Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicago on the Potomac – Part 2

We wrote a previous column awhile back, pointing out the influence of Chicago politicians and Chicago“bigshots” on the operations in the Obama Administration. The Chicago-based names included Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Arne Duncan, and, of course, Michelle Obama herself. Others who have influenced Barack Hussein Obama, from the “great” City of Chicago, have included the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his mentor while he was located in Chicago, and who is a known Socialist, anti-white, anti-Semite rabble-rouser; Father Phleger, a radical Catholic priest; Tony Rezko, a convicted felon who helped the Obama's buy their house in Chicago; Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, admitted domestic terrorists of Weather Underground fame; Rashid Khalidi, a member of a few Muslim radical groups who support Hamas and Hezzbollah here in the U.S.; Jesse Jackson of the corrupt Rainbow Coalition, headquartered in Chicago; and the infamous white-hating Louis Farrakhan of the Black Muslims, also based in Chicago. He was also pals with the disgraced former Governor of Illinois, Blago, and he is a disciple of that late famous Chicago radical who wrote the book, “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky.

Now, since the departure of Rahm Emanuel, as Chief of Staff, the “Messiah” has appointed another Chicagoite, William Daley, as his new Chief of Staff. Just what we need, another career politician from the corrupt City of Chicago. He will fit right in with all the other flunky's that surround our “Spender in Chief” in the White House. Daley comes from a political family who have been prominent movers and shakers in Chicago for many, many years. He is the youngest son of Richard J. Daley, who was Mayor of Chicago for 21 years starting in 1955 until his death in 1976. His eldest son, and Williams brother, Richard M. Daley was elected Mayor in 1989 and has served in that position until this year. Known as the “Daley Machine”, whose power came from the control of thousands of patronage positions (city jobs) which were meticulously doled out to trusting political supporters, thereby guaranteeing future support from these job holders. By the way, Al Capone also called Chicago home.

It has been said that Mayor Richard J. Daley, the father, was responsible for the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960 by “stuffing” ballot boxes in Texas and by rigging the vote in Chicago. Some said even the “dead” voted for Kennedy in that election. In addition, it was reported that Mayor Daley withheld many votes from certain wards when the race seemed close. Kennedy won Illinois by the slightest of margins, thanks mainly, and in a good part, to Mayor Daley. I guess you could say that it isn't the person who gets the most votes who wins, it's the person who counts those votes that determines the winner.

This is the background that the new Chief of Staff, William Daley came from and from which many of Obama's cronies in the White House and his Administration came from. It's not a pretty picture.

William Daley is a lawyer and was a lobbyist for J.P. Morgan, Bank One Corp. and he sat on the Boards of Directors of Boeing Corp., Merck & Co., the Loyola University of Chicago. You could say that he is well connected and typical of the people who surround Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, you could say, with a certain amount of certainty, that the Obama Administration is “Chicago on the Potomac” and will probably remain that way till he leaves office, hopefully in 2012.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congressman Outdraws Cartoonist

Artwork by MORT KUFF (c) 2011

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ah! For the good ole days! If you've been around the block a few times like I have, you probably, at times, have used that phrase praising the good ole days. Of course, when we invoke that nostalgic feeling, we are referring to the positive things that happened in our lives not the bad or hurtful things. We seem to have a case of amnesia when we block out the negatives and just seem to remember the positives. That's human nature. To be objective, times were much less complicated back then than they are today, but we should “Remember” the positive happenings from yesteryear as we try to cope with some of today's problems.

I can remember......when two people disagreed it was considered a debate instead of a confrontation......when it was taken for granted that women, teachers, the elderly, and the clergy were to be respected, no matter what......when you took for granted the law would be enforced fairly regardless of who you are or were......when the Christmas holiday was just that, and not called a Winter Recess instead......when everybody wasn't “entitled” to free health care, free food, free housing, unless you were in jail or in prison......when you never apologized for something over which you had no control......when being sick meant you weren't feeling well physically......when ghetto's were called neighborhoods......when people could distinguish between music and gibberish......when the end didn't justify the means......when our politicians voted in the best interest of their constituents, not for their own personal desires......when the thought of America being a “loser” never occurred to you......when the students fought each other to carry the flag at school instead of fighting to tear it down......when a prayer was said in school and nobody was psychologically harmed (ditto the Pledge of Allegiance).....when only drunken sailors had tattoo's and not their mothers and sisters......when “pot” was something carried around by your neighbor just above his belt......when the young (and adults) said, “Thank You”, “No, sir (Ma'am)”, “Excuse Me” etc.......when being a success in life was applauded and not punished by taxing the successful excessively and by being called “greedy”......when history went back further than 9/11 and the Iraq War......when a teacher or a professor disseminated the facts in class and not their own personal political philosophy instead......when a President actually worked in the Oval Office instead of conducting government affairs on the 1st tee or on the basketball court.

