Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's Raining Outside

If it's storming out and the wind is blowing rain into the house through
open windows, we will be sopping up water with a mop all day, while the
windows remain open.

How difficult is it to understand, that if we don't seal our borders, illegal
immigration will be a continuous problem.

Calling rain by a different name doesn't diminish the damage it creates.
Neither will anything change by political correctness.....renaming illegals
undocumented citizens; or referred to by conservative talk show host as
undocumented democrats.

It doesn't make sense to attempt repairing damage done by the rain, nor
determine what to do with millions of foreigners that disregarded
our laws
, entering the country illegally, or overstaying their visas.

The problem with the open windows and unsecured borders must be
attended to first, before anything else.

It's inevitable politics will influence the outcome of the current immigration
reform bill debated in congress, so any road to legalization must include and
stipulate that this generation in question will not be given the right to vote,
nor automatically be enrolled in government assisted programs.

As with rain, legal immigration is beneficial when controlled. Not enforcing
the laws already on the books is like a broken levee, flooding the country side
with unwanted debris, clogging our infrastructure and changing the face of
America as we knew it.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Richard Raine said...

Most people I know are not against legal immigration, with emphasis on the word legal. Because of our stupidity over the years since our last amnesty in 1986, we have found ourselves with over 11 million people who are classified as illegal. What to do? As George Giftos has pointed out so well, we must first secure the border so that additional millions of illegals cannot come into our country before we agree to anything else regarding those people who violated our laws in the past. Law breakers do not deserve benefits that even our own citizens can't get, that would be criminal.