Sunday, January 29, 2017

Is Marijuana a Benign Drug?

The P.C. Police (Politically Correct) have already pronounced that if you are against the legalization of “pot” (a/k/a weed, ganga, grass, Mary Jane, reefer, hash etc.) you are some sort of a right-wing neanderthal, bible-toting, Conservative Republican nut who wants to impose his/her morality on others.  Is that true?

Well, I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, and I am a right-wing Conservative  -  does that make me any less of a normal person who has his head stuck in the sand?  Should we legalize another mind altering drug along with alcohol?  According to the “pot lobby”, the answer is YES, and the sooner the better.

Their argument is that “pot” is not harmful to the body and mind, and people who think differently don't know what they are talking about.

Well, let's look at the effects of “pot” on the body and mind of its users as determined by medical experts, not “pot” junkies.

Here are some of the effects of “pot” as determined by the medical profession.

  1. it impairs memory and inability to learn.
  2. it creates difficulties in thinking and problem solving.
  3. it causes distorted perception.
  4. it promotes anxiety attacks and feelings of paranoia.
  5. it impairs muscle coordination and judgment.
  1. it increases the susceptibility to infection.
  2. it causes burning and stinging of the mouth and throat.
  3. it causes impairment of driving skills.
  4. it increases the heart rate and could cause a jump in blood pressure.
  5. It has the potential to promote cancer of the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract because of the various carcinogens present in it.

Taking all the above factors into consideration, how can anyone claim that marijuana is a benign drug?

On the ballot in Florida this past election, was a proposal to make “medical marijuana” available to sick and infirm people to alleviate their pain and nauseousness. Most people think that marijuana use for this is a good idea, if it is handled and dispensed properly. That proposal in Florida  passed by a big margin (71%), but the “pot lobby” will not be satisfied until it is legalized for public consumption for recreational use as well, just like in Colorado and Washington state.  Already, the “unintended consequences” of these laws in both Colorado and Washington State (as well as in Wash. D.C.), are having a detrimental effect on the living conditions in those states.  Increased DUI's, and minors gaining access to “pot” in increasing numbers, have been reported and the trend is that it will get much, much worse.

To the “pothead lobby”, be careful what you wish for, you might regret the consequences that legalization will bring to you, your families, and your communities.  What “pro pot” people never tell you is that most hard core drug users today started out as pot smokers (a gateway drug), and then graduated to the hard drugs to get a more gratifying “high”.

So, in conclusion, the answer to the headline question of this editorial is NO, it is not a benign drug and should not be legalized for recreational use.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann 

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

Room for one more meaningful
Museum on the National Mall?
Space was found to accommodate a National Museum of the
American Indian.  Also, space was found for the much-needed National Museum of African Art.  And recently, space was dedicated to the Chinese-produced statue to denote the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, on the grounds of the National Mall between The White House and the Washington Monument.
If these monuments to the various cultural heritages of the diverse peoples that comprise the populace of our nation can be happily accommodated on the rapidly disappearing open spaces of the National Mall, then it is incumbent upon the administrators of this hallowed National Park, to assure that space is reserved for the most important National Museum, yet to be created.
That would be, ‘The National Museum of Barack Hussein Obama & Michelle Obama Offenses and Transgressions Against The U. S. Constitution and The People of The United States of America’.
This new edifice will of course, be spacious and grandiose. What  space is required must be allotted, even if it means relocating The Natural History Museum to Anacostia, Mt. Vernon, a Dulles Airport runway or a P.G. County landfill.

      MORT KUFF  © 1-4-2017

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Perception Manipulators

Popular novelist and author, David Balducci, has coined a phrase that seems to be on the money when describing what is going on in the dissemination of news and information in our country today, it is the term, “Perception Manipulators”.