I can remember those things, what can you remember?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mort's Meanderings

Mr. Webster has his definitions; I have mine - -

TORTURE: What we citizens and tax-payers endure when Barney Frank speaks or acts.


RESIDENT SNAKES IN THE U.S. SENATE: Patrick Leahy, Charles Schumer, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Al Franken - - ugh! I can't go on.


I wonder if First Lady & Cup Cake Czarina Michelle la Belle is aware that her advice on how to run a school cafeteria or bake sale is as unnecessary, unwanted, and as stupid as all her other meddling forays into areas where she was uninvited, unwelcome and ill-equipped to advise? I'm for sponsoring another trip to Spain for her and her entire retinue of ridiculously overpaid racist retainers & gay hand-maidens - this time, a one-way ticket with no return privileges. Yank their I.D.s, Passports and Cell Phones. Save big bucks.


Barack the bumbler, Hussein the hustler and Obama the oracle - this pitiful excuse for a President, is the most vacation-taking incompetent ever to occupy the Oval Office.
One suspects that the process-of-avoidance with regard to the making of critical decisions on matters that are vital to our fiscal and physical security, is terribly taxing on such as this bumbling, hustling, oracle of offal. I believe that he should be relieved of this burden at the earliest possible moment; it is just that critical to the survival of this nation.

Based upon his record of destruction of the economy, our national security, our traditions, our values and our freedoms - this bum deserves a permanent vacation. In fact, a free flight back to his birthplace - be it Africa or Hawaii, would be the best use yet of whatever tax dollars it would cost. If either or both these places deny him access, he should be dropped from a helicopter over Thailand or North Korea, without prior notice. We could justify the expense in the name of, 'Redistribution of the UNworthiest'.

I'm feeling much better now, thank you.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF (c) 2011

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Anytime anything goes wrong, there's always someone who says there must be a “link” as to why that event happened. Conspiracy theorists abound in our country with most of the liberals thinking that every time something doesn't go their way, it must be a conspiracy and they look for a real “link” or an imagined made-up one.

Take the Tucson shooting for instance. According to a liberal, it wasn't a socially challenged loner, pot head, certified “nut-job” that did the shooting on his own, no, it was the angry, violent Tea Party and that vicious Sarah Palin with the help of incendiary talk show hosts that was partially the cause of that horrific event in front of the Safeway store in Arizona. As the facts of the situation have been unfolding and more and more information comes out, it seems that this mentally deranged guy had it in for Rep. Giffords since 2007 and that he had delusions and flights of fancy about many things which were made up in his warped mind. Without a scintilla of real evidence, the loony liberal politicians and pundits came out of the box, immediately after the shootings, and tried to ignite a conspiracy of conservatives, talk radio hosts, and right-wing politicians, like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who they claimed turned this”passive nut-job” into an “active nut-job” by their “violent” rhetoric. How absurd that grown up people, who should know better, could think in those terms when actually most of the violent rhetoric was coming from the left side of the political spectrum, not the Tea Party or right-wingers.

Another area where people wholeheartedly said “there was a link”, was in what caused autism. It was widely reported that there was a definite “link” between vaccinations and the incidence of autism. Just recently, it was revealed that the major author of those findings of a link between autism and vaccinations, “cooked the books” and it resulted in faulty research and now his findings have been totally discredited. I guess the big losers here are the trial lawyers. It also shot down another conspiracy theory put out by the liberals to prove that there was collusion between the drug companies and the doctors. What is a liberal supposed to do when there is no “link”?

