Thursday, March 3, 2011

He is what he is

Obama is what he is and has always been - a rabble-rousing anti-American; a white-hating black-faced radical Muslim Chicago street organizer political hack, parading as an educated intellectual. He is not as he pretends to be. He is a Socialist through and through, who hasn't a clue about America or its history prior to his own birth. Nor, does he have any interest in understanding what or who we are, as Americans. He does not care; don'tcha get it?

This man is so steeped in anti-Capitalist ideology that it is imbedded in his DNA. He is incapable of acting in any way other than as he has been schooled to behave. He has been coddled and spoiled by those who still hold his puppet strings. They paid his way and have paved the way for this pleasant-appearing, fairly. articulate, light-skinned minority male to serve as the 'spokes model' for their Socialist-Fascist-Communist revolutionary agenda.

The more directly-related blame for his unfortunate ascendancy to the office of the President, lies with the majority of voters who propelled him into that vaunted position of power without the slightest concern for the consequences of their action or, for the glaring voids in valid documentation surrounding his lineage, background, education and personal associations. Only his inexperience seems to be a 'provable' fact.

Those who voted for him were taken in by their desire to see a member of a minority as president. They were duped by their willingness to buy into the hate-mongering assaults against George W. Bush and all-things-Republican, regardless of the facts. Their something-for-nothing mentality rendered them easy prey for all the tried-and-true rhetoric of Socialist class-warfare, the tactic-of-choice that is trotted out at every opportunity by the Democrat propaganda machine. Nothing new here.

Our economy is in total shambles precisely as planned by Obama's puppet-masters who have adroitly pulled his strings and those of his administration in order to deliberately bring about this chaos. Further, our national security has been so compromised by the bad guys behind the curtain and the willing dupes running rampant in this administration, that it is questionable whether we can remain strong enough to protect ourselves from the encroachment of radical enemies within our borders - and also, from our foreign enemies including the entirety of the UN, excepting Israel. And, it is painfully obvious that Obama can't wait for the Iranian bus to come along, so that he can throw our former ally Israel under it.

There is no way to save our America, until the cancer that is Obama and the infection that is the Liberal-Progressive-Democrat insurgency is cut out and totally destroyed. Am I saying that the Democrat leadership has to be totally destroyed? That is exactly what I am saying. It is so corrupt that it will require a total transfusion to rid it of its toxicity.

Does anyone have any doubt about the seriousness of the situation in which we find ourselves as a nation? If so, would that person please start at the top and read this, again?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011
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FreeTheRepublic said...

Mort is 100% Correct! Obama is proving that some of the change he wants is to replace our market-driven economy, with one in which business decisions are made by the government and forced by LAW (sotomayor, kagan) on American. He wants greatly increased government control over health care, education, and energy. The MSM is right by his side.

Stop Marxism said...

Excellent article Mort! The progressive/socialist movement has been trying to change this country for over 40 years, in slow and incremental steps. Installing the Marxist, Rev Wright Protegee, B. Hussein Obama, has given them extensive power to bring down America. The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology cover BHO like a pig in S#@&!

John O'Toole said...

If Obama walks like a Socialist, talks like a Socialist, and acts like a Socialist, he must be a Socialist. He'll deny it and swear he is not, but his actions speak louder than his words. Most of the Cogressional Black Caucus, and many of the "uber left" Democrats in Congress are Socialists and are proud of it. Take them at their word. We must return to our capitalistic, free enterprise roots or we will be doomed to economic irrelevance sometime in the near future. Mort and Chuck have their fingers on the pulse of the nation. Keep up the good work.