Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ain't That a Shame!

That's the popular song made famous by Fats Domino in the 1950's, but the title has pertinence today as to what is gong on as our culture has come under attack by progressives (a/k/a liberals).

Within the last few years, we've seen one tradition after another come under attack by the progressives and in its place, laws have been enacted and court decisions have been reached making prevailing morality and social order the enemy and instituting a “feel good” anything goes mentality on how we should conduct our affairs.

This assault on our traditional values began in the 1960's when we passed legislation declaring a “War on Poverty”. The good intentions of helping the poor morphed into a plan to take from the successful in our society (a/k/a the rich) and give to the less than successful by means of “income redistribution”. Instead of helping the poor better themselves, and after spending over $15 trillion since 1965, we have seen no marked improvement of the poor except that they have become more dependent upon the government for their everyday sustenance. In addition, the “War on Poverty” laws have had had deleterious effect upon the family, especially among the black community where over 70% of all black births are to single women without a father at home. The social consequences of this is now being manifested in the increase of criminal activity in that social class. Children growing up in a one-parent fatherless home are many times more prone to drop out of school, indulge in petty crime as youngsters, get involved in gangs, and finally leading up to become adult criminals. As Fats Domino would say, “Ain't That A Shame”.

Look around, what do you see? Drug use is being legalized in many states and just lately we've had a couple of U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have turned our Constitution on its head, Those decisions were not based on constitutional law, but was based on the emotions of those judges own personal viewpoints and interpretations of what the law they thought it meant not what the law actually meant.

Finally, there is a concerted assault on our Judeo Christian heritage. Members of the media, academics, gays, Democrat Party, and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have banded together to undo hundreds of years of traditions, traditions that have made the U.S.A. the greatest country and the envy of the the world. Remember, in 2008, Barack Obama said that, if elected, he would “transform America”. Now, 6 1/2 years into his presidency you can see that he is trying to fulfill his promise of total transformation. Will he succeed? It all depends on the electorate in 2016 whether common sense will prevail or will we fall further into the abyss of Marxism/Socialism which Obama and the Democrats (including Hillary Clinton) are offering up. If they succeed, then Fats Domino's song of “Ain't That a Shame” will be the cry of American patriots as the USA slowly slips into what happened in the demise of the Roman Empire. “Ain't That a Shame”.

Conservative commentary of Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

What the Entitled Have to Offer

Having endured over eight decades, it gives me qualification to
comment on comparisons between the sequence of generational
behavior. A great difference oozed into the sixties; garnished with
the concert of all concerts, in a place called Woodstock, where
many participants and audience were stoned out of their minds.

It signaled the beginning of a moral and decency apocalypse.
The decay comes in many forms and sizes. A nefarious event of late,
was the disgusting behavior of somebody I never heard of, referred to
as a 22 year old celebrity formally from Boca Raton, by the name of
Ariana Grande, who tongued some donuts in a donut shop and then
proceeded to curse America. There are more like her and Justin Bieber
types, especially in entertainment, who are even less relevant to the
world than my belly button lint. Kept in the news by obnoxious media
editors, to feed the moron worshipers on a slow day for news.

And how about the ex-Florida State QB 'De 'Andre Johnson punching
a woman at a bar? Or Baltimore Raven Ray Rice knocking out his
girlfriend in an elevator. Not exactly role models for the young to

Liberal economics requires more and more revenue in order for it to be
viable. Some municipalities are resorting to raising it in a reprobate way
by legalizing and collecting tax on cannabis for recreational use. Patrons
of watering holes using this venue for their recreation, have long lived in
a haze where their life style prevents the sun from shining through. Adding
another vice to their menu increases the after midnight mischief I read
about the next morning, every day. They sully our country's exceptionalism.
Much of this is happening with increase volume of distortion in what is
termed civil rights by the present administration, in its zeal to make it a
"one size fits all country"........ the promised change.

It has made almost everyone think they are entitled to something, from
those on welfare, on to them receiving obscene compensation for what they
have to offer.

