Thursday, October 6, 2016

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A distinction with a definite difference.

The biased, non-reporting, non-journalistic, practitioners in today’s mainstream media should look for other occupations.  All those embarrassing ‘Journalism 101’ grads who live only in the hope of reporting a ‘Gotcha’, should really find other mis-uses of their time and mercifully, stop wasting ours.

The so-called Fourth Estate was tasked by the Founders to faithfully report all the important news to the public that is so busy earning a living that it can’t be everywhere to see and hear what’s going on.  Nor, can all the public be in attendance while sausage & legislation are being produced in the U. S. Congress.

For the benefit of those who enjoyed the disadvantage of attending college, let me provide definitions of two important  branches of the Fourth Estate that you might have missed during the football game.

REPORTER:  A Him or a Her, who takes seriously their charge to act as the ‘People’s Watchdog’ by investigating and reporting as fully and as comprehensively as they can, only the actual, factual information they have gathered – leaving conclusions to the reader.

JOURNALIST: A Him or Her who makes it their assignment to gather all available facts of a news item or public issue. Then, to assess the essential truth and to clearly express their impressions, opinions and the conclusions they have drawn about the subject.  

Got it now?  This is a distinction with a definite difference.

    MORT KUFF  © 8-24-2016

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