Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Muslim heritage in America?
What did I miss and when did I miss it?   

Did I miss the Muslim patriots who helped George Washington defeat the British forces sent to quell the Colonists who’d finally had enough of King George III’s tyrannical oppression?  Surely there were hundreds of them.  I’ve read accounts of the American Revolution but, must have missed that part.
Did I miss the Muslim patriots who met with those brave Revolutionaries to help them write the Declaration of Independence?  Surely, there must have been one among the ‘Signers’.  Hmm?
Did I miss the Muslim patriots who joined the Founding Fathers to create The Constitution of the United States?  I’m guessing there must have been at least a dozen.  Damn, missed that too.
Did I miss the Muslim patriots who joined with President Thomas Jefferson to fight the Barbary Pirates as they plundered American merchant ships and murdered American sailors?  Those pirates were Muslims, too – but, you knew that, didn’tcha?  If not, read up on that history; you’ll love it.
Did I miss the Muslim patriots who served in the Union Army during the Civil War, helping President Lincoln preserve the unity of the nation?  I’ve studied that conflict but can’t recall any mention of a General McMuslim, a Private Muhammud or a Corporal Barack - nary a one, on either side.
Did I miss all the many Muslim patriots who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II, to defeat the forces of Fascism throughout the world? There were American Indians speaking in code;  Japanese in the U.S. Army serving in Italy; and more Italian-Americans in our military than any other group of hyphenated-American patriots – plus, some representation of every imaginable race, religion & creed from all across this great nation.  But, if there was a heroic, patriotic Muslim among them, I’ve never heard of him or seen any mention of his exploits.  Must  have missed that, too.
CAIR’s most articulate spokesman – the one with the Teleprompter, keeps spewing out screeds of ‘Muslim heritage in America’ spin.  Ain’t no such thing, Folks.  We poor, stupid Americans – a people who unfailingly want to think the best of our fellow man – we are our own worst enemy.
We swallow Muslim / Islam horseshit as if it were pure honey.  We permit the diabolically clever, lunatic operatives of Islam, who are exceedingly adept at spinning public relations – and the gullible / complicit media, to shape our thinking.  And thus, our impression of these bloodthirsty miscreants is warped  and bent  like so many wet twigs. Are we stupid?  Are we nuts?  Let me guess.
Think of the hundreds of cowardly attacks on American people and property around the world over just the last 30 years.  Think of ‘911’.  Can there be a single doubt in anyone’s mind that Muslim / Islam is the scourge of the Earth?  Muslim heritage?  Who are they kidding?  They’ll have to get in line to be kidding us – we are there, first in line– smiling stupidlykidding ourselves.
MORT KUFF  © 6-18-2013

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Paul Marino said...

Did you read about the hubbub about the ad in the State of Washington depicting a list of about 16 terrorists, mostly with Muslim names, and that nitwit Congressman Jim McDermott complaining that the ad was racist? How could that be if most all of the terrorists are Muslim? Yes, not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslim. I wish the liberals would stop using the double standard and making excuses for people who want us dead. In the words of that great American, Forrest Gump, "stupid is that stupid does".