Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do We Have a Void of Leadership in Washington?

A leader has a hands on approach by knowing what is going on under his
or her charge. A leader is on the front lines, directing operations toward
successful outcomes.

Prima donnas use others to carry the ball for them while they take credit
for successes and have them absorb blame for their failures. This present
administration has an ample amount of minions for that purpose and has
no shame to take credit for heroic endeavors by others unassociated to

It's an artful skill to dodge blame, as we are witnessing the congressional
hearings on Benghazi, IRS abuses, AP phone records and contempt of
congress stalling in the Operation Fast and Furious, waiting for documents.
Their tactics are the envy and admiration of every con artist.

Is it a federal offense to call a president a lying bastard, or a secretary
of state an opportunistic old bag, or an attorney general a two faced racist?
We have four public service patriots in their graves because those who were
suppose to watch their back were indifferent and too preoccupied with other
things. Briefly informing Hillary Clinton about an attack on our consulate
in Libya, there was no further inquiry or follow up and she was AWOL until
the following day. Notifying the president was an inconvenience, because he
said he had to turn in early to make a flight to Las Vegas for yet another
fund raiser.

This was like instructing his subordinates to tell those in danger in
Benghazi to take two aspirins and if the situation didn't improve, to call him
in the morning. But not too early.

A bunch of rowdy crowds, pissed about a YouTube film didn't warrant
disrupting their beauty sleep, schedules and routine, leaving it for others
who were miffed to know what to do.

As someone put it, when the fire alarm was tripped, the fire chief didn't
send out his engines because he wanted to know how bad the fire was and
wouldit be too dangerous, and maybe by the time his fire engines got there
it could be to late to save anything. As it turned out, the fire was left
to burn itself out.

I believe those in responsible positions. How could they possibly know
anything. They were not around to know what happened, by whom, when,
where or how.

But, "At this point, what difference does it make?" a quotation for history
like, "Let them eat cake!"

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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George Olson said...

Do you get the feeling that the lights are on in the White House, but that nobody is home? Is Obama a lowly clerk in the White House or is he the President of the United States? He sure as hell doesn't act like a president as the "buck" never stops at his desk.

Unknown said...

The jerk has failed as president, because his agenda of taking AMERICA down is his true agenda. It is enjoying the ride he is getting out of the position he is in, with all its attraction that come with it, OUTSIDE OF THAT HE IS JUST A OVERLY CORRUPT PERSON, WHO LIFE HAS ALWAYS DEALING WITH CORRUPTION, AND THATS ALL IT WILL EVER KNOW.