Monday, June 28, 2010


Remember in November, 2006, when the Democrats got control of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, the future Speaker of the House, said that she was going to end the “Culture of Corruption” that was permeating Wash. D.C.? Well, they failed miserably at that task, so since that time and with the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, a new culture has come about, it is called the “Culture of Incompetence”. It has resulted in the mismanagement of the federal bureaucracy, the economy, and the ballooning deficit.

During the past couple of years, it seems no matter what Obama or the Democrats touch or propose, it is not in the best interests of America. The people who are in charge in the Congress and Senate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid, are two of the biggest buffoons who have ever occupied the seats of power in the House and Senate. The verbal gaffes and nonsensical statements made by these two make George W. Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar. Princess Nancy even has at her command a 747 plane to fly her and her cronies back and forth to California, like royalty, and to stops around the world - the plane has a name, it is called “BOTOX ONE”.

The seeds of incompetence were started to be sown right after the inauguration of Obama. He went on a binge of hiring “Czars” to head various task forces within the government structure. These unelected, unvetted bureaucrats came in all shapes, sizes and ideologies, but were mainly radical friends and associates of Obama and his closest advisors, Rahm “Rambo” Emanuel and left-leaning lobbyist David Axelrod. Some of his appointees even had backgrounds in the CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA), some were radical academics, and some were cronies from his shady Chicago days.

So instead of trying to overcome the ravages of the recession, we found our selves in, he immediately embarked on a highly divisive and expensive health care bill, which is now, after being passed, being challenged in the courts as being unconstitutional. He must’ve been following the advice of Rambo Emanuel, who once said that,” you shouldn’t let a crisis go to waste” (in order to get difficult policies passed into law). He was able to bribe, cajole, and arm-twist to get passage of this health care monstrosity, but it took him over a year and lots of political capital to accomplish that. Over 60% of the people, today, want to repeal this health care bill.

In addition, he pushed through passage of a $780 billion “stimulus” package which didn’t do much to stimulate the economy, but it did stimulate our ballooning budget deficit to the tune of over $1 trillion a year for as long as the eye can see. He makes Bernie Madoff look like piker. The bankrupting of our economy is a blatant case of “incompetentcy” which our children and grandchildren will have to pay for sometime in the future, if at all.

I guess you could say that you should never underestimate the stupidity of the liberal Democrats. If a free lunch could be screwed up, they are the one’s to achieve that infamous result.

Finally, the Gulf oil spill has really shown up the incompetence of Obama and the Democrats. Although you can’t accuse Obama of causing the oil spill, you can hold him accountable for the resulting devastation of letting that oil reach our beaches and marshlands. He said he was in “charge” since day #1, but still, through his incompetence, he never used all the resources that were available to him to keep the oil from reaching land.

Obama and the Democrats will pay a big political price at the polls this coming November. Maybe then we could reverse the “Culture of Incompetence” that permeates our government today.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tea-Party explained


There are gatherings being held throughout the United States, by patriots who want to express their grievances about a variety of issues having to do with government at all levels but – mostly the Fed.

No doubt, you’ve heard of them. They gather under the banner of, ‘Tea Party’ and were so named after the original ‘difference of opinion’ that took place in Boston harbor. It seems that a bunch of American colonists back then, became fed up with King George III and his domineering ways. And so, they decided to dump some bales of tea into the Bay rather than pay old George’s punitive taxes on the stuff.

The folks who show up at these latter-day ‘Tea Party’ gatherings feel equally as fed-up with arrogant King Hussein Obama’s punitive policies as the original protesters felt about being bullied at the hands of ‘His Royal Arrogance’- King George. And so, bunches of ordinary citizens gather peacefully at public locations throughout the country, in order to express their feelings on matters of mutual interest.