My first decade of life started in a great world wide depression. Many of our
neighbors were legal immigrants whose only hope was a job to support
their family, because their old world ethic saw government assistance to be
shameful, unlike today, when government assistance is just not enough for
a life style they seem to think they are entitled to.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Who are the Real Racists? Part 2

Whenever a happening occurs when race is involved, the Democrats immediately trot out the canard that it is the policies of the “evil” Republicans (Conservatives) that was the cause of that unfortunate event concerning race. So is what the Democrats (Liberals) say based on fact, or are they trying to cover up their own sad history of racism?

Some people have labeled the Democrats the “4 S Party”, which stands for SLAVERY, SECESSION, SEGREGATION, and SOCIALISM. How have they been able to “hoodwink” a sizable portion of the electorate (mainly minorities) that they are the one's who champion the minorities in this country when real facts disprove that claim. It was the Democrat Party who championed slavery before the Civil War. It was the Democrat Party who voted to secede from the Union. It was the Democrat Party who promoted segregation that lasted until the middle of the 1960's. And, it was the Democrat Party who have championed the economic theory of socialism, up until this present day.

If it wasn't for the Republican Party, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution wouldn't have been passed after the Civil War. If it wasn't for the Republicans, Brown vs. Board of Education wouldn't have come about making separate but equal schools illegal. The Democrats were the one's who stood in the doorways preventing access to black students. And, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and 1965 were passed mainly

by the efforts of the Republicans whose members voted (80%) to pass these laws. Only 60% of the Democrats voted for these laws. In fact, it was the Democrats who tried to filibuster those acts in the U.S. Senate, led by the “lions” of the Democrat Party, like William Fulbright, Al Gore Sr., and Robert Byrd (a former KKK leader). You may wonder why, with that record of opposition to civil rights, most minorities still overwhelmingly vote for Democrats? It sort of boggles the rational mind. You could say that the modern day Democrats are the new “plantation owners” by making minorities dependent for their survival, wrongfully so, based on voting for Democrats to keep the “freebies” from the federal treasury coming. You could say that the minorities are voting against their own self-interest.

Allen West, a prominent black leader and former Congressman said the following, trying to explain the dichotomy of the hypocrisy of the Democrat party. Here's what he said, “Once upon a time, the Democrat Party stood outside the doors of higher education institutions denying access to blacks. Today's Democrat Party embraces policies that trap young blacks inside doors of failing public schools denying them access to better quality institutions of learning”. It seems that President Obama is O.K. with sending his daughters to the prestigious private Sidwell Friends School, but he is against minority students in Wash. D.C. getting vouchers to use in better performing private and parochial schools, and, ironically, he lives in the White House ( which is public housing, ouch!).

So who really are the racists in our society? Could it be the sanctimonious Democrats? You make the call.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

   With Barack Hussein Obama it’s never truly
     about the Presidency, it’s always personal.
Obama is a committed follower of Islam, first, last and always.  Note his observance of Muslim holidays, his pronouncements of his loyalties to that faith and his fanatical concern about avoiding any possible offense to Islam, real or perceived.  It is always personal with him.
He has no understanding and thus, no respect for The Constitution of the United States of America.  Any claims to the effect that he is lawyerly expert or in any way qualified to teach about that Founding Document are totally specious. He openly despises the limitations that The Constitution places on the Presidency.  He views it as a personal affront. He is thoroughly riddled with Paranoia and Narcissism
Obama has a visceral hatred for the very idea of there being three equal branches of Federal Government. He doesn’t play well with others. His idea of cohabiting  with the Legislative Branch (The Congress) and the Judicial Branch (The Supreme Court) is to obviate interaction with them, altogether.  He has no intention of consulting with the Congress rather, he views that body as a despised adversary to be kept at arm’s length with insults and threats.  Same with the Supreme Court that he enjoys insulting on a personal level, even including those among the nine Justices whom he nominated.  His arrogance is astonishing.
The Armed Forces, domestic & foreign policy, the national debt, the reeling economy, the protection of the freedoms, the welfare and the security of the people of the United States – and unbelievably, the very survival of the United States of America, itself – are all very far removed from his first priority – that priority? The manufacture of his own personal legacy. Did I say that it is always personal with Obama?  That is the hard, cold, irrefutable, undeniable fact.  
    It’s never truly about the Presidency with Obama – it’s always personal.

