Sunday, June 30, 2013

Radical Muslim Islam

Once again terror has knocked on our door and I ask followers of the Muslim faith, living within our shores as members of our community, to reject any Imam preaching jihad in your mosque, or sympathizing with radical Islamic tenet.

You are your brother's keeper and claimants of your faith are committing heinous and savage deeds in your name; perceived by other civilized people as coming from an inhumane and savage religion. Some passages in your holy book refers to non Muslims as infidels, therefore you must rise up and take the lead. No one better than you knows the mind set of these primitive thinkers.

Over a billion Muslims reside worldwide in peace, save for a growing section of radicals that are the bad seeds in a family. It is the child you neglected into evil company, going astray and must regain control of. Putting lipstick on a pig to pass it off as something other than what it really is is still a pig and jihad and Sharia are synonymous contributors to violence and terror.

The horror befalling the world by groups with names like al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood create havoc to the masses of peace loving people. By not standing up to them, or support them, you put your family and children in danger too, because they do not celebrate life, but rejoice in death; thinking 72 virgins await them in Jannah (heaven). It must be concluded by any measure that they are insane, or the average intelligence of a Jihadist hovers below 20% of that of a moron's I.Q. Murder is an irrational act and their paradise will instead be Jahannam (hell).

Radical Islam is a deadly disease and because the name of your faith may sound the same, you are not immune to its poison, as proof by 9/11. It doesn't concern them if you become collateral casualties.

The leaders of this kind of Islam use their brain washed followers to do their dirty work.... innocent children as suicide bombs and hapless women to do their bidding.

Undeniably radical cells do exist here and funded by Wahhabi money, to undermined our American, Judeo/Christian values. It sets up madrasas like the Gulen Charter Schools, indoctrinating unsuspecting minds of the young. Parents be wary that your children are receiving tools to broaden their horizons, not poison to further the ambitions of unscrupulous men hiding under the guise of clergy. Not unlike the Spanish Inquisitions.

If the serene, good intentioned and decent souls of Islam don't evolve into the twenty-first century, it will perish in the rubble of its own violence of terror. To describe low life and garbage, there is no better example than the perverted Muslim fundamentalist radical Islamist......five words, hard for anyone to swallow.

The Boston Marathon showed us terrorists come in all colors and from around the world; but the common denominator is Islam and damage done to it must be scrubbed and repaired, not white washed.

We have ultra liberal factions in academia and politics who call them freedom fighters, and refuse to refer to them as terrorists.

With the senseless murder of Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, Lee Rigby being the U.K.'s latest victim, it is evident all Muslims who deplore these acts of terror, throughout the world, must rise and demand, enough is enough and rid this infestation of contamination from their faith.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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