Finally, why do our students finish way down the list of countries of the world in test scores in math and science? The liberals and the education lobby keep claiming that they don't get enough money to be able to offer our students a better education. That's the “link” according to them, money. Little is said, that in the U.S., we spend more money, per capita, on education than any other country in the world and still we have terrible results. Why is that? Maybe it's our education establishment and the teachers unions that might be the “link” that has dropped us far down the list in performance ratings. The liberals and the teachers unions, who seem to be wedded at the hip politically, oppose most all calls for education reform and clamor for more and more money. It's like throwing money down a rat hole, and many in our country buy it and, therefore, nothing seems to improve for the better even by spending more money.

So, what can one gather from these examples of trying to “find a link”? Well, it seems that the people who seem to push the “political correctness” envelope, the left-leaning liberals, are the “missing link” behind these events. Do you agree?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Krugman, Resident Coward of the NYTimes

Paul Krugman, that cowardly runt and reckless cheap-shot artist of the NYToxicTimes, continues to pursue his radical, far-left agenda from his safe & secure bunker beneath his desk. His recent blast against Rep. Michele Bachmann in the wake of the Tucson shooting disaster is a typical example of his capacity to distort the truth. It is calculated.
If there were a category for writing 'slime', Krugman would be a shoe-in to cop the plaque for 'Style Points'.

For the NYTimes to proudly exhibit this twisted twerp as their hood ornament is indicative of just how far this once-mighty newspaper has fallen from relevance.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF (c) 2010

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Thursday, January 13, 2011


The amount of economic ignorance on the part of a good portion of our citizens is alarming. Either they never learned basic economics in school or they refuse to acknowledge basic economic facts because of partisan political considerations. Either way, it is appalling.

There has been a blurb bouncing around the internet for a few years that cannot be attributed to any one person (I understand Ronald Reagan used this in one of his speeches back in the 80's), but it is succinct and to the point and makes a lot of economic sense. It goes like this: “A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. The majority will then vote for the candidate who promises the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy”. Doesn't that remind you of the thinking of the present day Democrats?

Today, many people think they are entitled to a free this and a free that supplied by the government, even though the worst practitioner of running anything, without waste and inefficiency, is the government itself. Our politicians, in their mad rush to perpetuate their careers in the executive and legislative branches of government, will go out of their way to promise prospective voters largesse from the public treasury, like it was their own money, in order to “bribe” the voters into voting for themselves by giving the voters something for nothing.

Think of all the “freebies” that many of the people are getting today, thanks to our feckless politicians. The list is enormous, but some of the most egregious examples are, food stamps (46 million people are getting them), sub-prime mortgages (even today after the mortgage meltdown led by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac a couple of years ago), health care waivers (for certain favored unions and companies), grossly generous pensions and perks for government workers (and politicians), subsidies to farmers and some corporations etc., etc. And you wonder why our fiscal house is in disarray and headed for bankruptcy?

The politicians who are using "class warfare” to squeeze money out of our producers and job creating entrepreneurs, are doing one of the things exactly what the father of Communism, Karl Marx, said people should do to hasten the demise of Capitalism. Look around you, in a little over two years we have added 3 trillion dollars of debt to our already over burdened economy. Trillion dollar deficits, now and into the future, cannot be sustained. Our GDP today is over $14 trillion, but our debt is over $13 trillion (90% of our GDP). At the rate we are going, we'll be surpassing that in the next year or so. Eventually, the “Piper” must be paid and we'll be unable to pay him (could that “Piper” be China?).

When people have little or no incentive to work hard and produce in hopes of getting a monetary reward without it being taken by the government, that's the day we will lose our liberty and our freedom to an impersonal wasteful government. We will then become the future Greece or a third world nation. We're heading in that direction under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats. We can overcome that direction if the results of the last election can be continued on into the future.

Basic Economics 101 should be taught to all our students so that sound fiscal policy can be initiated and sustained in our society. Today we have a gaggle of leftist, liberal progressives dominating our educational system and basically teaching our younger generation, “heads full of mush”, the glories of Marxism/Socialism. If we can't reverse that trend, we are goners, or should I say our children and grandchildren are goners. I hope that's not what will happen, but all of us must stand up now and be counted and you must champion our free enterprise system and you must stand up to the onslaught being waged against it. Let's institute basic Economics 101 in all our schools with teachers and professors who believe in life, liberty, and private property. We are not a Marxist, Socialist, or Communist country, let's keep it that way

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Further completion of the Corrupt Chicago Political Clan

It is unbelievable, utterly amazing, that not so little by little, the Chicago gang of corrupt political politicians and Marxist czars have infiltrated Washington DC. William Daley has now been chosen by Barack Obama to be his chief of staff replacing Rahm Emanuel who has set his sights on being Mayor of Chicago.