MORT KUFF   © 7-18-2015

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lower Taxes, Increase Revenues

To liberals, that is heresy to make that statement, as they never met a tax they didn't like, the higher the better.

At first glance, it might not seem feasible that by cutting taxes the revenue to the government would rise, but let's look at what has happened in the past. In past administrations, starting with Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, when they lowered taxes, government revenues increased. In fact, when Ronald Reagan lowered taxes in the early 80's, government revenues almost doubled in the five years (from 1983 to 1988), and sparked an economic boom that lasted for more than 20 years up until 2008.

The major argument by the “tax and spend” liberals, is that our tax laws favor the rich and hurt the poor. They feel that successful people shouldn't have big incomes and they want to tax them more to get those “extra dollars” to be able to give more to the less fortunate by “evening the playing field”, an idea taken right out of the Karl Marx playbook. It is called “income redistribution”.

In our mostly capitalistic economic system, the major principle in capitalism is the incentive to be able to be remunerated for the time, skill, and effort that a person puts into becoming successful. Of course, not everyone will become wealthy, but the opportunity is there for everyone to either succeed or fail or to just earn a decent living. So, should the financially successful person be demonized and financially punished by the government by over taxing them in order to “redistribute the wealth”? A fact which is generally overlooked by the socialist oriented Democrats, is that in our capitalist society, 90% of the people who are part of the “evil” 1%, made their money and wealth on their own, they did not inherit it, which proves that anyone can become wealthy under our free enterprise economic system. So, instead of trying to encourage people to aspire to become successful and rich, the liberal Democrats are trying to bring the wealthy down to mediocrity by over taxing them and taking away the incentives that made them successful in the firstplace. That idea was not what has made the economic colossus, that is the U.S.A., the richest country in the world and, I might add, the envy of the world.

Look around the country, what states and cities are economic basket cases, like the states of Illinois, California, and cities like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, Oakland etc.? By the way, most all are run by Democrats, for many, many years. All have very high tax rates and a bloated bureaucracy with billions of unfunded liabilities (mostly in the form of state and city pensions) that bring them close to going into bankruptcy or they have already become bankrupt (as in the case of Detroit). Their tax and spend policies hasn't worked, in fact, they have backfired and made things worse.

Let's look at the State of North Carolina. According to the Wall St. Journal, four years ago the North Carolina unemployment rate was above 10%. Many of the smaller towns in the state had jobless rates of more than 20%. But, in 2013 (with the election of a Republican governor) a combination of the biggest tax-rate reduction in the state's history and a gutsy but controversial unemployment-insurance reform, supercharged the state's economy and has even helped finance budget surpluses.

North Carolina slashed the state's top personal income-tax rate to 5.75% from 7.75%. The corporate tax-rate was cut to 5% from 6.9% and the estate tax was eliminated. Even with the lower rates, tax revenues increased 6% this year and the state now has a $400 million budget surplus.

This isn't theory, these are facts that some of tax and spend states should emulate instead of the harmful fiscal policies they are now pursuing. The same can be said for the Federal Government.

North Carolina has proven that lowering taxes to a “fair” level not only helps the economy and creates jobs, it also brings in more revenue to the state's coffers. WAY TO GO NO. CAROLINA!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Rise of Kinky

The main difference between liberalism and conservatism is, one
acts on emotional perception and the other on fact. The fore is how
liberals conceive the truth and the latter how conservatives arrive at

One recent example of this is a woman who passes herself as black,
to lead the Spokane, Wash. NAACP, when in fact she is white.
Another truth I cite will raise the rage of the PC's, the rainbow bullies
and the bathhouse brides, who smashed down the closet door with
media and entertainment battering rams, and desecrating the meaning
and purpose of marriage between one man and one woman to form a
family. In earthly order, the union between two different entities follows
with almost anything that is not inanimate, to perpetuate the species.

