jump of any state, even though the Walker Administration has been in office only four months. I wonder why, don't you?

Governor Walker has been outspoken about wanting to be more business friendly and being fiscally responsible. Actions speak louder than words and Governor Walker has put his money where his mouth is. Creating a financially leaner government and a more business friendly state, is the goal of Walker and the state legislature, both being majority Republican, as a result of the election of November, 2010. There is no doubt, he has shaken up the establishment and he has created an atmosphere whereby business would like to set up shop in the State of Wisconsin. The opposite has happened in the Democrat controlled neighboring State of Illinois which has proposed raising taxes on both businesses and taxpayers.

Out of 50 states, not the 57 states Obama thinks are in our union, the top five states for being business friendly, according to the survey, were Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. Did you notice all of them were southern right-to-work states? I wonder why? The cost of operating a business in those states is enhanced by the economic policies of the politicians who run those states. People are migrating to those states, and other business friendly states, in greater numbers than ever before, because that's where the jobs are. You could say, these people are voting with their feet – and who would blame them?

Where are these people, who are moving, coming from? You guessed it, the usual suspect states in descending order, #50 – Michigan, #49 – New Jersey (before new Governor Chris Christie has had a chance to turn things around), #48 – Illinois, #47 – New York, #46 – California. Illinois, in fact, has dropped 40 places in five years, and as the magazine points out, “it is now in a death spiral” due to it's present fiscal policies.

Why do liberal (a/k/a Progressives) politicians (mostly Democrats) put their heads in the sand and continue on their “class warfare” policies of taxing the the “rich” excessively (most of whom are small businesses) and by passing onerous job-killing regulations?

The “poster child” for stupid economic and fiscal policies can be found in the once vibrant City of Detroit. That city is our “Dresden” of today. It is an economic basket case, and still the crazy people of Detroit continue to vote for the same type of politicians whose policies continue to keep them in poverty and their city in disarray. I wonder why, don't you?

Now you don't have to wonder why the policies of the Obama Administration will continue to create more Detroit's in the future. He's following the same policies as those states that are about to fall off the financial cliff and into an economic abyss. A change in leadership must occur in 2012, or we all will become a economic basket case.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, May 23, 2011

"Cap & Trade"

Recently, I received a mildly admonishing e-mail from my youngest Son who took me to task for wearing my baseball 'cap' backward while photographing the political events I cover. It seems that he mistakenly interpreted this as my intent to recapture my long-lost 'yoot' by leaping back a generation and hoping to appear, 'with it'. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In the first place, I wouldn't 'trade' my antiquity, even if I could. I like being cranky. I adore my aches and pains. And, I don't need to adapt fashionable idiosyncrasies regarding my headgear in order to either 'blend-in' or 'make a statement'.

While on-assignment with my camera, I wear a baseball cap that either befits the occasion or best compliments my carefully-thrown-together outfit. I had at one time, tried wearing a yarmulke (skull cap) while taking photos however, it kept slipping off the back of my head. The obvious solution would have been either to use tape, which was out of the question or - to use a decorative clip as a retainer, as is the practice among other 'slightly-balding' Jewish photogs. Hey Man, not for me. I quickly abandoned that idea.

So, I continue to wear a baseball cap, selected from my hat-rack full of caps - some with logos, some without. And, I continue to swirl the cap around backwards in order to get the bill out of the way when I jam my face against the camera to focus it. Immediately upon clicking off the final in a series of photos, I swirl the cap back to its normal orientation, with the bill facing forward. Then, I cock the cap back on my head with just a hint of an attitude of 'casual confidence' that seems to have become my trademark. While it was never my intention to project that impression, it does provide marginal advantages and so, I've never bothered to either mitigate it or deny it.

Rumors to the effect that I am studying to be a 'minority' by affecting the 'bill-backwards-look', are totally specious. Everything I've learned about being Jewish indicates that 'Our Crowd' is universally accepted as being the 'original' minority. So, on that score I'll ride with the herd. With regard to the orientation of the bill on my cap-of-the-day, if I were inclined to use it as a device to signal that I belong to an offended or put-upon minority - I would skew my cap, adjusting it so that the bill pointed off to one side. Well, you ain't not never gonna see that on me.

It would be simpler to go hatless as I dash about with my camera. However, when I'm in my 'stealth-photo' mode, I endeavor to maintain my cover - so to speak. So, as much as I love the Son who misunderstands me, I wouldn't trade my cap habit - - - I'm just not the 'cap & trade' type. Besides, how can that kid relate to the problem? He sports a full head of his own hair.

