Thursday, February 26, 2015

BRASS TACKS ON IMMIGRATION - Bill Whittle Firewall Video

We can thank the Obama Administration for offering a guaranteed right to hormone therapy for transgendered illegal aliens, to a prospective Attorney General saying that illegals have the same right to a job as US citizens or legal immigrants. The ongoing sham of the Obama administration's under-the-radar policies get seen in the light of day in this new Bill Whittle FIREWALL Video.

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Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?

Ben Shapiro takes a clear-eyed look at why American Jews vote for the anti-Israel Left.

Ben Shapiro, is an American conservative political commentator, best selling author, radio talk show host, attorney, and a media consultant. Shapiro graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and Harvard Law School. He has written five books, starting with Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth in 2004, writes a column for Creators Syndicate, is editor-at-large of Breitbart News, and founder/editor-in-chief for the media watchdog group

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Sunday, February 22, 2015


Between double features at movie theaters in the 1930's and 40's, newsreels
by Pathe News was our pictorial source of the news. That is when I saw the
clip of Neville Chamberlain waving that worthless piece of paper, claiming
peace in our time.

My parents explained what was going on, and even at the age of nine, I was
able to comprehend what that man with the funny mustache and hair parted
over one brow, (Adolph Hitler) was not a man to be trusted.

What is occurring today in the middle east, with beheadings, torture, burning
and burying people alive, kidnapping and murdering women and children,
Iran's nuclear threat; it doesn't need explaining, because even a nine year
old can understand the face of terror; but the President is attributing these
atrocities to lack of opportunity and unemployment for these young protester,
rather than their warped interpretation of the Koran. His fork tongue blames
guns for killing people, but iterated in a speech at the three day summit
conference on global extremism, "Islam doesn't kill people, people kill people".
Apparently to him, it's understandable why a Jihadist would want to cut a baby
in half or incinerate another human being, because he's out of a job.

When it is explained who is doing all the horror by name, Al Qaeda, ISIS,
Boko Haram, Jihadists, all claiming to be Muslim, ..... peaceful Muslims have
no need for acronyms or identifiers to define them, so the term radical Islamists
 is justifiable and appropriate to use to identify the scourge.

The President blasphemy against Christ insulted every Christian, by trying
to equate what Christians have evolved away from centuries ago, with the
horrors being inflicted on humanity today by these savages.

Barack Hussein Obama seems to be the only one oblivious to what a 9 year
 old and most of everyone else understands to be terror.

There is something very nefarious about this President's noticeable sympathy
toward the offenders, and over cautious toward those whom we consider
 friends. Mainly Israel.

His exposure to Islam in the past through his family and Indonesian environment
in his formidable years, cannot be discounted as an influencing factor in the
lackadaisical manner toward dealing with this menace. It is a hindrance rather
than taking active leadership to end the terror.

He waves no worthless piece of paper before a camera, but his whole demeanor
speaks volumes about his naivety and incapability to grasp reality.

Contributed by George Giftos

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Capitalism vs. Socialism – Which is the better System?

With the chaos surrounding our economic situation today, the discussion and debate about the pluses and the minus’ of the competing economic systems of Capitalism and Socialism, have returned with a vigor.

Before we can begin the discussion, let’s define the terms. Capitalism is an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals and corporations. Socialism is a theory or system of social organization in which the means of production and distribution of goods are owned and controlled collectively or by the government. In a simplified nutshell, capitalists want less government ownership, and socialists want more government ownership.

Historically, the countries that have achieved the greatest amount of economic success, over the years and centuries, have been the countries that have embraced capitalism (ex.The United States, Japan, So.Korea, Australia, to name just a few). There is a smattering of socialism mixed into these countries economic systems (ex. Social Security, Medicare etc. which represents about 20% of the system overall). The ingredients that seem to have caused that success have been the right to own private property, and the incentive to reap the benefits of your hard work and due diligence by earning and keeping the monetary benefits of the fruits of your labor. Socialism, on the other hand, is very popular among the masses, which for some reason have not had the financial success that others have gained through their labors, like in the capitalist system. The predominant socialist countries of Europe and Africa, and Cuba and Venezuela in the Latin countries, with the “poster” country of disaster, Greece, are all close to or on the verge of bankruptcy. It seems that countries that espouse a plethora of government entitlement programs (giveaways and handouts), are the ones in dire financial straits. You could say that the old expression of. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies to these countries except for the government “elites” who run the governments and become the wealthy class while the masses wallow in poverty.

Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re not a liberal (sympathetic to socialism) by the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you’re not a conservative (sympathetic to capitalism) by the age of 40, you have no brains”. That generalized statement by Churchill has produced some lively debate amongst economists and citizens of all the countries of the world.

The phrases used by proponents of each system can be summed up by the use of some terms that describe the benefits, as they see them, of the system they support. The capitalist believes that wealth in the hands of bright, successful, hard-working people will be the incentive to produce newer and better products and services, because of the expectation of the monetary rewards they will benefit from. They believe in the “trickle down” prosperity theory as opposed to the “trickle up” poverty theory, which they claim the socialists espouse. The socialists, on the other hand, say that wealth concentrated in the hands of the wealthy capitalists, produce a society of a few rich people and many poor people with the tendency for the rich to take advantage of the less fortunate. They claim that greed will eventually be the downfall of the capitalist system.

Granted, there have been abuses on the part of capitalists over the years in how they accumulated their wealth, but that is the price we pay for being able to live in the most modern, advanced country in the world, the United States. Most rational capitalists believe that government can and should play a role in our capitalist system by clamping down on fraud and the exploitation of labor, but once you take the incentive away, by punishing them by over taxing them and by imposing excess regulations, from people to have the opportunity to better themselves financially by their intelligence and hard work, you kill the spirit of innovation by trying to make everyone have the same outcome in life. Our Constitution states that all of us have the opportunity to succeed , not the guarantee of success. Most of the world’s economic basket cases around the world are predominantly socialist oriented countries. I don’t think that’s what “Joe the Plumber” had in mind when he asked Barack Obama his question about taking from the producers and giving to the non-producers, through taxation? We now know that the answer Obama gave to Joe that we must all “share the wealth”, has been his over riding domestic policy position during his time in office. That is one of the reasons why this “economic recovery”, under Obama, has been the worst economic recovery in modern times in the history of the U.S.

Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said, “The trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money ”. We now have a debt of over $18 trillion (and rising) without any attempt to rein it in so that our children and grand children are not burdened in the future with paying off this enormous debt. If we keep this up, who knows, we might become the next Greece.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Don’t diddle with the three most
sacred symbols of our Liberty.
The “Stars & Stripes”, National Anthem” and the “Pledge of Allegiance”, are the three most sacred symbols of our Liberty; they represent the United States of America like no other symbolism can.  They are unique, they are time-tested and they should be – they must be, retained in their original form.  They must never be subjected to frivolous amending or to trendy interpretation.  In other words, “No diddling”.
“Stars & Stripes” (OLD GLORY) :   The most recognizable symbol of our nation is our flag.  The field of blue with 50 white stars and the 13 red & white strips in their official configuration are who we are.  While there are variations that have been adapted by our military and naval services, any and all other design alterations or innovations should be legally prohibited by Congressional legislation.   Official U. S. Flag protocol including State flags, should be taught in all public schools in conjunction with mandatory tutorials on The Constitution and other Founding documents, in their original format and content.  “No diddling.”
“The Star-Spangled Banner” (NATIONAL ANTHEM) :  Recognized for official use by the U.S. Navy in 1889, Francis Scott Key’s poem set to music, was made our National Anthem on March 3, 1931 by Congressional resolution.  The U. S. Marine Band (‘The President’s Own) plays the anthem in its traditional, official musical configuration.  When the anthem is sung by members of U. S. Military Bands, it is rendered as written and sung without interpretation.  When sung by vocalists at public events, such as at opening ceremonies for sports events, it should be sung in precisely the same way that is, as written and sung by military vocalists.  There should be no exceptions. The opportunity to sing our National Anthem in public was never intended to be an audition for the musical stage.  First amendment guarantees of ‘freedom of speech’ do  not confer singers of our National Anthem with an inherent right to manipulate or distort the words and music to ‘suit their style’.  Bookers of entertainment at public events should be aware of the ‘original intent’ regarding vocalizations of the National Anthem and insist that singers stick to the ‘official’ music, without added trills or vocalizations.  “No diddling”.
“Pledge of Allegiance”:  As of 1954, the official pledge is:  “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”    “No diddling.”