Our geographic area happens to be the home of, “The longest-running continuous Tea Party in the United States”. It’s called, “TEA PARTY – FTL” (Tea-Party-Ft. Lauderdale). It draws participants from Miami in the South and from as far North as West Palm Beach. Each Saturday between 1:00 and 3:00PM throughout the year, from dozens to a hundred or more true American patriots gather at the intersection of Oakland Park Blvd and Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale. They bring with them, American flags of all vintage and hand-made signs of every description. Many of these folks are accompanied by their kids, pets and coolers full of ice cubes and bottles of water. I’ve never seen an alcoholic beverage at these events – never, ever.

These are friendly, non-violent, non-racist, down-the-line-true-blue Americans. Many will tell you that this is their first involvement in any such protest-type movement. And let’s be clear, this is a grass-roots ‘movement’ – not a politically-based party. These are loosely-formed groups that gather regularly to express their heart-felt feelings about where this nation is headed. They are angered at how oppressive regulations and unprecedented binge spending are being mandated by this Administration with the willing support of the Democrat majority in the Congress – in reaction to declared crisis after crisis.

The anger of these Tea Party demonstrators results from their realization that this Administration and the enabling leadership in the Congress are following an ideology and a direction that is not condoned by the majority of the citizens of this country – as shown in poll after poll. In other words, our elected representatives are ignoring the expressed wishes of those who elected them. It’s as simple as that.

The over-riding theme of the Tea Parties calls for much smaller government with far less regulation of our free-market system and much less intrusion into our private lives. There is considerable consternation about the avalanche of government-imposed regulations that increasingly limit our traditional freedoms as specifically provided for in The Constitution of the United States. Tea Partiers are solidly unified in their desire to return to the basic principles of governance that our Founding Fathers wrote into that hallowed document.

While most folks ‘on the corner’ passively hold up their signs or wave their flags at the passing vehicles, some will shout out the message written on the signs they are holding. The reaction from passing traffic fills the air with the sound of blaring auto horns and ear-splitting air-horns from passing trucks and tractor-trailer rigs. The noise level is high – and it is constant. People in their vehicles do not hesitate to express their solidarity with the sentiments expressed on the signs they see being waved on the corner.

Mixed-in with the reactions from those who agree, are the occasional shouts of derision from those who do not. Often, these negative comments are screamed out using some pretty foul language, aimed at the folks standing ‘on the corner’. And frequently, these obscene outbursts are accompanied by jutting middle fingers. Obviously, there are those in the passing parade of traffic, who want to make it known that they take violent objection to the Tea Party demonstrators and their messages. This is all part and parcel of the dwindling right of free speech that we still enjoy in this land of ours. And, to the extent that our public speech is still free – these opposing viewpoints are tolerable. The uncouth behavior is classless but, the freedom to express their views is still a good thing.

Well, that’s my rambling explanation of what the Tea Party ‘movement’ is all about. There is no doubt that these demonstrations are having an effect on how voters are thinking about the upcoming mid-term elections.

What I take away from every such event I attend, is that there are a lot of good, solid, freedom-loving veterans, civilians, patriots and every day Americans who are strongly opposed to the ‘fundamental’ changes being jammed down our throats. They’re simply not going to let it happen.

These are my people and I love ‘em. I’m proud to stand with them.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010

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Monday, June 21, 2010


How many times have we referred to the phrase, “We pay too much for too little” when we describe our Senators and Congressmen, local officials and the media?

Are we getting our money’s worth or are we being taken for the proverbial ride? As of today, the approval ratings of those groups mentioned above are in the low teens. They are battling used car salesmen to see who can generate the most antipathy from the American citizens. No offense to the used car salesmen, but it looks like the Congressmen and Senators have taken over the bottom spot in the poll ratings, and deservedly so. At least the used car salesmen have a product to sell and not their soul.

Look what has happened over the past year or so, a monstrous health care bill was shoved down our throats when all polls indicated that 60% or more of the public didn’t want it. Bribes, back-door deals, threats, and blatant arrogance were all part of that health care debacle. Now, many of the Democrat politicians, who voted for it, are jumping ship because they see the writing on the wall as to the expected outcome of the elections this coming November. Rats always jump off a sinking ship.