That phrase, along with the phrase “fake news”, has reached epidemic proportions in our country today. This past presidential election was inundated with “fake news” and “perception manipulators”, which was mostly championed by the Democrats (a/k/a Liberals and Progressives). Day after day, week after week, the drumbeat, by the liberal media and the Democrats, of negative stories about Donald Trump, filled the airways and newspapers with stories about the “evil” intentions of Donald Trump. It didn't matter if the stories were true or not, whatever it took to make Trump look bad was the goal of these less than honest “perception manipulators”.

The news media, which was solidly behind the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, tried to paint Trump as being “evil” personified, while glossing over the illegal and shameful activities of “Queen Hillary”. From the results of the election, it seems that the vendetta against Trump failed miserably. Although being out spent by Hillary 2 to 1 and the editorial support of over 600 newspapers (Trump was supported by only 6 papers), the electorate propelled Donald Trump into the presidency by his winning 30 states, 85% of all the counties in the U.S., and winning 8 out of 11 battleground states. In addition, the G.O.P. now has 34 governorship's and a large majority of the state legislatures. It was a complete blowout for the middle-class voters, mainly in middle America. You could say that Obama presided over the demise of the Democrat Party, while he struts around the country giving farewell speeches to tout all of the “non-accomplishments” of his two terms in office. To say that Obama has a “tin ear” when it comes to what he believes are the accomplishments of his policies, is not an understatement of fact. Never have we seen such a narcissist, Obama, who occupied the Oval Office, be so oblivious to the truth and to reality. He is the poster boy for what David Balducci called a “Perception Manipulator”.

Even now, months after the election, the “lame stream media” are continuing their crusade against Donald Trump. A pseudo news blog called BuzzFeed, and breathlessly reported on CNN (formerly known as the Clinton News Network), they passed along an non-documented story about information that Russia had some salacious information about Trump which they might use to blackmail Trump in the future. This was and is a totally unsubstantiated piece of gossip, that was being passed off a fact, but it fit right into the category of “fake news”, which is what this editorial is all about.

It looks like this is going to be an on going problem for the Trump Administration for the next 4 years, but it has one thing going for it, a “non-politically correct” Donald Trump, who is not afraid to call out these purveyors of false gossip and give it back to them twice as hard. The “Perception Manipulators” who would do battle against Donald Trump, do battle at their own peril.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Land Fill Called Hollywood

While president elect Donald Trump is formulating
plans to drain the swamp in the nation's capitol, I
wonder if the EPA is aware of the land fill area on
the west coast called Hollywood, that's starting to
overflow with smelly celebrities?

It is poisoning children and programing intelligence
deficient liberals with their garbage. The stench is
permeating the rest of the country by friendly media
sources that are among the smelly things in the land

These narcissists become less entertaining and more
annoying anytime they open their mouth to expose
their ignorance about real life, and laughable when
espousing their views on politics. As if anybody cares.
A few of them climbed out of the land fill and are trying
to overturn the election results by pleading with
members of the electoral college, to forego traditional
pledges to their state to confirm the results of the election
for Donald J. Trump and vote against him.

I guess the Broadway musical, "Hamilton" has over-
whelmed their senses to act out the libretto, where
Alexander Hamilton tried to block the legitimacy of
John Adams's presidency. And the cast of this musical,
inappropriately took time out to lecture vice president
elect Mike Pence in attendance, at the end of the

Few in Hollywood have avoided falling into the land fill,
but forced to live in the stench with the "idotsyncrasies"
(dumb quirks) of their neighbors, by showing some class
and humility and not being so impressed with themselves.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Most likely you've heard that term before, but probably didn't know the definition – just like me, until I looked it up.

It is defined as: “Anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or incompatible attitudes, beliefs or the like, in other words, seeing one thing and believing another”

Politicians (but mostly Democrat politicians) usually fall victim to this aberration. To listen to today's politicians, they all seem to be in favor of “balanced budgets”, but we still have unbalanced budgets year after year. They all seem to see the light and the righteousness of curbing government spending, but do just the opposite in practice.

