Sunday, October 30, 2016

The “Pinocchio Syndrome”

The fictional character named Pinocchio, by Italian writer Carlo Collodi (1883), is a symbol of a person having a short nose that gets larger under stress, especially when lying. The more lies, the bigger the nose.

When certain people, who seem to be addicted to lying, is it fair to say that they are part of a “Pinocchio Syndrome”? Hillary Clinton has bragged that she is one of the most transparent and honest politicians ever to have run for office. Do you believe that? This is not a recent evaluation of her penchant for telling lies. Back in 1996, the late N.Y. Times prize-winning columnist, William Safire, labeled her a “congenital liar”. Now 20 years later, that label seems to have been validated, especially since the recent F.B.I. report listed at least 6 times she didn't tell the truth when being questioned by the F.B.I.

Hillary's latest health problem at the 9/11 ceremony was focused on her physical problems, but another problem, in addition to her feinting spell, is her “inveterate lying” about her condition, is also equally troubling to discerning people. Even a fawning news media, who supports Hillary Clinton, with a passion, are getting antsy about her constant lying and lack of transparency. Even a partisan Democrat like David Axelrod, President Obama's political guru, has said that Hillary's quest for absolute privacy, is causing her to lose support from the voting public.

The old saying of “honesty is the best disinfectant” doesn't seem to enter Hillary's psyche. Even when it has been proven that what she claimed is not true, instead of being contrite and apologetic, she doubles down and repeats the same discredited lies. Might that be called a personality flaw? Would that also validate the charge that she is a “congenital liar”?

In recent years, Hillary Clinton seems to put foot in her mouth over and over again, and yet she has a sizable contingent of toadies who will overlook her penchant for lying, and support her no matter what damaging information comes out about her untruthfulness. It seems that the (D) Democrat symbol is all that counts to a faithful Democrat and that integrity takes a back seat to moral outrage.

It seems like the Hillary Clinton campaign has decided that they don't want to emphasize the “dismal” results of the Obama administration these past 8 years, but will attempt to marginalize and demonize Trump as being incompetent, a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a sexist, and other personal epithets. She also has attacked the Trump supporters as being un-American. Will she succeed or will the majority of voters realize that personal attacks doesn't solve their pressing problems related to the economy and national security?

So, if Hillary Clinton seems to be addicted to lying, would it be fair to put her actions into the “Pinocchio Syndrome” category? From all her verbal gaffes and obfuscations, she turns that phrase that “truth is stranger than fiction” on its head to change it to “fiction is stranger than truth”, and she does it with a straight face, thinking that the “deplorable” people (Trump supporters) and others are too stupid to figure her out. She might just get the surprise of her life on Nov. 8th. Let's hope so!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Robert Latch said...

How can you tell Hillary is lying, her lips are moving. If Hillary wins the presidency, how can she deal with people or countries who think that she is a congenital liar? Do we really want to put our country at such a disadvantage? Hillary is so dishonest that you can't believe what she says are lies.

Tom Plath said...

Hillary is the "Typhoid Mary" of politics, whomever she comes in contact with, she contaminates. By the way, isn't "gross negligence" a crime, no intent is needed?