Sunday, April 28, 2013


How many of you think that there is a disparity in our economy about the pay to men (higher) as to the pay to women (lower)? Probably most of you, as that's what the media and some politicians have told you to believe. Is it true? The answer is superficially YES, but practically, NO. How can that be when we all know that men generally draw higher pay than women?

Let's look at the facts. The “Paycheck Fairness Act”, that is presently bouncing around Congress, seeks to finally “end” pay differences between men and women, or so they say or want us to believe. The legislation is well-intentioned if there really was an organized conspiracy to keep the pay differential at the bogus figure of 77¢ on the dollar that women are paid as compared to men.

As you can see, men and women don't do the same work (in most cases). Ever since the 1960's and the woman's liberation movement (made up mostly of disgruntled liberal thinking women), this 77¢ figure has been kicking around. With all the “sensitivity” training about how women can (or should) be miners, movers, truckers, carpenters, plumbers, soldiers, construction workers, firemen, and cops, women continue to prefer the office environment. They (women) generally gravitate toward jobs that involve lower stakes, shorter work weeks, a preference for personal relationships over ruthless, cutthroat competition, and, of course, to be near home for the children. Take the medical profession (where more than 50% of the people in medical school are women), 73% of pediatric residents were women, and 64% of dermatology residents were women - but, 60% of residents learning surgery were men. Is the pay for surgeons generally higher than for internists and dermatologists? Of course it is!

Another factor that must be taken into consideration in determining pay scales are experience, education (although the education gap has closed substantially over the years), overtime (which men are more likely to accept), and travel away from home. Taking all that into consideration, the real pay gap is more like 5¢ rather than the 23¢ as the woman's groups claim as the disparity. In fact, a career woman with no children (in most cases) makes salaries on a par with what men make.

The proposed legislation (Paycheck Fairness Act), proposed mainly by the Democrats, if passed, would be a boon to the trial lawyers who would more than be willing to take a business to court claiming pay discrimination. The trial lawyers are one of the biggest contributors to the Democrat Party. Do you think that was taken into consideration when proposing this bill? Is the Pope catholic?

A provision in the PFA would require employers to disclose salary information so that everyone knows what their fellow workers were making. What kind of chaos, in the workplace, would that kind of knowledge be put to use? Lawyers working on commission (a/k/a contingency fees) would be authorized to pursue feminist class-action shakedown lawsuits that would include all women in a firm unless they opted out. Just what we need, more “junk” lawsuits and more paperwork.

In today's economic environment, women tend to gravitate to employment in fields such as, teachers, nurses, and government jobs, which tend to have more stability and job security, than do men, who are affected more by the economic downturn by having jobs in the private sector.

So when you hear some of the strident feminists and liberal politicians, claiming that women are getting the the short end of the stick in regards to pay - don't take them at their word, as to what they claim are mostly all exaggerations and faulty biased facts made to look like something which it is not. As the old saying goes (to paraphrase), the road to hell is almost always paved with good intentions. So it is in this case. Kill the PFA!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

Confession: I was in denial.

For a long time – a really long time – I must admit, I was in denial. I honestly thought there
were redeeming features to those who drank the Kool-Aid of the Democrat Party.

After serious consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything single thing the self-
centered Democrats in the Congress propose, pass and support – is bad for our nation. I am
deadly serious and I mean that literally. All the feel-good crap they sponsor is totally without
regard for prioritizing the pocket change we have left after Obama’s irresponsible spending
sprees since taking office. I must say that these un-American tools of the far left are fiscally
irresponsible to the degree that they are indeed and in fact, traitors.

I truly believe the Democrats currently seated in this Congress and those serving as Obama’s
appointees in his administration plus, the clueless who carelessly continue to re-elect them as
their representatives – are intellectually stupid and for the most part, morally corrupt. Can I
make it any more plain?

