Thursday, June 6, 2013

Is the “Peter Principle” Alive and Well in Wash. D.C.?

The definition of that term is that members of an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. In other words, “employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence”.

Does the term, “I don’t know” sound familiar? What about “I don’t recall”? Doesn’t that send shivers down your spine when someone in authority makes comments like that? Especially people in government who are supposed to be working for us, the taxpayers?

Look at what’s happening in Wash. D.C. where heads of government agencies or departments just can’t recall who, what, and where about practically anything of importance. How were these people selected or elected, with such faulty memories, to their jobs or positions in the first place? Not only do they get a pass from their hierarchy, but in many cases they get promoted (or relieved of duty with “pay”) thereby validating the precepts of the “Peter Principle”.

The major culprit in these very convenient cases of “selective amnesia” is none other than our “Liar in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama. As the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world (by reason of being president), how come he only finds out about wrongdoing or policy failures by reading it in the newspapers or watching it on T.V.? His “Zombie” supporters claim that he is the smartest man in the world, but he knows nothing about what’s going on around him. You’d think he was a lowly clerk in the White House instead of being the President of the United States. For a man who is the epitome of the “tireless” campaigner, who knows which way the political winds are blowing in order to gather political support for himself and his party, can you really believe he is in the dark on most anything that has gone wrong around him and his administration? How many times can the term “plausible deniability” be used to cover for this guy? Could it be that the lights are on in the White House, but nobody is home? It sure looks that way.

Look at the testimony of some of the big honcho’s in the Obama administration, just over the past few months and days. Attorney General Eric Holder knew nothing about Fast & Furious or the tapping of the phones and e-mails of the AP reporters and a Fox correspondent. Who me, I‘m just the Attorney General, the top law enforcement person in the country? Then there is the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t know what happened before or after Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered in Benghazi and then tried to tell us it was a “disgusting” video that caused all the mayhem. Really? And then there are the IRS officials who adamantly stated that they knew nothing about the auditing and harassment of conservative and religious groups who were critical of the Obama administration. These bureaucrats with the “selective memory problems”, not only weren’t punished (up until now), but in some cases were even promoted to new jobs.

Yes, the “Peter Principle” is alive and well in Wash. D.C. and a complete house cleaning is in order come the elections in 2014 and 2016. Winning elections “at all costs” doesn’t do our country any good, as the least competent seem to thrive in selling their ”snake oil” to the voters, but once in office and power, they haven’t a clue as to how to implement policies that are good for the citizens and our country, and then, very conveniently, can‘t remember what went wrong or who was at fault.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Gene Elliott said...

Life's tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid. That sort of explains the operations of the Obama White House, dumb and dumber. Look at Susan Rice, she screwed up big time on Benghazi and then gets promoted. Lois Lerner screws up at the IRS and she goes on administrative leave with pay (shouldn't that be called a paid vacation?), but Gregory Hicks who blew the whistle on the incompetent handling of the murder of our Ambassador and three Americans, got demoted for being honest and diligent. Something smells rotten here. Yes, the Peter Principle is alive and well in Wash. D.C.

George Giftos said...

It can't be stated any better and this commentary should be submitted and repeated through other media sources.
It deserves wide circulation and I hope others who have read it use their email capability to do so.