Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is it Time to Get Rid of the IRS?

The term IRS sends shivers down the spine of most Americans. Should that be? How could one agency of the government exert such a fear on and in the people? Something smells rotten in Denmark (my apologies to Denmark).

Since the latest outrageous revelations about the actions of the IRS have come to light and have illuminated some of the abuses it has perpetrated upon different people and groups, it might be time for the IRS to be disbanded and our tax code reformed to make it fairer and less cumbersome for every citizen, whether rich or poor or in-between.

No government agency should be able to intimidate its citizens and threaten them. This is the United States of America not the Soviet Union or some two-bit tin horn dictatorship who routinely harass and intimidate its citizens in order to make them comply with the dictates of the government.

Remember the expression, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”, well, I dare say, if you are from the IRS, most people would not think any help would be forthcoming, in fact, panic would set in. It shouldn’t be that way, but what the IRS has been accused of doing and what they have admitted to doing, that fear, on the part of the citizen, is well justified.

When you have thousands of pages of tax rules and regulations, the average person and the well-to-do person, can’t possibly understand all the complexities that the present tax code fosters. When something is complex and very difficult to understand, it invites hanky-panky and subterfuge in how the tax laws can be circumvented or ignored all together.

These present illegal and immoral revelations and allegations about the activities of the IRS, should be a propitious time to get rid of this ruthless (some might say “evil”) and out-of-control agency, and replace it with a much simpler form of a “flat tax” or a “fair tax”. This way the politicians and lobbyists cannot manipulate the system to benefit themselves, and to hell with the rest of us. A “moral” tax system is one where everyone pays toward the running of the government. There should be no “freeloaders” like there is now, whereby 47% of wage earners pay no federal income tax. Everyone, rich, poor, or middle-class, uses the services of the government (police, fire, national security etc.) so, therefore, everyone should contribute something (paying taxes)[’; toward its upkeep.

It was disgraceful that the IRS targeted individuals and groups that didn’t agree with the Obama Administration, and used its “might” to thwart and target those groups and individuals for obviously political purposes. This behavior had to be orchestrated from “on high” because a lowly group of “clerks” in Cincinnati couldn’t have been capable of doing what they did without getting a “wink and a nod” from higher ups. It wouldn’t surprise me that the Chicago thugs, in and around the White House, were responsible for doing what they did. Their fingerprints, in my opinion, are all over this outrageous behavior on the part of the IRS.

Let’s get rid of this agency, and its endemic corruption, once and for all.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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George Giftos said...

It's not easy getting rid of a bad rash.The IRS has become an instrument for the Obama administration to orchestrate damage to anyone who doesn't like the tune its playing.
Changing anything in the current system will put a lot of lawyers out of business.

Phil Tufano said...

Can you believe that the Affordable Care Act will be enforced by that fair and balanced organization called the IRS? Are they kidding? They are like the gang that couldn't shoot straight and yet they will be responsible for making this health care monstrosity work. Let me make a prediction - it won't work.

Used Cars said...

Hey Phil, you are correct and the Union for the Treasury Dept/IRS want waivers form the obamacare disaster. Can't Liberals see the hypocrisy here?