Thursday, November 3, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

Trump described Hillary as a ‘puppet’.

As it might possibly have escaped your notice, I’m informing you that we are sadly, living in a nation that has had its American-English language re-defined by that brilliant linguist, Barackus Hooz-insane Obummer.  This faux-educated charlatan-buffoon has taken it upon himself to re-define many long-established terms and has turned them upside down to mean something far afield from the original definitions that have appeared in print in widely-accepted dictionaries for so many decades.
Recently, during what has laughingly been called, ‘The Last Debate’, Trump described Hillary as a ‘puppet’.
Permit me to role-play as the ‘Great Re-definer-in-Chief for just a moment.  I would submit this re-definition of ‘puppet’ in Hillary’s case as,  ‘POOP-ette’.   Are there any questions?

     MORT KUFF   © 10-21-2016

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Robert Sagers said...

Can you imagine if Hillary gets elected, how will the country handle the scandals that will follow her to the White House? In July, Hillary won the Comey primary, but in Oct. she lost the Comey recount. What a way to run a country. You must vote TRUMP!