These “clowns” in Congress think all their constituents are “Bozo’s” who really don’t care what goes on in the people’s legislature. I think they will be in for a stark awakening when the people rise up and throw the “bums” out of office. Where can you get a job that pays $170,000 per year and you work only 3 ½ days a week for approximately a half a year and get “Cadillac” benefits like full health care benefits at the best hospitals, free travel around the world under the guise of making a “fact finding” trip, and deals made with certain constituents that will insure a big payoff when they leave their office? Are they being paid too much for too little? Unless you are a Kool-Aid drinking “idol worshipper” – like the “Obamamaniacs” – the answer is an obvious “YES”!

How many of the politicians in Congress have come into that office with a modest estate and have left with a sizable estate, all on $170,000 per year (now, but a lot less when they were first elected). Some have been convicted of crimes and are serving or have served time in prison; some should be convicted of crimes and are walking around the halls of Congress licking their chops at the possibility for gaining more largesse in the future. Look at some of the “shady” characters who are making our laws and becoming wealthy doing it. Some good examples are the late John Murtha (D-Pa), who served in Congress for over 35 years, Duke Cunningham (R-Ca) who is now serving time for accepting bribes, William Jefferson (D-La) who’s also serving time for taking payoffs, and the indefatigable Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who, until a few weeks ago, headed the Ways and Means Committee which writes our tax laws, but he somehow forgot to pay his own taxes, not just once but a few times. You could also add to the list, Chris Dodd (D-Ct) who got a sweetheart mortgage deal from Countrywide Bank which none of us were eligible for because we were not on the Senate Finance Committee, and Alan Mollohan (D-WV) who came to Congress with a modest estate of about $500,000, but is now worth over $6 million. The list could go on and on, but you can get my point, I hope?

These are the people we entrust to make the laws of our country which we all must abide by. Are we really getting our money’s worth? I think we “Pay them Too Much for too little”, can we all agree on that? Let us know what you think?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Friday, June 18, 2010



For all his vaunted articulative skills and his self-acknowledged capacity to see-all & know-all, this highly-educated, erudite and super-cool leader of the free world seems incapable of either recognizing or being able to speak the following words in public - out loud:

JIHAD, SHARIA (ISLAMIC) LAW, RADICAL ISLAM, ISLAMIST TERRORISTS, ISLAMISM, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, CAIR - - and dozens of other terms that connote the intolerance, blackmail, intimidation, personal and political threats and violent acts of thuggery that are the ‘techniques-of-choice’ regularly in use in the insidious encroachment now taking place in America at the hands of the agents of radical Islam.

One would think that if the ‘Anointed One’ finds it so uncomfortable to utter these words himself, terms that the Un-anointed in this world apparently find so easy to utter and so useful in describing this blasphemy in our midst – he would at the very least, empower his legion of Pied Piper enablers to use these terms to alert the public of the dangers they represent. It seems to me that early in my public school education, I learned that the President’s first obligation is to protect the citizens of the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Not only will he not utter these terms himself but, he has issued Executive Orders that they will not be used in public publications or public pronouncements by U.S. Government officials and representatives.

What more proof does anyone need that we are in the death-grip of a maniacal uber-radical who has anything but the welfare and security of Americans in his heart?

The mid-term elections coming this November, represent the precise spot where the rubber hits the pavement of this road-to-oblivion on which we now find our nation speeding.

Every single American of voting age, who has a pulse and who has his or her head screwed-on straight, should have selected one or more conservatively-principled candidates running for public office – and should be seriously working to get these stand-up citizens elected to represent us. This is the time to stop the ideological insanity that Obama and his delusional disciples are so feverishly implementing into laws that curtail our freedoms and control our lives. Once this surge toward the cliff of our demise has been stopped, our new representatives can get about the work of repealing the legislative damage already done – and begin the effort to intelligently fix the myriad of problems we face.