I mean really, what's that all about? Where's the justice?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

There Oughta be a Law!

That Congressmen and Senators should be under some form of “term limits” so that some elected officials can't make a career out of holding public office. According to our founding fathers, our Congressmen and Senators were supposed to be temporary officeholders, not career politicians that held office for 30 or 40 years. Term limits might be 10 years or 5 terms for a Congressman, and 12 years or two terms for a Senator. I firmly believe that corruption will be decreased big-time if this law is enacted.

That people, in the interest of good taste and propriety, should not wear clothes that have a tendency to offend the “normal” eye of another person. That means that people should not wear outfits that look like they are trying to squeeze 10 lbs. of potatoes into a 5 lb. bag. There is a limit as to how far a fabric could stretch so that if one of those people attempts to bend over, an explosion might occur thus causing injuries to innocent people. Just go to your nearest shopping mall, sit on a bench and observe the people walking by to see what I mean.

That any plastic surgeon who performs “lip enhancement” surgery on overly vain women, and that woman then looks like she can sip a drink through venetian blinds, those doctors should have their license taken away to prevent him/her from creating more freaks than we already have now.

That any person, wearing a brand-new warm-up suit and wearing a new pair of Nike sneakers, and who looks like he/she could run in a 26 mile marathon, and they then park his/her car in a “handicap parking space”, should be arrested and then sentenced to work in a hospital as a volunteer for one week as punishment.

That a woman riding in the front passenger seat or in the back seat of a car, cannot, under any circumstances, tell the driver what to do, how to do it, and where to go unless they are specifically asked to do so by the driver. This would help reduce the stress of driving tremendously, maintain good spousal relationships, and prevent needless accidents. A win-win-win proposition.

That a student attending a public school must dress in a manner that is appropriate and not look like a student is about to attend a Halloween party. Modest school uniforms might be the answer in creating an atmosphere and environment for learning which is not present in today's “anything goes” climate of dress.

That any law proposed and passed by a politician must meet the “smell test” of whether or not that politician would, under normal circumstances, be affected by the law being proposed and they must not exempt themselves from the overly ambitious laws that they want to impose on everyone else. “Rotsa Ruck” on getting that passed by today's self-serving politicians.

That any interview with an athlete must have an interpreter on hand to explain what gibberish is being said by that “student athlete” or by a “non-degree” recipient pro athlete, or they should just play a recording of the trite phrases and words most athletes utter such as, “We gave it 110%”. “We must work together as team”, “The officiating was terrible”, “We've got to play better defense”, “We need to execute better”, and on and on just to fill up valuable broadcast time between commercials.
Do you think any of these laws will pass? If you do, then I have a “Bridge in Brooklyn” I'd like to sell you.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Monday, May 16, 2011


Now that that ugly piece of human debris, Osama bin Laden, has been dispatched to hell by our brave Navy Seals, maybe now we can discuss what is torture and what is not torture. A friend of mine gave me a definition of torture that really makes sense. He said, “Torture is going out on a “blind date” with Rosie O'Donnell and having to listen to her for three straight hours as well as having to look at her”. (maybe “straight” is the wrong word to use?). Ask most men and they will agree with that definition.

All kidding aside, the way the word “torture” is bandied about today, you'd think that the above comical definition might even have some merit. The weak-kneed, mostly liberals or progressives, generally define torture as any unpleasantness that you might inflict upon another person in hopes of getting information that you need or want to know. God forbid, we try to use methods, frowned upon by the “wilted flower children” of the 60's and70's, that might be “enhanced” to get valuable information from people who want to kill us and behead us.

These “wusses” have no “cajones” and think that you can get the information you need out of these “evil doers” (a/k/a Muslim terrorists) just by being nice to them. Suppose you can't get the information, then what? Talk about living in a fantasy world?

