Friday, June 14, 2013

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Gun Control  vs  People Control
Guns don’t have minds but, many people do. What’s so fair about that?
Guns cannot load themselves but, people with a mind to do harm, can.
Have you ever heard of a loaded gun picking up an empty person?  
A revolver can hold six shots without being a danger.  Can a person do that?
It takes a human finger to pull a trigger.  Ever hear of a gun firing a person?
A gun is aimless without a human to point it.  An aimless person is just as pointless.
A fully-loaded magazine without a gun is completely harmless.  
A fully-loaded person with a gun is a human disaster ready to happen.
Controlling a gun takes practice.  Self-control takes character – and far more practice.
A permit to carry is a safety measure.  A birth certificate?  Not so much.
The caliber of a gun is not as much of a concern as the caliber of the person carrying it.
A small bore weapon in the hands of a large bore person is just asking for trouble.
A gun can protect a person but, what is to protect people from a person with a gun?
A well-oiled gun in the hands of a well-oiled person is the worst kind of bad news.
If the answer is a gun, then the question being asked isn’t reasonable.  
A gun carried in plain view usually assures that common sense will prevail.
Let’s face it, a small woman is superior to a big man, whether or not she is carrying.  

Original thoughts on the subject by:
MORT KUFF  © 6-15-2013

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