Whence come LGBT's.

The structural form of living things is designed for reproduction. Thus
the difference in plumbing in humans and animals for this purpose.
So the truth is, a male is a male and a female is a female and a
surgeon's knife can't change the fact. Nor can emotional perception
change this rule of nature.

When that path isn't followed, the system is derailed and it must be up-
righted in order for it to proceed on nature's course. For this reason a
therapist, rather than a physician's scalpel is the better choice.

Liberal bullies have gained control of much of the media and entertainment
outlets, to convince the naive that kinky is normal and fashionable and our
Judeo and Christian heritage is passe.

Kinky is in the dictionary, but not in the politically correct vocabulary.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Are the Clinton's Above the Law?

To an impartial observer, it sure seems that way. It has been going on for 25 years, that scandal after scandal involving the Clinton's, they seem to wiggle out of any punishment for any illegal activity that they have been accused of. For whatever reason, they seem to be above the law.

The terms describing the Clinton's as being “teflon” or “like water off a duck's back” are descriptive phrases that allude to their being able to get away with shady dealings whereas, the rest of us would be prosecuted for doing those very same things.

All during his presidency, Bill Clinton (and Hillary) had the ability to fend off charges of impropriety from sexual dalliances, shady business deals (like Whitewater, Travelgate and cattle futures profits etc.) preferential treatment for friends and cronies, and lying before a grand jury (Bill did lose his law license over that), and his impeachment and then acquittal by the Senate. You'd think, after he left office, that the unethical behavior would've been reduced or done away with all together, but the Clinton's being Clinton, it has continued right up until today. It's like it is in their genes. With the revelations of the activities of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's position as Secretary of State, the sleaze factor has set in again to haunt the Clinton's and her quest to become the next president.

The Clinton supporters and apologists claim that in the latest revelations, as expounded in the best-selling book, “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, that there is no “smoking gun”, the author agrees, but the amount of circumstantial evidence is quite extensive, and the Clinton's being lawyers, they seem to go right up to the line without getting caught “with their hands in the cookie jar”, so to speak. In Hillary's case, by deleting over 30,000 e-mails and having her own e-mail server (against the rules of the State Dep't,), during her tenure as Secretary of State, the means of getting a “smoking gun” is made much more difficult. What was she trying to hide?

With all these nefarious revelations, and with polls showing that Hillary is fundamentally dishonest and untrustworthy (the latest Quinnipiac Poll showed that to be the case by a 52% to 30% margin), she still, in many quarters, is the favorite to be our next president. It seems that the phrase coined by the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan that we are ”defining deviancy down”, certainly applies here. Remember, that neither Clinton ever gave up their grifter habit. Michael Goodwin, columnist of the N.Y. Post has commented on the less than honest Clinton's when he said, “On their way out of the White House door (in 2001), they grabbed goodies like thieves in the night (it was estimated that they took $180,000 worth of items, and had to return $120,000 of the loot). And the evidence is solid that he sold a pardon to Marc Rich for cash and sold pardons for votes for Hillary's first Senate race involving crooked Hasidim and violent Puerto Rican nationalists”. Not illegal (difficult to prove), but highly unethical, to say the least.

Far from being crippled by a sordid record that would have ended the political career of almost anyone else, especially Republicans, they have weathered the storms and have stayed on top and have gotten very, very rich at the same time. According to Hillary, when they left the White House they were “broke”, but since that time are now worth over $150 million. Does that pass the “smell test”?

How do they get away with all their sleaze? They seem to get a pass from the main street media (except Fox News and the Wall St. Journal) and from average Democrats who seem to block out all the negatives and will continue to be loyal Democrats no matter what the facts of wrong doing that are revealed. They will vote for Hillary no matter what. It seems that the idea of winning (the next election) at all costs trumps morality and ethical behavior in the minds of most Democrats and in the minds of the liberal media. The enemy, the Republicans, must not win, and by overlooking the “Clinton sleaze” it is justified and condoned.