MORT KUFF  © 2-10-2015

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Ferris Wheel Travels Nowhere

Will the 114th congressional session finally put an end to the vicious
partisan cycle we've been subjected to by the present administration?

The mid-term elections has freed it from the bondage the 113th was held in
by the previous sessions, with the inept Senate leadership of Harry Reid, who
acted as point guard for the President, in order for him to finance his many
executive orders; bypassing Congress and not having to use his veto powers.

To execute an order, the President must issue executive orders to raise taxes
on the working class and businesses. In order for companies to maintain a
profit margin and compensate for the increased tax burden, they are forced
to raise the price of their products or services, effecting the consumer's

Because the poor are hit the hardest, the President will bypass Congress to
 issue another executive order to subsidize the poor. In order to pay for the
subsidies, he has to issue another executive order for more taxes. In turn,
companies will raise their prices.................etc, etc. Obamanomics is a dog
chasing its tail.

Resources for revenue are not endless to keep fueling perpetual motion, so an
end will always come. It's just a matter of which generation gets caught without
 a seat in Obama's musical chairs.

Will the 114th stop the political Ferris Wheel so we can get off?

Contributed by George Giftos

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama's Version of History

During a recent speech, President Obama at a National Prayer Breakfast, said “and lest we get on our high horse and think this (Islamic terrorist killing individuals) is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

As usual, Obama got his facts wrong and his analogy is off base.

The Crusades took place after 1065 – some 950 years ago. Comparing an event that took place 950 years ago to one that is ongoing today is ludicrous. Further, Obama showed his ignorance as to why the Crusades took place and failed to talk about the atrocities committed by the Muslim against Christians at that time. Pilgrims during the Middle Ages made sacred pilgrimages to Jerusalem to visit the tomb where Jesus was buried. At that time Jerusalem was held by Muslims but the Christian pilgrims had been granted safe passage to visit the site. In 1065 the City was taken by the Turks and more than 3,000 Christians were massacred. The remaining Christians were tortured and for all practical purposes treated as slaves. Hence, a movement began to take back Jerusalem from the Infidels.

The Inquisition took place in 1200 and was a response by the Catholic Church to the rise of the Reformation and the beginning of Protestantism. It had nothing to do with Muslims or Islam.

The fact of the matter is that there are NO atrocities committed by any Christian religion today. Fortunately, Christianity has come a long way since the Middle Ages. We can't say the same thing for Islam.

It was evangelical Christians who fostered the abolitionist movement to outlaw slavery in this country. Today there are NO Christian countries where any group is enslaved. But take a look at the Muslim countries. Women are treated as second class citizens and in some countries are not allowed to get an education or even to drive an automobile. Further, thousands of individuals have been massacred by these Muslim savages for being homosexual, not following their version of Islam, and for numerous other reasons. We hear about “honor killings” in which daughters are killed by their fathers for dating someone outside the Islam religion. In Berlin a 19 year old German girl was burned to death by a Muslim crowd for committing the unspeakable crime of grazing a Muslim with a car by accident. In Nigeria Boko Horan terrorists captured hundreds of girls, raping them and selling them as slaves. I could go on and give many more illustrations.

In any event, needless to say Professor Obama should get his facts straight before putting on his professorial robes and lecturing his audience.

Conservative Commentary by Jim Pirretti

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

To Frack or Not to Frack: That is the Question?

A new industry has evolved over the past decade or so, called “Fracking” (definition: it is a process of extracting natural gas and oil from shale rock layers deep within the earth). This method of capturing natural gas and oil from shale, is gaining a vast source of valuable energy which could make the U.S.A. a natural gas and oil exporter to the rest of the world. The resulting boom is transforming the American energy landscape. In certain areas of our depressed economy, the states that have encouraged “fracking” have been booming (No. Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas etc.) economically. Of course, with any successful discovery of a natural resource, the “environmental wacko’s”, led by billionaire Tom Steyer and millionare Al Gore, have come out of the woodwork to try to throw roadblocks in the way of exploring for these very valuable and affordable products, that is situated in abundance right here in our own country.

These perpetual naysayer’s of progress have come up with a litany of mistaken concerns trying to scare public officials into not giving the okay to drill for shale gas and oil. The major charge these so-called “tree huggers” put forth is that “fracking” creates cracks in the rock formation that allows chemicals to leach into aquifer sources of fresh water. The fallacy of that argument is that the average shale formation is thousands of feet underground, while the average drinking well is only a few hundred feet deep.