Can there be rational arguments to the contrary? If there are logical arguments to counter
my position, they aren’t forthcoming from the Democrats, as they do not engage in reasoned
discourse. They demagogue, they cater to the lowest common denominator of public intellect
and they tell lies. Big whoppers, non-stop.

Under Herr Barack Hussein Obama’s regime, he and his minions are doing their best to
destroy the Republican Party. And, the Republicans are trying to beat them to it. My concern
is that we lovers of Liberty are still stumbling about in a drunken stupor over the results of the
recent, fraudulent Presidential election. We got taken to the cleaners. Time to face up to it.

Our task – and it won’t be easy – is to neutralize the dastardly Dems. Then, beat them at the
polls. Our tools: Good old, tried and true Conservative principles. Every time we carry that
banner; we win. If in the process somehow, some way, if we wind up purging the Dems of
most of their leftist kooks and crooks, that’d be a good thing. The Democrats have done a very
stupid thing, they’ve hitched their wagon to the Muslim Brotherhood. This toxic combination
is already a functioning phenomenon. You too-smart-by-half Democrats, you can only pet a
Cobra snake for so long before you get nailed

I was in denial but, came to my senses and confessed. How about you?

MORT KUFF © 4-16-2013

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Demise of Small Business

This administration doesn't make sense. The back bone of our economy
is small business that employs the major tax source, which fuels the
function of government. The uncertainty of President Obama's policies
cause the small business man to hesitate to expand and hire additional,
staff, because it could have an adverse effect on his business.

The ratio of profit vs expenses can diminish his bottom line by raising
taxes and forcing ObamaCare employment medical insurance on him.
Non compliance to government mandates and regulations will result in
heavy penalties that's causing reluctance to hire additional personnel;
the worse case scenario will be the possibility of forcing him out of

Meanwhile, more government bureaucracies and agencies are being created
to monitor, regulate and enforce the burdens this President is forcing the
people who provide the money for his ideological experiment to endure.
Private sector new hiring increased by 1%, while government increased
their labor force by 15%. It is just a matter of time when the private
sector can no longer support the public sector. When this happens, history
verifies it gives rise to totalitarianism and an oligarchy state of

Flying on just the left wing creates too much stress and it is going
around in circles. To maintain balance, you need to use both wings or you
will crash. To deny the truth of what I'm saying is to display naivety,
obliquity or ignorance.

A further disquisition of Obamanomics is no different than setting limits
to how much an individual can earn. If that amount exceeds the limit, it
must then be given to the government for distribution to the various
entitlement programs
and to fill gaps Obama cronyism exemptions to
unions and other election benefactors friendly to his agenda create.

In simple words.... "Stick it the them!"

Obama's economic expertise is a fragile foundation in danger of becoming
a fatal sink hole, that is slowly swallowing the life out of the county's

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is Obama Going Back to His Community Organizer Roots?

Before Barack Hussein Obama started his political career in the home of admitted domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, he was a rabble-rousing Community Organizer in the City of Chicago. His job in those days was to mobilize the residents in the inner city (a/k/a mostly black people) to demand as many “freebies” as they could “”shake down” from the city and businesses (mainly banks). That’s what a Community Organizer is supposed to do. He was a follower and disciple of the late Saul Alinsky, an avowed Marxist and radical around the 60’s and early 70’s. In fact, during his time as a lowly law lecturer at the Univ. of Chicago, he taught classes on the workings of Alinsky, and by using his book called, “Rules for Radicals”.

Today, Obama is using the same tactics as what he used during his days as a Community Organizer. The only difference is that today he is the President of the United States, and those tactics are not very presidential, to say the least. He seems to be taking on the role of “Emperor”, as he defies the Constitution over and over again by using his “executive orders” to get things done his way that he can’t get from the Congress.

Many have said that you can take Obama out of Chicago, but you can’t take Chicago out of Obama. He is using the same political ideas and tactics, that have been used by the Democratic political machine to maintain control of the City of Chicago for many decades, including the present Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff. It is called the “Chicago Way”.

