Thursday, October 27, 2016

What has this got to do with anything?

The Clinton team shook the beams and a slew of lackeys
came out of the wood work, accusing Donald Trump of
improper behavior, to support their smear campaign against
him and conservatism.

Ambulance chaser Gloria Allred conveniently appeared
with composed dialogue for her latest meal ticket to read,
properly coached for effect, that she was one of the recipients
of Trump's amateurish behavior.

Donald Trump should have consulted a pro like Bill Clinton, to
show him how it should really be done.

"Tell me again, what has this got to do with anything?" My
country is falling apart, along with the rest of the world and
the media is devoting their time and space on salacious

I have to look hard to get news about deleted emails from
Hillary Clinton's bleached unauthorized private server after
a court subpoena was violated, ordering her to produce them
before a Congressional inquiry.

We are now compelled to rely on WikiLeaks for the nefarious
activity by the Clinton campaign and its tie to the
administration, against opposition to their socialistic
agendas that will continue the damage done to the
country for the last eight years.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Joe Cockroft said...

Your video showing the hypocrisy of the Clinton Crime Machine slamming Trump for using the term "rigged", is eye opening. No matter what Hillary says, she couldn't tell the truth even if she had instructions. If she becomes our president, who will believe what she says? As William Safire once said, she's a congenital liar. She shouldn't even be eligible to be running for president.

Calos_Truth said...

I've noticed, the supposed disenfranchised who allegedly can't show a picture ID to vote are almost impossible to find but voter fraud is easy to find whenever someone looks for it.