Are we surprised, of course not. Will it help the President get re-elected in 2012, I think not, will it change his image from a flip flopping, inexperienced unqualified ever so fortunate man who because his eloquently prescripted speeches, mesmerized the citizens into submission, and was elected to the highest office in the land entirely unprepared for the job, as has been proven by misspent governance these past 2 years.

William Daley did not do too well when chosen by Al Gore to save his bid for the presidency. I did not work then it will not work now. This complete upheaval of Barack Obama’s staff and advisors whether they left or are leaving voluntarily, or have been dismissed, is an indication of greener pastures being sought to uplift the image and spirit of this obviously damaged administration. Will Valarie Jarrett. his closest and most admired advisor leave the presidents side, who is to say at this point.

Something is rotten in Denmark as the saying goes, or is it in Washington DC. I do not see that the massive turnover of staff and cabinet will save this president. He is done, no matter the democrat allegiance, and ugly gamesmanship.

Party politics plays a huge part in protecting the President, however, it is becoming more obvious as the days get closer, and We The People have gotten wiser, that his re-election in 2012, is not written in his fortune cookie, because the citizens of this great nation have had an epiphany.

The teleprompterized prescripted speeches are ineffective, the promises spoken of so glowingly with forked tongue broken, and his radical ultra liberal progressive promise of Utopia unacceptable under the rule of our Constitution.

Enough is enough already, obviously his ad nauseum campaign speeches of two years ago now being revisited, have absolutely no merit today. We do not look forward to more cloaked legislation detrimental to our wealth and health, class warfare, and racial distinction which are not the American Way.

Attempting to subvert this nation to believe in, and accept totalitarianistic government control of our lives just is not going to work.

Those of us who are patriots with strong love of country treasure our ideals and values, who respect our Constitution, our flag, and the freedom and independence granted therein, will never relinquish those gifts granted to us by our Founding Fathers nor will we ever abandon our friends and allies especially Israel because of the mutual respect and concern we have for each other.

We are strong, the strongest nation in the world, and if this president has the ambitious longing, and intent to overthrow our democracy, by some of that agenda already infiltrating into Washington DC, he is whistling up the wrong tree.

Unfortunately, we will have to tolerate his subversive vision, his heart, and inner soul with which he is consumed, until his tenure is over, that being not a moment too soon.

Be alert, be aware, and listen carefully, with an open mind, to the assaults and insults hindering the normal functioning of our Republic, keep the faith, trust in GOD, and do not for one moment doubt the survival of our democracy.

We will prevail, because this too shall pass. A new captain, hopefully from the opposition, will be trusted to take the helm, steer our ship of state, to restore our respect and dignity in foreign nations, and will keep us here at home safe, secure, and free from malevolence, within and without.

Conservative commentary Helen Goodman

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


We keep on hearing that President Obama is a genius who led the the Harvard Law Review (his major claim to fame before becoming president). I'll grant you that President Obama might be “book smart”, but when it comes to performing his duties as president, he is one of the “dumbest” to have held that office in a long time. In fact, he is making Jimmy Carter look reasonable and competent. Of course,you might say, I'm just spouting anti-Obama sentiments because of the following, 1) he's black, 2) he's a Democrat, 3) I'm a conservative Republican. Let's examine that and see where I'm coming from. I couldn't care less whether Obama is black, half-white, a mulatto or whatever, I am against him because of his policies that are, in my estimation, ruining our country ( I was also against his “lily-white” compatriots Gore and Kerry before him). Race has nothing to do with it. The party affiliation of Obama or myself is irrelevant as there are good and bad in both parties and neither one has a lock on being good people.

Whether because of design or ignorance, our economy is not responding to his initiatives, so why does he continue to pursue these “dumb” policies? Could it be because he is just “dumb” or is it because of his far-left ideology?

As part of the triumvirate of the Democrat version of the Three Stooges (Obama, Pelosi, and Reid), they are going on their merry way, come hell or high water, of sticking it to the American people. Shoving a monstrosity of a health care bill down our throats, pushing the insane climate bill of “Cap and Trade (Tax)” which will increase our cost of living to levels unheard of before, undermining our military during a time of war, and keeping a blind eye on closing our borders to prevent illegal immigration and possible terrorist infiltration, are just some of the “dumb” things he has proposed, or has actually signed into law. This contradicts the Kool-Aid drinking Obamamaniacs that claim that Obama is a genius and the second coming of the Messiah. As the old saying goes, “there are none so blind as those that will not see”.

