Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our “Hamlet” in the White House!

One of Shakespeare's tragic figures was a character named Hamlet – a Prince of Denmark. This tragi-drama pointed up a character flaw of the main character, Hamlet, who had a tendency to think things through, so thoroughly, that it took him a super long time to make a decision. Procrastination was his weak spot. Does that sound like someone we know on the national scene today– does the name Barack Hussein Obama come to mind when describing someone who has difficulty making a decision?

It was a character flaw in Shakespeare's eyes and it is a character flaw in the eyes of many who have watched our President carry out his duties as leader of our country and the free world.

Look at his performance when he was an Illinois State Senator, Obama voted “present” over 130 times - he couldn't or wouldn't take a stand on many bills that asked for just a Yes or No vote.

During the campaign he said he would close Gitmo, that he would pull all troops out of Iraq during his first year, that he would walk the picket line if a union was “attacked” or came under fire etc., etc. None of these promises have taken place as of yet. What's his problem?

Remember in 2009 - 2010, during the debate over whether we should have a surge of troops in Afghanistan, it took him over 6 months to finally decide and still he only went for half the amount that his hand-picked generals asked for. Just recently, he proclaimed that Gaddafi of Libya must go (be removed from power in that country), but failed to act in a timely way in instituting a “no fly zone” and acted only after the U.N. voted to institute it thereby giving him cover for his hesitating in making a decision.

Our “Procrastinator in Chief”, during his signature program, “Universal Health Care”, left it up to Pelosi and Reid to craft the legislation along with only Democrat legislators and by excluding Republicans in the process, thereby avoiding the dirty work of trying to convince the American people to support it until it was finally passed , by only Democrat votes, and after the American people rejected it by a 60% margin, in the various polls. Does that show leadership?

A lack of leadership on Obama's part seems to be his signature “modus operandi” in conducting both his domestic and foreign policy agenda. We are becoming the laughing stock around the world, other countries no longer respect us as he vacillates on two sides of any issue. It seems like he is trying to please everyone, but winds up pleasing no one. He is making the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter look better in comparison.

It seems that Obama (and his wife) loves the trappings of being president (Air Force One, golf vacations and hobnobbing with athletes and Hollywood types, state dinners (except for our true ally in the Middle East, Israel) and picking final four NCAA winners etc. In addition to his being in a constant campaign mode, he loves to attend fund-raisers for Democrats even while major events are taking place, both at home and abroad, but avoids the responsibilities of being president like the plague. He will say anything that you or I would want to hear, but he'll do a complete 180 degrees turn around with his actions.

The phrase made popular by Pres. Harry Truman of, “The Buck Stops Here”, doesn't seem to affect Obama as the buck never gets there. We don't need a “Community Organizer” as president, we need a president who can make a decision – we don't need another Hamlet.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stop Kwanzaa said...

Obama and his Lumberjack Wife do love the trappings of the White House yet they hate the Country. Big Oil Obama supports Libya Rebels and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood yet does not support Arizona Legal Citizens from the slaughters of Illegals. In fact Obama and his coward Eric Holder sue Arizona. Talk about a Topsy Turvy world.

Louie said...

Obama has promoted these uprising in the mideast, by simply pulling support for Hosni Murbarak a trusted ally in the region Obama sent a signal to everyone else, ‘overthrow your government’.

Where Jimmy Carter goes down in history as the President who lost Iran, Obama could very well go down as the President who lost North Africa and possibly the mideast.

Creeping Sharia said...

Everyone with a brain knows Obummer has no experience. Sarah Palin has more executive experience than this community organizer clown. During the campaign, all these Liberal Politically Correct idiots kept saying was that experience doesn’t matter – well, I guess it does matter as America crumbles

Stephen Austin said...

Another analogy would be, "Nero fiddles while Rome is burning" in describing Obama. Listening to Obama pontificate about all his courageous work in "settling" the Libya problem, you'd have thought it was Pres. Bush speaking as to why we should've gone after Saddam Hussein (Obama's namesake) because of his inhuman treatment of his people. Bush got hammered by the lefty loons, but now that it's Obama, he's doing the right thing as Obama is infallible, according to them. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Genny said...

If Bush had authorized the Libya no-fly ops, brainless liberals would have been screaming in protest

Israeli Navy said...

Can you believe the hypocrisy of the left and the Kept Whores in the media for staying silent in Obama’s “war” on Libya?

Anti-ACORN said...

So the MSM, Code Pink., and Daily Kos nutjobs always said NO BLOOD FOR OIL! and
STOP THIS RACIST WAR! So does that mean Barrack HUSSEIN Obama really is a Racist??

Joe Cashin said...

The biggest decision Obama makes is how not to make a decision. His phony liberal supporters have the audacity to belittle two accomplished women, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, two hot looking ladies I might add, and then proclaim Obama as a genius and a decisive president. As Chuck has said before, these "loony liberals" are infected with the malady, CRI (Cranial Rectal Inversion), that's why they can't see the obvious flaws that Obama brings to the job of President. I hope they finally come up for air.

Anonymous said...

Did the Left Wing Lowlifes believe ANY of the crap they were spewing about the war on terrorism before Hussein Obama got into office? If yes, maybe they could answer a few questions prompted by the things dirtbag liberals were saying during the Bush years.

1) Isn’t this is a rush to war?
2) Is Obama invading Libya because Gaddafi insulted him?
3) Is this a war for oil?
4) Where are the massive protests?
5) Shouldn’t we have tried to talk it out with Gaddafi instead?
6) Aren’t we just starting a cycle of violence by bombing Libya?
7) Isn’t Barack Obama a chickenhawk?

Ed Meese said...

War Monger Obama is just protecting the Muslim brotherhood? He can't have Qaddafi killing off all those future homicide bombers right? Why, it seems as if Hussein is more concerned with saving radical muslims, than Americans on our Southern border. Have we had enough punishment from BHO, the Messiah?