For his most recent re-election campaign, he had set up his campaign headquarters in the City of Chicago, that was led by that “Red Diaper” baby called, David Axelrod (his parents were avowed Marxists). His chief presidential adviser was Valerie Jarrett, another lefty Marxist from the corrupt City of Chicago.

The tactics he used in his re-election campaign was right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. He was trying to demonize and mock his opponent, Mitt Romney, by making outrageous personal charges against him, and which were in fact, lies. Even when his statements were shown to be falsehoods, he doubled down and continued to spout them in his ads throughout the campaign. Famous liberal publications such as the Washington Post, Fact Check .com., and the very liberal N.Y. Times, had all called those anti-Romney Obama charges as falsehoods, and even the Wash. Post fact checker gave those ads “4 Pinocchio’s“, as being outright untruths. But, just like a real-life Community Organizer, the end justified the means and it was full speed ahead in trying to destroy his opponent. It worked to a tee, as he won re-election.

I have the gut feeling that his blatant false attacks, like his blatant lies about the “Sequester”, will backfire on him in the future, as the general public doesn’t like to see their President get down into the gutter, campaigning around the country like a sleazy Chicago politician, which he is. There will be a backlash against Obama, and the Democrats in the coming months as things that are bad now will not recover like they should‘ve recovered by now. The mid-term elections of 2014 can’t come soon enough, as we have to stop the Obama Marxist/Socialist juggernaut, before it destroys our country. If calling a spade a spade racist, then I plead guilty.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Immaturity in the young is evidenced by their voting pattern and the unfortunate
results of November 6th, 2012. Many are in perpetual Spring Break and Happy Hour.
Strongly influenced by the leftist liberal academia, who themselves are the product of
the 60's hippie chaotic generation, hold far too many teaching positions, handing out
their Marxist ideology shovels to unsuspecting students, to dig themselves into a hole.
Instant gratification, idealism and their vote for Mr. Cool, pie in the sky purveyor of
fantasy promises, prevents them from seeing the abyss they are about to fall into.
They are also too naive to realize the President is pimping his many czars and his other
appointees, to go out and screw the productive public for lots of money to finance his
asinine policies. He refers to them as investments, but they have no margin of return;
only treasury draining entitlements to pad the Democrat's base.

A sign of maturity is when a person grows out of for trying to be in, with words, doings
and turn offs such as the following, connoting phoniness... reality shows, sushi, texting,
South Beach, trendy, Starbucks, Facebook, MSNBC, Malibu, People Magazine, tattoos,
recreational drugs, red carpets, do-gooder hypocrites, fixing things that ain't been
broke....making it worse, like Obamacare!

Young Republicans are not immune from immaturity. At the closing of CPAC, with many
young in attendance, the vote for 2016 favorite choice was Rand Paul. Their reasons are
not so dissimilar as of those by young Democrats....young, energetic, sparkling, rock star
injection after the disappointing 2012 election. I can address this subject objectively,
because I am a recovered clueless.

With all the technology, transportation innovations and world trade, isolationism and no
restrictions on substance use is not an option. Libertarianism may have some fine points,
but I liken it to moderate right wing anarchism, because common sense regulations in
certain areas is necessary.

President Obama's administration is now into its second term of deceit and broken
. The nine trillion dollar debt left by the previous administration was to him
irresponsible and unpatriotic and an abomination, to leave such a debt for our children
to contend with; but his near seventeen trillion and growing debt is OK now, and needs
no explaining.

I hope it is not too late for the public to find when they open the cupboard door, it's not

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are We the Next Saudi Arabia of the Energy World?

We all know that the United States is the biggest consumer of energy in the world today. For years, we have been buying much of our energy needs from other countries, thereby making them rich beyond all reality. Good examples are the Middle East Gulf states, and Saudi Arabia in particular.