And then in election cycle of 2012, let us initiate and support a conservative juggernaut that will remove the miscreants from all positions of power - and populate those positions with men and women of honor who are dedicated to the precepts of The Constitution of the United States.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. Our countrymen have always been able to express themselves in the heretofore sufficient language we call, English. We’ve never had a problem simply ‘saying it like it is’. Past Presidents have not had the difficulty this president seems to have with the language. Washington could say what he meant. Lincoln could say what he meant. Reagan could say what he meant. Why does the current occupant of ‘Our White House’ have such a problem expressing the fully-apparent truth?

If one tries really hard, anyone of basic intelligence, with the ability to think clearly and possessed of just a moderate command of the English language ‘, ought to be able to formulate and utter aloud the words, ‘Radical Islam’.

Hey Barack Hussein Obama, big-time articulate orator - - you got a problem with that?

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Remember using that phrase, “everybody does it”, as kids, on our mothers when we tried to justify bad behavior or behavior our mother frowned upon. Most likely, she didn’t buy it because she knew better, even though we thought she was completely out of touch with reality? What does a mother know anyway, we thought? But now, in hindsight, we know that she was right, as usual, and we were wrong.

Now, we have that same phrase being used by certain politicians to justify bad behavior (or even illegal behavior). Many supporters of these politicians scoff at the uproar caused by the revelations of “bribes” or “quid pro quos” offered by the White House to get certain candidates not to run against the White House’s favored candidates for the U.S. Senate.

In the past year, two proven instances of attempts to “buy off” potential candidates (that we know of) have been documented. Andrew Romanoff (D) of Colorado and Joseph Sestak (D) of Pennsylvania, have both been approached by the White House with offers of jobs in the Administration if they would drop out of the Democratic primary campaign for Senator from their respective states.

Neither accepted the “bribes” and questions now have arisen as to whether or not these offers violated the law, namely the Hatch Act and the U.S. Criminal Code.

The “spin doctors” have already used the term “everybody does it” to gloss over these offers, therefore, they say to forget about the legal ramifications and let’s move on (can you imagine if this happened during the Bush Administration?). Hey, not so fast! Aren’t we a nation of laws and if the law was broken (or seems to have been broken) shouldn’t we find out the facts and not just slough it off as normal everyday business? Of course we should, but will we?

This type of political chicanery smells of what might have gone on in Chicago where patronage jobs and political goodies were handed out to selected adherents of the policies of the Chicago Democrat political machine on a routine basis.

Because it is widely used in the corrupt City of Chicago doesn’t mean it should be tolerated in Wash. D.C. or from the halls of the White House itself. Looking the other way when illegal activity takes place, is wrong and it undermines our rules of law and our quest to have honest and ethical public servants in charge of our government. The stories emanating from the White House in addressing this matter seems to suggest that it’s not the crime that is the most egregious, it is the cover up. Reminds one of the Nixon problems in the 70’s doesn’t it? You’d think that others would’ve learned that lesson today.

Justifying one bad behavior for another bad behavior, by claiming “everybody does it” is not the moral or ethical thing to do. Just don’t do the bad behavior and don’t try to cover it up when found out. Telling the truth is the best policy. Somebody should tell the Obama Administration that this is not Chicago. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said, when taking control of the Congress, that the Democrats were “going to drain the swamp of corruption” and that they would have the most honest, transparent Congress in history. Well, how is that “hope and change” grabbing you lately? It seems to be all symbolism and no substance.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steve Wynn Takes On Washington

Steve Wynn, a casino resort/real-estate developer who has been credited with spearheading the dramatic resurgence and expansion of the Las Vegas Strip, talks about the Fall of America.
Submitted by Steve Sass

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Conservative Thought of the Day

Oil company profits are at record highs but so are its tax bills (payments). Between 2003 and 2007, Exxon paid $64.7 billion in U.S. taxes, exceeding it's after-tax profit by more than $19 billion. That sounds like a government "windfall" to me.

Submitted by Chuck Lehmann


Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Screwed Up


You've probably seen the photo of Obama walking in the hallway toward the podium, with the Stars & Stripes nowhere to be seen. This photo is accompanied by photos of former presidents speaking, with the flag always appearing in the nearby background. Get the picture?