President Obama, in his 8 years as president, kept saying that in these dire down economic times, we should all make sacrifices, but then goes out and plays over 250 rounds of golf during these past 8 years and during dire down economic times. Is that what you call sacrificing? He kept promoting the term “shared sacrifice”, but goes about with his wife, “Moochelle”, of living the high life. Of course, even the President should enjoy some recreation/vacation time, but isn't it a bit much when you can do all that golf and also go on multiple family vacations at posh resorts over the summer and winter when many others don't even have a job or a livable income? He should've set an example for the rest of us to follow. He is the poster boy for the expression, “do as I say, not as I do”. He seemed to have been milking the perks of the presidency to the hilt, the taxpaying public be damned.

Our foreign policy towards Israel is another case in point where “cognitive dissonance” is in play. Our leaders see and say that Israel should stop building settlements because it might rile up the “Palestinians” and that the “settlers” are living in “occupied territory” controlled by the Israeli's after the 1967 war, which Israel won, but they hardly ever mention, if at all, the rocket attacks upon innocent Israeli citizens as the reason why the Israeli's are reluctant to negotiate with the terrorists (the PLO and Hamas). Seeing one thing but believing another, seems to be the “modus operandi” of the soon to be ended Obama Administration when it came to Israel.

To further illustrate my point, the movers and shakers in our government, realize that our education system is in dire straits, graduating many “functional illiterates, even with a record amount of money being spent to make education “better”, but then they ask for more money on top of the money they have already wasted by their failed educational policies. It's like throwing more good money (which we have very little of) down the proverbial rat hole. A perfect example was the Wash. D.C. Schools. About 12 years ago, in 2004, Wash. D.C. instituted a “school voucher” program, on a pilot basis, to give some kids (approx. 1,500 kids) the opportunity to attend a private or parochial school. From all indications, the parents (and the kids) loved it and the students attending these private schools were thriving and learning in that environment. So what happens, the teachers union, a major benefactor of the Democrats, objected and convinced the Congress and Obama to pull the plug on funding this program in 2011, thereby putting those 1,500 students back into the failing Wash. D.C. public schools. But, in 2012, the Obama Administration, relented, through mounting pressure from Republicans and D.C. parents (who are almost all Democrats), and he authorized 85 more slots to the original number of students getting “Opportunity Scholarships” (a/k/a school vouchers). But, instead of expanding this program, because it was exceeding predicted expectations, to thousands more minority students stuck in failing schools, he reinstated the program, but for only 85 more students. If that isn't “cognitive dissonance”, than I don't know what it is?

The stupidity of Obama and the Congress and the stupidity of the residents of Wash. D.C., by voting out the Mayor, who supported vouchers, a couple of years ago, and having the innovative school superintendent, Michelle Rhee, resign, shows that, in some cases, people deserve what they get. They “cut off their noses to spite their faces”, that is a saying that certainly describes the actions of these stupid people who are the poster children for the term “cognitive dissonance”. Agree?

In this past presidential election, the Democrats had a bad case of “cognitive dissonance” by nominating an ethically challenged Hillary Clinton, but she was a Clinton and a woman, so they nominated her knowing her past, and much to their chagrin she lost to a political neophyte, Donald Trump. They knew one thing but believed another, and it came to bite them in the butt big time as they not only lost the presidency, but they also lost the Senate and the House besides most governorship's and state legislatures, a complete blowout.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

Judge Jeanine Pirro Destroys the "Mentally Unstable" Rosie O'Donnell in her Opening Statement on FOX.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

I’ve had an overabundance of and way
too much sufficiency of Obama crap.

My inability to comprehend the brilliance of Barack and Michelle Obama has spanned the entire eight-year period of their royal rule.  Their much vaunted, supreme intellects have somehow, eluded me. I cannot get beyond their pretentious pomposity, their thuggish attitudes and their utterly nonsensical Socialistic B.S., to see the brilliance that is so apparent to their followers.

In all my years on this Earth during which I believe that I’ve encountered pretty much the entire gamut of human characteristics, I’ve never seen two more sharply-defined examples of self-delusion and hubris.  They are a perfectly-matched set of racist miscreants.  The closest they should ever be permitted to approach any semblance of political power is the planet Jupiter – or maybe, a few thousand light-years beyond.