We not only helped them exploit the vast deposits of oil in their countries, we were one of their best customers paying the inflated prices set by OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries). The ironic thing about that is that even though we made them rich, they generally hate us as a nation. So here, we have supplied our “enemies” with money for them to burn our flag and bad mouth us around the world. Are we stupid or what?

We have found out, in recent years, that in our own territory and off-shore, we have more energy than the whole Middle East combined, and still we buy energy. Why? One reason is that the environmental lobby (sometimes called “wacko’s”), have an inordinate amount of influence at the highest levels of government (namely the Obama Administration). These “greens” have a vendetta against all fossil fuels and they will use their misguided influence to thwart any and all attempts at exploration of oil, coal, and natural gas. We are sitting on a “goldmine” (maybe should be referred to as black goldmine) of energy, and we let these “two bit” tree huggers to determine our energy sources and needs under the guise of saving the planet from destruction? Are we stupid or what?

Many of our financial woes can be alleviated if we just tap our own natural resources instead of sending our energy money to countries around the world, many of whom could be considered our “enemies”. Instead of us importing energy, we could and should be exporting energy around the world and reaping the financial benefits that the Gulf states have been reaping for lo these many years. Even some of the cash strapped states in our country, could get in on the action by leasing drilling rights and by getting royalties for the energy that is waiting to be tapped in their states.

This doesn’t mean we couldn’t or shouldn’t explore for and research alternative sources of energy like nuclear, wind, solar, and hydro-power. This windfall of extra revenue that will be generated by the sale of our “fossil” fuels, we’d then be better able to spend more on research on the alternative sources of energy. It would be a win-win situation, which we shouldn’t or couldn’t afford not to take advantage of because of some environmental wacko’s who have a bug up their butts with their theory that fossil fuels are causing “global warming”. Are we stupid or what?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bill Whittle on The Origins of Political Correctness

This is another excellent Video from Bill Whittle on the great Liberal Narrative. Bill Whittle exposes the origins of Political Correctness and that tyranny comes from the Left.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

MORT’s meanderings

I’m really concerned.

I’m seriously concerned about the time away from play and vacations that Joe Biden feels obliged to devote to this ‘Gun Control’ thing.  Joe is really a dedicated guy, y’know.

I hate to see him eating into his ‘time off’ just trying to stop those crazy guns (mostly the black assault rifles with 500-round ammo drums) from firing themselves at innocent children studying in their classrooms.  Well, he is doing what he can to ban these weapons from leaping off the shelves of those dastardly Republican gun stores, jumping into their white Subaru SUVs and dashing over to the local elementary school for target practice.

There is one more thing that good ‘ol Joe can do, in between vacations – that is, to address the mentally-challenged or brain-damaged youngsters who harbor reveries of their ‘5-minutes of fame’ when in their mind’s eye, they dream of mowing down their school chums using a few items from their parent’s gun collection.  

I believe that by employing  his renowned facility with the English language, good ‘ol Joe could fashion a brief message to psychotic kids suggesting that maybe, they might want to think twice before grabbing a few guns from their Dad’s cabinet and racing toward their own certain demise.  

He might ‘esplain to the little tykes that if they shoot up their classmates and then ‘off’ themselves, they won’t be alive to review their notices in the local press and on their favorite TV news channel.  Y’see Joe, some kids just don’t think that far ahead.  That’s where you come in – you being the smartest guy on Capitol Hill – and all like that.

So, dear Reader – can ya see why I’m so concerned?  To paraphrase good ‘ol Nancy Pop-eyes, that eloquent Spokes-Loon  who flies around the House of Reps chamber on her Government-provided broom, “We’ve got to pass all kindza gun bans, before we know what we’re doing.”  Y’see, if you are a delusional Democrat – this all makes sense.

Otherwise, and all together now, let’s say - - “Oye Vay”.    (Yiddish for ‘April Fool’)

MORT KUFF  © 4-1-2013

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