Monday, March 28, 2011

More Mort's Meandering​s

I'm so very tired of the jingoistic cliches that seem to be the phraseology-of-choice and stock-in-trade of a majority of the sad-sack, run-of-the-mill reporter/journalist/opinion writers and political hacks, as they go about 'plying their trades'.

Okay. I admit to an excess of cliches just used to illustrate my point, which is - - How delighted I would be to read or hear about people who work for a living, without them being referred to as, the "hard-working middle-class".

All the poor folks I've known, at least those who had jobs, were 'hard-working'. And, everyone I've known who made it really big has invariably, been a 'hard-working' individual. So, if both the poor and the wealthy are acknowledged to be 'hard-working', doesn't it stand to reason and therefore shouldn't it go without saying, that the 'middle-class' (income-wise) would not, could not escape the necessity to work hard as they scrabble to exist?

To simplify:
Middle-class (again, referring to the rung they occupy on our society's economic ladder) must be presumed to fall into that all-encompassing category euphemistically known as,

'Speaking for myself' (another meaningless cliche' phrase) - I do so tire of being, 'all-right-all-the-time'.

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1 comment:

Ron Staples said...

How about this cliche' Mort, "Let me be perfectly clear"?
Everytime Obama wants to set straight some stupid remark or idiotic policy pronouncement that he previously has said or done, he repeats that stupid cliche' and still it's as clear as mud. By the way, he's the worst cliche' of all!