Another fear put forth by the environmentalists is that “fracking” releases toxic or radioactive chemicals. The reality is that 99.5% of the fluid injected into fracturing the rock, is water and sand. The chemicals used range from the benign such as citric acid (which is found in soda pop), to benzene. Most states have laws on the books to make the drilling companies comply with the strict rules relating to the use and disposal of the chemicals.

Other scenarios put forth by the environmental lobby to create a “doom and gloom” atmosphere in the minds of the public, is that “fracking” causes cancer, earthquakes, pollution from trucks transporting the gas and oil, or that shale exploration is unregulated. Most all of these wild claims have no merit or scientific facts to back them up, as all new industries will have growing pains due to the progress it has brought to the state or area.

With all the scrutiny that this new energy source commands, the companies must make its production safe for the public, and they must make the case that “fracking” is a safe ,inexpensive and valuable source of energy which it is. This is a daunting task, as the news media is generally not sympathetic to their drilling activities.

Since the environmentalists are an important source of political financial aid for Obama and the Democrats, the new industry might have to overcome some hurdles that the Obama Administration might try to impose on them (like postponing the completion of the Keystone pipeline), in order to appease the fanatics who are against all types of fossil fuel exploration, no matter how beneficial it is to the financial condition of the country. This process, along with the vast amounts of untapped oil and coal deposits still locked up by the Obama energy policies, could, if left to be explored and captured, could help us out of the financial bind that we find ourselves in at the present time. Common sense seems to be the exception rather than the rule that drives this Administration’s energy policies.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

MORT’s meanderings & Judge Jeanine on the Bergdahl swap

Rules for wannabee Radical Rioters.
First of all, get it through your heads that millions of true American patriots have since 1776, fought and died to establish this nation and provide the laws, the Liberty and the freedoms that today, permit you to act like irresponsible idiots.  Make no mistake; you’re all suckers.
While marching, shouting “death to cops”, looting, smashing, burning and joining in with the mobs of race hustlers, most of whom are on the public dole with no intention of working or holding a job the rest of their lives, paying taxes or contributing in any positive way to society – you are breaking our laws and setting a terrible example for your own kids and grandkids.  I don’t expect you to give a damn.  Otherwise, you’d have a job or be serving in the Military.
If it is your life’s ambition to act stupid and add to the chaos caused by corrupt public figures both in and out of elected office (I’m talking generations of Democrat-Liberal-Progressives), then you are in the right place at the right time.  Listen to the foul-mouthed demagogues who rush to a scene where local police have responded to a call and are attempting to do their job of keeping the peace.  While it might be quite beyond your I.Q. to comprehend that police do not wake up in the morning with a burning desire to shoot innocent, unarmed teen agers – black or white – here’s a fact that I hope you might be able to understand:   
Police are assigned to be visible deterrents to crime as they patrol the streets of your town – and they only respond to calls for their assistance when there is a crime, the potential for a crime, or a situation where something has gone terribly wrong and lives are at stake.
But, back to the rules for wannabee Radical Rioters – don’t forget to look for any opportunity to disparage our nation and its traditions.  Burn a flag or two along the way.  Beat up a Jew or vandalize a house of worship whenever you can.  Always be on the lookout for breaking into, looting and destroying a small business and roughing up your neighbor who has put everything he has into making a living by running a legitimate enterprise to serve your community and to put food on the table for his family.  Steal anything you can carry and on your way out, smash and break everything you can.  And, if there are any cops responding, throw rocks at them or if you have time and there are other nitwits to help – turn over their patrol cars and set them on fire.  Burn tires in the street and well, you know – act like the irresponsible idiots you are.
Oh, there is so much more to tell you but so little time left.  Do listen to the Al Sharptons, Pres.  Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary and other irresponsible traitors & thugs, including radical lunatics like Farrahkan and the blood-thirsty Islamos who will ultimately benefit from your stupidity.  There, does that help at all?
                                                                                                                 MORT KUFF  © 12-25-2014

Judge Jeanine Pirro rips B. H. Obama over the Bergdahl swap.
She tells Obama, 'You have teed up more danger for America'!

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