Sunday, October 23, 2016

What's at Stake - The Supreme Court, that's What!

Whether you supported Donald Trump in the primaries or not, the main thrust of your vote in November should be - will that Republican candidate, Donald Trump, support nominees for the Supreme Court who will interpret the law (as written in the Constitution), and not make the law? He has said he would and has presented a list of possible nominees, all “constitutional originalists”.

Coming up during the next administration will be 3 or possibly 4 openings to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court. If you elect, as president, someone who will appoint activist judges, who will tend to have a “progressive” interpretation of the Constitution, then you can expect to see a wholesale change to our society as we know it.

The Supreme Court, as it is currently made up, is broken into two groups - half liberal and half conservative, with Justice Anthony Kennedy being the swing vote. Although, from recent decisions of the Supreme Court, some supposedly “conservative” judges like Chief Justice John Roberts, have voted for policies that tended to fall on the radical left (ex: Obamacare decision calling “fees” a tax). Chief Justice Roberts was a George W. Bush appointee who was considered a conservative nominee when confirmed, but seemed to have strayed from that designation when he ruled on the Obamacare question. That decision went against the prevailing opinion of legal constitutional scholars and the citizens at large.

If the Democrats retain the White House, you can expect potential nominees to make decisions, if confirmed, who will promote the far-left agenda as personified by the four liberal judges now sitting on the Supreme Court (i.e. Kagan, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Ginsberg). That will give them the majority on the court.

The Republican candidate. Donald Trump, has promised that he will appoint and support Supreme Court nominees who will interpret the Constitution and who will not try to circumvent it by “legislating” from the bench. That must be taken into consideration when determining who you will vote for in November 2016. It is that cut and dry.

So, forget all the petty attacks by the candidates on each other, and try to visualize what our country will become if we have more (a majority) progressive (a/k/a liberal, Democrat) judges confirmed to the Supreme Court? Our society will be turned on its head, and not for the better.

This admonition goes for those Republicans and Conservatives who said they will not vote for Trump because their candidate did not get the Republican nomination or who don't like the persona of Donald Trump. Doing that would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face. If that mind set prevails, and a Democrat is elected, you, who will vote for Hillary or who will sit out the election, will have no one to blame but yourself if the prevailing opinion of the Supreme Court becomes a majority liberal court.

Elections do have consequences, so make it your mind to support the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, through the democratic process. Our country is at stake, so don't blow it by harboring petty differences and not getting out to vote.

So you can see, a lot is at stake if we want our traditions and laws interpreted by judges who will follow the Constitution as it was written. Our children and grandchildren are depending on your vote.


Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Ray Jacobson said...

Hillary Clinton has depth, but only on the surface. Down deep inside, she is shallow. Hold on to your wallet if Hillary is elected, she's coming after it with a vengeance.

James J. Pirretti said...

Unfortunately, so-called Republicans such as Romney, Bush, Flake (boy is that a great name for this idiot), etc., are so busy trashing Trump that they have lost sight of the real prize for Democrats: the Supreme Court.

I held my nose and voted for Romney and McCain saying they were a little better than Obama. However, it seems the spoiled, establishment GOP politicians would rather lose and give up the Supreme Court to preserve their ego.