To categorize their twisted philosophy as merely ‘misguided’ is - to put it in the most vulgar terminology - like attempting to polish horse manure.  

If I never hear another sound bite from either of them, it will be too soon.

                                   Can you hear me now?

                                                                          MORT KUFF  © 12-27-2016

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Germany's Guilty Conscience and Political Correctness

Why would a Western leader do such a stupid thing as to invite over 1 million refugees into their country without proper vetting? Of course, I'm referring to the decision of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by inviting refugees from the war-torn Middle East into Germany, no questions asked. Could it be the case of German guilt from their past history during Adolph Hitler's time of murder and mayhem in the 1930's and the 1940's, trying to show the compassion of the “new” Germany? What else could it be, as the German's are not stupid people? Or are they?

Her decision not only affects Germany, but the European Union as a whole, as all borders, among the members, are open to other European Union members, including refugees. To say that this influx of refugees has caused much chaos and anti-social behavior, is not an over statement of fact.

This calamity was one of the reasons why the British electorate approved the “Brixit” vote, to rid itself of European Union membership, but it also had influence in the U.S. Presidential election, and the victory of Donald Trump as president.

Everyone should show compassion for refugees from war-torn ravaged areas of the world, but the big problem with the Muslim refugees, which make up over 90% of the refugees who have flooded Europe, is that they are not prone to accept the Western cultures and traditions, thereby causing much unrest and conflict, not only in Germany but in the rest of the European Union countries.

One of the principal policies that Donald Trump ran his campaign on was his desire to put a moratorium on accepting these refugees, from Middle East countries, into the U.S. without extreme vetting to weed out possible terrorists who would infiltrate among the legitimate refugees seeking asylum, which our lame duck president, Barack Hussein Obama, didn't seem to be too concerned with, as he has let thousands into our country over the past couple of years without proper vetting, contrary to what he claims.

The Middle East refugees, who have settled in Europe, have not assimilated very well in the Western way of life, and in many countries they have set up their own enclaves, some of which have instituted Muslim “Sharia Law”, which in their world, takes precedence over existing Western law. In many of these enclaves, the police have designated them “no go zones” whereby they don't go in for fear of repercussions and violence against the police. Already, we have witnessed the dire consequences of the “open border” policy of Germany and other countries, with acts of violence, rapes, and murder perpetrated by some of these Muslim refugees.

President Donald Trump has stated that he will not let our country be over run by opening up our borders without proper vetting, especially of the Muslim refugees. The “politically correct “ crowd has condemned President Trump for his desire to stop this influx of unvetted refugees. The words Islamophobe, racist, and bigot have been directed at President Trump by his detractors, but the vast majority of U.S. citizens are in favor of his hard-line stance.

Let's hope President Trump will follow through on his refugee policy so that we don't face the dilemma that now faces Germany and the rest of the European Union. San Bernardino and Orlando, in our country, should be a wake-up call for us to back President Trump, who is looking out for the safety of all of us.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Making "America Great Again," is a work in progress

With just a few weeks to go before we rid the country of
unpleasant liberal odor the present administration has been
trying to leave, a whiff of fresh air is starting to imbue the
country with renewed hope. We cannot relax yet, because
there is still time left to add to the damage already done.
Although I'm not enamored with the style in presentation by
the new incoming administration, its platform is reason to
feel and believe a new era is on the horizon, that will be more
beneficial in all aspects for the endeavors of the country and
its legal citizenry.

The First Amendment will no longer be wrongly hampered by
political correctness, but applied responsibly so as not to be

Any outgrowth of a religion causing havoc, will be identified
as a terrorist group from that seed, like ISIS and al-Qaeda,
instead of the perception they are Islamic missionaries and not
Islamic terrorists, because of President Obama's personal
sympathetic family connection with Islam, refusing to tie those
two words together.