The methods they decry as “torture” are not half as bad as what I had to endure pledging for my college fraternity. We, the pledgees, were subjected to paddling, being blindfolded, made to eat simulated worms, being ridiculed, and body painted with real paint. No, I didn't like it, but I survived. Now, look what some bleeding hearts consider to be torture. Depriving a terrorist of sleep for extended periods of time, making him lie next to insects when he has a fear of insects, slamming him against the wall by the lapels of his shirt (with protective neck gear collars to prevent neck injuries), and the all so vicious “water boarding” (nobody in our custody ever died as a result of “water boarding”, but think of how many people died as result of snowboarding in our own country, just last year alone?) Granted, all of these “enhanced” methods are not pleasant things to be done to you, but do they rise to the level that we know as torture to be, such as pulling out finger nails, gouging out of the eyes, cutting off fingers, arms, or ears and tongues, being lashed with a whip, stoning, and putting an electrical charge to one's genitals etc.? To me, those barbarous acts should not be in our interrogation manual, and they are not. But, the sanctimonious liberals among us want to get their mean shots into Bush and Cheney and want to tar them with permitting illegal acts of “torture”. According to them putting a bullet through the eye of Osama is O.K., but “water boarding” is cruel and unusual punishment. What bunch of phony hypocrites. Instead of pointing fingers at their political enemies, those misguided pinheads should be giving medals to Bush and Cheney for putting into place the means that eventually led up to the killing of Osama.

If the “wusses” in the Democrat Party and in the main stream media won't say it, I will say it. Thank you President Bush and Vice-President Cheney, we support you for what you did in trying to keep us safe from another terrorist attack. Thank goodness President Obama followed through on the plans set up by the Bush Administration in doing away with that evil person, Osama bin Laden. May he rest in hell!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Said He Can't Be Beat in 2012?

To listen to some of the talking heads on radio and T.V. and some members of the main street media, it is a foregone conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama will win re-election in 2012. Is that conclusion based on fact or is it just wishful thinking? I think it is the latter.

In 2007 and 2008, in the run up to the 2008 election, Obama, with his huge election war chest and the slick phrase of “Hope and Change”, was able to “con” most of the voters into voting for him – and he prevailed by winning the election with a little more than 52% of the vote against a weak candidate, John McCain. Obama came out of nowhere without much vetting, with the exception of some talk show hosts and Fox News, and with that “Hope and Change” phrase, and with the Bush fatigue that prevailed after 8 years, he made it to the White House, much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton, the once unbeatable candidate, and of course, the Republicans.

In 2007 and 2008 he didn't have much of a record to judge him on - even the fact that he was designated the “Most Liberal” Senator by a couple of Wash. D.C. pundit organizations, he got a pass, especially by the media who considered him their darling and heir apparent to the throne. Even today, we don't know much about him or his past (he finally produced his birth certificate after almost 3 years, some, after closer examination, claim it is bogus). He has proclaimed that he would be the most transparent president in history, but most of his educational background and school transcript records and his medical records are still hidden from scrutiny at his request. Why? Is there something he is hiding by refusing to grant permission to view these records? Is that the transparency he was referring to?

For the run up to the 2012 election, Obama has and will have a record as president to defend. With the condition the country is in, he might just have a real problem in getting re-elected. Our economy is in shambles and the U.S dollar has slumped to a record low, whatever economic indicator that should be up is down, and whatever economic indicator that should be down is up, more people are on food stamps than ever before, and it looks like there is no real end in sight, mostly due to Obama's economic policies, or lack thereof. How is he going to defend the indefensible, except by being disingenuous by telling people what they want to hear, but not what is actually the case? We should be out of this severe recession by now, but we seem to be stuck on stupid with a projected gain of 1% to 2% in GDP for 2011. The outlook for recovery has diminished to almost zero.

With gas rising above $4.00 per gallon, inflation raising its ugly head making the purchase of our food and clothing difficult to pay for, housing still in a depressive state around the country, and unemployment hovering around 9% (17% in real terms), is that a positive record to wax ecstatic about? Only a die-hard, Kool-Aid drinking Obama “idol worshiper” would think he deserves a second term. They have an advanced case of CRI (Cranial Rectal Inversion) and they can't be cured.

So when someone tells you that Obama can't be beat, tell that person to take off their rose-colored glasses and smell the coffee and open up their eyes and ears, and be honest with themselves and to look at what is happening in our country as we slowly sink into an economic and foreign policy abyss. I predict that Barack Hussein Obama will be a one-term president, Ala Jimmy Carter. Praise the lord!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Booking in advance

MORT's Meanderings:

Sadly, there is ample evidence leading to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama is careening toward a cataclysmic breakdown of some sort.

His initiatives that have repeatedly fallen flat on their face, are beginning to have a cumulative affect on his psyche. He is simply unable to deal with it. His arrogance that has become so blatant and obvious in his speeches, each of which contains outright lies, untruths, prevarications, falsehoods and fabrications, has reached new heights. It is painfully clear that the man is on the verge of an emotional collapse or mental breakdown as a result of his inability to handle the pressure of office or the public's increasing alienation regarding his failed policies. He is physiologically incapable of coping with adversity. It must be eating him up, alive. And, that's okay. Some of us have a cross to bear. Some, a Star of David. This cat must bear the hammer & sickle of the Communist Party. Or, maybe he is faltering under the weight of the Crescent & Crossed Swords of radical Islam, the religion of peace. Whatever.