So the answer to the headline of this editorial is, “YES”, the Clinton's are above the law, and the biggest losers are the people and the voters of United States of America.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Freedom of Speech?  
To burn the Stars & Stripes?
That’s stupid and it’s nuts!
Over my lifetime, I’ve seen and heard a lot of ridiculous things.  But, condoning the burning the most glorious symbol of the United States of America, our flag, under a ridiculous contortion of the clause in the First Amendment that guarantees us Freedom of Speech, is utterly the most stupid thing I can imagine.
The millions of brave, patriotic men & women who have served in our Armed Forces down through our history – far too many of whom have been maimed, disfigured and killed – didn’t give their all so that others would have the right to blaspheme our sacred symbol of Liberty.  Those who would burn our flag, do not deserve the privilege of living freely in this nation.  They have negated all their rights to protection of their lives & property under the tenets of our founding document, The Constitution of the United States of America.
It is my considered assessment that anyone who disrespects or in any way dishonors the ‘Stars & Stripes’, deserves to have all rights of citizenship summarily voided .  Further, he or she should be ejected  immediately from our society and banned permanently from stepping onto U. S. soil, ever again.     Well, Congress??

MORT KUFF   © 7-1-2015

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

And Now We Have The “Gay Mafia”

First we had organized crime, then we had the Italian Mafia, the Russian Mafia, and then other assorted ethnic mafia's, but now we have a new player on the scene, the “Gay Mafia”, whose main goal in life is to promote the gay agenda and to destroy all who oppose it. These are the same people, who for years, have pleaded for tolerance of their gay lifestyle, but by their actions, over the past few years, they have become very intolerant of those who oppose their gay agenda.

With the help of the liberal media, liberal academia, and left-wing politicians, the militant gay population (the “Gay Mafia”) has raised its ugly head to punish all who oppose the gay lifestyle choices. They verbally harass people of faith who oppose gay marriage, desecrate their symbols, they demand the firing of people who promote “traditional marriage” and traditional lifestyles, they mock people of faith with in your face tactics of disrespect, and they organize boycotts of businesses run by people who do not adhere to the “gay orthodoxy”.

In the lead up to the latest Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize gay marriage nationally, this harassment and the instituting of boycotts have already put some small businesses out of business. How UN-American is that?

Of course, the people who generally believe in our time-honored traditions, have, for the most part, idly sat by while a lot of this behavior was happening without putting up a fight. The method used by this “Gay Mafia” is to single out and demonize certain individuals and businesses by using the terms like bigot and homophobia to bring shame upon them. This tactic is similar to what the “race hustlers” (Sharpton and Jackson) use by calling their opponents (enemies in their eyes), racists. The onslaught is very rapid and direct and the main stream news media generally plays up these views and personal attacks as a means of shaming those “offenders” to comply with their demands.

Just recently, many politicians have been cowered into complying with the demands of the “Gay Mafia” because they wanted to get elected or re-elected to political office. Even though the gay population is only about 3% of the total population, they have an enormous amount of money to divvy out (the gay community is one of the richest communities in the country), and with which to buy influence in the media and among politicians.

The gay marriage decision by the Supreme Court has given the “Gay Mafia” more incentive now to extend their crusade to tearing down organized religion, a major roadblock in getting the gay agenda fully accepted in society. I firmly believe that gay marriage was not the main thrust of the militant gays, it was just the foot in the door tactic of trying to get the general public (the straight population) to accept as normal their abnormal lifestyle. Little by little they are succeeding in their efforts.

The only chance we, non-gay, people can fight back against this attack on our culture and traditional values, is by electing politicians who believe that many of our values and traditions should remain and not thrown aside by the actions of a vocal and militant few (I call that the “tyranny of the minority”). We must elect a president in 2016 who will not fold like a cheap camera, like our present president has done on quite a few occasions, and that he/she will adhere to the Constitution, and who will fight to not transform our country into a Marxist/Socialist hellhole, and that goes for the presumptive Democrat nominee, that acolyte of the radical Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton. She must be defeated.

We must confront and fight the “Gay Mafia”, or the America as we know it, will not exist for our children and grandchildren. We can't afford to sit idly by anymore.

God bless the USA!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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