The wall to keep illegal intruders from entering our country is
not going to be made of just brick and mortar, but it will be an
extended system at points of entry when legal entrants who
overstay their visas, become illegal.

Stop the unqualified from drinking from the government trough
and teach them to dig their own well, instead of using their
unproductive time to demonstrate for entitlements in rabble
rousing, professional organizations such as Occupy Wall
Street and Black Lives Matter.

When a structure becomes inadequate it is due for renovation.
The new administration is left to do the renovations, by gutting
or revamping our government structure.

Extensive work is needed in health care, trade agreements, the
economy, job creation, renegotiate or cancel treaties unbeneficial
to our interests and security, strengthening our armed forces and
rethink our foreign policy to regain the respect of the world we lost,
because of the weakness shown by the last administration.

"Make America Great Again" will no longer be a catch phrase, but
a work in progress!

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Are We Losing the Culture War?

Over the past few years we've seen a concerted effort to change our society by the chipping away at the time-honored traditions which had been handed down, by our forefathers, since the beginning of our republic.

Is this change, that is occurring now, for the good or for the bad? To some, our society needs change to keep abreast of the changing views and times, while to others, it is a step back by worsening our manner of dealing with each other. To me, it seems that the “change” people are winning the battle, but, in the end, it is our society that will forever lose the war.

This change has not been happening overnight, but it is a process of little by little, drip by drip, a change here and a change there, and before we know it, our country will have been “changed” without us even being aware of it and whether or not we like the change or not, but we will be stuck with it. “Political Correctness” has run amok, generally advanced by the political left (Liberals and Progressives).

Under attack by the “change” people are staples like our Constitution, traditional marriage, drug use, race relations, sexual orientation in the military, and the intrusion of the government into every aspect of our lives, and the dialogue between competing differing political factions which has become very strident, especially after the election of 2016. These attacks seem to be emanating mostly from the liberal-left part of the political landscape. This, decline of our values and culture, seemed to correspond with the pronouncement by Obama, during the campaign of 2008, that he was going to bring about the “total transformation of America” whether we wanted it changed or not, because he and his erstwhile Marxist/Socialist friends ( a/k/a Alinskyites) knew that's what was best for the country, and the electorate bought it hook line and sinker.

The late, former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once coined the prescient phrase “defining deviancy down”, which signified that the public was being cajoled into tolerating the intolerable. Some of our public officials and pundits are openly antagonistic toward religions (ex. the recent flap over government mandates for contraception and abortion in Obamacare and the banning of Christmas and Hanukkah displays)), some are against our enforcement of our immigration laws, some want to legalize drugs, and some encourage public disruptions like the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black Lives Matter” mobs. In addition, there is a big push by liberal activist groups to promote the homosexual lifestyle in general, and same sex marriage in particular. It seems they have won that battle.

When President Obama was inaugurated in 2008, he said he was going to be a “uniter” not a “divider”, but in the past 8 years we, as a nation, have become more polarized on many of the “hot button” issues of our time. Instead of calming the storm of disagreement, he and his underlings have made the atmosphere more hostile and divisive by stoking the flames of “class warfare”, by demonizing the so-called “rich” and by his “race baiting” by giving credence to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson . This was the major theme of the Obama re-election campaign in 2012, since he was not able to champion his record of achievements because there wasn't any of note, so the policy of the “politics of personal destruction”, by demonizing those who opposed him, stirred the pot of personal turmoil for years to come. It continued up to the election of 2016 with Hillary Clinton as the candidate.

So yes, Obama was re-elected in 2012, and the war on our culture was speeded up as he didn't have to worry about being re-elected, and then he was able to continue willy-nilly in his “transforming” our country in ways that most of us did not approve of. Even though Obama's popularity went up during his last year in office, his policies took it on the chin by the election sweep in 2016 by the Republicans on both the national and state levels.

That's why this election in 2016 was so important to the survival of our culture and of our country. Now, go out and support the sensible policies of Donald Trump so he can try to undo the damage done to our society by Obama these past 8 years.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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