After 2 years, why have we not come out from under this great recession? Why are we more divided, as a nation, than ever before? Why has Obama gone back on most all his promises that he made to get elected as a “moderate”?

He has used the word “transparency” ad infinitum, but he has been the most secretive president in recent memory. From his obsession with keeping all his personal records of his health, college transcripts, and actual birth certificate hidden from view, his backroom deals with Congressman and Senators, his total lack of candor when it comes to his policy positions that he has promoted, are all pointing to the fact that he is more “dumb” than smart.

So, being superficially smart does not overshadow a person's poor performance in the carrying out of his duties. I, therefore. pronounce that President Obama is “dumb” in the ways of of the world and in performing his duties as president. He's making George W. Bush look like a Rhodes scholar. And, that's the way it is!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Why, I ask myself - - WHY?

WHY don’t we read or hear about the ‘kills’ by our military, of the terrorist thugs in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Isn’t that why our troops were sent to those hell-holes
by our military-genius Commander-in-Chief? We certainly get all the news about our
all-volunteer military being blown to bits by terrorist IEDs. Why are our very real
successes against the fanatical, blood-thirsty Islamo terrorists so under-reported, if reported at all? Can it be that the mainstream media is biased? Naw. Can’t believe that.

WHY is it that the Florida Sun-Sentinel regularly dedicates a page to all the nicey-
nice activities of ‘moderate Muslims’ or occasionally, to the ‘atrocities, attributed to the intolerant Western (Israeli and American) forces, against the poor Palestinians or other ‘peace-loving’ peoples of the Middle East? I don’t recall ever reading in the Sunni-Sentinel about the public whipping of women at the hands of their fiendish menfolk who are so devoted to their ‘religion of peace’. Or, have I just missed those articles? Yeah. I guess that’s it.

WHY is it that we dim-witted, tax-paying citizens of the United States never got an
inkling that the leaders of our nation were incurring those overwhelming, obscene
amounts of debt on our behalf to China, until months and months after the fact?
Who authorized that borrowing binge? Who checked with us before negotiating
away the futures of our grandchildren? What TV channels or newspapers blasted
all this information toward me that somehow, I managed to miss completely? Or,
is it possible that once again, the mass media was so pre-occupied with informing
us which new Hollywood films were raking in the big bucks during their first week
– that they simply neglected to cover this minor phenomenon that will have such a
devastating effect on our economic future in the immediate decades ahead?

I guess it is possible that our ‘borrowing habit’ was covered in 3-pt. type somewhere
in the double-digit pages of an obscure financial trade journal. ‘My bad’ I presume,
was not being aware of this and for not calling it to the attention of my local media
outlets. I recognize that news editors are constantly tasked with prioritizing all the news that’s fit to print. I just wish that someone were tasked to prioritize the editors themselves, based upon their ability (or willingness) to discern hard news from the ‘talking points’ of the Obama administration and the hard-left loonies of the vaunted Progressive-Liberal-Democrat-Socialist-Marxist-George Soros Party. Or, is that too much to axx?

WHY does Obama choose to rule by executive fiat, through a regiment of unelected,
faceless Czars who answer only to His Royal Highness? How does he get away with
ignoring his Cabinet and the Congress? Just asking?

WHY does this incompetent underachiever with no practical experience at anything
positive or productive, who now lives in The White House as our elected Chief
Executive, suffer such excruciating agony when making the decisions that he was
elected to make? I do believe that my question just answered itself. No wonder he occupies the hot seat behind that historic desk as infrequently as possible, between his vacation trips to exotic locations and foreign trips-to-anywhere, in order to avoid that growing pile of urgent ‘decisions-to-be-made’ on his desk.

He’s just fortunate to have the services of such a talent as his comic-sidekick, the
effervescent ‘VP of Gaffs’ Joe Burden, to keep the nation on an even keel while the Pres. sports around the world on Air Force One, mending relations with our enemies who frequently and loudly announce that they want us dead.

What wouldn’t I give for a latter-day Ben Franklin to provide us with a daily, single
page of accurately-reported news?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF
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