It is my assessment that this is a purposeful deletion by Obama, the radical Islamo who has somehow pulled the wool over a majority of the voters in this country - and finds himself unbelievably, in a position to exert all the manifestations of his ideology. That ideology being totally Islam-oriented which means, fundamentally changing the nation as he promised. It will be implemented incrementally by removing all the traditional symbols of America and replacing them with international flags and other global symbolism that will subordinate America to the UN and all things Muslim/Islam. Look for the American eagle to find itself given parallel positioning with the UN logo. Same thing with the Stars & Stripes and the UN flag. More moral
equivalency - disgusting.

Look for that hallway to soon be lined with flags of all nations, with the flags of Islamic 'states' prominently placed in the foreground and/or behind the podium wherever and whenever this miscreant anti-American speaks. Mark my words; this is coming.

I believe this is a travesty on our patriotism. I also believe that this is sufficiently serious as to be taken up pro-actively as a cause, by all veterans groups. This nonsense has to be stopped dead in its tracks.

This president must be put on notice that this is our nation and that we are not an Islamic state nor, are we subservient to the UN charter or any other international organization. We are an independent and sovereign nation.
And his attempts to cast us in any other light or lead us in another direction will be met with a hail of fire and brimstone such as he has never experienced nor can he imagine.

This Community Organizer and his Socialist-Marxist enablers are in for a rude awakening. Just as Japan awakened a sleeping giant with its attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 - Obama is awakening the sleeping giant once again, with a deliberate sneak attack on the time-honored traditions and patriotic symbols that made the United States of America what it is.

Tea-Parties all across America, take note. Let's roll.

Conservative commentary by MORT KUFF © 2010

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Monday, June 7, 2010


In the year 1944, a young Hungarian Jewish boy by the name of George Schwartz, changed his name to avoid the crackdown and arrest by the occupying Nazi’s against all Jews in Hungary. That Jewish boy changed his name to the now infamous name of George Soros, who is now considered the foremost multi-billionaire financial “angel” to most all prominent liberal groups and causes in the U.S. and around the world.

That young 14 year old boy, George Soros, joined up with a Nazi collaborator to collect the valuables of other Jews, in Hungary, who were going to be sent to Hitler’s concentration camps.

To most every sane person that I know, that act of betraying your own people in order to survive, is beyond the pale and a despicable act.

Some might say, why condemn a 14 year old boy who was just trying to survive and did things that could now be called evil, in hindsight?

That might be true, but after many years of thought and contemplation, you’d think that that boy, and now man, George Soros, would have some remorse or feel some contrition as to what he did as a youth. But, in 1999, in an interview on the show “60Minutes” with correspondent Steve Kroft, here is how George Soros responded to the questions asked of him by Steve Kroft.

Kroft: My understanding is that you went out with this protector (collaborator) of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.

Mr. Soros: Yes. Yes.

Kroft: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.

Mr. Soros: Yes. That’s right. Yes.

Kroft: I mean, that’s – that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatrists couch for many, many years. Was it difficult?

Mr. Soros: Not – not at all. Not at all. Maybe as a child you don’t – you don’t see the connection. But it was – it created no – no problem at all.

Kroft: No feeling of guilt?

Mr. Soros: No.

The interview went on but no apology or feeling of remorse crept into the conversation, even after all those many passing years of reflection. A compassionate person, as liberals like to refer to themselves, would’ve regretted, at least, what he did to his own people, the Jews. Over the years, he has renounced religion and now calls himself an avowed atheist. He’s what might be referred to today as a “self-hating Jew”.

This “Angel of Evil” (I think to be an apt description of him) is and has been over the years, the prime benefactor of most of the radical left-wing groups and causes in our country and around the world. It is estimated that George Soros, from 1979 to 2007, through his various foundation network, has made $5 billion worth of grants to leftist, radical groups and individuals, including contributions to the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama.

