Thursday, October 13, 2016

Liberal Selective Idolization

I was never turned down for a job because I pulled the pigtails of the little
girl sitting in front of me, when I was in the second grade.

A private conversation laced with trash talk between Donald Trump and of
then anchor Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, was caught on an hot mic.,
that was laying dormant in its archives for over a decade.

It was brought to life by David Fahrenthold, a reporter for the Washington Post
with an agenda, not to serve the public, but to harm Donald Trump and his
family, abetting the Clinton smear campaign he is sympathetic with.

I'm not defending Donald Trump for the decade old lewd remarks, but the
hypocrisy of those who ignore or excuse the hidden behavior of John Kennedy
and despicable depravation exhibited by Bill Clinton while both were in office
and still idolized by their Liberal enablers angers me.

The same admirers who idolize the creepy Football and Basketball players and
the Malibu morons from "Hollysodom and Gamorrahwood," guilty of more
heinous behavior than the words of Donald Trump, seemingly reported in the
news every other day, don't give him a pass.

Far more serious is the endless scandals attributed to Hillary Clinton, that affect
everyone, one way or another and the compromising of our national security by
using unauthorized communication equipment in a sloppy careless manner.
Lives have been lost because of her blunders, and rogue countries who treat
their women inhumanely, have been rewarded with special treatment by giving
million dollar contributions to the Clinton sludge fund called a foundation and
the Wall Street speaker fees in upper 6 digit amounts, assuring them there is
a private policy for them and a public policy designed for votes. While most
Americans want our borders secured, a recent email revealed her staunch support
for open borders that will secure more votes, but not for our borders.

When you put two and two together, there appears to be a new math, endorsed
by the mainstream media. The sum just doesn't add up for a better, safer and
more secure America.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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