My concern is the affect that his ultimate demise will have on the 'Arab Street'. Will his untimely passing (a matter for serious discussion) cause rioting in the streets? Will it cause the peace-loving moderate Muslims to become agitated and will it generate a degree of hatred we haven't seen before? Is that possible? Should photos of him 'after', be permitted to be displayed in public? Is there space on The Mall in Washington for a monument the size and scope that would be befitting to the memory of, 'The One'? Are plans already underway for the grandest funeral in tribute to the grandest of all Presidents ever to trod this Earth?

All these questions are beyond this writer's pay grade of course however, while I never got to be a Boy Scout I do subscribe to the motto, "Be Prepared".

And so, I would like to suggest to whomever makes these arrangements, that the aircraft carrier CVN-70 U.S.S. Carl Vinson, be placed on alert status. Because. at some time in the relatively near future, it is probable that this ship and its personnel will be called upon to repeat a recent top-secret exercise. No other front-line vessel in our fleet has the directly-related experience of burying a high-profile Muslim at sea, as does this ship and its crew. The successful completion of that specific onerous task has vaulted the 'Vinson' to the position as, vessel-of-choice for the performance of that duty if heaven forfend, it should ever be needed again.

I'm just sayin' - - "Be Prepared".

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Only Common Sense!

No matter how “book smart” a person is, it is meaningless if he doesn't have any “common sense”. “Common Sense” is defined as sound practical judgment independent of specialized knowledge or training.

Is it “common sense” for us to have 60,000 military personnel stationed in Germany, 65 years after the end of WW 11? (also the thousands stationed in So. Korea, Okinawa, and Kosovo etc.). Are these troops really needed in those countries? Shouldn't the host countries pay for our troops, or better still, take over their own defense? It seems they are using us as a “cash cow”, thereby saving themselves from having to finance their own military defense. Isn't it “common sense” to bring those troops home?

Another area where “common sense” is woefully lacking is in the energy policy, or lack thereof, of our government. Why are we spending, therefore sending billions of dollars to other countries, some of whom are unfriendly to us, to get our energy needs satisfied, when we have more than enough right here in our own land and off-shore? Just recently, we gave the country of Brazil $2 billion to assist them in their quest for oil off the coast of Brazil. Why are we subsidizing another country when we are prohibiting energy exploration right here in our own country? Experts have determined that the U.S. has more natural energy resources than all the Middle East countries combined, yet we still import 60% of our oil and natural gas from overseas. To me, it's a no-brainer - take care of ourselves instead of relying on unreliable sources of energy, like we are doing now? Isn't that “common sense”?

In addition, where's the “common sense” when it comes to passing laws restricting outrageous lawsuits which makes the cost of living burdensome to practically everybody. What's wrong with instituting tort reform? Junk and frivolous lawsuits make our medical costs and our everyday living expenses more than they should be because of the fear of being sued by avaricious lawyers. Wherever tort reform was passed in the various states, the costs of medical care and costs of running a business came tumbling down and created a positive economic climate inside those states. Why shouldn't the same thing happen on the national level? Is the lawyer lobby that powerful? C'mon, let “common sense” prevail.

Finally, why in the name of “common sense”, can't we control our borders, thereby controlling our out-of-control immigration problem. What genius figured out that an illegal alien, who has birthed a child while in the U.S. illegally, should have that child be automatically declared a citizen (so-called anchor babies)? Upwards of 12 million illegal aliens are in our country, taking jobs from other American citizens, and which has increased the incidence of crime, human trafficking, drug smuggling along with the added financial burdens to our schools, hospitals, and government services.

So yes, a degree in “common sense” should be a requirement to complete any course of study in our schools, but, alas, it can't be accomplished when “political correctness” is so pervasive in our society. Now, that's a “common sense” statement, anybody disagree?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, May 2, 2011

What Better Stuff Does Barack Obama Have In Store For Us If Elected In 2012

For sure, something is terribly wrong with the mainstream media, and an avaricious electorate, who choose to close their eyes, turn a deaf ear, and blindly support the Obama administrations new campaign mantra "Better Stuff" he has in store for this nation that probably would continue to lead us down an arranged path of subversive controlled governance causing us to lose our identity as the Land of the Free.