This insidious influence of money to groups such as the Open Society Institute (Soros’ major foundation), MoveOn.Org., Organizing for America (Obama’s supposedly “grass-roots” political action group), Center for American Progress, People for the American Way, ACORN and S.E.I.U., and the now defunct Air America, the left-liberal broadcast radio network. In addition, Soros spent $26 million of his own money trying to defeat George W. Bush for President in 2004. He failed in that endeavor.

On the world stage, he was convicted of a felony in England for manipulating the devaluation of the Pound in 1992. Criminal charges are now pending in France for other shady financial dealings in that country. He is not a nice man.

So, this is the guy who liberals (Democrats) adore as a “financial angel”, but many would say that he is the “Angel of Evil” to the U.S.A. and to the world as a whole. Doesn’t the “loony left” have any qualms about accepting the tainted money of this pariah to the countries of the so-called new world order? I guess not, as money (even tainted money) causes many a politician or political zealot to contract a severe case of moral amnesia. This, sad to say, is the dilemma faced by the Democrats today, of whether or not to accept the largesse of this unsavory billionaire. It seems like they are willing to accept it just to win elections and to further their left-wing agenda regardless as to the adverse effects upon their country.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

An apology

Sorry, but the photo we posted showing President Obama and his wife saluting using their left hands was a phony (it was photoshopped) and we should have been more careful before posting it.
As for the use of of the term "moron", we stand by that term even though it did not apply in this case. We realize that it is not an endearing or flattering term when describing others, especially a President and his wife, but we feel that they both fit the dictionary definition of that term. The definition is: "a person who is notably stupid or lacking in judgment". Even though that term did not apply in this case as mentioned above, it does apply as to their other actions in similar situations such as, his wearing and not wearing the American flag pin, his not properly saluting the flag by having his hands folded in front of him during the pledge of allegiance, his not having an American flag displayed behind him at his last press conference, his covering up the Christian cross during his speech at Georgetown University, and Michelle's comment that she was only proud of her country when her husband was nominated to run for president. Those actions, and not the phony left-hand salute picture, is more than enough to justify the use of that term. That term, by the way, is much milder than the words or phrases used to describe President Bush during his 8 years in office by his detractors.

Sorry again for the mistake, we'll try not to repeat it in the future.

Chuck Lehmann, A Conservative For America

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Father Knows Best


In his infinite wisdom Dr. Strangelove, the current occupant of the Oval Office, has ordered offshore drilling for oil, curtailed.

It follows that shortly, he will order one of his auto companies to, “Produce a damn car” (as in his recent order to, ”Plug the damn hole”). A car that will run on wind power to replace the millions of gas guzzlers on this nation’s highways. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to comply with this Executive Order, ‘cause he’s really serious about this ‘crisis’.

Next, when he is informed that plastic bottles, plastic bags and thousands of other essential items are manufactured from petroleum products, we can expect that he will issue a new Executive Order to, “Make these damn things too, using wind power”. Or maybe, he’ll order these to be made from captured Sun spots. It’s up to him; it’s his choice.

Then, Mr. Wizard will dress up in his Diplomat’s costume of striped pants and Morning coat, and get about the more urgent matter of organizing his next ‘Apology Tour’ aboard Air Force One, with a skeleton staff of just 100-200 flunkies and hangers-on. This ‘official mission’ will position him to apologize to all the Middle East oil ‘Mullahs’ and several terror-sponsoring allies plus, a quick side trip to Venezuela and China. Phew! Won’t we all be glad to see that get done?

And let’s remember Folks, mid-term elections are coming up this November. That’ll be your opportunity to cast your vote for all Obama’s Democrat union thugs from Chicago, his appointed Socialist and other deviant sycophants, his eunuch and lesbo enablers, his environmental pseudo-scientist hacks, his legion of racist hate-mongers that includes - assorted anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Constitution, anti-Americans and an ever-growing army of ideological militant radical Islamists – to continue on this noble path to oblivion.

Don’tcha just love the way this ‘Hope & Change’ is working out for us?

MORT KUFF © 2010

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