Sunday, June 9, 2013

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More ObamMoronix.*
Insane Hussein, our one-trick-pony president, has just done a repeat of his favorite tactic-of-choice – sticking it to the (R’s).   It’s what he does; it’s who he is - a very vindictive, partisan Democrat.      
He has selected Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor, an appointed position that does not require Congressional approval or consent.  Her qualifications for  the job?  What does that matter?
Since it had his tacit approval, he is well aware that  Rice’s infamous 5-stop tour of the Sunday news shows was a blatantly deliberate ploy to divert the nation’s attention from the terrible truth that  Obama was afraid could have a negative impact on his chances in the upcoming Presidential election.  He is also acutely aware that this choice of Susan Rice as his National Security Advisor has the effect of rubbing salt into the wound  felt by every Republican who sits in the Congress.  
Hold on a moment, I’ve just presumed to speak for some ‘establishment’ Republicans who it seems,  wish to hell they had the guts to renounce their (R) and replace it with a (D) just to be on the winning side..  I can’t really speak for them so, I guess I’ll have to take that back.  - - - done.
Another highly-questionable Obama appointment that was made in tandem with the rancid Rice debacle, is his naming Samantha Powers as the new U. S. Ambassador-ess to the UN.    Her qualifications for the job?  As former Secretary of State and the smartest woman ever to put on her husband’s pants, Hillary Clinton, famously questioned:   “What, at this point, does it matter?”  
Right-on,  Hillary.  Right-on.
It simply matters not, to Obama, what the ramifications of these questionable appointments might be -  he is just that detached from the actual workings of the government and the consequences of having such incompetents conducting the affairs of this nation.  Simply not  interested. He only brings his off-the-wall faculties into focus when there is an opportunity to, ‘stick it to the (R’s)’.  
He is obsessed with instant retaliation against any and all who have an opposing viewpoint. Do you recall during his State of the Nation speech, when he gave a tongue-lashing to the Members of the Supreme Court who were sitting right in front of the podium?   His Narcissistic ego cannot tolerate even the slightest response to his pronouncements that isn’t 100% in agreement.  Barack Hussein Obama is a small man with a streak of pettiness that is precisely as tall as he is, and a mile wide.
If this nation survives Insane Hussein’s interminable final term as President, one suggests that it might be a damned good idea to add a psychiatric exam to the list of qualifications for candidates who seek the Office of the Presidency.  Wouldst that could be done, retroactively. I give myself, an Amen.
MORT KUFF  © 6-6-2013
*  Manifestations of Obama’s Narcissistic thought processes  

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Anonymous said...

Both Susan Rice and Samantha Power are both "useful idiots" for our "Liar in Chief". They were chosen by Obama not because of their expertise, but because they are willing to fall on the sword for him.