Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most everyone I know (mostly "evil" Republicans and Conservatives) are in favor of immigration - "legal" immigration but not "illegal" immigration. The USA is the only country in the world that has such an open immigration policy whereby we have accommodated upwards of 12 million illegal immigrants which has had a tremendous economic impact on our national economy and the economies of several of our states.

Most Americans celebrate the diversity that immigration has brought to our shores, since most all of us can trace our ancestry to some other part of the world. But, the big caveat was that most all our ancestors came into the U.S. "legally" and most assimilated into the mores and customs of our society. There was no press "1" for English, the legal forms were written in our "national" language of English etc. Today, certain parts of our country seem to be enclaves of a foreign country with business signs and the spoken language of the foreign country of its inhabitants more prevalent than our own. Little assimilation has taken place among certain groups.

Our immigration policies are not being fully enforced by our own federal government as are some of our big cities (Sanctuary Cities).You could say that we are condoning illegal immigration but we are, in effect, "insourcing poverty" as most of the illegals are uneducated and have minimal skills to offer. It seems that we have been chosen to be the social benefactor of poor people from all over the globe, at a tremendous cost of taxpayer dollars (as little as we have).

Instead of our federal government completing the border fence, which was allocated a few years ago, our government has brought a lawsuit against a sovereign state, Arizona, who tried to pass an immigration law fashioned after the federal law (which hasn't been fully implemented), but now it has been challenged by our own Department of Justice in court. In addition, 11 Latin American countries have joined in with our government to sue the State of Arizona. How ludicrous is that? Are we gluttons for self-punishment?

Why don't we face this issue head-on and explain to our Latin citizens that we favor immigration, but it's got to be on our terms not on the terms of others who want to flaunt our laws, because a country without secure borders is not a country, but just a way-station for all kinds of people, some of whom might not have our best interests at heart. It seems that there has been an uptick in drug smuggling, human trafficking, terrorist activity and latin gang-bangers. Not all the "illegals" are coming here to pick our crops, clean our homes, or landscape our lawns, some are coming here to do us harm and it must be stopped.

Many of our liberal friends have been clamoring to punish the businesses that have left the country (outsourcing), but turn an "appeasing eye" to the "insourcing" of illegal aliens who have caused us so much social and economic hardships. Yes, we should be compassionate and fair, but we shouldn't be taken for a sucker, that should be our modus operandi.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Walter Cusack said...

Speaking of illegal aliens, Donald Trump asked a very simple question on "The View" when he asked the question, "Why doesn't Obama produce his original birth certificate"? Of course a simple question like that would be met with cries of racism by Whoppi Goldberg (what's new?). Didn't John McCain have to show his birth certificate because he was born in Panama (to military parents)? The last time I saw McCain he was still white. Did race have anything to do with it? If Obama was born in Hawaii, why not show your birth certificate just to stop the speculation that exists to the contrary. What is he trying to hide? I'll be damned if I know.

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The immigration problem is a huge factor in why Insurance is higher. Palm Beach Insurance and California, Arizons etc. would have cheaper insurance rates if we had more secure borders.