The promise of Better Stuff 2012, the new campaign speech obviously is intended to replace the Hope and Change fiery campaign promises of 2008 which has all but thrown this nation into continuing economic insolvency, and political upheaval, class warfare, and racial distinction by pure political partisan party design for power advantage.

As the world turns, and the useful ideological idiots cannot, or will not, realize that the speech of "I Have Better Things I Have To Do" is another one of Barack Obama’s manipulative maneuvers to obfuscate the BC issue and more importantly issues threatening the health, wealth, freedom under our Constitutional birthright. So much damage has already been done. What else does he have in mind.

The promise of his Hope and Change rhetoric has failed with its Utopian promises, and has only swept us into the upheaval and turmoil hovering and lingering over this Republic by the revolutionary religiously inspired uprisings so called fight for freedom and democracy in the Mid East that threaten the possibility of reaching our shores, since our Declaration of Independence.

The closest we have ever encountered war as close as it had come to touch our lives was the 911 terrorist suicidal destruction of the Twin Towers.

Threat of annihilating the nation of Israel, our staunch and revered ally in the Mid East, by Islams religious zealots, is unacceptable. Israels right to exist has been strongly supported by previous administrations. Present political decisions create doubts of our survival as well unfortunately, because we would support Israels right to exist, faithfully and unfalteringly.

The White House sentiments as never before so, openly supported presently ruled Palestine by the terrorist organization Hamas who continue to bomb Israel unrelentlessly, being a recognized branch of Iran, who have a vision of nuclear bombs bursting in air over our head, and Israel. The audacity and disrespect toward PM Netanyahu speaks volumes, and not only questions by glaringly voiced partisanship doubt of survival of either one of us, or both, if need be.

The Barack Obama administration must be replaced in 2012 if not sooner. If the truth be told, crimes and misdemeanor issues need to be dealt with that are being cloaked by party politics and opposing weak and fearful leadership.

"Why and where have all the good investigative true non-partisan patriotic journalists gone. That’s a good question. Does anyone have the answer??????

Barack Obama is in over his head, if it were not for the shadow government lurking behind the curtain of his Presidency calling the shots, he would have, or certainly should have, been impeached for many crimes and misdemeanors and subversive sentiments perpetrated on the American People.

Predictably, and hopefully, he will be caught in a major decision threatening our free capital enterprise system as he segues us into complete governmental control, that even the useful idiot supporters will resent because their avaricious dream for Free Stuff offered, as a euphoric myth, will be exposed by the reality of premeditated communist/Marxist rule when the taxman cometh.

The Donkey and the Elephant have their political partisan battles, that’s okay, its called Democracy but battling with the flag bearers of the Hammer and Sickle is a dangerous designed adventure to be shunned by strong patriotic love for our country, our flag of stars and stripes, and that for which it stands.

Unless we heal ourselves, we are destined to rue the consequences of an election that failed to uphold the oath of office it swore on the Holy Bible to do, and it could happen again.

When all is said and done, actions do speak louder than words, recognizing that a speech is a tool to honestly inform and educate, but must be worn as a badge of honor. If it is a falsified campaign speech to simply get a vote, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The tales these hotshot professional politicians weave in order to deceive an idealistic electorate is a well practiced art and well thought out misrepresentation. Ripley said it so well, Believe it or not.

Barack Obama is eloqutionally endowed, he sure can make a resounding speech, especially when he campaigns which is his forte'. Will it heal the trials and tribulations we now face, or alter the assaults and insults mankind here and abroad face, of course not. The man is totally unequipped and inexperienced in economics and foreign policy executively and administratively.

Besides Barack Obama being a fraud, he lies so easily and impressively. He has been well taught by the corrupt Chicago Southside political machine and its unionized tyrannical leadership where he became so adept at organizing the misinformed and misguided innocent resident how to cast a vote aiding and abetting Chicago’s history of deceit and corruption.

We have reached a frightening stage in our history, and in order to preserve the legacy of our Founding Fathers must fight with every breath within us by the use of our right to vote the interlopers and charlatans out of office, who threaten our designated freedoms, and replace them with patriotic certifiably equipped experienced leadership that will restore our Republics Constitutional ideals, principles, and rule of law to its rightful place in history.

President Barack Obama was hired by the vote, but because of ineptness, and many distortions of the truth, he must be fired by the vote.

Conservative commentary by Helen Goodman

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